Types Of Dog Clothes

Whether for aesthetic or protective purposes, there are different types of dog clothes for your beloved pooch. Need a winter outfit for dear Fido? Perhaps some kind of a shedding-control vest? Or what about a post-surgery protection? There are dozens of options for your pup!

For instance, a dog anxiety jacket can help comfort your pooch from external triggers. There’s also a post-surgery recovery suit that prevents your pooch from licking his wound. And of course, every pup needs a fun costume for the holidays. The list goes on!

So if you’re a pup parent in search of the perfect – and functional – clothing for your canine, this list is for you. Here are 18 types of dog clothes that rightfully belong in your pet’s wardrobe closet.

18. Dog Anxiety Jacket

We recommend: Thundershirt Classic Dog Anxiety Jacket

Does your dog get anxious and fearful when out and about? A dog anxiety jacket may just be the thing for your pet. It helps to calm your dog by providing constant and gentle pressure on his body. This works during travel and when your pooch is exposed to various environmental triggers.

Help your pooch feel more at ease outside and let him enjoy himself more with a calming jacket. It’s cozy, comfy and perfectly calming in a completely natural and effective way.

17. Dog Post Surgery Surgery Recovery Suit

We recommend: HEYWEAN Dog Surgical Recovery Suit

Looking for a more comfortable alternative to a traditional Elizabethan collar? A post-surgery recovery suit is a smart choice for fur parents. This works just as great as a collar by preventing your pooch from licking his wound. 

A recovery suit is a versatile type of clothing. It prevents your pup from itching and scratching, and it works for road rash and hot spots, too. A truly functional item worth investing in for a quicker, healthier recovery.

16. Dog Sweater

We recommend: Vintage Holiday Reindeer Dog Sweaters

Cool and classy, that’s what your canine’s going to be while donning a fancy dog sweater. But don’t just get him any sweater… Make sure it’s a cozy and sturdy one. For instance, acrylic is a fine choice of material as it’s durable and comfy at the same time.

You should also check the design carefully. A reasonable size of hole for the leash or harness makes things easy when you leash up your pooch. And of course, cute prints all over the sweater lets your four-legged friend strut his stuff in style.

15. Dog Parka

We recommend: Metallic Fashion Pet Parka Coat

When the weather is chilly, a dog parka should keep your pooch nice and warm. It’s even better with a fleece material on it combined with a plush lining. These features keep your canine plenty cozy all the time. 

Want some added protection from the cold? Consider getting a parka with a zippered hood. You can walk in the cold weather with your pooch without causing him to freeze. Lastly, never underestimate the beauty of a Velcro closure. This makes putting the jacket on and taking it off your pooch struggle-free. Easy-peasy!

14. Dog Windbreaker

We recommend: Weatherbeeta Windbreaker 420D Deluxe Lite Dog Coat

Perfect for fall, winter, and just about anytime it’s cool outside, your pup will feel warm in a classic windbreaker. Make sure it’s waterproof, too, which is great for walking in the rain or snow. All of these, combined with a breathable outer shell, this should help wick away moisture.

Want it tight or loose? Consider getting an adjustable design for a windbreaker. We recommend a full belly wrap that you can tighten or loosen if need be. This should be great for cooler months when your canine needs extra warmth.

13. Dog Reflective Jacket

We recommend: Pet & Protect Premium Dog Reflective Vest

Planning to walk your dog at night? Be sure to put a reflective vest on to your pooch before you head out. A reflective jacket adds visibility to your pet when you’re out and about at dark or low-light environments. Great design options include something neon or bright for the trimming, so your pup would be impossible to miss. 

Next up, think about the material. Check for durability, which is what you can get from Oxford fabric combined with PU coating. Since these materials are water-repellent, it should keep dear Fido dry and cozy, too!

12. Dog Waterproof Jacket

We recommend: Tellpet Dog Fleece Jacket

Cold weather, no problem! A cozy, waterproof dog jacket will make sure no frigid weather can ever cramp your canine’s style. It’s a must-have for those cold months when you want to go on an adventure or walk your pooch outside.

But don’t just get any jacket – make sure it’s got the right features, too. Just a few of these essential features include fleece lining, reflective trimming, and an adjustable closure for your dog’s ease and comfort.

11. Dog Raincoat

We recommend: okdeals Dog Raincoat

Who says only humans need a raincoat? Dogs could use one, too! With a waterproof coat, you and your pooch can head out even when it’s pouring outside – and stay nice and dry!

Choose a raincoat that does more than basic rain protection. A reflective strip on the edges is perfect for boosting visibility at night. And you may want to get a zippered design to adjust the tightness of the coat in seconds. This makes things more convenient for you and your pooch.

10. Dog Winter Coat

We recommend: SCPET Dog Winter Coat Cozy Waterproof Windproof Vest

Enjoy the cool weather with your pooch by giving him a custom-fit winter coat. If your pooch gets cold easily, it should help keep him cozy and warm even when out and about. 

Consider getting a winter coat with these essential features – waterproof design, soft lining, and a reflective stitching. Not only do these features add to the aesthetic of the coat; but these also serve a purpose of keeping your dog warm, secure and safe.

9. Dog Snowsuit

We recommend: DOGHELIOS ‘Thunder-Crackle’ Full-Body Waded-Plush Pet Coat

Let your pet romp around in the snow or join you in adventures while in a comfy snowsuit. A good snowsuit for dogs should be windproof and waterproof. Combined with a thick lining and a rugged outer layer, this should withstand harsh weather conditions and subzero temps.

Don’t forget to get one with a zipper closure. This makes it easy for you to put this snowsuit on your pooch and take it off. Plus, it prevents you from accidentally pulling your canine’s hair.

8. Dog Insect-Repellant Coat

We recommend: Insect Shield Insect Repellant Breathable Mesh Tank

Keep those pesky bugs at bay with an insect protection coat for your pooch. If you are going hiking or camping with precious Fido, this is a fine piece of dog clothing to get. It protects your pet against mosquitoes, ticks, and several other insects in the wild.

With a dependable insect shield, your pup stays comfortable all the time. It can also prevent nasty diseases or discomfort that these bugs can bring.

7. Dog Cooling Coat

We recommend: DOGZSTUFF Dog Cooling Vest

If it’s sweltering hot outside, a cooling coat is a must-have for your pet. The tech behind it is simple – wet the vest and fit it on your dog. Then, this immediately absorbs and pulls out excess heat off of your pooch, so he stays cool.

Be sure to check some other cool features such as a breathable material and a sun protection. These are all perfect for a hike in the summer or a play date at the park when it’s hot and humid.

6. Dog Hoodie

We recommend: Fitwarm Pet Clothes Dog Hoodies

Go matchy-matchy with your pooch while donning a super cool hoodie. It’s excellent to wear on cooler months or just when you want to go out in style with your furry pal. And best of all – there are various designs to choose from. The sky’s the limit for a dog hoodie design!

We recommend that you get a breathable and stretchy material as these add to your dog’s comfort while in a hoodie. A pullover style makes things easy, as well as elastic leg openings for maximum comfort.

5. Dog Fleece Vest

We recommend: Gooby Stretch Fleece Dog Vest – Pullover Fleece Dog Sweater

Never let your canine shiver when romping around on the cold weather. A dog fleece vest keeps the cold and moisture out and locks the warmth in. Thus, it is a perfect protection for your pooch during the freezing climate.

Another feature to check is the design. You should consider a pullover style that lets you take it off or put the vest on to your pooch. Since there are no zippers or Velcro, you can easily slip it on or off with ease and zero struggle.

4. Dog UV Protection Shirt

We recommend: Gold Paw Sun Shield Dog Tee

Certain breeds like the Chinese Crested and other hairless or super short haired dogs need excellent protection from the sun. So, if you’ve got such a pooch, then you need to give him a sun protection shirt.

With a superb UV protection shield, you can walk or play with your pooch under the sun without any problem. Additionally, it can help with pet relief by adding a sense of comfort to your precious furry buddy.

3. Dog Costumes

We recommend: Kyerivs Dog Christmas Costume

Dress your pooch up with a fun costume during parties or just about any time you want. These dog costumes add an element of cuteness to your dog while providing the comfort he needs.

Great for photo shoots, play dates, and outdoor adventures, there are plenty of dog costume designs to choose from. Just make sure it fits well and comes with a soft and breathable material for optimum ease and comfort.

2. Dog Pullover Pajamas

We recommend: Tooth and Honey Pitbull Pajamas

Give your pooch a cozier snoozing experience with dog pullover pajamas. With great-fitting PJs that’s ultra soft, comfy, and warm – it’s the perfect combo during those chilly nights. But that’s not all – PJs also help with shedding, anxiety, surgery recovery, and so much more!

So not only are Pajamas cozy; then also support your pooch who’s going through a tough time. It hits two birds in one stone for sure!

1. Dog Onesie

We recommend: Shed Defender Original Dog Onesie

Do you wish you could get your pup’s shedding under control? If you’re a busy folk who has no time to clean up dog hair every now and then, it’s time to get your pooch to suit up! A dog onesie is a miracle shedding controller.

With a dog onesie, this keeps all that hair right inside the suit, so your couch, rug, and literally every single thing at home is spared from pup hair. Plus, it’s comfy for your pooch, so it won’t be a struggle to get him in it. Now, that’s a win-win!

Related Questions

Should Dogs Wear Clothes? Dogs should only wear clothes when it is absolutely necessary. If your dog gets cold easily, you should give him a coat or vest before heading out. However, they should not wear thick clothing when inside the house to prevent them from overheating.

Do Dogs Like Clothes On Them? Overall, dogs are not a huge fan of wearing clothes on them. While some owners prefer to put costumes and clothes onto their dogs, these canines are not exactly thrilled about dressing up. But functional clothing during extreme weather can help to keep your pooch warm and dry, so these are a good choice when absolutely necessary.

Why Doesn’t My Dog Move When I Put Clothes On Her? Dogs find it unnatural to wear clothes, which causes them to not move and be still when you put them on. However, they can get used to clothes but expect the first few occasions to be uneasy for your canine. Thus, be sure to give comfortable and well-fitting clothes that are easy to take off and put on.

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