Best Royal Canin Dog Food Reviews

The best Royal Canin dog food is Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Golden Retriever Adult Dry Dog Food.

Dog owners often wonder if they are feeding their canine companions the right food. Especially if you are a first-time dog owner or have no knowledge about what constitutes a balanced diet for your dog, deciding on your dog’s meal can be a challenge.

In such cases, entrusting your dog’s nutrition to a dependable Dog food brand like the Royal Canin is paramount. In this article, we will help you make an informed decision easily by guiding you through the nutritional facts of the 11 best Royal Canin dog foods and how they will support your dog’s growth and health.

#1 Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Golden Retriever Adult Dry Dog Food

Proper nutrition supports all the core systems of your dog’s body including the heart and skin. Royal Canin Golden Retriever Adult dry dog food has all your dog needs for proper growth and health.

Prepared for adult Golden Retrievers (15 months and above), the product has nutrients fit for your Dog’s heart health including EPA, DHA, and Taurine. It’s also enriched to keep the Golden’s beautiful double coat healthy and shining.

The calorie and fat contents are precisely distributed so that every meal gives your dog what it needs to maintain the recommended weight for a medium-sized dog breed. The kibbles are designed to facilitate proper chewing for the Golden’s straight muzzle.

The Golden Retriever is famous for its golden double coat. Royal Canin Golden Retriever Adult dry dog food sustains this coat so it stays healthy and shiny. In addition, the product is enriched with nutrients that are key to your dog’s heart health.


  • The specialized kibble of the Royal Canin dry food is specially designed in accordance with a Golden Retriever’s face structure to facilitate convenient chewing for a pooch.
  • The precise calorie and fat content of the Royal Canin kibbles ensures optimal weight management in pooches and prevents Golden Retrievers from becoming overweight.
  • This Royal Canin dry dog food for Golden Retrievers contains essential nutrients that reinforce the pooch’s skin barrier and promote the development of a healthy coat.
  • The Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition kibbles contain healthy amounts of EPA, DHA, and taurine that ensure that a dog’s heart continues to function optimally.
  • Customers can safely mix or complement this dry dog food with the Royal Canin Golden Retriever wet food to create a meal that is appealing to their canine buddies.


  • Several customers have commented that the kibbles of the Royal Canin dry food for Golden Retrievers are too big and may be difficult for smaller dogs to chew.
  • Some pooches with food sensitivities have reportedly developed allergic reactions to some of the ingredients contained in this Royal Canin recipe.

This is our top pick, especially for adult dogs. because it has the right balance of calories and nutrients that include taurine, EPA, and DHA to improve heart health, and it contains other essential fats and proteins to keep the coat thick and healthy.

#2 Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition Medium Adult Dry Dog Food

Overfed or underfed dogs are unhealthy. It is important to feed your dog with the right amounts in quality and quantity. And if that happens at the lowest cost, the better.

Royal Canin Medium Adult dry dog food is prepared to ensure that dogs aged between 1 to 7 years and with a weight ranging between 23 lbs to 55 lbs are fed with the right nutrients. You get to choose between a 6-pound, 17-pound, or 30-pound package, depending on your budget.

Enriched with DHA and EPA, the product is perfect for your dog’s skin and heart health. Besides, the food is also enriched with antioxidants to support your dog’s immune system. The added fiber and prebiotics are beneficial for healthy digestion. The kibbles’ size, shape, and flavor are redesigned to entice your dog’s appetite and aid in easy chewing.

Buying dog food can strain your budget. But Royal Canin Medium Adult dry dog food is packaged to allow you to buy the amount that fits your budget. Your dog can enjoy chewing kibbles that are designed and flavored to its liking and enriched with proper nutrients for its health.


  • This adult dry dog food contains a blend of prebiotics and antioxidants that fortify a pooch’s immune system and improve the dog’s ability to fight off diseases.
  • The balanced amount of fiber contained in the Royal Canin kibbles promotes canine gut health, thus strengthening the canine digestive system.
  • The inclusion of DHA and EPA in the Royal Canin kibbles assists with the formation and maintenance of healthy skin and coats on dogs.
  • This Royal Canin adult dry dog food is specifically prepared to target and provide the nutrition required for optimal growth and development of medium-sized dogs that weigh between 23 lbs and 55 lbs.
  • The Royal Canin Medium dry dog food product is available in multiple bag sizes, which ensures that customers can make purchases based on their pooch’s feeding habits and budget.


  • Multiple dogs have developed severe diarrhea after feeding on this Royal Canin product for medium-sized pooches.
  • There are concerns over the quality control of this product, as several customers claim to have found mold and worms after unsealing the food bag.

#3 Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition For Small Adult

The Royal Canin Small Breed Adult Dry Dog Food is intended to fulfill the specific nutritional requirements of your small dog breed, as it needs calories for every pound of bodyweight more than that of larger dogs.

It is ideal for dogs weighing around 9 to 22 lbs and aged ten months to 8 years.

L-carnitine aids in fat metabolism, allowing your dog to stay at a healthy weight. Your dog’s skin will be healthy and shiny with the right amount of DHA and EPA.

Additionally, improved taste aids in satisfying even the pickiest eaters. Mix it together with your dog’s favorite wet dog food to provide some variety to his bowl.

If you have a dog who is particular about what goes into its bowl, you might want to give this a try. It contains a small, highly appealing kibble that is optimized for miniature jaws, which is something we loved about it.


  • This Royal Canin formula for small adult dogs is formulated to assist with the maintenance of healthy body weight due to the presence of L-carnitine, which also provides the energy required for a pooch to go about its daily activities.
  • The kibbles of this Royal Canin product are specifically designed for convenient chewing by dogs with miniature jaws and small teeth.
  • The optimal levels of fatty acids, including EPA and DHA contained in this small adult food product provide the nutrition required to form healthy skin and coat on dogs.
  • The exclusive blend of vitamins and antioxidants included in this Royal Canin formula support the healthy development of a dog’s immune system.
  • Additionally, the controlled phosphorus levels of the Royal Canine nutrition diet for small adult dogs ensure the maintenance of kidney health in aging dogs.


  • The inclusion of corn in this Royal Canin recipe makes the product unsuitable for consumption by pooches with grain allergies.
  • Several customers have commented that their dogs began to pass out bloody diarrhea after eating this Royal Canin product for small adult dogs.

#4 Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition For Small Puppy

Small Puppy Dry Dog Food from Royal Canin is specially formulated for your small dog’s proper growth and development. It contains all of the proteins, minerals, and vitamins that pups require as they develop.

It is also designed for puppies up to 10 months old who will weigh between 9 lbs to 22 lbs as adults.

The small, delicious dog kibble is made for small teeth and fussy eaters while also supporting overall health and well-being. This puppy formula’s highly digested proteins and prebiotic nutrients are gentle on sensitive digestive systems and promote optimal stool quality.

If you’re looking for the best small puppy dry dog food available, this could be the right choice for you. We loved that it didn’t have any artificial colors, preservatives, or strange meat ingredients.


  • The protein content of the Royal Canin kibbles for puppies contains the nutrition that is needed to facilitate the physical development of growing dogs.
  • The intensified energy content of this Royal Canin recipe provides the fuel that is needed for active puppies to go about their daily activities.
  • Its small-sized kibbles are specifically designed for puppies, with small jaws, to conveniently chew and swallow.
  • The prebiotic ingredients contained in this puppy formula facilitate the growth of healthy bacteria in a pooch’s intestinal tract, thus improving the pooch’s digestive health.
  • This Royal Canin food product for puppies is manufactured in the United States, with ingredients obtained from both local and international suppliers that meet quality and food safety standards.


  • This Royal Canin recipe contains a significant amount of filler ingredients, thus raising questions over the quality of the product.
  • Several pooches have reportedly become sick and developed allergic reactions after eating this Royal Canin product for puppies.

#5 Royal Canin Glycobalance Dry Dog Food

Diabetes need not be a death sentence or a condition for the poor quality of life for your dog. You can manage your pet’s condition by feeding it the right food. The Royal Canin Glycobalance (formerly Royal Canin Diabetic) is specifically prepared to meet the nutritional needs of your diabetic canine.

The product is fortified with minerals and vitamins to promote healthy growth in consideration of your dog’s health status. The fiber content is balanced to keep your pet’s glycemic response under control. Besides, specially selected carbohydrates are used to ensure your pet’s blood sugar levels are consistently regulated. 

Diabetic canines need special attention when it comes to feeding. Since not every owner has knowledge of proper nutrition for these dogs, the Royal Canin Glycobalance Dry Dog Food gives you a hand by delivering a ready and rightly prepared diabetic product.


  • The moderate fat content of the Royal Canin Glycobalance recipe helps with the maintenance of ideal body weight in dogs.
  • The balanced fiber blend contained in the Royal Canin dry dog food ensures that a pooch’s blood glucose level doesn’t rise to a dangerously high level after consuming this Glycobalance recipe.
  • This product contains a high level of proteins to help maintain muscle mass and, thus, counter the potential effects of canine dehydration that is common in diabetic pooches.
  • The Royal Canin Glycobalance recipe is formulated with a reduced level of starch, thereby ensuring that a diabetic dog doesn’t experience sudden and dangerous spikes in blood sugar levels.
  • The complex carbohydrates contained in this Royal Canin recipe assist with the maintenance of optimal blood sugar levels in diabetic dogs.


  • This special Glycobalance recipe can only be sold to customers with vet approval, and this approval may not be easily attainable for everyone.
  • The Royal Canin Glycobalance dry dog food is quite expensive.

#6 Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Ultamino Dry Dog Food

The Royal Canin Giant Breed Adult Dry Dog Food is designed to complement your dog’s imposing appearance and active lifestyle. This giant-breed formula combines glucosamine, chondroitin, and EPA or DHA to maintain bones and joints strong and healthy. A unique antioxidant combination promotes cellular health.

Taurine, a heart-protective vitamin, helps keep huge hearts healthy. A balance of fermentable and non-fermentable fibers, as well as high-quality proteins, assist support normal dog digestive health. Furthermore, the extra-large kibble stimulates chewing, which helps big dogs digest their food properly.

It is rather difficult to find the right size of kibble for your giant dog. With this Royal Canin Giant Breed Adult Dry Dog Food, you’ll be not only able to feed your dog but also provide it with particularly beneficial nutrients tailored to its needs.


  • The blend of fermentable and non-fermentable fiber ingredients used to produce this Ultamino dry dog diet improves the canine digestive system by providing an ideal environment for helpful bacteria to thrive in a pooch’s guts.
  • The vitality blend of antioxidants used to formulate this Royal Canin product promotes canine cellular health and helps to fortify a pooch’s immune system.
  • This Royal Canin veterinary diet contains glucosamine and chondroitin to support the formation and maintenance of healthy bones and joints in dogs.
  • This dry dog food product contains taurine, which is an ingredient that has been scientifically proven to be key to ensuring that a dog’s heart continues to function optimally.
  • The big kibbles of the Royal Canin Ultamino dry dog food are specifically designed to promote chewing by large dogs, thus ensuring that a pooch can gain maximum nutritional benefits from the consumption of this product.


  • The Ultamino dry dog food contains a considerable amount of by-product ingredients that have no real nutritional benefits for pooches.
  • Some customers have commented that the kibbles of Royal Canin’s Ultamino dry food are too big for their dogs to eat.

#7 Royal Canin Canine Urinary SO Small Dog Dry Dog Food

This gastrointestinal formula has the SO (struvite oxalate) index. This means that it is prepared to support a urinary environment that hinders the development of calcium oxalate and struvite crystals and stones. The formula promotes the dissolution of the stones if already present.

The low magnesium level in the product supports the recommended pH and a low RSS (relative super saturation) both of which serve to inhibit the stones. Your pet will produce more urine which reduces the unhealthy saturation. 

The size of Canine Urinary SO kibbles is adapted for small dogs to encourage easy chewing and promote dental health.

A high RSS can cause serious health issues for your pet with the formation of struvite and calcium oxalate crystals and stones. Feeding your dog with Royal Canin Canine Urinary SO promotes urine dilution and supports an overall healthy urinary environment.


  • The low Relative Supersaturation (RSS) of this Royal Canin dog food lowers the ion concentration in a pooch’s urine, thus preventing the formation of stones.
  • This Royal Canin product contains nutrients that increase urine production to dilute the excess minerals that are usually responsible for the formation of crystals and stones.
  • The exclusive S/O index used in the formulation of this Royal Canin recipe for dogs promotes canine urinary health by creating an environment that inhibits crystal formation in the bladder.
  • This Royal Canin dry food product features an adapted kibble size, for small dogs, which encourages pooches to chew, thereby clearing tartar buildup on the teeth and promoting canine dental health in the process.
  • The Royal Canin Urinary SO small dog food is manufactured in the United States to ensure that it is produced according to stringent safety and quality standards.


  • A vet’s authorization is needed to purchase this Royal Canin special urinary diet, and this may not be readily available for every customer.
  • The price of the Royal Canin Urinary SO small dog food is steep, and this product may prove to be too expensive for some customers to regularly purchase.

#8 Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Canine Multifunction Renal Support + Hydrolyzed Protein Dry Dog Food

This product is a well-balanced complete dog food formula intended to offer support for multiple canine conditions by addressing various nutritional needs in one product. You’ll need the vet’s prescription to use this product for your pet’s dietary management program.

The food is highly palatable and promotes healthy digestion. The proteins in the product are hydrolyzed, implying that they are broken down into manageable quantities so that your dog’s immune system does not react to them. This also preempts nutrient allergy and inflammatory bowel syndrome.

In consultation with your pet’s vet, the Multifunction renal support + hydrolyzed protein product helps you feed your dog with a food choice that has all the nutrients in one bowl. Your dog can easily digest the hydrolyzed proteins with no allergic or inflammatory reactions.


  • The energy-dense formula of this Royal Canin recipe ensures that dogs can gain more nutrition from eating little amounts of kibble, thereby compensating for situations where a pooch shows decreased appetite.
  • The hydrolyzed proteins used in producing this Royal Canin diet contain low-molecular-weight peptides that reduce the risk of pooches with food sensitivities reacting adversely to the kibbles.
  • The precise antioxidant complex contained in this Royal Canin renal support dry dog food fortifies a pooch’s immune system by fighting against the free radical damage of cells in a pooch’s body.
  • The low phosphorus content and targeted protein levels of the Royal Canin veterinary diet provide the nutrition essential for the support of healthy kidney function in dogs.
  • This special canine diet for kidney health also contains fatty acids from fish oil, which help a pooch to maintain its lustrous and well-polished skin and coat.


  • Some customers have commented that their pooches didn’t like the taste of this Royal Canin dry dog food.
  • The Royal Canin renal support diet product is considerably expensive.

#9 Royal Canin Canine Coat Care For Small Dogs

Royal Canin Canine Coat Care dry dog food is formulated to promote a shiny, smooth coat in your little dog. This food, which is high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, promotes skin and coat health as well as adequate levels of tyrosine, which helps to enhance coat color.

This incredibly tasty complete nutrition dog food promotes a full and healthy coat, offering your dog not only the gift of beauty but also the gift of health. For further skin nourishment, the kibble mix contains a special ingredient – the GLA-rich borage oil.

The results of Royal Canin Canine Coat Care have been proven to be effective. This product, which has been scientifically tested at the Royal Canin kennels, produces a shinier coat after just 28 days of use. It is suited for dogs, weighing up to 22 lbs, that have a dull and coarse coat.

If you’ve tried other techniques to keep your dog’s coat silky and shiny, such as specialized shampoos and continuous brushing, but they haven’t worked, you might want to try this product. We loved that Royal Canin understands that your dog’s coat health is a precise science, beginning with correct nutrition to develop a soft, glossy coat.


  • Royal Canin’s coat care diet for small dogs contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that promote hair growth and release nutrients to nourish dry dog skin.
  • The optimal levels of tyrosine contained in this Royal Canin recipe strengthen a pooch’s coat and also ensure that the colors of a dog’s coat are well-defined.
  • Customers can combine this dry dog food with the Royal Canin coat care wet dog food to create a texture that will please pooches that are picky eaters and also to support healthy hydration of a dog’s skin.
  • The GLA-rich borage oil contained in this coat care recipe for small dogs boasts anti-inflammatory properties that are useful for treating various canine skin conditions.
  • The precise nutrition of the Royal Canin canine coat care diet is specially tailored to produce soft and shiny coats in small adult dogs that weigh up to 22 lbs.


  • Several dogs have reportedly refused to eat this Royal Canin dry food unless it is mixed with other foods to improve its texture.
  • This product is often not always available for purchase.

#10 Royal Canin Hypoallergenic Hydrolyzed Protein Small Dog Dry Dog Food

This veterinary diet is specially prepared for dogs with food sensitivities to proteins and other compounds. The hydrolyzed proteins are in smaller particles and, therefore, easier to digest. This inhibits Gastrointestinal (GI) allergic reactions and the resulting skin allergies.

The food is highly palatable and has a low RSS to promote a healthy urinary environment, thereby preventing the development of struvite and calcium oxalate stones. Kibble size and shape are adapted to favor chewing for small dogs which avoids food clogging between teeth and the risk of tartar buildup.

Dogs that show resistance to proteins or other nutrients can be delicate when it comes to feeding. A special dog food prepared to minimize GI and skin reactions will help you provide your dog’s nutritional needs without worrying about possible health issues.


  • This hydrolyzed protein diet for small dogs is formulated to prevent adverse reactions from pooches that are allergic to some of the proteins that are usually present in dog kibble.
  • The kibbles of this Royal Canin dry dog food product are specifically prepared to fit the jaws of small dogs to ensure convenient chewing and also promote canine dental health.
  • The optimal amounts of B vitamins and amino acids contained in this Royal Canin dry dog food reinforce a dog’s skin barrier and ensure healthy coat growth.
  • The low Relative Supersaturation (RSS) methodology used in the product of this Royal Canin hydrolyzed diet inhibits the formation of struvite and calcium oxalate crystals in a dog’s bladder.
  • This Royal Canin recipe is specifically formulated to provide optimal nutrition for small adult dogs that weigh 22 lbs or less.


  • This Royal Canin hypoallergenic product is a prescription diet and can’t be purchased without a vet’s authorization.
  • Several customers have commented that the Royal Canin hydrolyzed protein diet for small dogs is too expensive.

#11 Royal Canin Canine Selected Protein Adult PR Dry

The food is a complete and balanced dog formula that is prepared with rabbit meat. Enriched with selected proteins, Royal Canin canine selected protein adult PR is recommended for the nutritional management of dogs with food resistances that cause GI and dermatological allergic reactions.

Your dog’s history of food allergy has to be established before using this product and you need the authorization of your pet’s vet before use. It is highly palatable, easily digestible, and enriched with EPA and DHA for your dog’s skin and heart health.

When your dog needs special food treatment owing to nutrient resistances, seeking the consent of your pet’s vet to use Royal Canin Canine Selected Protein Adult PR will put you and your pal at ease.


  • The limited ingredient formulation of this Royal Canin recipe helps to prevent allergic reactions to commonly used proteins, carbohydrates, and additives in generic dog food.
  • The optimal amounts of pantothenic acid, niacin, and histidine contained in this selected protein diet assist with the strengthening of a pooch’s skin barrier.
  • This Royal Canin selected protein diet is enriched with antioxidants that prevent free radical damage of body cells and fortify the canine immune system, thereby improving a dog’s ability to fight off diseases.
  • This dry dog food contains EPA and DHA omega fatty acids that are effective at countering the effects of inflammatory reactions in pooches.
  • The Royal Canin selected protein diet is available in various bag sizes – 7.7 lbs, 17.6 lbs, and 25 lbs – to enable customers to make purchases based on their dogs’ individual feeding habits.


  • Several customers have expressed concerns over the inclusion of the hydrolyzed soy protein ingredient in this Royal Canin recipe.
  • Some customers have also commented that the kibbles of this Royal Canin product were too big for their adult small dogs to conveniently chew.

Best Royal Canin Dog Food Buyer’s Guide

The dog food market is full of Royal Canin dog food products. While this may be an indication of customer consistency in feeding their pets with these products, it is also an indication of a company with a long and solid history in the production of quality dog food.

Indeed, the company has thrived since 1968 while passing through the management of different groups, ending up under the management of the current owner, Mars Incorporated since 2001.

A core characteristic of the Royal Canin dog foods is that they are a result of consistent research geared at establishing proper nutritional requirements for different dog breeds, growth stages, and specific medical conditions in dogs. This attention to dog nutritional needs has made Royal Canin a celebrated dog food producer, not only in the United States but all over the globe.

Royal Canin’s attention to a dog’s nutritional needs is evident in several characteristics of their products. We discuss three among those reflected in the above dog food reviews.

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Nutritional Adequacy

Dog food products are required to include a nutritional adequacy statement that should be based on research, proving that the product provides the required levels of specific nutrients. Nutritional adequacy statements also include the growth stages for which the dog food is appropriate.

Nutrients are nourishment substances that dogs obtain from the food they consume. These are essential sources of energy for growth and health. As a general requirement, dog food should contain six key classes of nutrients, namely water, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

Dry dog food has up to 10% of water. This implies that it should be complemented with the daily hydration requirements to sustain the 60% to 70% water levels in an adult dog’s body weight. Needless to say that water deficiency can cause serious health issues for your pet.

Proteins are vital for the growth and development of cells, organs, tissues, antibodies and have other reproduction and repair functions. They can be sourced from meats or vegetables and cereals though the last two are considered incomplete proteins. The presence of proteins is consistent in Royan Canin products, often indicated as hydrolyzed for easier absorption as in the case of the Royal Canin Canine Selected Protein Adult PR Dry.

Carbohydrates are important for energy provision and have a digestive function, especially when ingested as fiber. They play a vital role in reproduction and the supply of energy to the brain.

Fats provide twice as much energy as proteins and carbohydrates because they are concentrated. They are essential for growth and provide insulation for internal organs but should be present in your pet’s body in balanced quantities.

Vitamins are required in small amounts for metabolic functions. Dogs do not usually need vitamin supplements unless a vet notices a deficiency and recommends a supplement.

Minerals are important for the healthy growth of bones, teeth, skin, and other structures and metabolic reactions. Dogs do not synthesize minerals and require that they are added to their diet. A good example is the EPA, DHA, and Taurine included in our top pick, the Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Golden Retriever Adult Dry Dog Food.

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Dog’s Special Health Needs

As earlier mentioned, many Royal Canin products are specially made for dogs with particular clinical situations. One such condition is diabetes. Diet management is a core aspect of diabetes treatment in dogs. It implies helping your dog maintain the recommended body weight by restricting calories, fat, and food portions. Diabetes management in dogs checks the protein and carbohydrate intakes so that postprandial hyperglycemia is controlled. Such is the nutritional goal in Royal Canin’s Glycobalance Dry Dog Food.

Another common health issue related to dog nutrition is sensitivity to certain nutrients. Dogs often manifest resistance to protein foods from meat and dairy as well as gluten from wheat. The body’s immune system manifests resistance to food mostly through gastrointestinal and dermatologic reactions. This can be countered by putting your dog on a hypoallergenic diet that should be agreed upon with your pet’s vet following a diagnosis for the allergic food trigger.

Royal Canin has several products addressing food sensitivity and allergies. The list includes:

  • Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Ultamino Dry Dog Food
  • Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Canine Multifunction Renal Support + Hydrolyzed Protein Dry Dog Food
  • Royal Canin Hypoallergenic Hydrolyzed Protein Small Dog Dry Dog Food
  • Royal Canin Canine Selected Protein Adult PR Dry

Healthy Additives

Additives to dog food may not necessarily be required nutrients but they can be healthy supplements and flavors. Common additives to dog food are antioxidants. These are essential for inhibiting oxidative damage to food nutrients and restraining the creation of free radicals. A good example, in this case, is the Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Ultamino Dry Dog Food.

Some additives are meant to support the healthy growth of body structures. Additives with chondroprotective agents may be included in dog food for particular health conditions or as support to certain body structures. The chondroitin sulfate that is added to the Royal Canin Canine Satiety Support Dry dog food supports the development of cartilage and healthy joints.

Flavor additives are usually natural tastes from animal or plant products like fish, poultry, eggs, dairy, or in rare cases herbs and spices. In Royal Canin products, flavor additives are included as an appetizing element as in the case of the Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition Medium Adult Dry Dog Food.

Final Thoughts

Feeding your dog with a healthy food product is paramount. It implies proper growth and healthy life for your canine. Healthy dog food should contain the required nutrients in the right portions. 

Our top pick indeed qualifies as healthy dog food for its blend of nutrients and additional minerals (EPA, DHA, and Taurine) that support heart and skin health, two key indicators of a healthy Golden Retriever. Besides, the calorie and fat contents in this product are added in the right proportions to support the recommended body weight for an adult Golden Retriever.

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