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Tuxedo Cats

Contrary to popular belief, tuxedo cats are not expensive. In addition, tuxedo cats are not always male, and despite their striking elegance, tuxedo cats can be aggressive.

How To Tell The Sex Of A Kitten? Tips & Tricks

You can determine a kittenโ€™s sex by either examining its genitals at birth, looking for differences in coat color and patterns, or studying its sex-related behavior. These methods vary in accuracy, with the genital examination being the closest thing to a genetic test.

Help! My Cat Keeps Throwing Up โ€“ Should I Be Worried?

If you need help because your cat keeps throwing up, there is no need to worry. In most cases, cats will throw up due to stomach irritation. From hairballs to eating too fast or even indigestion, there are many reasons why your kitty may be throwing up. Cat vomit is not always a cause for concern unless it is a symptom of an underlying illness.