Can Dogs Eat Cabbage, Cooked Or Raw?

If you are a dog owner, you will understand how important it is for you to make the right choice of food for your pooch. Like a child, dogs donโ€™t really know what is good for them and what is not. They will eat anything they get their paws on, which is not what you want for your dog.

As a devoted dog owner, making the right food choice for your dog is a great part of your responsibilities. It can be even more exhausting if you are adopting a dog for the first time. Dogs can eat some foods that we eat as humans, but not all foods are suitable for them. Vegetables like carrots and spinach are nutritious foods you can give your dog, but you may be wondering if your dog can also eat a vegetable like cabbage. 

Like many other vegetables, dogs can and should eat cabbage. Cabbage is a healthy vegetable packed with a lot of nutrition, good for both human and animal consumption. You should always feed your dog cooked cabbage over raw cabbage.

Apart from knowing that cabbage is good for your dog, you may be bothered about how much cabbage you should give to your dog and possible foods you can combine with cabbage for your dog. This article will tell you everything you need to know about cabbage and its effect on dogs. But before then, letโ€™s see if cabbage is good or toxic for your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Cabbage?

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Yes! Cabbage is a vegetable, and dogs can eat them.

Cabbage is a low-calorie vegetable, and it is one of the best foods to make your dog healthy. Its nutritional value makes it highly recommended for dogs with diabetes. Cabbage contains vitamins A, C, E, and B6. It also contains a high amount of fiber and is one of the great sources of calcium for your dog.

However, cabbage is sometimes not well digested in dogs because they are animals, and their digestive system is designed to mainly digest meat. So, eating too much cabbage may have side effects that can affect your dog. To prevent this, you should control the amount of cabbage that your dog eats.

Is Cabbage Good For Dogs?

Yes! Cabbage is good for dogs.

Cabbage comes from a family of vegetables known as cruciferous vegetables, and it has excellent nutritional value that makes it very good for your dog. Cabbage is rich in dietary fiber, and this is essential to promote good digestion in dogs. There are also vitamins and nutrients that your dog can get from cabbage to help your pooch live a healthy life. 

However, when feeding your dog cabbage, it is best to feed your pooch in moderation. This is to prevent overeating of cabbage. Overeating cabbage can lead to the passing out of smelly gasses, and this is also noticeable in humans.

Is Cabbage Toxic To Dogs?

No! Cabbage is not toxic to dogs.

Cabbage is a healthy vegetable and does not contain any substance that makes it toxic or poisonous. Although too much intake of cabbage can lead to the accumulation of gas in the alimentary canal of dogs, they are not considered toxic.

Just like some foods are not good for all humans, this is also applicable to dogs. Not all dogs love eating cabbage. Some dogs may have a feeling of discomfort or stomach upset when they eat a lot of cabbage. If this happens, then you should know your dog doesnโ€™t like cabbage. Overall, cabbage is not toxic to dogs.

Health Benefits Of Eating Cabbage To Dogs

Like other vegetables, cabbage is packed with a lot of nutritional benefits for your dog. Some of the health benefits of feeding your dog cabbage are listed below:


Cabbage is rich in vitamin K, B6, B1, C, and these are all essential vitamins that help enhance growth in dogs. They are natural antioxidants that help boost their immune system, keep them strong, and build connective tissues in their body. Cabbage provides all these essential vitamins to your dog at a go.


Cabbage is a vegetable that provides an abundant quantity of fiber to your dog. Cabbage contains both soluble and insoluble fiber, which aids digestion and eliminates waste from your dogโ€™s body quickly.

The consumption of cabbage helps to build a better digestive tract and maintain the gastrointestinal health of your dog. It also helps to balance the energy and nutrients gotten from meat eaten by your pooch.


The cruciferous properties of cabbage have made it have a lot of benefits to dogs. One of these is its ability to fight cancer. Cabbage contains a compound known as sulforaphane. This compound helps to reduce the ability of cancer attack in dogs.

Strong Bones

Cabbage is loaded with essential nutrients such as calcium, potassium, and minerals which help to promote strong bones in dogs. These are essential nutrients that connect tissues and enhance the growth of your canine.


Cabbage contains powerful antioxidants that help to reduce inflammation in dogs. Eating cabbage can help with inflammatory bowel disease in dogs.

Which Way is the Best for dogs: Cooked Cabbage VS Raw Cabbage?

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There are two main ways of giving cabbage to your dog โ€“ cooked or raw. It might be confusing which one you should do, especially if itโ€™s your first time feeding your pooch cabbage. However, cooked cabbage is always recommended for dogs.

Cooked cabbage is easier to digest and does not cause digestion problems in dogs. A lot of dogs love to have their cabbage cooked because of how soft it becomes. Cooking cabbage also helps to destroy enzymes that may be harmful to your dog when eaten raw. 

Raw cabbage is also good for dogs. They provide essential nutrients to dogs and are not bad for their health. However, some dogs do not like eating raw cabbage, but that doesnโ€™t make them bad for dogs in general.

Generally, cooked cabbage is preferred when feeding your dog because of its ability to digest easily. Cooked cabbage is soft and is a better way to serve your dog.

The heat from cooking also helps to destroy harmful enzymes that might not be good for your dog. Cooked cabbage also reduces the gassiness in your dog. You donโ€™t want your dog smelling all day, of course.

Can Dogs Eat Any Color Of Cabbage?

Yes, dogs can eat any color of cabbage. However, there are some types of cabbage that are not good for them.

The most common type of cabbage is green cabbage, which contains vitamins A and C, along with fiber. Other types of cabbage include red cabbage, savoy cabbage, and Chinese cabbage. Red cabbage, though not rampant as dog food, contains a superior nutritional value to green cabbage. It is great food for your dog.

To ensure that your dog digests cabbage easily, it is advised that you cook the cabbage to soften it. It will also reduce the gases that your dog passes out when they eat too much cabbage.

Is Cooked Cabbage Good For Dogs?

Yes! Cooked cabbage is good for dogs.

In terms of nutritional benefits, cooked cabbage is just as good as raw cabbage is to dogs. However, it is even better than raw cabbage since dogs have a natural preference for cooked cabbage and enjoy eating it more.

Cooked cabbage is made softer and easy for dogs to chew. They also digest quickly and do not cause any discomfort to dogs when eating. Cooked cabbage is recommended when feeding your dog cabbage.

How Do You Make Cabbage For Dogs?

You can give your dog cabbage as cooked or raw. If you are giving your dog raw cabbage, then these are the steps you should follow:

  • Wash up the external part of the cabbage to remove dirt and all wilted parts.
  • Remove all tough parts of the cabbage to avoid difficulty indigestion.
  • Cut the cabbage into smaller pieces to enable your dog to eat in moderation.
  • Feed it to your dog while taking note of the proportion to avoid giving your pooch in excess.

You can also serve your dog cooked cabbage using the following steps:

  • Wash up the cabbage to remove all dirt and wilted parts.
  • Cut the cabbage into slices to allow heat penetration when cooking.
  • Put the cabbage in a pot filled with water and cook.
  • When the cabbage is soft, remove it from the heat and serve your dog.

There are several other ways you can make cooked cabbage for your dog, and you can explore them but make sure to check that it is not harmful to your dog.

Can I Give My Dog Cabbage With Onions?

No! Cabbage with onions is not good for dogs.

Cabbage is good for dogs but not onions. Onions are part of the alum family which includes other plants such as garlic. Onions contain an element called allium, which is very toxic for dogs and is not good for them. Onions can cause low blood pressure and heart problems in dogs.

Alliums, which are contained in onions, are poisonous, and it is best you totally avoid using them in your dogโ€™s food. You can add cabbage alone to your dogโ€™s food to prevent any health issues.

Can Dogs Eat Sprouts And Cabbage?

Yes! Dogs can eat cabbage with brussels sprouts.

Brussels sprouts are not a bad idea for dogs. They are totally safe for dogs and can be eaten with cabbage. They offer a lot of vitamins and other nutritional value to dogs.

Will Cabbage Hurt Dogs?

Cabbage is entirely safe for dogs to consume. It is a non-toxic and healthy vegetable to be incorporated into their diet. It also does not hurt dogs and is not bad for them unless your dog eats something poisonous alongside cabbage.

Nonetheless, when cabbage is eaten in large quantities, it might cause gassiness in dogs. This is the state where your dog accumulates a lot of gas in the alimentary canal and releases it often. This same effect can also be felt in humans when they eat too much cabbage. Therefore, it is wise to moderate the amount of cabbage that your dog eats.

Risks Involved With Giving Dog Cabbage

Although cabbage is very beneficial to dogs when eaten in moderation, there are a few risks when your dog eats cabbage in large quantities. Some of them are:

  • Excessive intake of cabbage can cause flatulence in dogs. Flatulence is a situation where a lot of gas is accumulated in your dogโ€™s alimentary canal.
  • Excessive bloating and gassing. Your dog may be found passing out lots of smelly gasses.
  • It can lead to stomach upsets in dogs.

Does Cabbage Give Dog Gas?

Yes! Excessive intake of cabbage can give dog gas.

When you give your dog a lot of cabbage, your pooch will experience an accumulation of gasses in the alimentary canal. This is a condition known as flatulence.

When this happens, your dog will be found passing out lots and lots of smelly gasses. You donโ€™t want to have a stinking dog, so you should control your dogโ€™s cabbage intake.

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How Much Cabbage Can A Dog Eat?

Ideally, dogs should be given cabbage in controlled quantities. Even though it is not harmful to them, you should ensure that your dog eats only a small quantity.

Actually, the amount of cabbage you should give your dog depends on the size of your dog. You can give a few bites of cabbage for a small dog, but for large dogs, they will need much more.

You can consult your vet for an accurate and more specific serving size of cabbage for your canine friend.

Can My Dog Eat Cabbage Every Day?

Yes! Your dog can eat cabbage every day.

Cabbage is a good food combination for your dog, and you will not be doing any worse if you give it to your dog every day. To prevent a lot of gassiness, control the amount of cabbage your dog takes every day.

Since a dogโ€™s digestive system takes longer to break down food substances, controlling the proportion of cabbage you give to your dog will automatically keep your pup in check and prevent excessive flatulence.

Alternatives To Cabbage For Dogs

There are lots of vegetables that dogs can eat as an alternative to cabbage. Some of them are lettuce, spinach, carrots, and many others. They all have nutritional properties essential for the healthy growth of your dog. You should consider trying them out with your pooch.

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