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What Is A Corgi Beagle Mix? A Complete Guide To Beagi

Corgis are beagles are two of the most popular dog breeds there are, coming in 13th and 6th respectively according to the American Kennel Club’s latest ranking. It therefore comes as no surprise that the beagi is so popular in the world of designer pups despite being so rare. It is a personal favorite and has been on my puppy wish list for quite a while now.

Due to the combination of these two unique personalities and builds, you never really know what you will get with the mix. So if you are considering getting a beagi of your own, you have come to the right place for a complete guide on what to expect.

A beagi is a mixed breed from a corgi and a beagle. More often than not, Pembroke Welsh corgis are used but the rarer Cardigan variety may also be mixed with the beagle. The resulting beagi has a very distinct look combining key facial features, coat characteristics and build traits from both parents.

In the sections below, we will take a look at all you need to know about these fun-loving and affectionate doggies. That way you know what to do when you get one of your very own. But first, let us take a closer look at what exactly a beagi is in terms of size and appearance.

What Is A Corgi Beagle Mix?

Image from Instagram:@beachin_biji

A corgi beagle mix is also called a beagi. It is a mix between a beagle and either a Pembroke Welsh or a Cardigan Welsh corgi. Due to the relative similarity in size, either of the two breeds can be used to carry the puppies.

These mixed corgis tend to take after the corgi parent in terms of the build. They have the signature long torso body present in both Pembrokes and cardigans. However, the beagle influence is evident in the fact that these doggies tend to have longer legs and therefore more proportional appearances.

When it comes to facial and skull features, they look more like the beagles. They tend to have a dome-shaped head, a long snout, and droopy ears. However, it is definitely within the realm of possibility to have a beagi with pointy ears like the corgi parent.

Another way to identify beagis is through their size. Typically, a beagle corgi mix will grow as heavy as 16 to 30 pounds which is pretty close to the averages from both parent breeds. However, when it comes to size they are noticeably taller than the corgi with a height average of about 13 to 16 inches.

Finally, corgi beagle mixes are known for their tricolor combinations of black, white and tan. However, they could have one or two color combinations with options like tan, white, yellow, fawn, and orange. These appear either on long or short smooth coat types in the corgi beagle mixed breed dog.

How Long Do Beagle Corgi Mixes Live? Common Health Problems Of A Beagi

Image from Instagram:@instahammy2020

Both corgis and beagles have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years, and it comes as no surprise that corgi beagle mixes also live for about 12 to 15 years.

Beagis are generally healthy dogs. However, they do suffer from a few occasional health problems which you have to be on the lookout for as the owner. Here are 5 of the most common of these.

Intervertebral disc disorder

This condition is common particularly with beagis that take more after their corgi parents in terms of build and height. The abnormal intervertebral discs may slip or pinch on the spinal cord resulting in pain and mobility issues for the dog.


Both corgis and beagles are known for their ravenous appetites which is something they pass on to their mixed breed pups. If you are not careful, this could lead to overeating and obesity which could be fatal in the long run.

Hip dysplasia and arthritis

Here, there is an abnormal formation of hip and shoulder sockets. This affects how bones there connect in the joint and could lead to arthritis later on in the beagi’s life.


Chondrodystrophy is a genetic disorder common in dogs like beagles and can be passed to the corgi beagle mixed breed dog. It is marked by malformation of the cartilage therefore affecting both the strength and the stability of joints.


The corgi beagle mix may also suffer from low levels of thyroid hormones. This affects a variety of functions from metabolism to mental function. It could also cause issues like cold intolerance and loss of fur. 

Do Corgi Beagle Mix Shed? Grooming Tips Of A Beagi

Contrary to popular belief, corgis are not high maintenance dogs when it comes to grooming despite their long hair. The same case applies for corgi beagle mixes especially those that inherit the corgi coat type.

Both Corgis and Beagles tend to shed moderately. As a result, a Beagi will also require the same care you would give their parents. You will have to make sure you brush their fur on a regular basis to avoid matting and to minimize shedding around your home. You could do it 2 to 3 times a week.

With brushing, it is not just about the frequency but also the quality of tools that you use on your dog. We recommend you go for the DakPets Pet Grooming Brush to get rid of as much loose fur and matted clumps as possible. The brush has a 4 inch, stainless steel blade with strong bristles that are ideal for whatever coat type your beagi will have.

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When it comes to showers, beagle corgi mixes are like most other dogs out there and can survive on a shower every month or two. However, shorter beagis may need a little more tender loving care. This is because their closeness to the ground makes them more likely to get dirty at their bellies.

So instead of washing them too often and risking stripping their skin and fur of natural oils, consider using doggy wet wipes as a daily quick touchup solution. Try the multifunctional SCOBUTY Pet Wipes. They are made from natural ingredients including aloe vera soaked onto a soft, cotton wipe. The best part is that you can use them not only on the body but also on eyes to remove tear marks and eye boogers.

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How To Take Care Of A Corgi Beagle Mix?

In order for you and your corgi beagle mix to have 12 to 15 years of pure joy together, you will have to take good care of them. To help you out, we have compiled a detailed list of some of the most important care practices to ensure that your beagi lives a long, comfortable, and happy life.

Watch what you feed them

Proper nutrition is crucial for the survival and thriving of corgi beagle mixed doggies. They need high protein and low carbohydrate diets to keep them strong despite the short stature while preventing obesity.

Check out Heed Foods for organic and high quality food for your pooch. They use all natural ingredients including superfoods to boost your doggy’s immunity and promote digestion.

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Throw some supplements into the mix

Beagis have a lot of skeletal issues from intervertebral disc disease to arthritis. Bone and joint supplements will therefore come in very handy to give them better quality of life. The Doggie Dailies Glucosamine soft chews would be ideal in this case. They contain compounds useful in bone and joint repair and function including glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, and hyaluronic acid.

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Portions and meal frequency matter a lot

If beagis could have their way they would eat all day long. With their likelihood to develop issues like obesity and diabetes, this is without a doubt something that needs to be prevented. Stick to a strict meal schedule and feed them only 1 to 1 ¾ cups of dog food per day depending on their weight.

Work out at least once a day

Beagis need consistent mental and physical stimulation. In addition to helping with weight maintenance, it helps with the mental development of the dog by exposing it to new places other than your home. So make time to take them out at least 30 minutes 4 to 5 times a week if not every day.

Temperaments Of A Corgi Beagle Mix

Corgis are known for their loyal and affectionate nature as well as their high intelligence and situational awareness. On the other hand, beagle temperament is marked by traits like being even tempered, gentle, and standoffish with strangers.

The beagi mixed doggie takes different traits randomly and while one may be all affectionate and fun loving like the corgi, another may be more calm and observant.

Here are some of the main personality traits you could find in this dynamic mix.


Both contributing breeds fall under the top 100 rank on Stephen Coren’s “The Intelligence of Dogs”. The beagi is therefore often very smart and easy to train.


Even with the standoffish predisposition of the beagle parent, the beagi does not take long to warm up to strangers.


Corgi beagle mixes tend to have a one-track mind and can become fixated on the wrong thing if they are not properly mentally stimulated.


Beagis love to show love and to receive it. So set aside some time just to cuddle and bond with the doggy and it will do wonders for your experience with the furry little buddies.


Corgi beagle mixes are very independent. With proper training, you could actually leave them alone in the house for a while without much incidence. However, this may be a little tricky if they suffer from separation anxiety due to some previous trauma.


When well fed and comfortable, beagle corgi mixes are among the most laid back doggies out there.

Related Questions

How Much Is A Corgi Beagle Mix? A corgi beagle mix will cost you about $200 to $600. However, they can cost as much as $1000 especially with priced corgi bloodlines and cardigan corgi breeds. Unfortunately, beagis are not very common outside designer breeding settings. You may therefore not get one cheaper or free from adoption shelters.

Do Corgi Beagle Mix Good For Families? Corgi beagle mixes are fantastic family pets. This is due to their personalities, intelligence, and generally low maintenance nature. They are very affectionate and social making them ideal for homes with children or frequent guests. They are also relatively easy to take care of which you can make a fun family shared responsibility. 

Are Corgi Beagle Mix Smart? Corgis and beagles are among the smartest dog breeds there are. The resulting corgi beagle mixed puppies are therefore also very smart. Like their beagle parents, these designer doggies tend to have a very determined and focused mindset. When combined with the high intelligence of corgis it makes the beagi one of the smartest mixed dogs.

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