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11 Of The World’s Largest Dog Breeds

People have different choices when it comes to the type of dog that they want to own. While some would prefer their pooch to be small, there are some pet owners who would rather adapt large dog breeds. These dogs are very useful in many ways. They can help guard your home and can be used as a service dog for people with limited mobility. Of course, they are fun to be with as well and can help to boost your mood, which helps to prevent depression.

If you’re thinking of getting a large dog, here are some of the world’s largest dog breeds.

Great Dane
Great Dane is known for its tall height and enormous size and has a German origin. Although they are not the heaviest dogs around, they could weigh up to 120 pounds! Also, they could reach a height of up to 28 to 30 inches. Sometimes, they can grow even taller.

As a matter of fact, Zeus, who holds the record for being the tallest dog in the world, is a Great Dane. However, these dogs don’t really live for that long and their average lifespan is only 6 to 8 years.

Scottish Deerhound
The Scottish deerhound is a leggy dog that originates from Scotland, thus, the name. It could weigh up to 110 pounds and can grow up to 32 inches tall, thanks to its long legs. They were used for deer hunting, but they are no longer used for this purpose today.

Dogue de Bordeaux
The Dogue de Bordeaux has different names. Sometimes, it’s called Bordeaux dog. Other times, they are called French mastiff. This dog breed stands between 23 to 27 inches tall and has a weight of 125 to 150 lbs.

And although it’s fairly average compared to the mastiff breeds, it has one trait that makes it stand out – it’s said to have the largest head in all of the canine breeds.

Neapolitan Mastiff
In terms of mass, mastiff dogs are among the largest dogs around. As the name suggests, the Neapolitan mastiff originates from Naples, a city in the southern region of Italy. Because of their massive size, these dogs are commonly used as a guard dog.

They can also get really tall, with an average height of 26 to 31 inches. As for the weight, they can be very heavy and can go up to 155 pounds. Female mastiffs tend to be smaller than the male ones, weighing only 110 to 130 pounds, and are a bit short as well.

Neapolitan Mastiffs are fearless and have a protective nature. Thus, they can make for a great dog to guard your property.

English Mastiff
The English mastiffs are enormous dogs that can grow up to 30 inches tall. They can weigh up to 250 pounds, which is why this dog holds the record for being the heaviest dog in the world.

The record holder is named Aicama Zorba and weighs 343 pounds. Their massive size was necessary for their purpose, which was to take part in the cruel blood sport that used to be widely practiced in the past.

Saint Bernard
Saint Bernard is a canine breed that originally came from Northern Italy and the Swiss Alps. It was originally used as a rescue dog. The monks from the Saint Bernard Hospice in Switzerland are credited for training these dogs to save people, which is why they are named under the hospice.

These dogs can stand up to 30 inches tall and could weigh up to 180 pounds. Although they were originally used as rescue dogs, they can also work well as a family dog since they have a loving, friendly, and gentle nature.

Leonberger is basically a combination of Saint Bernard and Newfoundland. This is exactly how this breed originated. Standing between 27 to 31 inches tall, this breed can grow up to 170 pounds. Yet despite their massive size, these giant dogs are very gentle.

The Newfoundland is a dog that comes from a province in Canada with the same name. It’s a working dog that used to assist fishermen in the old times. Its massive size and muscles are capable of hauling nets and lines towards the sea, pull carts, and fetch anything.

These dogs can grow to 30 inches tall and weigh up to 150 pounds. The thick double coat that keeps them warm in the cold makes them look a bit bigger than their actual size.

Irish Wolfhound
The Irish wolfhound is originally used for chasing down and hunting wolves and is the tallest of all dog breeds, even taller than the Great Dane. These dogs have a minimum of 32 inches in height for the male, and 30 inches for the female. But in some cases, the males can grow up to 35 inches tall with a weight of 140 lbs.

Akita is a dog breed that originates from Japan. In order to survive in the cold winter weather of Japan, these dogs have thick double coats. There are two types of Akita dogs – the Japanese Akita and the American Akita. The American varieties are a little bit heavier than the Japanese varieties and can weigh between 100 to 130 lbs for the male and 70 to 100 lbs for the female.

The Akita dog is highly susceptible to autoimmune sensitivities from insecticides, drugs, and tranquilizers. These dogs are a great protection dog and can be trained to participate in dog competitions too.

Bernese Mountain Dog
Bernese Mountain Dog is one of the four breeds of dogs that originates from the Swiss Alps. It has a large size that is used mainly for farming although it’s now currently being used as a working dog mostly.

With a weight of 75 to 120 lbs for the males and 66 to 110 lbs for the female, these dogs are definitely among the heaviest of all dog breeds. Their average lifespan is 7 to 8 years and they come with a double coat that makes them look even bigger.

Why You Should Get A Large Dog Crate If You Have A Large Dog Breed?
If you decide to adopt any of the large dog breeds mentioned above, you should consider getting a crate that’s appropriate for their size. A large size dog crate can accommodate dogs that are more than 42 inches tall and can grow up to 52 inches, such as Saint Bernard and Great Dane.

The main reason why you should get a crate that’s suitable for the size of your pet is for them to feel comfortable. If your dog can’t fit well in the crate, yet you still force it, it will feel anxious, scared, and depressed.

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