Shih Tzu Husky Mix

These days, we often see various hybrid dogs around that would have been impossible to see about half a century ago. One common problem we encounter with rearing these breeds is insufficient grooming info about them. An excellent example is the Husky Shih Tzu Mix.

A Husky Shih Tzu Mix is a mixed dog breed from the cross between a Siberian Husky and a Shih Tzu. Also called Shih Tzusky, this mix is usually created through artificial insemination and is widely considered to be rare due to its high cost.

Shih Tzuskies are relatively peculiar dogs, and you may be looking for a guide on how to groom them. If you are looking to groom one properly, look no further. In this article, I have written a comprehensive guide on raising them. So, let’s dive right in and find out how big these Shih Tzuskies truly are.

How Big Will A Shih Tzu Husky Mix Get?

A Shih Tzu Husky mix can grow between 8 and 18 inches. The wide range is because of the contrast between the height of Siberian Huskies and that of Shih Tzus.

On the other hand, the weight of a Shih Tzusky can range between 10 and 59 Ibs. This overall value is because of the widely contrasting difference in weight between Shih Tzus and Huskies. How they weigh depends on which parent’s characteristics they take.

Physical Appearance

Most Shih Tzuskies are lovely dogs, but they differ in appearance on an individual level. So, it’s rather hard to predict what your Shih Tzusky will look like.

Notwithstanding, they generally tend to take both parents’ main characteristics. These main features include:

  • Weight
  • Fur color
  • Shape
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Coat Color

The Husky Shih Tzu Mix comes in a variety of fur colors ranging from solid black to brindle. It’s easier to predict how your Tzusky’s coat colors and patterns will be when you know its parents. It’s even easier when they both are of pure color.

Let’s say both the Husky and Shih Tzu to be mixed have pure black fur. You’d know instantly that there’s a very high possibility the pups born will be pure black too. The same goes for when both parents have pure white fur.

When both parents have differing pure fur colors, the pups may either have one of the colors alone or a mixture. The most unpredictable outcome is when one or both parents have mixed-colored fur.


Tzuskies can take the shape and physique of either a Siberian Husky or a Shih Tzu, and there is no definitive shape these Tzuskies can come in.

However, most of these pooches are usually of average height and look a lot more like a Shih Tzu. A few tend to look like Siberian Husky but possess the size of a typical Shih Tzu.

How Long Do Shih Tzu Husky Mixes Live?

Shih Tzu Husky Mix dogs typically live between 10 and 15 years in good grooming conditions.

Unfortunately, while they do live relatively long, Tzuskies are liable to suffer from a variety of health conditions. They tend to be predisposed to most diseases Shih Tzus have, and Shih Tzus mostly suffer from eye issues.

Nevertheless, Tzuskies do suffer a few other general conditions which commonly affect dogs in general. Here are some common illnesses:


Proptosis is a condition that affects the eyes of dogs. It occurs when your puppy’s eyes start bulging to the extent that it leaves the sockets and the eyelids shut behind them.

This is a severe condition and can eventually lead to blindness. Luckily, surgery can reverse the effects on your Tzusky if it’s done on time.

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Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Progressive retinal atrophy is a condition that involves the gradual death of photoreceptor cells in your pooch’s retina. Because of this condition, your Tzusky will first find it very difficult to see at night.

As the condition progresses, the daytime vision of your pooch will become impaired. It is then that you’ll notice that it can no longer see at night and may bump into things frequently. Eventually, it’ll lose its sight. It’s very terrible because it is irreversible.


Another very common eye disease Tzuskies may face is cataracts. A cataract is characterized by an unusual clouding of the clear lens of your pooch’s eyes. It occurs very slowly and could lead to complete blindness in the later stages of your pooch.

Canine Flu

This disease is relatively new, and that is precisely why it’s fatal. Because dogs have not gotten used to this disease over time, the mortality rate tends to be high. If you notice your Tzusky sneezing and having a runny nose most of the time, it would be best if you call up your veterinarian to check on it immediately.

These are just a few of the common diseases that affect Tzuskies. You may have noticed that most of them are eye-related. This is because they are at greater risk of having problems with their eyes. Luckily a veterinarian can diagnose these diseases on time. Thankfully, some of them are reversible.

How To Take Care Of Shih Tzu Husky Mixes?

There are several aspects to taking care of your Shih Tzu Husky Mix. The three major ones include:

  • Feeding a high-quality diet
  • Exercise routine
  • Dental hygiene

Feeding A High-Quality Diet

Tzuskies eat a high-quality diet containing a lot of protein, carbohydrates, and minerals like calcium in the right amount. These foods include fish, meat, biscuit bone, and small amounts of vegetables.

You should mix your pooch’s food in such a way that all the nutrients it needs are available in the right proportion. For example, it would help if you gave your dog multivitamins because they are often absent or in minimal quantities in its natural food.

Besides, your Tzusky should be fed 1 or 2 cups of food, split into two servings every day, an amount enough to keep your dog out of hunger and free from deficiency diseases.

Sometimes, you may lack the raw ingredients to prepare a meal, or that you’re too busy to do so. If any of these situations is your case, then you don’t need to fret. Pet Plate contains all the nutrients needed by your pooch daily for it to grow well, and each of its meals is freshly prepared.

Dental Hygiene

Speaking of diseases, most dogs are prone to periodontitis

One way of effectively curbing the effects of this disease is by investing in quality dental water additives. Such additives, when added in the right proportions to your pooch’s water, will protect its teeth and gums from plaque buildup and wear out.

Exercise Routine

Basic walking for 40 minutes per session, five sessions each week, is a good exercise routine to keep your Tzusky active and in good shape. Always remember to keep your pooch on a leash to avoid any incidence of it running away.

Also, playing with your dog regularly and allowing it to chase you around is good exercise. Doing this will help your Tzusky burn off excess fat and maintain a healthy heart.

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Do Shih Tzu Husky Mixes Have Separation Anxiety? Temperaments Of Shih Tzu Husky Mixes

Your Shih Tzu Husky Mix will not like being left alone and may develop separation anxiety, when it gets too attached to you. Tzuskies are known for being so close to their owners, like a “velcro dog” that they follow them wherever they go.

It would be best if you teach your Tzusky to adapt to your absence on time without it disliking you. Nevertheless, if your pooch wants to follow you and it’s okay to have your dog where you’re going, then it’s okay.


Most Tzuskies are not aggressive. They are very friendly and love to play with their owners. However, they do not welcome nor respond well to strangers, as they may bark at them. Some Tzuskies can be hostile to their owners too. This can be a result of the following:

  • Inherited genes from aggressive Husky parents
  • Poor grooming at the pet shop
  • Negative experiences from its previous owner
  • Long-term illness or injury


It is moderately easy to train a Tzusky. This pooch has an excellent memory and will obey your commands as long as you regularly practice with it. When you tell your furry companion to do things infrequently, it may get confused. Do ensure that you periodically train your Tzusky and reward it with treats.

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Shih Tzu Husky Mixes can be very loud. They frequently bark at things that excite them, such as brightly colored and moving objects.

In addition, they bark when happy, curious, frightened, or threatened. Sometimes it can be tiresome to hear your Tzusky barking a lot.


A frown from you and a stern warning when your pooch behaves wrongly is an excellent way to punish it.

Dogs understand countenances. They can tell when you’re mad at them. Tzuskies, in particular, know this very well. You could tell your pooch “bad dog” and frown at it when it does wrong. An alternative is not playing with it or giving it treats (not its daily food) for a while.

This way, it will know that it has done wrong. Beating your furry friend is ill-advised as it can bear the trauma in its mind and fear you for a long time.

Do Shih Tzu Husky Mixes Shed A Lot? Grooming Tips For Shih Tzu Husky Mixes

Shih Tzu Husky Mixes shed a lot all year round. Both Huskies and Shih Tzus have a lot of hair and are heavy shedders. This means that their progeny will shed a lot, too, and is not considered to be hypoallergenic.

Tzuskies generally have a double coat of fur that they change entirely during seasons. And stray hair can be annoying to find as they tend to go everywhere.


Brushing your Tzusky’s fur daily is the most effective way to de-shed it. Doing this will remove all the loose fur and help it have a smoother coat.

The FURminator Undercoat Tool is a beautiful de-shedding tool you can use. It’s gentle on dogs’ fur and helps to remove all stray strands.


You should bathe your Shih Tzu Husky Mix at least once every three weeks to keep it clean and healthy.

You can bathe your Tzusky more frequently, especially if:

  • You have taken your canine on a muddy run.
  • It licks itself too much, and the saliva stinks when dried.
  • It has an injury that can fester with bacteria.

In addition, most Tzuskies will come with white spots or have a white base coat. Luckily, Seamus Cherry Blossom Whitening Dog Shampoo is a perfect option for you to bathe your pooch with. This shampoo contains active ingredients that can help whiten white spots and areas to keep the characteristic white coat of your Tzusky fresh and bright.

In the case of injury, you should always consult your vet to know how to take care of your canine in its dilemma.

How Much Is A Shih Tzu Husky Mix? A Shih Tzu Husky Mix can cost up to $2,000 to purchase. This is because a Shih Tzu Husky mix is very rare, considering that they can only be made from artificial insemination. In addition, pure-color Tzuskies are much more expensive than regular ones.

Can A Husky Live With A Shih Tzu? Yes, a Husky can live with a Shih Tzu, but only if they are introduced early as puppies or socialized early. Both dogs are playful and affectionate, so it isn’t surprising that they can get along well. However, certain Huskies can be aggressive, so you should not bring an aggressive Husky near your Shih Tzu as the Husky can fight it and inflict injuries.

Is Shih Tzu Husky Mix A Strong Dog? If the dominant genes of the parent Husky get expressed in the end, then your Shih Tzu Husky Mix puppy will grow to be as powerful as that of the Husky. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t expect your Shih Tzu-Husky to be a muscly dog as it is not bred for strength. But it is an agile dog.

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