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Best Wet Dog Food

Table of Contents
Comparison Table
#1: CESAR Classics Poultry Flavored Wet Dog Food
#2: Purina Pro Plan Savor Wet Dog Food
#3: Blue Buffalo Homestyle and Family Favorites Recipes
#4: Natural Balance Ultra Premium Wet Dog Food
#5: NUTRO MAX Wet Dog Food
#6: CANIDAE Life Stages Canned Dog Food
#7: Hill’s Science Diet Adult Dog Wet Food
Buyers Guide – Wet Dog Food
Final Words – Dogs Should Eat Healthily Too!

You must be thinking:

Is there a difference between wet or dry food for dogs?

Yes, there is. Most veterinarians would actually agree that wet canned dog foods are far better dietary options as compared to dry dog foods (more commonly known as kibble).


Studies have shown that wet dog food are generally higher in nutrients such as proteins, lower in carbohydrates and does not have as many synthetic preservatives as compared to dry kibble.

After all, we only want the best for our dogs. Right?

Generally, wet (or canned) dog foods are most suitable for dogs that have lost their sense of smell or they are unable to chew due to existing dental conditions. Having wet dog food makes eating more palatable for them!

Let’s jump straight into comparing the different brands & varieties of the best wet dog food available in the market right now.

Budget Conscious Pick

Purina Pro Plan Savor Wet Dog Food

Our Top Pick

CESAR Classics Poultry Flavored Wet Dog Food

Readers Pick

Blue Buffalo Homestyle Wet Dig Food

01 CESAR Classics Poultry Flavored Wet Dog Food

When you need something more than just a meal for your furry friends, you want reliability and the promise of complete nourishment.

Do you agree?

The CESAR Classics Poultry Flavored Wet Dog Food comes along with the commitment that you look for in dog food.

It promises to include unadulterated love and nourishment in all the meals that it manufactures. While reviewing this product, we realized how the formulation has been done keeping in mind the need to bond over flavorful food and a healthy lifestyle.

If your pooch is the type that has a sophisticated palette and does not really pick up any and everything for snack times, then this is a culinary experience he is bound to enjoy. You can choose from meaty juices to saucy textures as per your pet's preference.

Whether you have a smaller breed or a larger breed, this dog food will cater to all your needs. The sheer variety of poultry selections makes this dog food all the more tempting for the wagging tails out there.

The best part?

Not only is the texture tantalizing in itself but is also packed with essential vitamins and minerals to nourish your canines with balanced meals.

Yet another interesting feature of this dog food is the fact that it is sold along with convenient trays that allow maximum retention of freshness and zero-fuss as far as maintenance is concerned.

We recommend this because of the fact that it is wholesome and real meat that can be had by pups of all sizes and does not need to be served selectively.

  • Works like magic.

  • Eliminates odors completely instead of masking them.

  • Child and planet friendly.

  • You need to use a mask while spraying the product if you are asthmatic.

02 Purina Pro Plan Savor Wet Dog Food

The best way to look after a family member is to provide wholesome and nutritious food to them, to begin with. This is exactly how the Blue Buffalo Homestyle and Family Favorites Recipes dog food intends to care for your furry friends.

The ingredients are natural, holistic and limited to minimize food sensitivity and to maximize nutritional value extracted from the food.

Did you know?

Turkey is known to provide high quality of protein and that is the first ingredient dog owner's talk about.

To keep your dog active through the day, there are potatoes and there is oatmeal that are sources of digestible carbohydrates to sustain energy and keep them up and about all day. To take the nutritional value to the next level, this dog food also contains a great blend of vegetables, fruits and micronutrients that further assist in the process of digestion.

This product maintains a blend of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids to boost the immune system and also improve skin and coat health. The presence of glucosamine and chondroitin in the product keeps joints more mobile.

The food is so high on flavor that your pet will keep coming back to it and even if you are dealing with pets that have food sensitivities, you have nothing to worry about because the product is free from corn, soy and wheat.

We recommend this because your pooch gets a completely balanced meal from amino acids in the deboned chicken, complex carbohydrates from the whole grains and fiber from fruits and vegetables.

  • Balanced nutrition.

  • Free from potential allergens.

  • Perfect for dogs with food sensitivities.

  • It could be slightly expensive for some.

03 Blue Buffalo Homestyle and Family Favorites Recipes

Let's get straight to the #2 choice.

The Purina Pro Plan Savor Wet Dog Food comes in at a narrow second.


They have been formulated to enhance your dog's defense mechanism and improve immunity, digestion, skin and coat. Most dog owners have reported how these cans effortlessly meet the energy and vitality needs of your adult dog.

There is no denying the fact that real meat is the number one ingredient in this formulation. High-quality protein makes up this formula that can be enjoyed by puppies, adult dogs as well as your senior dogs.

It helps with your canine's digestive health too.

The Purina Pro Plan Savor Wet Dog Food contains natural prebiotic fiber, originally sourced from wheat bran that can significantly improve your dog's gut health.

The other essential vitamins present in this dog food are Vitamin A and linoleic acid that is a component of Omega-3 fatty acid. You will notice a marked difference in your dog's skin and coat health from the time you start offering this canned food.

A few dog owners we spoke to told us how their pooches had been very picky eaters till the time they started the Pro Plan Savor chicken and rice variety and there has been no stopping them since then. They simply love the flavor and mealtimes are no longer a task.

The texture and size of the dog food is something that both dog owners as well as dogs themselves seem to love. It is formed in the shape of hard kibbles along with a few shredded and tender pieces that offer variety in taste as well as texture.

We recommend this because it is made of optimal levels of protein and fat that will maintain an optimal condition for your canine companions.

  • Promotes healthy skin and coat.

  • Improves gut health.

  • High on flavor.

  • A few breeds of dogs had allergic reactions to the ingredients.

04 Natural Balance Ultra Premium Wet Dog Food


The Natural Balance Ultra Premium Wet Dog Food comes stocked with high-quality nutrition that is formulated for adult as well as puppies.

It is a blend of wholesome ingredients like beef, grains and vegetables to support the growing stages of puppies to the energetic phases of an adult dog.

What's more?

With the assurance of high digestibility, this dog food ensures that there are no added colors or preservatives to reduce its nutritional value.

When they say perfectly balanced nutrition, they mean a precise blend that goes like, 30% protein, 40% fats and 40% carbohydrates that help your growing dogs develop strong bones and muscles, energize them with just the right amount of fat stores and the perfect amount of complex carbohydrates.

The formula in this product gives your pets lasting energy by including complex carbohydrates like oat brown rice and potatoes instead of simple sugars that would otherwise cause sudden spurts of energy and then a terrible sugar slump.

If you are dealing with a picky eater, you have five great tasting formulas that you can choose from. There is the standard beef and chicken and the exotic lamb and liver that none of your pets would be able to refuse.

This high-quality dog food is also one of the more affordable options out there.

We recommend this because when they say balanced nutrition, they genuinely mean it and your puppies as well as your adult dogs will hugely benefit from it.

  • Reasonably priced.

  • A precise blend of nutrition.

  • A few breeds of dogs had allergic reactions to the ingredients.

05 NUTRO MAX Wet Dog Food

There is nothing quite like the goodness of home-cooked food and NUTRO MAX Wet Dog Food are made responsibly to provide your pets with the finest natural ingredients you could ever offer.

Wow, it comes with real chicken too.

Unlike other product that can only claim to have chicken but in reality, contain chicken by-products, this can of dog food contains real chicken and lamb protein and other wholesome natural ingredients.

With this formula of rice and lamb dinner, you can promote healthy skin and a shiny coat effortlessly.

What's more?

This formula has been slow-cooked in broth to maximize the absorption of natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals.

To be honest, feeding your dog simple healthy meals should be convenient and not full of hassles. This is what the company aims at. To add to the goodness of the ingredients, this dog food is quite affordable and easy to opt for in the longer run.

We recommend this because this is made from natural ingredients sourced and supplied from trusted farmers and suppliers to provide wholesome nourishment to your furry friends.

  • Great-tasting formula

  • Slow-cooked for maximum nutrition.

  • Promotes good skin health.

  • It could be difficult to scoop out if it sits out for a couple of hours.

06 CANIDAE Life Stages Canned Dog Food

When you want great tasting nutrition in a can, opt for CANIDAE Life Stages Canned Dog Food.

It offers great taste and nutrition, all at the same time packed in a can. You can completely rely on the quality provided to keep your dog at his healthiest and happiest.

If you happen to have a number of pooches in your household, then this formula is clearly the best solution. Whether you have puppies, adults, lesser active dogs or senior dogs, this formula will take care of all your multipurpose needs, as far as ages, breeds and sizes are concerned.

The meat, fish are slow-cooked and simmered in natural broth to ensure maximum retention of nutrients. Chicken, lamb and ocean whitefish come together for the perfect blend of wholesome goodness. You will not have to worry about potential allergens like wheat, soy and corn because this dog food is free from all three.

It also contains brown rice and white rice that are better choices of grains than corn and wheat. The inclusion of peas and potatoes ensures that your pet is active all day, being fueled by complex carbohydrates.

The rest of the ingredients in the product make up for your dog's fat requirements and it also adds flaxseed to boost heart health.

Given the quality and ingredients, this canned dog food is relatively cheaper than the premium grain-free foods available in the market.

We recommend this because of its versatility, maximum retention of nutrition and affordability.

  • No potential allergens.

  • Suitable for dogs and puppies of all sizes, ages and breeds.

  • Slow-cooked for better retention of nutrients.

  • One of the more expensive options.

07 Hill's Science Diet Adult Dog Wet Food

Protein is undoubtedly the building block for the formation of lean muscles and to enhance advanced fitness.

This is what made the manufacturers of the Hill's Science Diet Adult Dog Wet Food included wholesome chicken and barley along with other natural key ingredients to promise your furry friend lifelong health and happiness.

High-quality lean proteins included in this dog food go a long way in maintaining advanced fitness. This canned goodness helps in maintaining ideal body weight and is also easy on the stomach. Its precise blend of key nutrients ensures that appropriate amount of energy is distributed for an ideal body weight.

When nutrients are optimally absorbed, they reach all the right places and this is how the Hill' s Science Diet works. This is recommended for dogs between the ages of 1 and 6.

We recommend this product because it is perfectly equipped to handle all your advanced fitness needs, right from a year old to a six-year-old without any issues.

  • Easily digestible.

  • Helps maintain ideal body weight.

  • Appropriate for a wide range of ages.

  • This is not suitable for dogs that prefer gravy in their food.

Buyers Guide

How We Found The Best and Reviewed Them

We only review the best products on the market and we find the best not by going through what the web has to offer but we take the pain of speaking to experts and dog owners individually.

Once we have all the information, we collate them together and come up with what you call a review article.

Not to mention, we have included a Buyer' s Guide too!

For those readers that are new pet parents, the handy Buyer' s Guide contains more information that would hopefully let you make an informed decision on which wet dog food to buy.

This guide contains the A-Z of all that you need to know about wet dog food and it will assist you in making the final choice. We are here to assure you the best of reviews.

We know.

There is no denying the fact that you will always know what is best for your beloved furry friend.

That's why we have created this Buyer's Guide to help you to choose the top rated wet dog food for your pooch.

Check For These Ingredients

When you are out to buy wet dog food, make sure that the ingredients are all-natural and the product balances the nutrients well. You will also have to make sure that it is free from artificial flavorings and additives. Listed below are the things that are a must-have in your wet dog food can:


Protein should always rank as the number 1 ingredient in wet dog food. It should always be labeled as chicken, lamb; beef etc because these help to form lean muscles and are quintessential.


You must look out for whole and unprocessed grains. Although it is not imperative to have grains and starches in your wet dog food, you are bound to find them in some form or the other. It is always better to opt for brown rice or wild rice and avoid wheat gluten as far as possible.


Dog food that contains non-starchy veggies like carrots, apples and alfalfa are the best kind of wet food. The inclusion of potatoes and sweet potatoes is acceptable as long as they are not primary ingredients.

Check If It Has A "Complete And Balanced" Label

Dog food that is complete and balanced will usually have passed the AAFCO feeding trial.

Simply being labeled as complete and balanced will not do if you are looking for genuine products because the ingredients might not have been conclusively tested for the best and safest results.

Ingredients That You Should Avoid

There are a lot of varieties of dog food in the market. However, there are some ingredients that you must avoid at all costs. These can be listed as:


If a particular brand is selling low-quality dog food, it would invariably list out an ingredient that reads like, meat by-product, modified beef etc. These are highly processed low-nutrient food that will not help your dog in any way. You should avoid these at all costs.

Unnamed Animal Sources

Unidentified poultry or unidentified organs are not something that you should ideally offer to your beloved pets.

Food Binders

Dog food that contains highly processed meat sources need binders that make them resemble natural chunks of food. These include wheat gluten and other gums that should be avoided as far as possible.


Wet dog food that tastes good will not need sweeteners. However, the ones that are low in quality will add them to enhance the taste. While sugar and molasses are common, try and avoid food with corn syrup in it.

Artificial Color/Preservatives

While most wet dog food will not need preservatives, the low-quality ones tend to add food color. This is best avoided because we are not aware of the color source.

Final Words – Dogs Should Eat Healthily Too!


Now that we have given you a fair idea of what to expect from the best wet dog food, we can hope that you make a wise decision based on the buyers guide and the reviews of the top picks of products given here.

Here's a quick recap on what to look out for.

While offering dog food, the only couple of things that you need to remember are the inclusion of wholesome and natural ingredients, a proper balance of proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and fiber content and the exclusion of artificial flavors and colors.

There is no compromise that a pet parent would like to make as far as dog food isconcerned.

This is why we are here to advise you on what to buy and what not to buy for a lifetime of wagging tails of sloppy kisses!

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