White Australian Shepherd

The White Australian Shepherd is a great family dog with an unwavering friendly temperament and gorgeous coat. Despite their name, they are not the same as Australian Shepherds, nor do they originate from Australia. This dog breed originated from Europe and arrived in America with early settlers.

White Australian Shepherd can be easily identified with its predominantly white coat. Also known as the White Aussie, it is one of the most versatile and friendly working dogs you can find.

As a working dog, the White Aussie is popular among farmers and ranchers who used it for herding livestock. This dog has a powerful herding instinct that can be seen when it corrals livestock while out in the fields. Other than herding livestock, this breed can also be professionally trained to serve as a guide dog, search-and-rescue dog, and service dog.

Read on to find out more about White Australian Shepherds, their care requirements, temperament, and their grooming needs to see if it is the ideal pet dog for your family. But, letโ€™s first take a look at defining the dog breed.

How Big Do White Australian Shepherds Get?

The White Australian Shepherd is typically a medium-sized dog that ranges from 18 to 24 inches tall. The female Aussie weighs between 40 to 56 lbs. Male Aussies are a bit larger, weighing between 48 to 66 lbs.

In terms of physical appearance, the White Aussie is like any other regular Aussies or its cousins, except for a few differences. Here is what you can expect from White Aussies.

Coat Type

The White Australian Shepherd has a double coat that can either be straight or wavy and of medium length. With a double layer, its coat can exhibit weather-resistant properties and helps with thermoregulation, keeping the pooch cool during summer and warm during winter.

Also, the White Aussie has some โ€œfeatheringโ€ on its tail, chest, and legs. This gives these furry areas a wavy texture when running through the breeze.

Coat Color

One distinction White Aussies have over other regular Aussies is their predominantly white coat. Despite having darkly pigmented patches or merle markings all over their bodies, White Aussies should still have a white-colored base coat. The noses of these dogs are often found to be black.

Furthermore, there are all-white or lethal white Aussies without any markings at all but with a completely white coat. These dogs are often bred from two Merle Australian Shepherds together. This breeding will result in the offspring with a pink nose and with several health issues, including congenital deafness.

Nowadays, the breeding of two merle dogs is deemed highly unethical as the resultant offspring will be unhealthy pups with short lifespans. Hence, White Aussies are deemed to be rare and ethical breeders are doing their part in stopping such breeding practices to help eliminate these โ€œwhite variantsโ€ with hearing defects and other health complications.

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How Long Do White Australian Shepherds Live?

The average lifespan of a White Australian Shepherd is 13 to 14 years. As long as the dog gets mental stimulation, adequate playtime, and daily exercise, it may live beyond the suggested lifespan.

Many health conditions and diseases are genetic and may impact the life expectancy of a White Aussie, as well as its future offspring. These conditions described below are found to have a high incidence rate in White Aussies due to their high susceptibility compared to other dogs.

Common Health Issues

One common issue with White Aussies is periodontal diseases. This is also common with other dog breeds that do not brush their teeth routinely. You will need to help your dog here; otherwise, it will develop severe dental issues.

Hearing Issues

White Australian Shepherds are prone to unilateral or bilateral deafness due to their association with loci for white pigmentation in their coats. Being common among white dogs, this deafness is also hereditary, so an offspring of breed parents, who are deaf, will likely end up deaf in one or both ears.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a condition where the socket of the hip joint fails to form normally. This often happens to highly mobile and active dog breeds, like the White Australian Shepherd, and in turn, severely impacts the mobility of the dog in its later life.

How To Take Care Of Your White Aussie?

To provide the right care for your White Aussie, do ensure that your pooch gets adequate exercise and a good diet. If you notice something unusual or your pooch exhibiting symptoms of being ill, you should call a vet.

Provide A Proper And High-Quality Diet

You need to provide your dog with a balanced diet. Make sure you follow the recommendations of a pet nutritionist. The diet should be rich in multivitamins, proteins, and crude fat.

We recommend Pet Plate for all dog food needs. They offer high-protein, grain-free diets for pets. Their diets are great for picky eaters and active dogs. Give them a try, and you can be assured of fresh, delicious, and balanced dog foods.

Remember to give your dog an adequate amount of water. Talk to your pet nutritionist or veterinarian and plan accordingly. It is advisable to add dental water additives. This helps strengthen your dogโ€™s teeth and prevent dental issues, such as decay.

Engage Your Dog In An Exercise Routine

The White Australian Shepherd is an energetic dog that enjoys walks. Make sure you engage your dog in regular walks or exercise sessions to maintain its physical health, as well as to keep yourself in shape. Each walk or session can be at least 30 minutes of exercise every day.

However, excessive exercise for a White Aussie puppy is not always good and may do more harm than good. The duration can be further reduced to 15 minutes from the usual 30 minutes.

Are White Australian Shepherds Aggressive? Temperaments Of White Australian Shepherds

White Australian Shepherds are not aggressive but very friendly and sociable. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why these working dogs are often popular among farmers and ranchers.

If you notice your White Aussie displaying some form of aggression, it is highly likely that there are certain triggers at play. These triggers include stress, boredom, injury, and inadequate socialization.

In another trigger instance, if it feels cornered or it encounters a complete stranger, it will let its protective instincts take over.

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Protective Instincts

The White Australian Shepherd is said to be fiercely protective of its owner and family. This stems from its loyalty and is dependent on the strength of the bond forged with its owner.

Also, the White Aussie is cautious and mistrustful of strangers. To curb its aggressive displays towards strangers, it is advised to provide appropriate training and adequate socialization for your pooch.

Versatile With A Herding Tendency

White Australian Shepherds are a versatile working dog breed with fair intelligence levels, according to Stanley Corenโ€™s ranked list. Thus, they can pick up a number of commands fairly easily and are highly popular among farmers for their herding instincts.

Do note that due to its instinct to herd, the White Aussie tends to be aggressive and bossy with smaller pets around.

How Bad Do White Australian Shepherds Shed? Grooming Tips For White Australian Shepherds

White Australian Shepherds shed considerably due to their double coats. These dogs shed their fur twice a year, and shed heavily, especially during summer and winter.

Since this White Australian Shepherd is not hypoallergenic, it is not an ideal pet for those who have allergies. However, for those who are not acutely sensitive and have a White Aussie in the house, here are some bathing and grooming tips.


For a healthy White Aussie, we recommend that you bathe your pooch once every 4 to 6 weeks. Beware that bathing more frequently, however, will be counterproductive and may strip off natural oils protecting its skin.

We also recommend the professionally formulated Seamus Cherry Blossom Whitening Dog Shampoo that contains coat conditioners, optical brighteners, and coat cleansers. Being soap-free, it cleanses safely and enhances the coat texture.

It is scented with Japanese Cherry Blossom, leaving your dog smelling great. Made with Pharmasome technology to ensure that active ingredients are time-released and penetrate the skin, the scent should last longer.

Many pet owners love using it due to its ability to reduce stains, brighten colors, and deodorize. This is the right shampoo product for white dogs and puppies.


Deshedding is very important for your White Australian Shepherd, especially when this dog breed sheds considerably. To prevent it from matting often, we recommend regular brushing, twice per week for 10 minutes per session.

Brushing times may be extended for a thicker coat or a younger dog. For deshedding, we highly recommend the Furminator Undercoat Tool.

This tool is designed to remove huge amounts of undercoats and loose fur. Therefore, you should do the deshedding in an open and airy area such that the loose fur does not affect your breathing. Make sure the area you choose is also where your pooch feels safe and comfortable.

How Much Are White Australian Shepherds? The average price of a White Australian Shepherd is between $700 to $900. Depending on the location, pedigree, coat colors, and breeder, the price of a White Aussie can range from $400 to $1,600. Ensure you understand the factors that individually affect the price range.

Do White Australian Shepherds Swim? The White Australian Shepherds are natural swimmers. However, some White Aussies like water, whereas some do not. Just like humans, these dogs also require time and training to get used to water or even learn to swim. As long as you exercise patience and reward your pooch with enough treats, you should be able to succeed in getting your White Aussie to swim in your backyard pool.

What Is A Lethal White Australian Shepherd? A Lethal White Australian Shepherd is the offspring of breeding two Merle Australian Shepherd. Strictly speaking, this form of breeding is highly discouraged and unethical to obtain a solid White Aussie because it results in the offspring having genetic disorders and in turn, becoming deaf, blind, or both.

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