Why Do Dogs Sleep With Their Bum Facing You?

You are lying on the couch or in bed, and suddenly, your pooch joins you for a snooze but with its bum facing your face. So this leaves you wondering โ€“ why do dogs sleep with their bum facing you? Is this normal behavior? Should you be worried? Letโ€™s decode why pups do this!

Some dogs sleep with their bums facing you when they have flea or tick issues on their tails. Or perhaps, this is the sleeping position they are most comfortable with. And with other pups, they simply feel safe when they have their bottoms facing their humans as they sleep.

There are more reasons why canines sleep in this odd position โ€“ and weโ€™ll cover them all below!

12. A Need For Affection

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Your pooch seeks your attention and has a need for affection โ€“ and this is why you may see your four-legged friend turning its bum your way. Also coined as the โ€œhip nudge,โ€ it is what some canines do when they want to show passive attention.

A pupโ€™s bottom has several nerve endings, making it highly sensitive. So, whenever your pet rubs its bum on you or sleeps with its bottom facing you, it expresses the need for your affection. This is a cue to give your pooch some cuddles it deserves.

11. Display Of Trust

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There are many ways dogs show their trust to you, such as by lying down next to you but with their bottoms facing you. Instinctively, pups respond to any threats they perceive, and this is why they choose a position that allows them to react swiftly.

However, when your pet turns its back on you, this means that it is putting its defenses down. Your pooch trusts you enough and feels comfortable around you.

10. Protective Stance

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When your pup has been around with you for quite some time, it is natural for it to develop a strong bond with you. And along with that bond is a natural desire to protect you and keep you safe no matter what.

Dogs see their owners as their pack leader, and this is why they have a protective instinct for their humans and other household members. So, when they sleep with their bum facing you, it means they are ready to jump into potential danger and protect you.

9. Marking You With Their Scent

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Scent-marking is a common behavior among canines. This is their way of marking their territories to keep their loved ones protected and safe. Hence, your pet is leaving its scent on you, which is why you may see dear Fido sleeping with its bum facing you.

Canines have very sensitive scent glands. Many of these glands are found on the bum and tail area, and these produce pheromones or chemical signals distinct to each pooch. By leaving its scent on you, this means your pup is marking you as its own.

8. Positive Reinforcement

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Another reason why dogs sleep with their bums facing you is because of positive reinforcement. Perhaps the first time your pup slept in this position, you petted it and encouraged the behavior. This sends a positive signal to your pet, and so it continues to sleep this way.

When your dog feels encouraged to do a certain thing, it keeps on doing such actions. So, you may have unconsciously shown your pet a positive reaction in the past that continues this sleeping behavior.

7. Avoid Eye Contact

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If your pooch is not well-socialized yet, it may feel uncomfortable having eye contact with you. So, some dogs try to avoid this discomfort by sleeping with their bum facing their owners. It may be the reason why your pup sleeps in such a way.

Perhaps you have a pet that came from a shelter and is still trying to get familiar with you and the new home. Give your pooch some time to feel more at ease. Soon, it will come around and be more comfortable around you.

6. Indication Of A Problem

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There are some instances when dogs sleep with their bums facing their owners when thereโ€™s a health problem. It is possible that your pooch may have some bumps or rashes around its bottom, so it is good to check for these.

In addition to sleeping with its bottom facing you, your pet may persistently lick its bum. So, be sure to have this issue checked with a vet for the best treatment.

5. Ventral Contact Avoidance

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Ventral contact is typical among primates but not with other animals, including dogs. This explains why your furry pal may be facing the other way or with its bottom facing you to avoid being belly-to-belly or chest-to-chest with you.

Humans hug to express affection. But it is something only some dogs are comfortable with. It may be an overwhelming or odd thing for some doggos, so they try to avoid any ventral contact by sleeping in this position.

4. Sign Of Submission

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Dogs that are dominant tend to face their humans as they sleep. This is their way of showing that they are the pack leader and are never hesitant to stand their ground.

On the other hand, if your pet sleeps with its back facing you, it is a sign of submission. You are the alpha leader, and your pooch is the follower. Simple as that.

3. To Feel Safe

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Pups like to protect their owners, but there are times when they simply want to feel safe. They are also vulnerable creatures that need your protection or look for a sense of security they get from you.

So, when little Fido sleeps with its bum facing you, it is exposing its vulnerability without reservation. They feel safe โ€“ and want to feel secure โ€“ around you.

2. They Feel Comfortable

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Sometimes, dogs just sleep a certain way because they feel like it. Perhaps there is no strong reason behind the action other than it is what they feel like doing at the time. This includes sleeping with their bum facing you.

But if this is something you are not comfortable with, you can simply give your pooch its own bed or train your pet to sleep a different way. Plus, it can be difficult sharing a bed with a huge dog if you have one!

1. Flea Or Tick Issues

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And lastly, your dog sleeps with its bum facing you because of flea or tick issues. Canines want to let their owners know when something is bothering them, and in your petโ€™s case, it may be tick problems around the bum or tail.

It is not uncommon for dogs to have these issues, and when this happens, it can get very uncomfortable. Check for signs of ticks or fleas around your petโ€™s bottom and provide the right treatment that will address this problem sooner than later.

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