Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix

Do you have what it takes to take care of a bundle of energy that requires a lot of attention? Then the Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix may be the right pet for you.

The Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix is a cross between two of the most well-regarded herding and working dogs: the Border Collie and the Australian Shepherd Dog. Some call them Aussie Collie or Australian Collie Dog, but in this article, we will simply refer to them as Border Aussies.

Border Aussies are agile and lively dogs, good for active families and people, and thrive in a household that could satisfy their physical and mental stimulation.

Before you finish reading this article, you would have learned if this dog is the right match for you and your family. We will also discuss temperament, grooming requirements, dietary needs, and also the common health issues this dog can acquire. But, first, weโ€™ll give you the physical description of an Aussie Collie Mix Dog.

How Big Will An Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix Get?

The Border Aussie is a medium-sized dog that can reach a height of 18 to 23 inches and a weight of 30 to 75 lbs.

What Do You Need To Know About Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix?

To get to know the Border Aussie better, first, letโ€™s meet the parentsโ€ฆ

Border Collies are considered the most intelligent dog breedin terms of learning new commands. They are known for their โ€œherding eyeโ€, an intense stare used to herd other animals, a trait it refined from their highland ancestors from Scotland and England.

The Australian Shepherd Dogon the other hand, is a breed developed in California in the 19th century. It descended from collies and other herding dogs from Australia and New Zealand, thus, the name.

The Border Aussie, therefore, is a great dog that can be used for work in herding livestock and of course, like a good house pet for owners who love the outdoors.

Physical Appearance 

Border Aussies have a lean and athletic body suitable for lots of physical activity. They have a tapered muzzle with floppy ears in a medium-sized head.

Their eyes are either almond-shaped or oval-shaped depending on which parent is inherited from. Eye color ranges from dark brown to blue to blue-green and some even exhibit two-toned eye color or heterochromia.

They have a medium to long double coat. Colors may vary from red, tan, merle, white, black and tricolor, brindle, and sable. They have a long, wide tail but some can sport a bobtail. Their appearance would resemble the Border Collie parent rather than the Australian Shepherd one.

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How Long Do Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mixes Live?

Like most medium-sized dogs, a Border Aussie has an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years with some reaching 17 years.

The Border Aussie is generally a healthy mix due to the parent breeds but being aware of certain health issues that might affect your dog should be a top priority for the owner to nip any problems that might arise later.

Hip And Elbow Dysplasia

An orthopedic condition is when the ball and socket of the joints are misaligned, causing problems in walking and jumping. This may be due to their genetics, poor nutrition, or inadequate exercise, causing an increase in the likelihood of your pet developing this condition.

Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA) 

CEA is an inherited birth defect that affects the proper development of the retina. Although the incidence of this incurable disease is uncommon among Border Collies, an eye examination from the veterinarian when the pup is six weeks old can help the owner to deal with this issue early on.

Progressive Renal Atrophy (PRA) 

Another genetic disorder, causing a loss of night vision and the progressive loss of day vision, can lead to eventual blindness. An eye examination from the age of 3 to 4 years is recommended for early detection.

Border Aussies that have few or no dark patches on their coat could be more prone to blindness from PRA and deafness due to a genetic condition common among dogs with a double merle gene.

Other issues to look out for are cataracts, lymphoma, epilepsy, and thyroid disease.

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How To Take Care Of Your Border Aussie?


These vibrant pooches require a lot of protein in their diet and the right amount of dietary fats, multivitamins, and minerals. The amount is dependent on their individual weight and needs. A house pet would require around 1,100 calories a day, while a working dog would need 1,400 calories. That is around 1ยฝ to 3 cups of food per day.

Choosing the right food is essential for its overall health, and Pet Plate is one of the better options for your pet compared to the mass-market products sold in groceries.

Pet Plate meals are specially formulated by veterinary nutritionists to ensure the best possible dietary needs of your growing pup or mature dog. It is made from human-grade, whole-food ingredients that are more natural and contain no preservatives.


Exercise is the most important part of this canine buddy. The herding ancestry makes it one of the most active dogs, and keeping up with its energy level is one thing you have to deal with. A Border Aussie would need around two hours of exercise every day.

Take this canine buddy for a long walk, a run, or a hike. Keeping it on a leash is recommended lest it will run away to chase other animals.

Dental Water Additives 

Your Border Aussie is an active dog and it needs plenty of water to keep it hydrated. Mixing a teaspoon of dental water additive in its water bowl would have the added benefit of keeping its dental health in tip-top shape. It has ingredients that could inhibit the growth of plaque and tartar and also keep the mouth smelling fresh.

How Smart Is A Border Aussie? Temperaments Of Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mixes

Having the intelligent Border Collie as one of its parents, the Border Aussie is touted to be a highly intelligent pet with a personality that is eager to please its owners, making this pooch a loyal, friendly, and smart pet to behold.

Of course, the Border Aussie is also easy to train and willing to learn, owing to its curious nature. Plus, it has a quiet and calm temperament and would only bark when it is being playful or senses something exciting.

Who Should Own A Border Aussie? 

This breed is recommended for experienced dog owners. A Border Aussie requires a lot of attention and maintenance. First-time owners might find it hard to care for a high-maintenance dog since it needs a lot of exercise, grooming, and other activities that would stimulate this big guy physically and mentally.

It is also worth mentioning that because of its high energy, a small apartment or condominium might not be suited for this furry pet.

Is Border Aussie Good For Families And Children?

The Border Aussie is ideal for active families with older kids. As a herding dog, it is used to running and has the tendency to herd people and children while nipping at their ankles. This is not an aggressive behavior but a natural instinct. A Border Aussie would usually run around its owner in an arching loop before dropping down on the floor.

Regarding separation anxiety, leaving your Border Aussie alone for a long period of time is not recommended. Bad habits like chewing on the furniture and other unacceptable behaviors might develop. Make sure to take him out for exercise before leaving him alone for the day, and keep his toys on hand to keep him busy.

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Do Aussie Border Collie Mix Shed? Grooming Tips For Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mixes

Aussie Border Collie Mixes are moderate shedding dogs and they shed quite heavily during their shedding season on two occasions, fall and spring.


The Border Aussiesโ€™ shaggy double coat needs a lot of brushing at least twice a week and probably daily during their shedding season in the spring and fall. Brushing prevents their coat from getting matted and allows the natural oils to get evenly distributed. 

A product, like the FURminator Undercoat Tool, is the perfect brush to groom your pet. It removes loose hair and reduces shedding by up to 90% with regular use. Problems with your petโ€™s hair getting into your clothes, furniture, and around the house would be greatly minimized.


Border Aussies are fairly clean dogs, and they donโ€™t need regular bathing. Wiping their coat with a damp piece of cloth can be done every day, and bathing them once a month or every six weeks would do unless, of course, they have rolled into something filthy or their coats started to get smelly.

Try Pro Pet Works All Natural 5 In 1 Oatmeal Shampoo for gentle and thorough cleansing. It is specially formulated for dogs to prevent itchiness and dry skin.

Other Grooming Tips

You can also choose to trim the hair around the ears and legs to maintain a clean look but it is not essential.

For a fresher breath and healthy gums, give your Border Aussie weekly teeth brushing. Chewing a dental treat is also beneficial to control the growth of plaques and tartars.

Finally, you should also check their nails if they need some clipping and regularly check their ears for some possible infections and wax accumulation.

How Much Do Border Aussies Cost? Border Aussie puppies could cost from $300 to $1,000, depending on the reputation of the breeder. Besides, knowing the health status of the parents from the breeder is another good indicator that the pup youโ€™re adopting is also healthy. Another option is to adopt a mature dog from your local shelter.

Do Border Collies And Australian Shepherds Get Along? Border Collies and Australian Shepherds are both very intelligent and energetic dogs, such that they get along pretty well. A lot of owners of both these pooches attest that they can keep each other entertained most of the time. Slight differences in temperament and size make these two breeds a match.

Do Aussie Collies Swim? Border Aussies are not natural swimmers, but they can be taught to love the water. Swimming is an ideal exercise to keep these vigorous dogs active and also a great way to keep them cool during the warmer months. Getting them accustomed to the water first is important to give them confidence.

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