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Best Summer Dog Shoes

The best summer dog shoes is HiPaw Summer Breathable Dog Boots.

Dog shoes can help keep your pet’s feet safe on the hot sidewalk, but they can also add a bit of flair to the look of your furry friend.

To help you find the best dog shoes for summer, we have put together this comprehensive guide.

We’ll cover everything ranging from specifications to overall performance, giving you a detailed look at what to expect from each product.

Best Dog Shoes For Hot Pavement: Quick Picks

01 HiPaw Summer Breathable Dog Boots

HiPaw’s Summer Breathable Dog Boots are one of the best value for money choices on this list, as there are two variants of them. The first type of boot features a summertime design that is designed for improved ventilation and heat dissipation, especially on the hot pavement during summer, while the second type comes with a winter lining for the colder months.

The rubber sole on these boots is non-slip, and it's durable enough to put up with plenty of use before wearing out. This product also has a hook and loop closure that makes it easier to tighten while on your dog's feet. There is even a toe-cap on the front of these boots to protect from collisions.

Keep in mind that these dog boots are designed for dog breeds that range from medium to large, as the smallest size is a 4 while the largest is an 8. There are even reflective velcro strips that are on the fasteners so that your dog can be safer when you take them out on night walks.

  • Versatility is the main attraction of this dog shoe model, as the choice of variants allows you to specialize your dog’s boots based on the season. Along with this expanded level of versatility, this summer dog shoe also features a more reasonable price point than some of the other choices on this list.

02 Ruffwear Grip Trex All-Terrain Dog Shoes

The best durable dog boots for summer are from Ruffwear, as they are designed to work in all kinds of terrain. If your dog is an explorer and likes to go off the beaten path, then the grippy design of these dog shoes makes them a perfect option. Whether you're going on a walk to the park or a long hike, these are the ideal shoes.

The durable rugged antislip sole of the Ruffwear Grip Trex helps ensure that your dog won’t get hurt by anything that it walks over, whether it’s a thorn or a broken tree branch. However, these dog booties are also perfect for summer use, as they are made out of breathable fabric.

These dog booties have been tightly woven together to ensure that they’re more durable than other models that feature fabric construction. Since they’re assembled so well, these shoes will also prevent dirt and small rocks from getting into the shoes and making your dog uncomfortable.

While many other dog shoes feature a double-strap closure system, this one has a high-quality hook and loop closure that is easy to fasten and provides a secure fit. Putting on these dog shoes won’t be too much of a problem, as they feature a stretchy tongue that allows them to open widely.

  • These are the perfect dog shoes for summertime as they will help ensure that your dog’s paws don’t get too hot, and they can also protect them from all kinds of obstacles. Whether the hot pavement is too much for your dog or if it needs protection from jagged protrusions, these shoes are perfect.

03 QUMY Dog Boots

The QUMY dog boots are some of the best for use in the summer, as they have a durable design that helps prevent your dog’s feet from getting burned. Along with thermal insulation, these dog shoes will also provide added defense against thorns and other sharp objects on the ground.

Putting these dog booties on shouldn't be a challenge, as the Velcro straps will make the job easier for you. Similar to many other dog shoes, these also feature flexible adjustable straps that opens wide enough so that you can fit them around your dog's paws without a problem.

The nonslip waterproof soles of these boots also means that they can be used in the rain, though they won’t be able to keep water out if they’re completely immersed. Due to their sizing, these boots are primarily designed for larger dogs. You can find the QUMY boots in different sizes, from size 2 to 8. 

  • If you have a larger pet and you need some dog boots for the summertime, the QUMY Dog Boots will serve you well. The durable soles are coupled with a simple closure design that helps make these shoes easy to put on, making them a perfect set of beginner dog shoes.

04 My Busy Dog Water Resistant Dog Shoes

For buyers who want to save a little bit more money on their dog's shoes but aren't willing to sacrifice build quality, these water-resistant shoes from My Busy Dog are one of the best choices for summer. The sole on these shoes is designed to be durable enough to withstand most obstacles, and it doesn't wear out too easily.

The underside of these dog booties is also anti-slip and waterproof, making the product ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. If your dog has a hard time with grip on wooden and other hard floors, they can wear these around the house, as they’re comfortable and versatile.

While most affordable dog shoes are glued together, these are sewn for additional reliability and long-term durability. You’ll typically want to order a size that’s slightly larger than the actual paw size of your dog, as these tend to lean a little more towards the small end of the spectrum.

The wide seam on these shoes is designed to help you put them on your dog’s feet, and the dual fastening velcro straps help ensure that they remain in place. Each of the velcro straps on these shoes features a reflective surface that makes them perfect for safer use during the night.

  • While many cheap dog shoes are made too poorly to be worth your money, these are probably the most affordable ones that feature reasonably good build quality. The use of premium fabrics in their construction and their stitched design means that these shoes are built to last, especially during summertime.

05 HiPaw Breathable Mesh Dog Boots

Finally, we’ll take a look at another very affordable set of dog boots, once again made by HiPaw. Whereas the previous boots were more expensive and versatile, these are exclusively designed for summer use, as they feature a fully breathable design with a basic sole that protects from heat from the hot pavement.

While the sole isn't designed for all-terrain use, it will be durable enough to last if it is used exclusively on pavement. The sole also features non-slip construction that makes it perfect for use on tile and wooden floors. This helps make for some of the best indoor dog shoes for the summer.

You can choose between blue and black colors, and the blue variety also features optional reflective straps, which makes them safer for nighttime use. The interior of these dog shoes features additional nylon padding along the front, which keeps your dog's nails safe.

  • If you have a larger pet and you need some dog boots for the summertime, this product from QUMY will serve you well. The durable soles are coupled with a simple closure design that helps make these dog booties easy to put on, making them a perfect set of beginner dog shoes.

Buyers Guide

Dog Shoes For Summer Buyer’s Guide

Summer is here! It’s the perfect season to be bringing your pet pooch around. But with summer, that brings about another challenge – the blistering heat in the hot weather and the hot pavement.

In fact, according to a research conducted by the Frostburg State University, the surface temperature of a asphalt payment can reach 122°F (50°C).

As a result, your dog’s paw pads will get burnt and hurt.

That’s why you absolutely need your dog to wear dog shoes when going out during summertime. It provides the much needed paw protection so that your dog's pads are kept safe.

Check If Its Comfortable

One of the main things that matters when you’re choosing the best dog summer shoes is their degree of comfort. If you want your dog to like the shoes that you buy them, then they’ll have to be as comfortable as possible, and a few different factors will play into this, including fit and quality.

The first thing that you should ensure is that you have chosen the right size for your dog, and you’ll usually want to go a size larger, just in case. This ensures a proper fit and that the dog shoes wouldn't be too tight. 

Up next, take a look at the materials and how they’re assembled, as a stitched shoe will usually be easier to break in than one that has been glued together.

Breathability – Meshed Materials Work Best

If you need a quality dog shoe for the summer, you’ll want it to be breathable enough to keep your dog’s paws from overheating. Breathable shoes will usually feature some mesh elements that will make it easier for air to travel from the interior of the shoe to the outside and vice versa.

This will prevent the shoes from starting to smell, and it will also keep your dog more comfortable than otherwise. Some summer dog shoes will be nearly entirely made of mesh for maximum breathability, while others will only incorporate mesh panels so that they can still have some additional reinforcement.

Ease Of Wearing The Dog Shoe

Next, you have to take a moment to look at the closure method that is used on the shoes and how much effort it will require to put them on your dog's feet. Many dog summer shoes will feature an elastic material along the center that will allow them to stretch out, which will make them easier to fit around a paw.

Once you have the shoe on your dog, you can then fasten it so that it doesn’t come flying off in the middle of your walk during summertime. The majority of dog shoes will come with Velcro or hook and loop closure systems that are easy to adjust but still relatively straightforward to fasten.

Water Resistance

Up next, take a look at how your chosen dog shoes can handle the water. A greater degree of water resistance will help ensure that the boots can be used in the rain.

If your dog’s paws don’t get wet through the shoes, you won’t have to worry about cleaning up after their mess when you get home.

Intended Terrain – Different Shoes Are More Suited For Different Terrains

You should also see whether or not your future dog shoes are made for all-terrain use, as they’ll need reinforced soles to deal with the obstacles that you’ll come across. On the other hand, if your dog’s shoes will only be used on pavement, then they won’t need much of a tread.


Finally, take a look at how sturdy your chosen set of summer dog shoes is, as this will ensure that you don't have to replace them for a long time. More durable shoes will also be able to protect your dog from things like thorns and broken glass, whereas weaker shoes may end up getting sliced through.

For additional health tips during summer, be sure to check out this guide by Harvard Health


While all five of these dog shoe models are excellent for summertime, we think that the best option on the market is the Ruffwear Grip Trex because of their all-terrain design. Since these shoes can be worn nearly anywhere from hiking trails to the hot pavement, they are highly versatile, and they feature a reasonable price for their quality.

Picking out the best summer dog shoes for your needs can be a simple matter if you know what to look for, so we hope that this guide has managed to help you out.

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