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Can Dogs Have Cilantro?

Yes, dogs can have cilantro without any complications to their health or function. In fact, due to its antimicrobial properties, this fresh herb can help dogs steer clear of fungal, bacterial, and viral infections. Cilantro is perfectly alright for all dog breeds so long as they do not manifest allergies having it.

Can Dogs Have Green Apples?

Yes, dogs can have green apples. They come in different types, such as the Granny Smith Apples and green crab apples, which our furry friends can safely consume. Green apples are considerably healthier than red ones. However, we should always feed dogs in moderation; otherwise, these apples may cause stomach discomforts.

Bully Beds Review: Is It Worth It?

Bully Beds are orthopedic dog beds explicitly made for huge dogs. Made of high-quality materials, these beds are designed to withstand the abuse of any dog bully. The company creates stylish giant dog beds with a 20-year, no-fail warranty. As such, it has garnered a significant presence on social media platforms, especially Facebook, where it has 114.2k followers.

Can Dogs Have Squash?

Yes, dogs can have squash, and this treat is quite nourishing for them too. Squash contains essential vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins A, B6, C, calcium, and magnesium. With so many health benefits, your dog can only benefit from regularly eating squash.

Why Do Dogs Follow You Into The Bathroom?

Dogs may follow you to the bathroom for a variety of reasons. It could be because they're curious about what you're doing, bored or insecure, in search of a tasty treat, itโ€™s a common thing for their breed, they donโ€™t want you to leave them. Or simply, it is because they care about you and don't want anything bad to happen to you at the vulnerable location.

Can Dogs Eat Mandarin Oranges? What About Cuties Mandarins?

Mandarin oranges are safe for dogs to eat. The same applies to the Cuties variation of mandarins as well. However, overconsumption of mandarin oranges and their Cuties variation will be a threat to dogs, leading to stomach upsets and diarrhea. The risks of health complications, like obesity, should increase in the long run if overconsumption continues.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Temperament And Personality

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are loyal pups and will do all they can to protect their owners from danger. They are strong-willed dogs that make learning new tricks and commands easy. Plus, they are dignified canines with an even temper and calm demeanor that makes them absolutely lovable.

PupBox Review: Is It Worth It?

PupBox is, undeniably, one of the household names when it comes to pet subscription services within the States, and their social media following largely reflects this. At the time of writing, the official PupBox's Instagram page has over 359,000 followers. And the over 60,000 likes on PupBoxโ€™s Facebook page are a great indicator of the quality of service provided by this brand.