Bichon Frise Haircuts

Bichon Frise is a small dog breed usually recognized for its intelligence and suitability as a family pet. In addition, they are known for being quite friendly, and because of their small size and ease of training, they are perfect for city dwellers and those with limited space. One of the reasons most people love the Bichon Frise is because you can style it in many different haircut styles. However, some haircuts may need a lot of commitment, and others will not.

Easy Bichon Frise haircuts, like the Utility Cut, are an excellent choice for most people because it’s simple to deliver and maintain, making it much simpler to keep your dog clean and comfortable. Another low-maintenance haircut is the Fluffy Ear which keeps the hair short but only emphasizes fuzzy ears. On the other hand, if you don’t mind high maintenance, the Teddy Bear Cut will be ideal, which calls for daily grooming.

All haircuts are fair game for experimentation and personalization once you’ve gained the skill, but we recommend starting with more basic styles as a beginner to get a feel for the process. Need some help deciding how to style your Bichon Frise mane? To save you some time, we’ve compiled a few different Bichon hairstyles; hopefully, one will catch your eye.

22. Fluff

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Your Bichon Frise will have long, fluffy hair if you keep it on the longer side. Their curly hair will stand out more and have a lovely appearance. You can tidy up its face if you want to retain Bichon’s fur on the fluffier side.

21. The Lion

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The Lion hairstyle has long hair on top of the body and an oval-shaped face that looks like a lion’s mane. Depending on the Bichon Frise appearance you want to achieve, you can trim the tail or leave it bushy. If you let the hair grow long, it will puff out on the head and tail.

20. Helmet

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The Helmet Bichon Frise haircut resembles the Cute Face or the Round Head. The only difference is that the extra trimming gives the dog a helmet appearance. However, it may be difficult to get the shape right, and maintaining the fuzzy coat may require a lot of work.

19. The Sophisticated

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The sophisticated Bichon Frise haircut uses the Round Head cut and complements it with a pair of prop glasses to maintain the appearance of sophistication and intelligence. Although the haircut will need more maintenance to keep the dog’s hair fluffy, your results will be worth it.

18. The Fuzz

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You may achieve the fuzzy look of the Fuzz haircut by cutting your Bichon Frise’s hair short and close to its body and then brushing it out. This style is low-maintenance because it doesn’t scatter hair all over the place. Also, all that’s needed for short hair is a quick brushing and minimal upkeep.

17. Bushy Tail

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The Bushy Tail is similar to the Round Head, except that you often clip the hair closer to the nose, giving them a nearly bare appearance. The bushy tail gives more of a teddy bear look, and you can brush it to make it extra fuzzy.

16. Poofed

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While you can trim the rest of your dog’s fur, have fun and let the hair on the crown of their headlong and poofed. The Poofed haircut gives them a lovely and unique appearance that you may accessorize or admire if you like.

15. Round Everywhere

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If you want a round-looking head and take your pooch’s roundness a notch higher by rounding out their body, paws, and head, you should try out this Bichon Frise haircut. It is a look you will find in most show dogs, and it will need constant grooming since the fur will easily grow out of the look.

14. Normal Trim

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Standard trim is a perfect way to keep your Bichon Frise on the normal side. This means its head and face are not necessarily groomed into a round shape, and it follows the natural look of its coat. With this haircut, its fur can stay longer, but it needs to be well-maintained and cleaned up.

13. Low Maintenance

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Like its name, the Low Maintenance style is one of the simplest hairstyles to keep. To achieve this haircut, you will need to shave all of the hair to a length of slightly more than half an inch. 

There’s no need to level the hair, but you can if you want to. With this cut, your pooch will remain cool during the warm months, with less hair in your home and on your furniture.

12. Triangle Feature

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Choose the triangle look for a Bichon Frise haircut that allows you to step outside the box and not the usual round style. This unique haircut will be fun to try out with your Bichon. However, if you opt for this look, you should ensure you take your pooch to get groomed often.

11. The Accessorizer

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The Accessorizer has short, standard hair on the body and a cute face cut. For someone who likes to accessorize their pet’s appearance with apparel, this coat is perfect since it needs little upkeep and sheds minimally. 

The short Bichon haircut will stop your dog’s clothing from bunching up or making him uncomfortable.

10. Top Knot

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The Top knot is a perfect Bichon Frise haircut if your pooch has loose fur where you can rock a top knot on its head. The haircut is a great choice since Bichon has a lot of hair on top of their head, which works perfectly for this look.

9. Flower Ears

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This is one of the most popular Bichon Frise haircuts embraced by many owners. The style keeps your pooch’s head on the rounder side but makes it short of making its ears stand out more. 

Although with this haircut, the fur is on the shorter side, your Bichon Frise will still need to be groomed often, which it may not like.

8. Fluffed Noggin

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This is a perfect choice for a Bichon Frise haircut that embraces the best of both worlds. The style allows the coat on its body to remain short but the fur on the top of Bichon’s head to grow out. 

Also, it can be an ideal choice for dog owners who are experimental with styles since you can shape the fur however you want to give your pooch a unique and fun look. 

This is a perfect choice for a Bichon Frise haircut that embraces the best of both worlds. The style allows the coat on the body to remain short but the fur on the top of Bichon’s head to grow out.

7. Cloud

Image from Instagram:@three_cereals

If you are more into full-haired Bichon haircuts, this will please you. With the cloud haircut, the longer your Bichon’s dome fur is, the closer it will look like a cloud. Ensure you ask your groomer to trim its fur’s edges to allow it to grow circularly.

6. Shaggy

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Just like its name, a Shaggy haircut gives your Bichon Frise a little shaggy look and is not super curly. With this haircut, it will still have a beautiful white color but will look more like a curl effect. 

The haircut is not only for the head but also for the paws and legs. Fortunately, with this look, the only maintenance you will need to worry about is its face.

5. Long Hair

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The Long Hair haircut is more of a shaggy look, allowing the hair on top of Bichon’s head to grow long while keeping the hair on the body short. The long hair is then combed to make it look like a girl’s long hair, and often you will groom your pooch’s tail to match.

4. Round Head

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The Round Head haircut is exactly what it sounds like. You clip the hair, making a face appear rounder from the side and front. It is one of the most popular haircuts for Bichon Frises, and with this haircut, the ears blend into the round skull.

3. Fluffy Ear

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This is a low-maintenance Bichon Frise haircut, and this Fluffy Ear emphasizes fuzzy ears. Given that the Bichon Frise has short hair, there is no need to fluff it up, resulting in less maintenance. This haircut looks great with accessories, looks well with a collar, and is also short enough to be worn with costumes.

2. Teddy Bear

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The Teddy bear haircut, also known as the panda bear cut, is among the most popular Bichon Frise haircuts for small to medium dogs with a medium-length coat. It is considered a compromise between the show cut and the lamb cut.

With the Teddy Bear haircut, your Bichon Frise will have to be trimmed on the side and the back to a quarter inch. However, you should leave the rest of the fur longer. The length you keep the remaining fur of your pooch is up to you, but most people opt for half-inch all around.

Follow this by trimming its fur around the face and rounding it out to help your Bichon Frise look more like a teddy bear. Next, ensure you round its fur at the forehead to match the length of its coat. Lastly, leave enough fur on its head and put it in a top knot if that’s your preferred style.

As some parts of your pooch have longer hair, regular maintenance is a must. You should groom your Bichon Frise daily by brushing and combing the coat and eliminating the dirt, debris, and dead hair that may be in the longer fur.

1. Utility Cut

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The Utility Cut is a straightforward, low-maintenance haircut for a dog who enjoys playing fetch and tumbling around in the backyard. This cut is meant to keep the hair short and out of the way when your dog is playing without causing you to worry about messiness or matted. 

If you are not interested in giving your pet’s hair a little fluff, this style allows you to clip their coat tight to their skin and call it a day. It is the go-to Bichon Frise haircut for active puppies since it is the easiest style to do at home. In addition, it’s perfect if you want to avoid mats and tangles and do not need as much time as other Bichon Frise haircuts.

How Often Does A Bichon Frise Need To Be Groomed? A professional groomer should provide your Bichon with a full-service groom every four weeks, including a bath and haircut. During the visit, the stylist for your Bichon will clip the nails, bathe them, and trim the pads of their feet. Also, most groomers do an excellent job identifying any problems that require veterinary care.

Do Bichons Need Haircuts? Yes, Bichons are breeds that need consistent grooming, including haircuts, whether professional or not. One of the main reasons is that its hair grows continually and doesn’t shed, meaning extensive grooming is necessary to prevent mats. When left unattended, dead hairs will quickly form mats and may turn into a felt-like patterned mat.

Should Bichons Be Shaved In Summer? According to professional groomers, your Bichon Frise should be shaved after 5 to 6 weeks in hotter regions, climates, and during hot summers. Since double-coated breeds like the Bichon Frise have a unique deshedding mechanism through which they shed their undercoat in the summer and regrow it in the winter, experts typically don’t advise shaving them frequently.

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