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Best Dry Shampoos For Dogs

You know the importance of taking a bath from time to time, don’t you? It helps you get rid of all the dirt and muck that your skin might be carrying, keeps germs at bay, and also prevents that foul smell that comes as a result of the accumulation of layers of sweat. Just as you need to keep your body tidy, your dogs need this too. 

As rampant as they may be, if you’ve ever tried using any type of liquid or bar soaps to bathe your dog then you would also know the challenges that come with it. Asides from the fact it’s really hard to get the soap to seep past the thick coating of your pooch and unto their skin, there’s also the challenge of using so much water to wash it off afterward. Not to mention the feeling of uneasiness that comes with seeing so much dog hair on a bar of soap. 

Dry shampoos are the future of dog grooming. These types of shampoos are advantageous in the sense that, they save you time and prevent the waste of water. And the results they provide are just as good as, if not better, than when you use a regular type of soap/shampoo. And we’ll be taking a look at the best dry shampoos for dogs the market has to offer you.

Budget Conscious Pick

Burt's Bees All Natural Waterless Shampoo Spray for Dogs

Our Top Pick

Paw Choice Naturals Waterless Dog Mousse Shampoo

Readers Pick

Wahl Deodorizing & Refreshing Pet Deodorant for Dogs

01 Paw Choice Naturals Waterless Dog Mousse Shampoo

This product is a naturally formulated shampoo made from coconut oil. It’s great for use for your dog even if it has a sensitive skin because it has a gentle action that works wonders even on your dog’s fur. This product is made in USA and was recently named ahead of other products listed as the Top Pet Odor Eliminators in the Canine Journal. This product comes in one of two scents – Lavender Chamomile and Mango Pomegranate. 

Using this product is very easy. All you have to do is spray a bit of the mousse-like substance on the portion of your dog you want to clean, rub it in with a massage and then you can either air-dry or towel-dry. It will interest you to know that this shampoo doesn’t just mask bad odors like colognes do. It gets to the root of where these odors are and fights it from there. 

  • This product gets rid of the bad odor and cleans out your dog’s coat without damaging the essential oils needed for its nourishment. It’s an easy to use product and saves a lot of time, energy and even water. Using this product doesn’t leave your dog’s coat sticky or greasy.

02 Burt's Bees All Natural Waterless Shampoo Spray For Dogs

This brand of shampoo also requires no rinsing when used. It is free of sulfates and any form of colorant and is made with naturally occurring ingredients, apples and honey. It’s formulated with a balanced pH which means it works perfectly for dogs that have sensitive skin.

 It removes odors, moisturized the skin, gives your dog’s coat a distinct shine and strengthens its hair follicles without the risk of drying out the structure of its hair. It comes in a bottle with a spray mechanism which makes it very simple to use. Just spray the liquid content on the area of your dog from behind its ears to prevent trace amount from getting into its eyes. Then massage into its coat and then towel dry. Best part of this product is, you can get it for far less than $10. 

  • The main ingredients in this brand have specific functions that are extremely beneficial to your dog – they regulate and retain moisture in its hair and strengthen hair follicles for healthy growth. This product is great for spot cleaning and muddy paws. It’s a product that provides quality results without putting a strain on your pockets.

03 Wahl Deodorizing And Refreshing Pet Deodorant For Dogs

You must have heard about the company Wahl before, right? It’s a company that has been in service for over 50years and has ample experience with grooming practices. They manufactured this product specifically for pet owners whom want to keep their dogs clean and smelling fresh in between lengthy routine baths. 

Although not an adequate substitute to bathing your dog, this product will clean your dog’s coat, eliminate odors and moisturize its skin. It’s made from plant-based ingredients and no alcohol or paraben. It has a balanced pH for dogs with sensitive skin. It’s also an easy product to use as it comes in a spray-enabled plastic container. 

  • This product is free of substances like paraben and alcohol which are harmful to your dog. Instead, it’s made with natural plant-based ingredients that are beneficial to the health of your furry friend.

04 Lillian Ruff Waterless Dog Shampoo

Your dog doesn’t need to have a bath every week but it does need to stay clean and smell fresh regardless. That’s where this product comes to play. It’s formulated to keep your dog looking and smelling great in between baths. This product comes in an easy-to-use spray bottle and unlike other products doesn’t need to be wiped off when sprayed. 

This waterless shampoo is made with ingredients like lavender and coconut oil, which are naturally known and used for repelling fleas and ticks. It even contains aloe which provides adequate moisturizing for your dog’s skin and coat.

  • This product gives off a lasting fresh smell when used on your pooch. It also ensures your dog maintains a clean and healthy body between its routine baths. It’s effective in keeping some parasites away from your dog’s coat and skin.

05 Bodhi Dog New Waterless Shampoo

This brand of dry shampoo comes in two scents; lemongrass and lavender. If you’re interested in making your pet’s coat soft and maintains its shine, you should consider the Bodhi Dog Shampoo. Its gentle formula is perfect for spot cleaning and is formulated to work excellently well with dogs that have skin sensitivity issues. 

This brand of shampoo is made from an all-natural, plant-based formula that’s gentle on all skin types. It’s a non-toxic detergent which has no alcohol present in it. To apply, just spray the area to be cleaned and let the liquid sit for a minute before rubbing with a towel. To restore the luster and shine, you can brush your dog’s coat after application. 

  • If your aim is to keep your pet’s coat shiny, soft and smelling fresh and clean in between baths, you would want to hop on this product. It’s very easy to use and super effective too.

06 Wags & Wiggles Anti-Itch Relieve Waterless Dog Grooming Spray Shampoo

Wags & Wiggles are a well-known group responsible for manufacturing a series of grooming tools and substances for pets. This product is one of them. This dry shampoo comes in an easy-to-use container which makes its application easy and unmessy. If you’re looking for a way to make grooming a lot more fun and effective for your pet, you need this product. 

When you apply this shampoo to your dog’s coat, it works by alleviating dry, irritated skin that may result due to allergies and sensitive skin. It cleans out the coat while at the same time moisturizing the skin and providing essential oils and nutrients to it. After use, it leaves your dog looking and selling fresh for a long time. 

  • When used, its effects are long lasting. This means your dog has the opportunity to maintain a lustrous-looking coat and keep a fresh scent between periodic baths on a regular basis.

07 BioSilk For Dogs Moisturizing Dog Shampoo

Are you the kind of dog owner who loves it when other dogs and dog owners look at your dog in envy? Then this is the right product for you. With this product, you can have your furry friend looking like it just finished its appointment at the pet spa. Using this product makes your pooch grab the attention of everyone and everything in its path. 

With no water needed, this shampoo cleans your dog’s skin, moisturizes its coat and gives your pup a luxurious look. So you have little to worry about when trying to maintain the look and hygiene of your dog between baths. 

  • This product is Paraben and sulfate-free. It has a balanced pH formula that will have your dog looking and smelling great for a long time. It’s even encouraged to be used in treatment of tropical fleas and ticks.

Buyers Guide

Best Dry Shampoo Buyer’s Guide

Keeping your dog groomed is a very important thing if you want it to stay healthy and live a long and prosperous life. Grooming helps in maintaining proper hygiene and also gives your pet an attractive look. One thing that can never be overlooked in the process of maintaining and even improving the hygiene of your dog is a good shampoo. 

Gone are the days where you have to give your dog a bath every other week. With the inception of the use of dry shampoos, you can help with cleaning out your dog’s body and also help in maintaining fresh and lustrous look between routine baths. Let’s take a look at some important factors you will need to consider when trying to select as appropriate dry shampoo for your dog. 

Activity Levels

Some dogs are more active than others. You need to be aware of how much activity your dog engages in in order to help determine the type of shampoo to get for it. This is because, the more active your dog, the more prone it is to getting dirty and sweaty. This in turn will encourage you to get a brand of shampoo that would be effective in getting as much stain and sweat as possible off your pooch. 

Health History Of Your Dog

Some dogs are naturally prone to be “healthier” than others. For example, some breeds are known for shedding their fur at an easier and faster rate than other breeds do. Taking that fact into consideration, it would be best for you to know what your dog’s health history is. I say this because there’s a probability that your dog might be allergic to a certain ingredient which might be contained in the shampoo you want to get. Being informed about these type of things will go a long way in the influencing your choice of a shampoo to purchase.

Process Of Application

This is really important as nobody wants to be stressed. Picking a product that comes in a convenient container and dispenses easily is something you won’t want to overlook in your process of picking the right shampoo. You would notice that the easier it is for you to use a product, the better your life becomes. Generally, there are two types of shampoos when it comes to method of application; the foam and spray types.


While I would advise you not to completely replace regularly bathing your dog with the process of dry shampooing, it’s still a great way to maintain the health of your pooch in cases where you can’t afford to bathe them as often as you’ll want to. If you want the best option when choosing a perfect dry shampoo for your dog, look no further than Paw Choice Naturals Waterless Dry Dog Mousse Shampoo. You won’t regret it!

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