Can Dogs Eat Pepperoni?

We have such a loving relationship with our furry friends that they spend most of their time together with us. Hence, when we are enjoying a nice time with our snacks, for example, pepperoni they are also there with us. As one who loves them, it is always good to share our food with them. But as we know, not all foods are suitable for them. Hence, this article will find out about a popular food snack, pepperoni, and explain if dogs can eat it?

No, it is not recommended for dogs to eat pepperoni due to its high salt content. Nonetheless, dogs can still have a slice of pepperoni without health complications. If you let your furry companions have pepperoni too frequently or too much, they can get sick due to health complications, such as pancreatitis and obesity.

This article will elaborate further on why dogs cannot eat pepperoni and the various types of pepperoni popularly known. It also includes the safe amount of pepperoni doggies you can have so that you can enjoy it together. Finally, we have also provided alternatives to pepperoni for doggies. However, let’s first understand what pepperoni is made of and why doggies can still enjoy a small part of it.

Can Dogs Eat Pepperoni?

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No, dogs should not be eating pepperoni due to the negative health complications, such as salt poisoning and pancreatitis. Responsible dog parents should apply the strictest caution in feeding them.

Pepperoni is a cured pork and beef sausage seasoned with paprika, chili pepper, and other flavorings. It is popularly used as toppings for pizza, pasta, cheese, and many others but can as well be eaten wholly.

Pepperoni for doggies isn’t recommended because it contains a high quantity of fat, salt, and chili peppers. These ingredients are not suitable for doggies in such amounts.

However, this is not to say that doggies can’t have pepperonis. They can still have it, but only if you make it non-habitual. As we continue in this article, you will see when and how much pepperoni our four-legged furry friends can have.

Can Dogs Eat Pepperoni Slices?

Yes, dogs can eat pepperoni slices, however, on less frequent occasions. Pepperoni slices are available commercially and contain the basic ingredients of beef, pork, and garlic powder to spice it.

Apart from this, pepperoni slices also contain dextrose as a sweetener. It also has lactic acid starter culture, sodium nitrite, citric acid, butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT). BHA and BHT serve as preservatives, and they also have antioxidant properties.

Considering these ingredients, it is safe to only give our furry friends only a small amount of pepperoni slices. This is because, in small amounts, these preservatives will be insignificant to cause ill effects in doggies.

Anything more frequent than this can cause gastrointestinal problems and ill health in your furry friends.

Can Dogs Eat Pepperoni Sticks?

Yes, dogs can eat pepperoni sticks. Pepperoni sticks are pepperonis shaped into sausage forms. They contain the same ingredients as pepperoni slices, and they are commercially available as well.

To let doggies have pepperoni sticks, you should cut only a small part of it and let them have it.

Can Dogs Eat Pepperoni Cold?

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Yes, dogs can eat pepperoni only if it is still fresh. Pepperoni should not be left for more than five days in a refrigerator.

If the pepperoni is not properly stored, it may become rancid, slimy, or sticky. In such a situation, you should never give this to your furry companion.

Can Dogs Eat Turkey Pepperoni?

Yes, dogs can eat turkey pepperoni. Some pet parents prefer turkey pepperoni because the saturated fat in turkey is lower than that of the chicken variant.

However, we should know that this is not the most important thing. When it comes to pepperoni, it is the salt, fat, and spice content that matters most and not the meat.

Hence, you should only give doggies pepperoni when it contains little salt, fat, and no onions or garlic in it.

Can Dogs Eat Pepperoni Pizza?

No, dogs should not eat pepperoni pizza. This is because of how a pizza is made. A pizza is made with ingredients such as sugars, salts, onions, and garlic. And the amount of these ingredients is usually high in them.

Remember that garlic and onions are not to be given to our canine friends. Neither sugars, high salt, or fat content. Giving them pepperoni pizza will make them ingest these ingredients that are unhealthy to them. In the long term, doggies can have ill health from it.

Can Pepperoni Kill A Dog?

No, pepperoni can’t kill a dog as it is not poisonous. However, it can cause serious illnesses, such as obesity and pancreatitis, when your pooch consumes it too frequently and in excess.

These conditions can hurt your canine friend. However, as a doggie owner, you can avoid it by only feeding your pooch just the right amount of pepperoni.

What Happens If A Dog Eats Pepperoni?

You shouldn’t expect any adverse reactions in your doggie if it eats pepperoni moderately. Pepperoni, just like other food, gets processed in the tummy of your furry friend. It contains mainly protein from pork and beef which is used for body growth and development.

However, if your furry friend consumes pepperoni in excess, the nutrients overload the body system of your pooch. This causes it to bloat, have diarrhea, and other gastrointestinal problems.

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How Much Pepperoni Should I Give My Dog?

You should only give your dog at most 5 g of pepperoni, either pepperoni sticks or slices, once every three months.

The average size of one pepperoni slice is 2.5 g. Hence, you should not give your furry friend more than two slices of pepperoni sticks. Similarly, the average size of one pepperoni stick is 25 g. As a result, you should not let your furry friend have more than ⅕ of a pepperoni stick.

Specifically for younger doggies, you should give them at most 2.5 g of pepperoni. This means one slice of it or half the amount of pepperoni sticks given to larger-sized dogs. Larger-sized dogs can have at most 5 g of pepperoni. This means two slices of it or ⅕ of a pepperoni stick.

These amounts on a 3-month interval are safe for them. The salts, fats, and preservatives in the pepperoni will be insignificant to cause Ill health to your furry friend.

Alternatives To Pepperoni

Pepperoni is primarily made from pork. Because of this, it has a very high-fat content. Hence, it may not be suitable for our furry friends, particularly those on diet restriction of fats and calories.

There are many alternatives to pepperoni we may consider giving our furry friends. These alternatives to pepperoni are lean beef, chicken, beef, turkey, fish, and liver. They contain considerably less fat content compared to pork and will be a better alternative.

Nevertheless, it is safe to give doggies little amount of it and on less frequent occasions regardless of the treat. In this way, they will enjoy the benefits of the meat without any attached health complications.

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