Types Of Service Dog Gears

Support dogs make the world of a difference for those who need them whether it is for physical impairment or emotional support needs. The best way to truly unlock your service dog’s potential is by investing in the right tools and gears.

There are several handy service dog gears that everyone with such dogs needs. Such service dog gears include obvious accessories like service dog harnesses and saddle bags. In these sections below, we shall take a look at these and all other accessories you may need including some you may not think of like dog wipes and dog boots.

12. Dog Wipes

We recommend: Earth Rated Dog Wipes, Plant-Based and Compostable Wipes for Dogs

Dog wipes are another set of accessories that are not necessarily required when dealing with a service dog but are always nice to have around.

With doggy wipes, you can take just as good care of your doggy as they are of you. These will help you wipe off drool, tears, eye boogers, and even stains.

They also come in handy when dealing with skin irritation which may be common in service dogs due to all that they are exposed to outdoors. Here, it is best to go with dog wipes that have soothing ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile, and oatmeal proteins.

11. Dog Boots

We recommend: QUMY Dog Boots

This is not necessarily a must-have for service dogs. However, it is great to have for the dog’s own good.

This is the case mainly for service dog users who also happen to be fans of the great outdoors. With a food set of dog boots, you can go out on fun adventures with your dog whether it is a walk or a hike.

One important feature to consider is the grip. Antislip reinforcement makes the shoes more comfortable and stable which is important for service dogs that are often leading the way. The dog boots should also ideally be waterproof and visible through features like reflective strips and bright colors.

10. Service Dog Patches

We recommend: Vevins Service Dog Vest Patch

It is important that people in public are aware that your dog is a service dog.

This is especially important if you do not want the dog petted which could distract them from their very specific tasks and schedules. 

Service dog patches are a simple and straightforward way to let people know that the dog has a very specific job to do.

If you want something unique and fun, look for service dog patches with interesting colors and messages that will help jazz up your dog harness. 

You will also have to choose between the convenience of Velcro patches and the security of embroidered ones.

9. Guide Dog Harness

We recommend: YogaDog Heavy Duty Harness 

There is a tendency to confuse service dog harnesses for guide dog harnesses and vice versa. To understand the difference you have to understand that guide dogs have more responsibilities than service dogs.

More often than not, the dog owner will rely heavily on physical support and guidance from the dog. This is the case with severe forms of physical impairment including visual impairment.

One of the distinguishing features of a good guide dog harness is one where the dog gets to take the lead but the user can comfortably follow behind. This is best manifested through long-range handles that may either be super elastic or long, bridge handle designs.

8. Hands-Free Service Dog Leash

We recommend: Kurgo 6-in-1 Quantum Hands-free Leash 

More often than not, dog leashes are handheld. However, hands-free dog leashes have a lot more to offer in terms of convenience especially in service dog settings. 

Hands-free service dog leash allows safer restraint of the service dog in cases where the user is carrying grocery bags or talking on the phone. In service dog scenarios, this may be due to physical impairments that prevent the user from handling the leash with their hands. 

The hands-free leash can either go around the waist or across the torso over the shoulder. It is important that they are comfortable in which case make sure to prioritize features like thick bands, padding, and adjustability.

7. Service Dog Bandana

We recommend: Tees & Tails Service Dog in Training Printed Dog Bandana

Service dog bandanas serve both a functional and aesthetic purpose.

When it comes to functionality, the bandanas are often used as an alternative to other service dog identification strategies like service dog patches. They will usually have the same messages you would find on a patch including requests not to pat or distract the dog. 

Aesthetically, service dog bandanas come in different colors and patterns that allow the dog owner to have a bit of personality and life added to the otherwise personality-free getup. 

When shopping for a service dog bandana, make sure to get the right fit. You want a bandana that doesn’t choke your doggy and also allows the text to be read easily.

6. Service Dog Certification Service

We recommend: WORKINGSERVICEDOG.COM Official Registered Service Dog Certificate

It is considered illegal to fake that a dog is a service dog.

In some places, you will have to produce evidence that your dog is a service or guide dog in which case service dog certification services come in very handy. 

When finding certification services, it is best to work with reputable companies whose credentials are trustworthy. This is because getting certification from fake websites means your service dog is technically not officially recognized as a service dog which is something that could land you in trouble.

5. Service Dog ID Badge

We recommend: Just 4 Paws Custom Holographic QR Code Service Dog ID Card

Another way to help with identification of your service dog in case of emergency or when you two have been separated is through ID badges. 

These are usually a bit more personal and detailed than service dog patches and bandanas. They may include important information like the dog’s name, breed, age, training, and much more. 

Most also include QR codes or bar codes that link to registration information that would come in handy especially in emergency situations. These also help with quick verification in cases where you need to show proof that your dog is a service animal in order to be allowed access together.

4. Service Dog ID Tag

We recommend: K9King Service Dog Tag

While we are still on the topic of how to help with identification of your service dog, you should consider getting an ID tag. These are different from service dog ID badges in a lot of ways.

One way is that they are designed to be attached to dog collars. This is definitely more convenient especially if your dog harness does not have pockets or a saddle for you to store the ID badges.

It is also less bulky for the dog than options like bandanas especially if you are working with a small breed dog. With larger dog breeds, both ID tags and bandanas are worth considering.

Service dog ID tags usually contain important information engraved onto the tag including the dog’s name, their home address, or emergency contacts. They also usually have a marker that indicates that the dog is a service dog.

3. Dog Muzzles

We recommend: RAINDEE Dog Muzzle Nylon Soft Muzzle

For the most part, service dogs are very even-tempered. You rarely have to worry about things like the dog acting out and attacking strangers as they are usually more focused on helping you.

However, there are places where even the best behaved dogs are not allowed direct access especially without protective measures like muzzling.

If you have to buy one, make sure that you get something as non-restrictive as you can get away with and as comfortable as you can. For service dogs, dog muzzles made from cloth materials like nylon are ideal. Other options like plastic or metal dog muzzles are usually too uncomfortable for the undeserving dog.

2. Service Dog Vest Saddle Bag

We recommend: Service Dog Vest Harness Saddle Bag BackPack Pouch with Patches

It never hurts to have extra storage especially when dealing with a service dog. Unfortunately, most dog harnesses, including those designed for service dogs, do not have storage. That is why saddleback attachments are so handy.

You can store a lot in these including identification both for the dog and the owner, snacks, or even emergency medication

When selecting a service dog harness saddle bag, you need to find something spacious and secure. With the latter, you can never go wrong with zippers but Velcro and drawstring closures may work just as well.

1. Service Dog Harness

We recommend: Pawshoppie Real Reflective Service Dog Vest Harness

A service dog harness is easily one of the most crucial accessories to have if you have a service dog. This is what connects you to your dog whether you choose to use a handle or a leash.

The design should allow the dog to take the lead when it is needed while also giving the dog owner some control. One way this is achieved is through thick, ergonomic handles. It could also be achieved with a back clip design.

The classic service dog harness will come in handy mainly if your service dog offers emotional support or limited physical support where you still have enough abilities on your own.

Related Questions

Can You Get In Trouble For Faking A Service Dog? You can actually get into trouble for faking a service dog in most states. In some cases, it is considered a criminal offence with heavy fines and even jail time. To avoid getting into trouble, just get your service dog properly trained, certified, and registered if you truly need one for support.

Can You Pet Your Own Service Dog? You can pet your own service dog in most cases. This is especially if the dog is an emotional support dog in which case being petted is one of its jobs. However, it is not advisable to pet other people’s service dogs. This is because it could be distracting to the dog that the owner is heavily reliant on.

Do You Need A Doctor’s Note For A Service Dog? You technically do not require a doctor’s note to get a service dog. However, it is possible for doctors to recommend service dogs as part of physical or psychological support. There are different state legislations that determine a person’s eligibility to own a service dog. Even without a doctor’s note, all you need is to meet these requirements to qualify for a support pooch.

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