Types Of Dog Crates

Crates are considered optional accessories by most dog owners. I’ll admit that I also put off getting one for a very long time for my doggies. However, this underrated tool can make the world of a difference in both you and your dog’s life.

With the right crate, you can make your life so much easier from helping you with house breaking and dealing with your dog’s anxiety, to making traveling with your dog safer.

In the sections below, we will take a deep dive into 8 different types of dog crates including rare designs like the end table dog crate, the Aluminum dog box, and the popup dog crate.

8. End Table Dog Crate

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This is the dog crate you never knew you needed in your life.

If you are like most dog owners out there, one of the main reasons you are hesitant about investing in a dog crate is because they can be major eye sores especially when set up in common living spaces. The end table dog crate design offers the perfect solution to this problem by combining aesthetics and functionality.

End table dog crates are usually made from wood. This is meant to help them blend in with other furniture in the room.

In fact, with high quality materials and sturdy construction, the end table dog crate could also double up as a stool or lamp stand.

Some brands include additional aesthetic features including glass windows and artistic carvings along the edges of the dog crate to make them more interesting to look at. 

Functionality is also important to consider when considering an end table dog crate. In this case, you want to find a crate that is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate your dog while also offering great ventilation to keep the pooch well aerated and cool while inside the end table dog crate.

So if you want a dog crate that will serve its purpose for your dog without being the center of attention in terms of aesthetics, you might want to consider an end table dog crate.

7. Aluminum Dog Boxes

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The Aluminum dog box is very similar to the heavy duty dog crate design. Like the latter, these Aluminum boxes are designed to offer safety to the dog in case of car accidents during road trips.

The dog boxes also come in handy if you are transporting a particularly aggressive dog that you are afraid will cause trouble if allowed to ride in flimsier dog crate options.

The Aluminum dog box is an actual box and differs from other dog crates in that 3 of the walls as well as the roof and floor are full, metal panels with little more than small ventilation holes. The fourth wall usually doubles up as the door and features thick grill rods for air floor and some visibility to avoid triggering claustrophobia in the dog.

When choosing an Aluminum dog box, the most important considerations are the quality of the material and the quality of construction. Well-built dog boxes that are made from high-grade aluminum will stand the test of time and offer you great functionality for a long time.

So if you travel a lot with a particularly aggressive dog that is easily agitated during car rides, the Aluminum dog box design is worth considering.

6. Foldable Wire Dog Crate

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The design is pretty much in the name with this dog crate design. Foldable wire dog crates are made from panels that can collapse for easy storage and transport.

One important consideration to make is the design of the metallic patterns. They could either be vertical grills or square grids. The grills offer better visibility but may allow for easy escape especially with very small dog breeds. Square grids on the other hand are more secure if you have an escape artist of a dog.

You also need to choose the material wisely for the sake of longevity and security. Stainless steel stands out as the best option on the market. With its weather resistance, you can set it up both indoors and outdoors. The strong steel is also ideal for aggressive dogs as it can resist biting and scratching at.

Also make sure to look out for bonus features that make the foldable wire dog crate more comfortable for your pooch and convenient for you. These include features like detachable floor trays for easy cleanup as well as food and water bowls.

If you want a strong and reliable dog crate to help you with house breaking or dealing with a dog that has anger or anxiety issues then the foldable wire dog crate is the design for you.

5. Heavy-Duty Dog Crates

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Heavy duty dog crates are basically the strong safe equivalent of dog crates. They are designed for functionality so you may not get anything too exciting in terms of aesthetics and comfort features.

When choosing a heavy duty dog crate, one of the most important features to consider is the size of the dog crate compared to your dog. Unlike most other dog crates, these ones are not meant to offer too much roaming space once the dog is inside.

However, this does not mean that the dog should be crammed in there with no allowance for standing, stretching and laying down. To make the best choice, simply consult sizing charts which should be available with most heavy duty dog crate brands.

Another important consideration is size in relation to the car or SUV as this is where heavy duty dog crates are designed to be set up. Fortunately, most of these crates come with adjustable panels which allows you to customize the crate’s fit to your car’s trunk or back seat dimensions.

Heavy duty dog crates are ideal if you take a lot of road trips with your dog in which case you do not have to worry about them getting seriously injured in case of a traffic accident.

4. Travel Dog Crate

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Travel dog crates, as the name suggests, are meant to make traveling with your dog easier for both you and the pooch.

One design feature that makes them great at this job is the light weight. Travel dog crates should be light enough to carry around comfortably without compromising on the strength and structural integrity when in use.

This is achieved by either using plastic or light and strong metals like steel and aluminum as the frame.

You also need to consider features that facilitate convenient portability. These include things like handles, straps, and even wheel attachments for you to roll your little pooch around in.

Something else you need to factor in is how comfortable the travel dog crate. This is especially important for very long trips where the dog may be inside the travel dog crate for several hours. You want to make sure that the dog crate you settle on has a nicely padded base and is well aerated.

Travel dog crates are perfect for all kinds of trips with your dog. They are particularly useful on long trips using public means like planes and trains. They work especially well with small dog breeds as the associated dimensions allow you to set the crate up under train and plane seats.

3. Popup Dog Crate

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When set up, it may be difficult to tell the popup dog crate design from soft-sided dog crates without closely scrutinizing the units. The name popup dog crate pretty much gives away the design and purpose of this particular dog crate option.

They are meant to be easy to set up and take down without requiring too much time or effort. This is made possible by joints in the frame units that allow you to fold and unfold the dog crate easily.

The popup dog crate will either have plastic or metallic frames for this purpose. Due to all the movement involved, you have to make sure that the dog crate you choose uses high quality materials for these frames. This will help you avoid things like snapping or jamming associated with cheap and weak materials which compromise the functionality of the popup dog crate.

Popup dog crates are also often versatile in their applicability and need features that allow this. These include mesh windows for aeration which keeps the dog comfortable as well as seatbelt strap attachments both for when the crate is used for transporting the dog.

2. Plastic Dog Carrier

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As the name suggests, the plastic dog carrier is a type of dog crate primarily meant for use as a carrier. This is one of those designs you may not be able to avoid investing in as many breeders and adoption shelters require that you bring your own carrier when picking up your dog for the first time.

The design of the plastic dog carrier is quite simple. You have 4 hard plastic walls, 2 on the sides then the roof and floor. These offer protection and privacy for the dog especially if they are anxious on the trip home.

With some plastic dog carrier models, you may also have the back as a complete wall.

However, the best options on the market have a second grilled door on the back to offer access to the dog inside from any side.

Speaking of the doors, these are usually made of metallic materials to withstand any clawing at or biting from the often agitated dogs.

A plastic dog carrier is definitely worth considering if you are about to bring a pooch home. They also come in handy when traveling with your dog especially by public means like planes or trains.

1. Soft-Sided Dog Crate

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A soft-sided dog crate is usually composed of a hard frame and soft walls.

The frames need to be made of a sturdy material that will keep the entire setup stable and upright even if the dog moves around inside. Great options in this case include PVC plastic and metals like stainless steel.

The soft walls on the other hand are designed to offer restraint without the harsh and coldness associated with hard crate materials. The material choice here should be made based on priorities like durability and breathability. The most popularly used with soft-sided dog crates are polyester and nylon.

Soft-sided dog crates are in some cases padded on the sides and on the floor. This is meant to make them comfortable for the dog especially if they are doubling up as the dog’s sleeping or lounging spot.

In this case, make sure to factor in the mattress’s dimensions when choosing the right size of soft-sided dog crate for your pooch.

With all these features in mind, the soft-sided dog crate is a fantastic pick for indoor use. You just have to find the perfect spot in the home to set it up long-term.

Related Questions

Do Dogs Prefer Wire Or Plastic Crates? Dogs do not have a preference between wire and plastic dog crates. They just need space to move and stretch and some fresh air and they will be content. It is therefore entirely up to you to pick between plastic and wire crates based on your personal preferences and specific priorities.

Is It Cruel To Crate A Dog At Night? It is not cruel to leave your dog in a dog crate at night as long as they are comfortable and warm. In fact, some dogs actually feel more comfortable and safer sleeping in the crate especially those with anxiety and different phobias. Just make sure to let them out on a regular basis so they don’t end up feeling too restricted.

Where Should You Put A Dog Crate In The House? You should place your dog crate in a room that is safe, comfortable and easy for the dog to access and for you to monitor when needed. It is also best to choose the room where the dog will be sleeping or otherwise spending most of their time. Great options include the living room, a spacious garage, or even your bedroom.

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