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Male Dog Names

Male dog names, such as Aristotle or Einstein, are befitting for smarty pups. But if youโ€™ve got a fearless canine, then Artemis, Caesar and Brutus are no-brainer options. Or, you can go for something cute such as Baloo, Casper, or Bagheera!

Vet Telemedicine

Itโ€™s a technology-based solution that enables a pet parent to consult a verified veterinarian via text, call, or video chat. If the vet has previously seen the pet, they can even provide a diagnosis or prescribe medicines. Veterinary telemedicine services fall under the broader spectrum of telehealth, whose aim is to make healthcare accessible to all pet parents.

Can Dogs Eat Bread Crust? Is It Safe?

Yes, bread crust, in moderate amounts, is safe for dogs to consume. However, there are a few exceptions based on the ingredients used to make the bread as well as the dogโ€™s tolerance for components of the bread crust like gluten.

Badass Dog Names

A badass dog name is only befitting If your canine has a boss-like personality. The name Alpha fits him to a T. Or how about naming him after epic mythical gods like Zeus, Apollo, and Hades? You can also go for cute but badass such as Bear, Black Panther, or Fang.

Why Do Dogs Bark At Nothing? Hereโ€™s How You Stop It

As discussed below, there are many reasons why dogs bark at nothing including attention-seeking to get rewards like toys, frustration, greeting barking, illness, injury, etc. Some owners can quickly identify the reason why their dogs are barking by listening to the specific type of barking.ย