Puppies Rescued In Two Separate Incidents During The Holiday Weekend

Newly-born rescued puppies are going to spend the holidays warm and safe thanks to the prompt police action. A total of seven puppies were found abandoned in two separate cities over the holiday weekend.

The Tulsa Police Department rescued five left inside a duffel bag while two were found in a mattress bed together with their mother in Detroit, Michigan.

Puppies In A Mattress

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On the day after Christmas, the Detroit police from the 11th precinct received a report of a vicious dog on the loose in the area.

What they found was nowhere near an aggressive dog but a nursing mother scavenging for food near an abandoned house. The mother appeared to be malnourished but friendly. One of the responding officers, G. Rogers, noticed that the dog had enlarged mammary glands due to lactating milk and a swollen stomach.

They first worked to gain the mother’s trust by giving her dog treats which the dog eventually warmed up to. “I usually keep a bag of dog treats in the police car, so I just worked my way up on the porch until she was taking them out of my hand after about 30 minutes of me trying to get through to her. After that, she started to trust us a little bit more,” Rogers said.

Upon inspecting the abandoned house, they found a female puppy laying on top of a beat-up mattress. They later discovered its brother inside the mattress with a spring coiled up around its neck.

Without any pliers or knife on hand, Rogers managed to free the pup from the coils. “I just used all my force to break it off its neck. It was a relief,” the officer said.

They have since named the mother dog, Jingles, who is around one-year-old but the two puppies, aged two or three weeks old, remained nameless.

The family of three is being cared for by the Detroit Pit Crew Rescue until they find a new home. A veterinarian commented that they would not have survived the night if they had not been rescued.

A fundraiser has so far raised $1,000 in donations for the dogs.

Puppies In A Duffel Bag

Hours before the Detroit rescue, a litter of five puppies was found inside a zipped-up duffel bag in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Someone left the puppies inside a bag and dumped them on the store counter of a QuikTrip on Christmas Day. The puppies appeared to be around five weeks old, according to a veterinarian.

Four of the responding officers from the Mingo Valley Division and an employee of the store decided there and then to take the dogs for themselves without going through the office of City Animal Control. It is the Holiday Season, after all.

The four officers happily posed with their newly adopted puppies in front of the store.

The Tulsa Police Department urged would-be pet owners to adopt rather than shop. “There are lots of rescues and shelters that are over capacity for abandoned pets,” their statement advocated.

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