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Boxers are often misunderstood as a dog breed. They are technically not naturally aggressive. Instead, they are very energetic and confident and are not afraid to stand up for themselves when they feel threatened. If you know a boxer lover then you know that fans of the breed are true diehards seeing them for the loveable fur balls they really are. If you would like to show your support, here are a few gifts that should come in handy.

A really great gift to give a boxer lover is Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution. This is a very handy book with lots of tips that will help with training a boxer. You could also give a boxer lover the Metal Peddler Boxer Key Rack or the Didog Studded Leather leash, collar, and harness set.

27. Dogster Magazine Subscription

  • Amazon Kindle Edition

Nothing screams “dog person” louder than an actual magazine subscription to a Dogster. This will help keep the Boxer owner up to date on all things awesome in the canine world.

26. Whistle Go and Go Dog Tracker

Whistle GO Explore - Ultimate Health & Location Tracker for Pets - Waterproof GPS Pet Tracker, Built-in Night Light, 20 Day Battery, Pet Fitness Tracker fits on Collar - Green
  • 3 Month Free - Limited Time Deal. 1 year or longer plan - Use Promo Code FREEMONTH During Activation On Whistle App (code expires 3/12/21). Subscription is required and covers connection to AT&T 4G...

Boxers are free spirits and will take any opportunity to go outside and explore. A dog tracker is a great source of peace of mind for Boxer fans as they always know where their dog is.

25. Hound Street Boxer Walking BAG

Check price at Etsy

This bag makes walking with a Boxer super convenient. It has pockets for personal items like keys and phones as well as a poop bag holder and a treat compartment.

24. Highwave Auto Dog Mug Portable Water Bottle

AutoDogMug (Pink)
  • THIS IS THE ONLY AUTHENTIC LISTING FOR THE HIGHWAVE AUTODOGMUG - any other listing is considered a counterfeit and only ours can be guaranteed to be BPA Free as well as food and dishwasher safe.

This portable water bottle allows Boxer owners to take their outdoorsy pooches out for adventures without having to worry about finding clean drinking water for them. They just have to carry some from home.

23. Rachael Ray Nutrish Edible Chew Toy

Rachael Ray Nutrish Soup Bones Dog Treats, Beef & Barley Flavor, 3 Count (Pack of 8)
  • Contains (8) 3 Count Bags of Soup Bones Dog Treats (24 Bones Total)

Boxers tend to have a lot of pent up energy as well as a very big appetite. These dog bones are a fantastic way to satisfy both of these needs to keep the doggy happy.

22. Petmate Precision Extreme Outback Log Cabin

Petmate Precision Extreme Outback Log Cabin Dog House, Medium
  • MEDIUM DOG HOUSE: Cabin dog house's sealed protective coating, raised floor, & slanted asphalt roof provide protection from the elements & keep the cabin comfortable & dry. Assembles in 3 steps....

This is the perfect outdoor hideaway for a boxer to lounge in after a busy day playing in the yard or exploring the neighborhood.

21. West Paw Zogoflex Hurley Chew Toy

West Paw Zogoflex Hurley Dog Bone Chew Toy – Floatable Pet Toys for Aggressive Chewers, Catch, Fetch – Bright-Colored Bones for Dogs – Recyclable, Dishwasher-Safe, Non-Toxic, Large, Granny Smith
  • DURABLE DOG BONES FOR AGGRESSIVE CHEWERS: If your pampered pooch is an aggressive chewer, then you’ll love the durable shapeand bouncy, floatable material of the West Paw Zogoflex Hurley Dog Bone...

This is a long term solution to angst in a Boxer whether it is due to teething or general frustration. The high quality silicone is non-toxic to the pooch while being strong and durable enough to withstand the chewing.

20. Keegud Pet Feeding Reminder

Keegud DIY Pet Feeding Reminder, Dog Stuff for Small Dog Did You Feed The Dog/Cat/Fish/Pet/Your Kid? Did You Take Your Medicine? 3 Times A Day Reminder for Puppy/Kids/Old People
  • Device helps keep track of when the dog was fed with simple color coding. No batteries needed! Move the slider over after you’ve fed the dog, and slide them all back each week. Green means fed!

This is an awesome gift for first time Boxer owners especially if the pooch will have multiple people taking care of them. That way, they do not miss meals or get double servings because of miscommunication.

19. Eebo Art Boxer dog Magnets

Check price at Etsy

This cute little Boxer fridge magnet is the cute yet subtle way to show that a home is Boxer friendly. They will definitely be a hit with your Boxer fanatic friends or family.

18. Petsafe Wireless Perimeter Fence

PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System
  • 1/2 ACRE OF CIRCULAR COVERAGE: The adjustable circular range can cover up to 1/2 acres from the placement of the portable indoor transmitter

Boxers do not like to be restricted indoors. This invisible, electric fence is an awesome compromise allowing the doggy to go out while still restricting their movement.

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17. AmazonBasics Foldable Travelling Dog Crate

Amazon Basics Portable Folding Soft Dog Travel Crate Kennel, Medium (21 x 21 x 30 Inches), Tan
  • Folding soft-sided 30-inch dog crate for medium dogs up to approximately 42 pounds

Boxers can get a little over excited in cars which is why a car crate is a great gift for their owners. This crate is built to offer safety while giving the dog enough space to feel comfortable during the drive.

16. Late for the Sky Boxer-opoly Game

This is a very unique game with a boxer-themed play on the iconic board game, Monopoly. It is awesome for boxer lovers with boxer-loving friends and would make for the ideal game night piece.

15. WOPET Automated food dispenser

WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser for Cats and Dogs–Features: Distribution Alarms, Portion Control, Voice Recorder, & Programmable Timer for up to 4 Meals per Day
  • FEED YOUR PET WHILE YOU’RE AWAY - Schedule up to 4 automated feedings per day using the built-in programmable timer. Program each meal time with a few button clicks on an easy to use LCD screen....

For the busy Boxer parent, this automated food dispenser is a lifesaver. It will ensure that the big appetite of the Boxer is satisfied all day long without exceeding the daily recommended portions.

14. Gonebold Gifts Boxer Mug

Check price at Etsy

There is no better start to a Boxer lover’s day than a nice cup o’ Joe in a Boxer-themed mug to remind them what matters in life. The best part is that you can have this cup customized to include the Boxer’s name.

13. BlueIsland Rope Tug of War Toy

LECHONG Dog Rope Toys for Aggressive Chewers Tough Rope Chew Toys for Large and Medium Dog 3 Feet 5 Knots Indestructible Cotton Rope for Large Breed Dog Tug of War Dog Toy Teeth Cleaning
  • Safe and Tough Dog Toys - This rope dog toy is made from 100% nature washable cotton, safe for you pet chewing and playing. This nearly indestructible dog toys will entertain your dog for hours.

Boxers love to play with their human companions with a little rough play every now and then is. This tug of war toy is built to withstand the pulling and biting for lots of fun times in the future.

12. Bakerology Boxer Cookie Cutter

Check price at Etsy

This is another quirky little gift that is bound to warm the heart of any Boxer fan. They can be used both for human cookies and for homemade treats for the pooch.

11. Jean And Company Boxer Phone Popsockets

Check price at Etsy

Popsockets are all the rage these days and a Boxer-themed piece is ideal for dog owners who love their furry best friends just as much as they love their phones.

10. The Rustic Barn Boxer Night Light

This is a sweet little gift that is both aesthetic and functional. It can be used in the Boxer parent’s room, a child’s room, or even the dog’s sleeping space.

9. Dogs Of Instagram Coffee Table Book

This collection of photographs is a wonderful décor piece for any Boxer lover’s home whether it is set up on a coffee table or as part of a larger, bookshelf situation. It is also quite fun to look at with all the cute little pooches including Boxers.

SPOTLIGHT: Check out your dog’s weight at with our very own puppy weight chart right here.

8. Premium Care Calming Chews

Hemp Calming Treats for Dogs - Made In USA - Vet Approved - Helps With Dog Anxiety, Separation, Barking, Stress Relief And Thunderstorms - Natural Calming Relaxer for Aggressive Behavior - 120 Chews
  • RELIEVES 99% OF DOG RELATED ANXIETIES - Our natural calming treats have been shown to alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety. Whether your dog suffers from separation anxiety, weather-related woes,...

Boxers have a bit of a temper especially if not socialized early or if they had early trauma. The chamomile and l-tryptophan in these soft chew treats is the perfect way to calm then down when episodes are looming.

7. Stamp And Soul Custom Boxer Dog Tag

Check price at Etsy

This is both a functional piece and a cute accessory for the Boxer. You can have it engraved with anything from the dog’s name to their owner’s address.

6. Ollie Food Subscription

Get 20% OFF your first order with Ollie by clicking here!

Boxers love to eat and they love to eat good food which is why this Ollie Food Subscription would be such a great gift for a Boxer parent especially as they are starting out.

5. Lavender Essential Oil

Artizen Lavender Essential Oil (100% Pure & Natural - Undiluted) Therapeutic Grade - Huge 1oz Bottle - Perfect for Aromatherapy, Relaxation, Skin Therapy & More!
  • 100% Pure & Natural Lavender Essential Oil - What sets Artizen Essential Oils apart are their unparalleled purity and concentration. Natural, with no adulterants or dilution, their oils provide the...

Essential oils are another effective way to help deal with a Boxer’s temper tantrums and aggressive outbursts. Lavender has a particularly calming effect whether sprayed on, applied topically, or used as aromatherapy.

4. Boxer Dog Costume With Robe And Shorts

Check price at Etsy

It is never too late or too early to shop for a Halloween costume for a boxer. An actual boxer costume is perfect for a pun.

3. Didog Studded Leather Leash, Collar, And Harness Set

If you have a friend who sarcastically leans into the whole aggressive stereotype of the Boxer then this incredibly cool set would be the ideal gift to complete the aesthetic.

2. Metal Peddler Boxer Key Rack

This rack can serve as a key holder or even a holder for different doggy accessories including collars and leashes. The coolest part is the Boxer silhouette which forms the biggest part of the frame.

1. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

Zak George's Dog Training Revolution: The Complete Guide to Raising the Perfect Pet with Love
  • Zak George s Dog Training Revolution The Complete Guide to Raising the Perfect Pet with Love

Zak George is a true dog training genius with a lot of wisdom to share. First time Boxer owners in particular will need as much help as they can get raising obedient and friendly dogs with tempers in check.

Related Questions

What Do Boxer Dogs Love? Boxer dogs are very energetic dogs and love to play. They are not very picky about the circumstances either. They can play alone, with other dogs, or with their humans and still have fun. They can play indoors or outdoors and still have a blast. They just need this physical outlet to avoid frustration and to keep them well-behaved.

Do Boxers Like To Cuddle? Contrary to popular misconceptions about Boxers, they are actually very affectionate dogs who love to cuddle with their human companions. They can actually get quite clingy especially when they form very deep bonds with human handlers. They may also demonstrate some level of friendliness and affection towards strangers especially with early socialization.

Do Boxer Dogs Eat A Lot? Boxer dogs eat quite a lot to keep up with their high energy demands. Despite being medium-sized dogs, they eat like large breeds averaging 3 to 5 cups of dog food per day or even more. Fortunately, they are active and therefore not very likely to develop obesity as a result of their eating habits. 

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