Types Of Hunting Dog Supplies

Dogs are natural hunters. Even the sweetest of companion lap dogs have a wild side to them that they would love to indulge every now and then. One of the best ways to fully enjoy hunting expeditions with your furry best friend is by investing in the right equipment and supplies. 

In the sections below, we shall take a closer look at 21 of the most useful hunting dog supplies. These include some gear you may not even have known you need, like a retractable leash, a collapsible dog crate, and a portable dog water bottle. Lets get right into it.

21. Retractable Leash

We recommend: Nite Ize Raddog All-in-One Collar + Leash Combo

If you like to keep your dog on a leash until it is time to release them for the chase or retrieval, then it is best to work with a retractable leash. These usually come directly attached to the dog collar and retract back into the collar once the handle is released.

That way, your dog can run off to chase the prey or retrieve it without any slack trailing behind it and risk tripping in the process

One thing you need to take your time considering with retractable leashes is the material used.

It needs to be strong enough to handle the sudden tug while also being flexible and stretchy to some degree. More often than not, retractable leash cords are made from nylon which embodies all these desired features. 

It is also best to go with thinner leash cords that very easily fit into the leash pouch without being too heavy for the dog to carry on their necks.

In those cases where the leash comes as a 2-in-1 set, you also have to ensure that you get the right size collar for the dog. At the very least make sure that the collar is adjustable so you can customize it for maximum comfort.

20. Portable Outdoor Dog Crate

We recommend: 2PET Foldable Dog Crate

Portable outdoor dog crates are very useful when hunting with your dog for two main reasons.

The first is that they make it easy for you to transport your dog to and from home.

The second is that they sometimes double up as sleeping tents for the dog in case your hunting trip is an overnight one.

There are two main options when it comes to portable outdoor dog crates.

The first are the traditional hard dog crates. These are usually more secure and appropriate for transporting large dogs. However, they are very bulky to carry around when they are not in use and are only reasonably used if you are driving all the way to the camping or hunting site.

The soft outdoor dog crate on the other hand offers the benefit of convenience. This is because they are usually foldable so you can pack it up and hike to your hunting spot or camping grounds with the dog. They are also very comfortable for the pooch to sleep in overnight.

If you decide to go with the soft portable outdoor dog crate, make sure to get something that is easy to fold and easy to carry even with the dog inside.

19. Hunting Dog Tracking Collar

We recommend: Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle Tracking Dog Collar

A hunting dog tracking collar is another very useful tool to have for hunting dogs that are allowed to wander off. The last thing you want is to have to start looking for your dog in a large forest or grassland because they roamed off during the hunt.

When considering hunting dog tracker collar options, the signal range is a very important factor to contemplate. You want a dog collar with at least a mile with some offering up to 9 miles reception range which is quite impressive.

The power source and battery life on the hunting dog collar receiver and transmitter are also important considerations to make. Ideally, a good hunting dog tracking collar should offer at least 20 hours if rechargeable and at least 200 hours if it is a non-rechargeable battery.

It is also always nice to have additional tracking features that will allow you to find your dog faster. These include features like beacon lights and sound alarms. They may not be compulsory to have for a good tracking collar but they make life a lot easier when searching for your pooch in the wild.

18. Reflective Dog Bandana

We recommend: Kalining Reflective Dog Bandana

Visibility is a very important thing to consider when taking your dog on outdoor adventures whether or not it is hunting. It is especially crucial if you are going on a night hunt.

Reflective dog bandanas do a great job in this regard allowing you to spot your dog by simply shining a light around. The reflective strips on the bandana will reflect the light that you can follow.

Reflective dog bandanas with multiple and wide reflective strips are the best. These offer a wider range of visibility by offering a wider surface area for the light to bounce off from. 

It also helps a lot if the dog bandana is a bright color. Here, the reflection from the strips is complemented by the bright color, allowing for even better visibility from a long distance.

It is important that you look not only into the visibility features, but also the fit when selecting a reflective dog bandana. This will ensure that your dog is actually comfortable wearing the bandana and won’t have to deal with choking or looseness. More often than not, they come in weight-specific class groups to make it easier for you to find the best dog bandana for your furry hunting companion.

17. Dog Hunting Camouflage Vest

We recommend: Camo Pet Camouflage Dog Life Vest

In some hunting scenarios, you want to blend into the environment as much as possible. If you are taking your dog with you then you will also have to ensure that they blend in. That is where dog hunting camouflage vests come in handy. They are particularly beneficial to dog owners whose dogs serve as trackers where you want to help keep the pooch undetected.

Aesthetically, you will have two main options.

The first category are predominantly green camouflage patterns. These work perfectly in green hunting fields including forests.

The second option is beige which works better in grasslands.

You therefore have to consider where you intend to hunt before making your decision on which camouflage vest to invest in.

And if you happen to hunt in both green forests and brown grasslands, you may want to find an option that combines green and beige camouflage for use in either setting.

It is also best to go with weatherproof vests when choosing a dog hunting camouflage vest. These offer protection from outdoor elements like rain and wind both to the dog and to the vest itself, ensuring durability without compromising comfort.

16. Dog Hunting Reflective Vest

We recommend: SafetyPUP XD Dog Reflective Vest

This is yet another awesome piece of equipment to have for the sake of visibility. These vests are designed in every way to help you spot your dog from a distance when you are out and about on your hunting adventures.

They are ideal in hunting situations where you may not need to keep a low profile as the dog will be hard to miss. This includes cases where the dog is used primarily for retrieval or cornering the prey.

One way dog hunting reflective vests promote visibility is using reflective strips. These are especially useful at night and allow you to spot your dog whenever light falls on the vest. They also help a lot during the day in which case your visibility range will be much higher with the same vest.

As with most other visibility hunting accessories, dog hunting reflective vests are ideally supposed to be a bright color to help with visibility. You can’t go wrong with colors like yellow, pink, and very luminous green shades.

When making your decision, also factor in the type of material used. You want a reflective vest that will be durable and comfortable for the dog to use. One of the best options in this case is polyester.

15. Dog Light Beacon

We recommend: SportDOG Brand Locator Beacons

Doggy light beacons take things to the next level when it comes to promoting outdoor visibility for your hunting dog. While most other options rely on external sources of light that are the reflected, dog light beacons produce their own light making them more reliable.

Dog light beacons are designed to be attached to the dog’s collar. Some slip directly in or out while others feature hooks or carabiners for attachment. If you have a thin strap dog collar, the direct beacons are ideal while those with hooks work best for very thick dog collars.

Given the fact that dog light beacons emit their own light, the intensity and visibility range offered are two of the most important factors to consider. You want a beacon that offers not less than one mile of light visibility.

Another important consideration to make is when it comes to the lighting modes. Good quality dog light beacons offer the benefit of adjustability. This allows you to set the intensity while also determining things like blinking rate and pattern. With blinking modes in particular, it will be very easy for you to spot the dog.

14. Hunting Dog Training Dummy

We recommend: SportDOG Brand Plastic Dummies

Hunting more or less comes naturally to most dog breeds. However, there are a few specific skills that need to be taught and fine-tuned in order to have a perfect hunting buddy. That is where training dummies come in handy.

These help you teach your dog all manner of skills from chasing birds to safe retrieval. That way, when they go out to the field they don’t end up making mistakes that cost you your hunt.

Hunting dog training dummies can either be plastic or made of canvas.

Plastic dog training dummies usually last longer and are more resistant to things like water damage. They are ideal if you are trying to teach your dog retrieval from water. However, they tend to be hard and the dog may need some time to learn and adjust bite strength to softer prey.

Canvas dog training dummies on the other hand are just the perfect texture to train the dog safe retrieval of small and delicate prey in particular. The only issue is that canvas does not do well with water and may get moldy and unappealing to the dog with time.

If you can, just get one of each and you will be in the best position to offer your dog good training.

13. Dog Training Dummy Launcher

We recommend: DT Systems Super Pro Dummy Launcher with Dummy

Dog training dummies can be used alone in which case you have to throw the dummy yourself and let your dog retrieve it. This will get tiresome with time for you. You may also not be able to through the dummy far enough to actually give your dog a fun challenge.

Dog training dummy launchers solve both these problems with ease. They use compressed air or spring systems to launch the dummy to great distances. The range varies from one launcher to another and also depends on the angle at which the launcher is held.

In most cases, you may get a 120 to 250 feet launching distance. This is ideal if you have a lot of space to practice in as the dog gets to enjoy the chase before catching and retrieving it.

The material used to make the dog training dummy launcher determines a lot in terms of the value you get. It determines the launcher’s durability, recoil endurance, and even the range.

Aluminum and stainless steel dog training dummy launchers are the most popular options here for their strength and resilience. They are also lightweight and comes in handy if you have to travel away from home for dog training.

12. Hunting Dog Goggles

We recommend: PEDOMUS Dog Sunglasses Dog Goggles

Your dog will be doing a lot of running on your hunting expedition. This exposes them to several injuries, including to the eyes in particular. It could be anything from low-lying branches to dust particles that cause irritation.

Your hunting dog will also need protection from the natural elements including UV light, water, and wind. All these needs can very comfortably be met by a good pair of hunting dog goggles.

Find a pair of hunting dog goggles that will protect your dog from all the common elements including sunlight, wind, dust, water, and even snow. These usually feature a UV protection film for the light, high-quality plastic pane for the wind and dust, and a tight seal to keep out water.

You also have to ensure that the hunting dog goggles actually fit right. If they are too tight then your dog will be very uncomfortable. If they are too loose then you may not get the seal you need to keep out water and dust.

Take your time doing research and ensuring that you get the right fit for your pooch. It also helps to settle for a pair of hunting dog goggles that come with adjustable straps so you can better customize the fit for the dog’s comfort.

11. Predator Call Device

We recommend: Icotec GEN2 GC300 Electronic Predator Call

predator call device will help both you and your dog while out hunting by saving you the trouble of having to track down the prey yourself. All you have to do is press a button and the prey will come to you and your dog.

They work by projecting common calling sounds used by common prey from rabbits and birds to deer and wild boars. When looking for a predator call device, you have to find out the call options they offer. There is no point going for a good predator call device if it doesn’t offer call settings for the prey that you are most interested in.

A good predator call device also offers convenience of operation. You don’t need more than the call mode buttons, a volume regulator, and an on/off switch. This straightforward design will be very useful out in the field where you may not have time to keep checking manuals to figure out a simple setting.

The sound range offered by the predator call device also matters a lot as you actually want to be able to attract the prey. A 300-yard range is a great place to start with most good quality predator call devices.

10. Doghouse Blind

We recommend: Ameristep Doghouse Blind

A doghouse blind is meant to serve as a portable hideout when hunting. These allow you to sit and wait for prey that you know will be heading in a specific direction at some point. You could set it up next to something like a watering hole or a den or nest.

When shopping for a doghouse blind that will comfortably fit you and your dog, you have to consider the dimensions above everything else. You want something that will be a comfortable fit for both of you.

While the sizes differ a lot, a 5 feet wide by 5 feet long by 5 feet high doghouse blind is usually more than enough for two adults or an adult with a dog.

You should also consider the pattern and finishing of the doghouse blind. Ideally, it should have a camouflage pattern that allows you and your dog to blend into the surrounding and not arouse suspicion when the prey eventually wanders your way.

Matte finishing is also awesome as you don’t have to worry about reflections giving your location away.

Finally, consider the size and location of the windows as these are what offer you visibility and even an opening to use your weapon during the hunt. Ideally, the doghouse blind should have at least 2 windows.

9. Hunting Dog Blind

We recommend: Beavertail Dog Blind

A hunting dog blind is very similar to the doghouse blind. The main difference is that these are setup for use by the dog alone. More often than not, they are the size of an average dog carrier for a dog the same size.

They can serve as either hideouts for the dog or even a place for them to sleep if your hunting expedition ends up being an overnight camping trip.

The material used to make the hunting dog blind is very important to consider. You want something that will withstand both harsh weather and scratching from your dog.

The dog blind should also be comfortable and breathable so that the dog is actually willing to stay inside for long.

All factors considered, polyester stands out as the best material for a hunting dog blind.

As with the doghouse blind, the hunting dog blind needs to blend in with the environment. Therefore, take time to find a camouflage pattern that best suits the environment where your hunting will be happening.

Finally, make sure you find a dog blind with a wide door. This will allow your dog to easily pop out without too much commotion once the prey is close enough for them to grab or chase.

8. Dog Hunting Beeper

We recommend: Garmin Delta Upland XC Bundle

If your dog is prone to undesirable behavior like wandering off or getting overexcited while outdoors, you may want to invest in a dog hunting beeper for correction. These also come in handy as a way to call for your dog if they happen to stray out of your field of vision.

You will have a few options when shopping for dog hunting beeper and correctors in terms of correction modalities. Most of them use beeps to notify the dog that they are doing something wrong or that they are needed back where their master is. Some dog hunting beepers combine this feature with other correction modalities including static shock and vibrations.

If you want versatility and full value for your money, it is best to go with a dog hunting beeper that offers you all three. However, one that offers a beeper modality alone should be enough especially if your dog is well trained and very responsive.

Very good dog hunting beepers further offer the option of adjusting the intensity of the beeping and other correction modalities. These come in handy when dealing with unpredictable dogs as you can easily increase or decrease the correction modality based on their behavior.

7. Dog Food For Endurance

We recommend: Eukanuba Premium Performance Sport Adult Dry Dog Food

Hunting dogs need a lot of strength and energy to keep up with their high intensity activities. One of the best ways to support your pooch in this case is by ensuring that they are eating high-quality food in the right proportions to promote endurance.

The dog food should be rich in proteins and preferably those from animal sources. These will help your dog build strong muscles which is what they need for running, pouncing, and even swimming while acting as your hunting companions.

Endurance dog food should also have about 20% of essential, healthy fats. These are not only a great source of clean energy but also offer cognitive support as is the case with omega oils.

The rest should be healthy and preferably unprocessed carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins.

In addition to these essential nutrients, a good endurance dog food brand should also include bone and joint-friendly ingredients like calcium, chondroitin, and glucosamine. These help keep the joints of your very active hunting dog healthy and stable. They are especially helpful for dog breeds that are prone to musculoskeletal issues.

6. Pet First Aid Kit

We recommend: ARCA PET Cat & Dog First Aid Kit Pet Travel Kit

Hunting dogs may seem stoic and resilient but are prone to accidents and injury especially in high tension situations like hunting. It is always best to be prepared for such situations by investing in a pet first aid kit.

In this way, whether they got stung by a bee or cut by some low, thorny branches, you can do something to put them out of their discomfort before you can get to a vet.

When it comes to the kit carrier bag, you want something compact, strong, and easy to carry around. Hard, fabric pet first aid kits are the most flexible to work with and can easily be packed in with regular luggage without taking up too much space.

The equipment itself varies from brand to brand. You just have to make sure you have the essentials.

Something like an emergency blanket is a must have especially if you are hunting in snowy weather, rainy weather, or anywhere where the dog may be required to get into cold water. The blanket is a great way to warm them up, especially if they start showing signs of hypothermia.

thermometer would also come in handy here as a way to help you monitor the dog’s body temperature.

Bandages, tweezers, scissors, and antiseptic swabs are also very useful in the hunting setting. These allow you to patch up any open wounds your dog may get during the hunt.

5. Hunting Dog Boots

We recommend: QUMY Dog Boots Waterproof Shoes for Dogs

In most cases, you may not need a pair of dog shoes or hunting boots for the dog. However, the extra protection comes in handy in extreme conditions where the dog may need to be protected from things like snow or extremely uneven terrain with sharp rocks or thorns.

It is important to remember that dogs naturally do not wear boots when hunting. You therefore have to find a set that is perfectly fitted and comfortable so the dog doesn’t feel like they are dragging their feet.

For this, make sure to get the right fit based on your dog’s breed and size. It is also important to have secure fastening mechanisms. Adjustable Velcro straps and zippers are the best to go with. Shoelaces may offer a nice and tight fit, but there is always the risk of the laces coming undone and tripping the dog.

Another significant feature to look deeply into when considering hunting dog boots is the grip.

Again the point here is to prevent having the dog hurt as a result of wearing the shoes as hunting dog boots interfere with the pooch’s perception of how firm or slippery the surfaces they step on are. Good grip is achieved mainly by sole treads or by rubber bases.

4. Collapsible Dog Bowl

We recommend: SLSON Collapsible Dog Bowl

If you are planning a long hunting trip or even a camping expedition, you have to find ways to keep up with your dog’s meal routine. This means finding ways to feed them while outdoors which is where collapsible dog food and water bowls come in handy.

They should be convenient to carry around, which is where the collapsible feature comes in handy. Look into the bowl’s dimensions while it is collapsed for the best idea of how much space will be consumed in your bag of dog hunting gear.

In some cases, the collapsible dog bowl will come with a hook. This allows you to attach it to your luggage or even to the dog’s harness so that it doesn’t take up space you may not have to spare.

Another important thing to consider is the dog bowl’s capacity.

Most should offer at least 1½ to 2 cups which is enough for at least one meal with most doggies. Any smaller and you may end up overfeeding your dog by topping up multiple times in one sitting.

On the other hand, large capacities mean more space even when collapsed, which would make them inconvenient to travel with.

3. Dog Water Bottle

We recommend: Lesotc Portable Dog Water Bottle

While we are still on that topic of feeding your hunting dog, you have to ensure that you keep them hydrated.

Running around all day tracking, chasing, and retrieving prey will take a lot of energy and will involve heavy water losses through panting as the dog cools down. You need to replace all this lost water, or you will have a very exhausted and dehydrated dog on your hands when you get home.

A good portable dog water bottle should come with a water bowl. Most designs have the cap doubling up as a water bowl, in which case all you do is tilt the bottle and release a valve to allow water to flow into the bowl section where the dog will drink from.

This is super convenient and reduces the number of separate accessories and dog hunting gear you have to carry.

You also need to consider the capacity offered by the dog water bottle. If your expedition is a short one and/or close to a place you can refill the bottle, you could go for the 18-oz or 21-oz bottle. These are also a lot easier to carry around.

However, if you are planning a long hunting trip far away from civilization then you may want to get a larger dog water bottle.

2. Hunting Dog Whistle With Lanyard

We recommend: Smarter Paws Professional Ultrasonic Dog Training Whistle with Lanyard

Hunting in a dog means you will probably spend a lot of time looking for them, especially when they wander off to track or retrieve. A dog whistle makes your job a lot easier and more comfortable since all that you have to do is to blow into the whistle, and they should be back in a short while if they have been trained to respond.

The choice of material for the whistle is a crucial consideration if you want a whistle that will work and is actually worth your money. Some of the most common options out there are wood, plastic, and metal whistles.

Wooden dog whistles are great for the aesthetics and that rustic feel. However, they are not nearly as loud or as versatile as other options out there.

Plastic dog whistles, on the other hand, are durable and light but also have the same shortcomings as a wooden dog whistle, which is the low volume.

This leaves you with metallic dog whistles which are the best in terms of loudness and versatility as some are even designed to allow you to adjust the frequency.

Nonetheless, do consider the need for your dog whistle to be waterproof when deciding on the material.

You will also need a high-quality lanyard attachment which makes it easy to carry and access the dog whistle when needed.

1. Dog Collar Bell

We recommend: IVIA PET 4 Sets Dog Collar Charm Training Pet Pendant

A dog collar bell is a useful way of keeping track of your dog while you are out in the field.

They are especially useful in cases where stealth is not necessarily required in which case you can very easily follow your dog even when they are out of sight. They work especially well with dogs used for retrieval or tracking.

When shopping for a dog collar bell for your hunting dog, one very important thing to consider is the material of the bell. More often than not, they are made from metallic materials like stainless steel. These allow for loud ringing, which makes the dog easy to locate.

Materials like stainless steel also stand out with their lightweight nature, durability, and weather resistance. That way, you will have a beautiful and properly functioning dog collar for a very long time.

It is also important to consider how the bell attaches to the dog collar. It should be something easy to slip on and off for you as the user. Most dog collar bells feature a wide ring that you can thread the collar in and out for. Some come with hooks and clips for attaching onto the collar.

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Can Hunting Dogs Be Inside Dogs? It is possible to keep a hunting dog as an inside or indoor dog. Most of the breeds used for this purpose are usually very adaptable and will fit in anywhere. However, they are also often very energetic dogs that are happiest outdoors. You will therefore have to set aside time everyday to take them out for some exercise and fresh air.

Can Hunting Dogs Have Toys? Hunting dogs can and definitely should have toysThese toys act as a great way to keep the pooch active and engaged when they are not out hunting. The best kind of toys for them are interactive. It could be a doggy puzzle that engages their problem solving skills. It could also be a moving toy or even a ball that they can chase and simulate the joy of the hunt.

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