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🐩 7 Types Of Poodles – The Complete List 🐩

Poodles are reputed to be the second most intelligent breed of dogs. They are also beautiful and fun to be around. If you are thinking of becoming a dog parent, then poodles should be among the top breeds to consider. But do you know these beautiful canine buddies come in different types?

There are 4 common variations of poodles, namely standard poodle, Moyen poodle, miniature poodle, and toy poodle. However, this famous breed has many other variations that are less recognized. Apart from the ones you probably know, there are still the royal standard poodle, teacup poodle, and the poodle mixes. In this article, I will describe seven types of poodles, the characteristics, and things that make them unique.

7. Standard Poodle

Weight of a Standard Poodle: 80 to 90 lbs

Height of a Standard Poodle: 20 to 23 inches

Standard poodles are the most common among the poodles, they are also the most trainable.

Although they are very protective, poodles are neither intimidating nor aggressive. So your visitors don’t have to be scared of your pet.

Standard poodles are brave, agile, and energetic. They are also elegant and highly obedient.

6. Royal Standard Poodle

Weight of royal standard poodle: 50 to 80 lbs

Height of royal standard poodle: 23 to 28 inches

Although many organizations do not recognize this variant of poodle and classify it as a standard poodle, it is a little different from the standard type.

Royal standard poodles are heavier and thicker than standard poodles. They also have larger feet and chests than their counterpart standard type. Intelligence, bravery, and smartness are just the same as those of the standard poodles.

5. Moyen Poodle

Weight of Moyen poodle: 40 to 50 lbs

Height of Moyen poodle: 15 to 20 inches

Also known as Klein or mini poodles, Moyen poodles are next to the standard poodles in size. They are intelligent and trainable. They have all the characteristics of standard poodles, except that they are smaller in size. That may be an advantage especially if you are looking for a lap dog that can also serve as a guard dog.

4. Miniature Poodle

Weight of miniature poodle: 14 to 18 lbs

Height of miniature poodle: 11 to 15 inches

Miniature poodles, also called dwarf or Nain poodles, are middle-sized poodles. They are smaller than the standard poodles and the medium poodles but still bigger than other variants of the dog. Aside from the size, they have the same features as the standard variant.

Miniature Poodles are smart, intelligent, and obedient. They are equally agile, energetic, brave, and less aggressive. And They are perfect as family dogs.

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3. Toy Poodle

Weight of toy poodle: 6 to 9 lbs

Height of toy poodle: 8 to 10 inches

Toy poodles are the smallest among the popular types of poodles. They are also the most lovable.

With their small size and weight, you can easily put these toy poodles on your lap. However, they are very intelligent and agile and resemble other types of poodles in many ways aside from size.

2. Teacup Poodle

Weight of teacup poodle: 5 to 7 lbs

Height of teacup poodle: less than 9 inches

Teacup poodles are the smallest variants of poodles. Many people classified them as toy poodles. The only thing that singles them out is that they are small in size and weight. But unfortunately, their small weight usually leads to a lot of health issues. Therefore we will always advise that you should avoid this variant.

Besides, this category of the poodle is not recognized by various kennel clubs around the world and is deemed an unhealthy marketing ploy to push up the prices of these poodles.

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1. Poodle Mixes

Apart from all the pure breeds listed above, there are still several variants of poodles obtained by crossbreeding one of the variants with another breed of dogs. These hybrids are called doodles.

Labradoodle, the most adored among poodle mixes, for example, is obtained by breeding any variant of poodles with Labrador retriever, while cockapoos are obtained from poodles and cocker spaniel. You will get Shih-poo if you cross a toy poodle or a miniature poodle with the Shih Tzu breed.

Related Questions

What Is The Most Popular Poodle Color? Poodles come in different colors but black color is the most popular, followed by the white color. Other popular colors include blue and brown.

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HINT: It’s more than 40!

Check out our curated list of colors and patterns of a Poodle right here >

What Color Poodle Is The Smartest? Experts believe that the smartness and intelligence of poodles have nothing to do with the color, rather they depend on the breed and the way you train your furry friend. However, many poodle parents claim the black poodles are the smartest.

Why Are Poodle Mixes So Popular? Poodle mixes have many advantages over their purebred parents. Poodles, being an intelligent breed, are among the best breeds to be selected for crossbreeding. A poodle mix is usually healthier, has low shedding, and is hypoallergenic. Poodle mixes also have the advantage of giving you control over the size of the canine you prefer.

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