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Best Retractable Dog Leashes

The best retractable dog leash is Flexi New Classic Retractable Dog Leash.

You have probably been using a classic dog leash for a long time now, but realized it doesn’t do justice to your pooch. It isn’t flexible and doesn’t let your canine companion room around at all, which makes the usual walk a bit of a struggle for your furry buddy.

And that’s precisely what led to the popularity of retractable dog leashes. They provide all the flexibility your dog wants to explore the surroundings during the walk, without making you lose control or compromise on safety.

But that’s only possible if you go with the right retractable dog leash that’s both flexible and safe. Here’s the list of best retractable dog leashes that you can get right now. 

Best Retractable Dog Leashes: Quick Picks

01 Flexi New Classic Retractable Dog Leash

Let us tell you right off the bat that if you have a strong dog that weighs over 60 pounds, there aren’t many retractable dog leashes out there that will serve you better than this product.

It’s incredibly heavy duty - suitable for dogs up to 110 pounds. Even high energy, super strong dogs have not been able to cause any tear to it. However for bigger, we do recommend to get Flexi's Giant Tape Leash instead. 

It’s 26 feet long, which is the longest you will be able to find. This length would be ideal for dogs that like to roam around in the park or you just want them to have some extra flexibility.

Unlike some other retractable leashes of this length, this leash is very smooth when gliding out or retracting back. The brake button and grip handle are very functional as well, although the latter can feel a little slippery if you have your gloves on during the winter, but not enough to be a serious safety concern.

Finally, it’s easy and comfortable to use, and even a 5-year-old would have no problem holding it.

  • Even customers that own multiple dog leashes have agreed that this dog retractable leash is their favorite, simply of the amazing durability (it’s designed to hold up against the largest and strongest of dogs), long length, super smooth handling and being very easy to untangle.

02 TaoTronics Retractable Dog Leash

If you find our top pick above a bit on the expensive side for your budget, then this is the dog retractable leash you’re looking for.

It’s much cheaper than the Flexi dog leash above, but the durability and reliability is just as good. The only compromise you do have to make is on the least length, as this leash is 16 feet long, which is 10 feet shorter than the above product.

But if it’s not a deal-breaker for you, then there’s nothing else that should stop you from going for this dog leash. Even if you have one of the strongest dogs ever seen, this leash will easily last you for well over a year or two, possibly much longer if your pet pooch isn’t determined to somehow chew through it.

  • it offers other features as well that are worth noting, particularly the high-quality nylon tape that’s pretty smooth and turns out to be just as durable in all types of weather - all at a sweet price range.

03 TUG Nylon Tape Retractable Dog Leash

It’s one of the more unique retractable dog leashes out there, coming with a patented 360-degree design. It basically means that the leash can move in any angle without making you lose control of your dog or getting tangled.

Its durability isn’t as good as the above two products, but it would turn out to be good enough if your canine companion is not a bad puller.

The lock and brake system is pretty impressive as well, with three different options. The temporary lock option is particularly useful to control sudden movements of your pooch, or for people with weak hands or arthritis.

  • It has some unique features that help it stand out, especially for its price. It’s also fairly durable, coming with a high-quality nylon leash that can handle dogs weighing up to 110 lbs.

04 Hertzko Heavy Duty Retractable Dog Leash

This retractable dog leash is everything you would want it to be, and at a price you would find reasonable.

First things first, the durability is certainly there, with a particular dog owner mentioning it holds up well against their two dogs pulling it together.

The retractable leash works smoothly, and never gets stuck even when being pulled out very quickly or if locked suddenly when being pulled out, which can otherwise be common issues with retractable dog leashes.

It’s also comfortable to hold, and the lock mechanism is reliable. You can lock it at any length you want.

  • It’s an all-round dog retractable leash with great durability, functionality and a perfect length. Similarly, the lock mechanism or handling doesn’t leave anything to be desired as well, and that’s all with a fairly affordable price tag.

05 Flexi Retractable Neon Leash

If you have a medium-sized dog, this retractable canine leash will be right up your alley. It’s 16 feet long like most other retractable dog leashes we reviewed, but it’s specifically designed for dogs weighing up to 44 lbs.

It also comes with an improved visibility, thanks to being a neon leash with reflective stickers. This makes it a great option for walking your pooch when the visibility is low, and a considerably safer option in general.

It would turn out to be durable enough for puppies even if they are fond of chewing.

It can sometimes get stuck for a bit if your little furry beast is giving it a hard time, but all you need to do is gently pull it back out and it will start working smoothly again.

  • We like how it’s specifically designed for energetic puppies and medium-sized dogs. It’s also one of the safest and most reliable retractable dog leashes on the market, thanks to the increased visibility and convenient handling.

06 Dial-A-Distance Retractable Dog Leash

This one of the latest products on the market but it quickly stands out due to its automatic braking system. It means that you can set any length from 0 to 15 feet (as this leash is 15 feet long) as the braking point, and the brake would automatically be applied when that retractable leash length is reached.

This allows you to keep your dog within a safe distance from yourself without having to constantly keep an eye on it or putting the brake every now and then.

This leash would be great for medium-sized dogs, as it can handle any dog weighing up to 70 lbs.

It’s also incredibly easy and quick to adjust the length by just turning the dial.

  • The automatic braking system wouldn’t fail to impress any dog owner.

    The price is on the higher side and the durability is not as good as some of the other retractable dog leashes we reviewed above, but if your canine companion weighs well under 70 lbs and is not a heavy puller, then this leash would be a very safe option.

07 Ruff 'n Ruffus Retractable Dog Leash

This is one of the most value-for-money dog leashes you will find on the market. It’s priced very affordably, but comes with a free waste dispenser (with a free roll of plastic bags) and a collapsible dish.

It’s not the most durable retractable dog leash, especially for heavy pullers or chewers, but will hold up well for other less aggressive dogs weighing up to 100 lbs.

The free bowl is small and very portable, but functional enough to be serve its purpose well. The bag dispenser also adds to the overall convenience of use.

  • It’s a very functional retractable canine leash and offers a great bang for your buck, especially with the free dog dispenser and collapsible bowl.

08 Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty Retractable Dog Leash

This is another great leash for a great price.

It’s one of the few retractable dog leashes rated for dogs weighing up to 120 lbs. The 16-feet thick nylon leash is both durable and reflective, ensuring greater safety when walking your pooch in the dark.

The retractable leash itself works smoothly and doesn’t get stuck even when pulled hard, unless you get a defective one. If you do, all you need to do is reach out to the seller and let them know about it, and they will quickly send you a replacement. The customer service is great.

  • The reflective stitching, strong material, comfortable handle, free dog waste holder, easy lock-and-release system, responsive customer service and the low price are all great features for this retractable dog leash.

Buyers Guide

Retractable Dog Leash Buyer’s Guide

Well, we just reviewed the 8 best retractable dog leashes out there, but chances are that some of you are still confused. This is because not everyone’s needs are the same, and some of you may be looking for some more help to figure out which product you should go with.

Further, there are things every dog owner using a retractable dog leash must know, even if they have decided on the right product for their furry buddy.

So let’s walk you through everything you need to know about using a retractable dog leash (such as going jogging), as well as more useful information on how to choose the right one for your needs.

No Dog Leash Is 100% Safe

While all the dog leashes we reviewed above are durable and safe to a great extent, you can’t rely on them completely when it comes to the safety of your furry companion. This is especially given the fact that it’s not very uncommon to get a defective leash, or have a leash suddenly break while walking your pet pooch.

This means that while a good retractable canine leash will make your job much easier, you would still have to make sure your pooch is always safe when being out.

In fact, most dog trainers and veterinarians wouldn't recommend a retractable dog leash. 

To add to our reasons to not completely rely on your leash, dog leashes – no matter how strong the material they are made of – can be chewed through by strong chewers, especially if they try to do it every now and then.

That’s not saying these leashes are dangerous; they are usually pretty safe, but you do need to be a bit careful about these issues and keep an eye on your dog even when walking with the retractable leash on. Also, never take signs of wear on your leash lightly, and replace it if you think it might get completely ripped anytime during your walks.

If you walk your dog when it’s dark out there, you would want to get a leash made using a reflective material, so that it’s easily visible and you don’t lose track of it.

Finally, don’t overlook the overall functioning of the retractable leash, as it’s equally important for your dog’s safety. If the leash doesn’t glide in and out smoothly – and the brake system is difficult to use or misses to put the brake sometimes – avoid that retractable leash like the plague.

Never Choose A Cheaply Made Product

A cheaply made retractable canine leash may pose great risks to the safety of your dog. Canine accidents due to the leash being low-quality and getting ripped exactly at the wrong time aren’t uncommon.

Look for a retractable leash made using a strong material. The ones made using high-quality nylon or that are a “ribbon” leash generally tend to be more durable than cord leashes.

While not necessary, double-stitching can improve the durability of the retractable leash, and sometimes, even improve the visibility.

All sellers mention the “capacity” of their leash, which is basically the weight of the dog it can handle safely. The ones that are rated for dogs up to 100 lbs or more would turn out to be the best bet for large dogs, while the ones rated for up to 70 lbs or lower would be a good choice for medium-sized dogs and puppies.

Likewise, it’s important to note that a puppy may not be comfortable with a retractable leash designed for large dogs weighing much more. So if you have a puppy, you would want to get a leash designed for smaller dogs and puppies.

Other Features To Consider

Leash Length

The retractable leash length is obviously a basic but important consideration. Most dog leashes come with a length of 16 feet, which should be enough for most dogs.

However, if your pooch likes to wander a lot or you like to take your furry buddy to a park, then our top pick with 26 feet length would make more sense for you.

Locking Mechanism

The locking system must be fast and easy to use, and it’s a great bonus is it’s more flexible as well. The brake shouldn’t let the leash being pulled more as soon as it’s applied.

Some retractable leashes allow you to set a particular length as an automatic length, which is a great feature to have if you tend to walk your canine companion in crowded areas.

Another leash on our list above comes with a temporary lock feature, which helps stop a dog quickly without any yanking, which can be the case when putting a full lock out of nowhere, especially when your pooch is running fast towards something.

Tangle-Free Retractable Leashes

The tangling is another area that needs your attention. Many retractable leashes are good, until they end up tangled, which can then take quite a while to untangle. It can obviously get frustrating and even be harmful for your pooch.

All the retractable leashes we picked in this post are either tangle-free or easy to untangle, which makes them a great choice, particularly for dogs that like to move around in all directions when taken on a walk.

Ergonomic Grip & Handle

The quality of the handle and grip, too, can be more important than you think. Some customers report of the handle being uncomfortable to hold, or being slippery, which can be dangerous too if your pooch is a heavy puller.

We have also considered this factor when reviewing the products in this post. So if you’re to pick one of the canine retractable leashes here, you likely wouldn’t have any problems with respect to the handle grip.

In fact, for our top pick, one of the customers that bought it even mentioned that their 5-year-old can hold the retractable dog leash without any problem, which is pretty impressive when comparing with some other cheaper products on the market.


As a final word, we would simply say that unless if you’re on a very tight budget or have a small puppy, it can’t get any better than our top pick.

The Flexi New Classic Retractable Dog Leash has the longest leash, a fast and reliable braking system, doesn’t tangle at all despite being 26 feet long, offers convenient handling and is super easy to use. Most importantly, however, the kind of durability it offers is hard to come by, even if you’re willing to buy a more expensive retractable leash.

Many dog owners share the same opinion as us, including some that have been using it for a very long time now.

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