What Is A Dachshund Pitbull Mix?

I have always found pitwees super intriguing since I first heard about the novel mutts. This mixed breed came from being an accidental discovery one day after wandering into some random neighborhood to being an internet sensation the next day with everyone wanting one. I have also personally considered getting a pitwee of my very own. But first I needed to know exactly what I would be getting into with such an investment.

A dachshund-pitbull mix as the name suggests is a product of breeding a pitbull and a dachshund. The Pitwee is a medium-sized dog with a combination of aesthetics, physical traits and temperament from both breeds.

The head and face resemble those of a pitbull with the wide skull, wide-set round eyes, and muscular jaw. The body, on the other hand, is reminiscent of the sausage silhouette of the dachshund with the long torso and short muscular legs.

When it comes to temperament, the dachshund-pitbull mix is known for the feisty yet affectionate personality.

Doxie-pits are unique in every way, and it is not so difficult to see why there is so much hype around them. In the sections below, we will dive further into what makes this dog unique, how to take care of it and generally all you need to know about what to expect from the pitwee experience.

Can A Pitbull Get A Dachshund Pregnant? Introducing The Pitwee

Yes, a pitbull can actually get a dachshund pregnant and produce live and healthy pups. The resulting mixed breed is affectionately referred to as the pitwee or the doxie-pit.

This is one of the most recent mixed breed options and is particularly popular for the cute and lovable dog produced from the two equally popular purebred parents.

The doxie-pit has quite a unique aesthetic which is what has caught the attention and captured the hearts of so many dog lovers everywhere. At first glance, it looks like someone placed the head of a pitbull on the sausage body of a doxie.

The face varies from pitwee to pitwee in terms of how close it is in resemblance to the pitbull. Some have the strong and muscular head and face with the characteristic round and flat forehead, wide eyes and strong jaw.

However, you may also find doxie-pits with softer faces that look more like dachshunds than a pitty.

With the body on the other hand, they are always sausage-shaped. They are, however, significantly more toned and compact than purebred dachshunds.

The coat is also often short and smooth which is common with pitbulls and the short haired variety of dachshunds.

In a nutshell, a successful mix between a dachshund and a pitbull is very possible. The resulting dog is strong, athletic and incredibly affectionate.

So if you want the best of these two iconic breeds, the pitwee will more than deliver and is therefore actually worth all the hype it has been receiving.

Temperament Of A Dachshund Pit Mix: More Pitbull Or Dachshund?

In addition to the mix of physical characteristics, the dachshund pitbull mix breed also borrows from both parents as far as temperament goes.

However, there is a clear leaning more towards the doxie with traits like:


Pitwees love to be loved and love to show love to their families.

It is the type of dog that has no hesitation snuggling up to people that it trusts for a nice little bonding session.

With social training, they also easily extend this affection to strangers and other dogs.


Dachshund pitbull mixes love nothing more than playing.

It doesnโ€™t matter if it is simple games indoors or running around outside. They just like to be active so if you want to get one you have to be willing to keep up with their playtime needs.

Loyal And Devoted To Pleasing

Doxie-pits are loyal to a fault which is something they get mainly from the dachshund bloodline. Although it takes them time to warm up, once they feel comfortable and safe they will do whatever it takes to make you as their friend happy and safe.

This mixed breed also has a few personality traits that are clearly from the pitbull side. These include:

Can Be Aggressive

Pitwees have been known to get quite aggressive whenever they feel threatened. The good news is that this is easy to avoid with training and proper socialization.


When a dachshund pitbull sets their mind to something they tend to follow through. Sometimes this strong will comes across as stubbornness which can make living with them and training a little stressful.

Common Health Issues Of A Dachshund Pitbull Mix

For the most part, dachshund pitbull mixes take after their strong and healthy parents and are themselves generally healthy dogs.

This, however, does not mean that they do not occasionally suffer from various illnesses. The most common for this mutt are:

Bone Problems

This is common as a result of the sausage dog form of the torso and stubby legs. Some of the most common bone problems these dogs face include hip dysplasia and intervertebral disc disease. These often cause a lot of pain and limit mobility.

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Hormonal Imbalances

Pitwees also suffer from a variety of hormonal issues with examples like Cushingโ€™s disease, thyroid disease, diabetes mellitus. These are typically easier to manage with medication and healthy eating.


Pitwees take after their dachshund parents when it comes to allergies. They are commonly affected by allergens like dust, pollen, fabric, chemical, ticks, and fleas. The allergies may cause respiratory symptoms like sneezing and teary eyes or may manifest as skin irritation.

Digestive Problems

One of the biggest health concerns for dachshund pitbull mixes revolves around gut health. They commonly suffer from a condition known as volvulus which is basically twisting of the gut. This results in all sorts of issues from bloating and constipation to chronic abdominal pain.

In serious cases, surgery may be required to correct the issue and give the pitwee a chance at a healthy and pain-free life.

Grooming Needs Of A Doxie-Pit

The coat on a doxie-pit is often short with coarse strands. The mixed breed is considered a moderate shedder. These characteristics determine the grooming needs which in this case are pretty relaxed.

In fact with a regular brushing routine and a wash-up every now and then you should have a happy and well-kept pitwee without too much effort.

Due to the coarse texture and regular shedding, brushing is a non-negotiable part of the grooming routine. As with their dachshund and pitbull parents, it is advisable to brush their fur at least one to two times a week.

If the fur is longer then you may have to do it up to 3 times a week. This helps to detangle and deshed for a healthy and beautiful coat.

Though their coat is short, they tend to accumulate dander which in turn leads to formation of really bad dog odor.

The best way to prevent dander in Pitbull Dachshunds is by washing the dog regularly. The good thing is that you only need to do it maybe once or twice every month and you will have a decent-smelling and nice-looking pooch on your hands.

Pitwees tend to suffer from skin issues as a result of allergic dermatitis.

If you get one with these problems, you will have to be careful with your choice of grooming products. Choose brushes with soft bristles and shampoos with soothing properties and you should be good to go. 

Finally, look out for ear infections which tend to occur with poor grooming when raising a dachshund pitbull mix.

All you have to do is give them a quick clean and dry them properly when you are giving the doggy their regular shower.

Lifestyle Of A Pitwee: Who Am I Exactly Dealing With?

Now that you know what they look like act like and the potential liabilities let us take a look at what it is like in general having a pitwee as a house pet. That way, you know exactly what you will be dealing with to avoid any unhappy surprises.

To help you out, here is a summary of what life with a dachshund pitbull mix will involve:

Socialization Is A Part Of The Program

Pitwees are notoriously edgy when in unfamiliar environments or around new people and animals. In order to avoid any nasty incidents, you will have to be intentional with your socialization plan.

Take them out more often and get them comfortable with new people and places.

That way, they will not feel threatened and get aggressive when confronted with the unfamiliar.

Learn The Art Of Patience

Dachshund pitbull mixes are very stubborn. This will be annoying to deal with whether you want to train them or you just need some peace and quiet in the house.

Fortunately, they are clever little doggies, and with smart effort, time and patience, they will learn how to be more civil.

You Need To Keep Up With The Energy

These dogs love nothing more than being active. So part of the pitwee parent lifestyle is keeping up with this energy.

A walk here or game of fetch there is necessary not only for bonding but also to calm down the constantly angsty dog.

They Are Generally Low-Maintenance

Finally, you will be pleased to learn that these dogs are generally pretty low-maintenance. Just love them, invest in playtime and be a little patient.

With their minimal grooming needs and few health problems, you shouldnโ€™t have too much on your plate to deal with.

How Much Does A Dachshund Pitbull Mix Cost? Pitwees are incredibly rare, and so there is no set price range. It all depends on where you choose to buy one. However, you could get a rough estimate from the parent breed prices. Dachshunds vary a lot in price and can be as cheap as $200 and as expensive as $3,500. On the other hand, Pitbulls have a pretty tight price range of between $800 to $1,000 for regular bloodlines. Of course, you will also need to take into account the potential medical costs of having to deal with the common health issues of Dachshunds. Please check out pet insurance alternatives, like Pawp, if you would like to find peace of mind. Combing through the Internet, the expected medical costs of caring for a Pitwee may end up looking like this:

ConditionCosts Of Diagnosis And Treatment
Patellar Luxation$1,500 to $3,000
Corneal Dystrophy$300 to $3,000
Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (Bloat)$1,500 to $7,500
Cushingโ€™s Disease$3,000 to $10,000
Panniculitis$1,000 to $3,000

How Long Does A Dachshund Pitbull Mix Live? Pitwees have a decent lifespan of 8 to 12 years which is to be expected with medium-sized mutts. These dogs are known for being healthy, with most of their health issues being non-fatal. For the most part, they die either of old age or trauma but have also been known to develop cancer as they get older.

What Is Rami The Pitbull Dachshund Mix? Rami is somewhat of a celebrity in the dog world and was the first mix between a Pitbull and Dachshund on record. It is believed that this mixed breeding was unintentional and occurred between strays. The dog was found wandering in a Georgia neighborhood, sparking interest in this new mixed option, and the rest is history.

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