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What Is a Golden Retriever Dachshund (Golden Dox) Mix?

Golden retrievers are currently the 3rd most popular dog breeds according to the American Kennel Club. Doxies on the other hand rank 12th. It therefore comes as no surprise that the Golden dox is one of the most popular mixed breed doggies on the market.

In addition to being super cute, they have these infectious personalities that make them ideal for any home. Here is all you need to know about them if you are considering getting one of your own.

A golden dox is a mixed breed dog from breeding a golden retriever and a dachshund. Due to the size difference, the mother has to be a golden retriever for a safer pregnancy and delivery.

This difference also makes it difficult to accurately predict the size and general appearance of the resulting mix. Despite this, the golden dox is easily one of the most popular mixes for the unique looks, lovable personality and overall ease of maintenance.

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The experience of owning a golden retriever dachshund mix is different for everyone as the resulting puppies are very versatile and unique. However, there are a few common experiences whether it is the expected appearance, the temperament you have to deal with or care needs. Let us take a closer look at those so you know what to expect with yours.

What Is A Golden Doxie?

A golden doxie is a mixed breed pooch produced by breeding between a female golden retriever and a male dachshund.

The retriever is chosen to carry the pups as a result of the size difference. It is much safer for them in case the mixed puppies come out larger than what a female doxie is built for.

When it comes to the build, these dogs more often than not have a look that is reminiscent of both parents. They have a bit of the disproportionately long torso that dachshunds are known for.

However, they tend to have longer and more muscular legs which gives a bit more proportion as is the case with the golden retrievers’ builds.

As earlier alluded to, golden dox doggies can get pretty big. In fact they are classified as medium to large dogs. When it comes to weight, Golden Dox can weigh anywhere between the 30 to 60 pounds range or even higher.

Golden Doxies also tend to grow much taller than their dachshund parents with a height range of 12 to 24 inches.

These doggies are also known for their coats which more often than not resemble that of the golden retriever with colors like tan, gold, brown, and yellow.

The face and head shapes of the golden dox doggy are not too different from either parent. This is because, for the most part, these individual breeds have very similar structures. The resulting pooch will have the same long nose and droopy ears of both parents.

However, the length of the ears varies with some taking after the dachshund with long ears that reach the level of the jawline.

Do Golden Dox Shed? Grooming Tips

Golden dox doggies are not hypoallergenic.

They shed moderately to heavily depending on the length of the coat and how well it is taken care of. This is more of a problem if the dog has a long and fine type of coat which is the most common variety with this mix.

The best way to minimize shedding with these furry little buddies is by brushing regularly. This helps to get rid of any loose fur that may be shed all over the house. It also helps with detangling in cases where the fur is long and wiry which promotes coat health.

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Golden retriever dachshund mixes tend to experience fast hair growth. If it is not trimmed on a regular basis, this trait further contributes to more shedding. With these doggies, it is advisable to get them trimmed once every 4 to 6 months just to keep things manageable.

Another grooming factor you need to consider with golden dox pooches is the color of their coat. The light shades of brown they tend to have easily show dirt and so regular washing should be a priority. A monthly interval between showers should be enough to keep them clean without stripping their skin and fur strands of much needed natural oils.

Dental hygiene should also be a huge grooming priority for you while raising a golden dox. This is because they are prone to issues like tartar and dental caries. The best way to do this is by investing in a dental chew toy so they get to have fun as they clean their teeth.

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Golden Dox Temperament: More Golden Retriever Gentle Or Dachshund Aggressive?

Size is not the only major difference between golden retrievers and dachshunds. The retrievers are known for their gentle personalities and high intelligence. Dachshunds on the other hand, though smart and affectionate, have a reputation for being stubborn and occasionally aggressive.

The golden dox takes after several traits of both doggies. Here are a few that you may get to experience.


They get this from both sides of the family but mainly from the golden retrievers. This makes them significantly easier to housebreak and train on obedience than their dachshund parents. It also makes them generally better house pets especially if there are children in the home.


Unfortunately, the stubborn predisposition from the dachshund is not always bred out with this breed. They have been known to throw fits every now and then and just flat out refuse to cooperate. Fortunately, the intelligence counters this making them much easier to manage. The best part is that these stubbornness episodes rarely translate into violent ones when dealing with a golden dox.


This is to be expected given how active and playful both the golden retriever and dachshund are. The resulting golden dox will require just as much playtime. Due to their size, they thrive the most in outdoor settings so if you live in an apartment consider finding a dog park or beach to take them to.


These dogs love their families almost to a fault. Golden Doxies love to cuddle and hang out and show their affection in whatever ways they can conceive. With proper training and socialization, they can show this kind of love to anyone including your guests

Common Health Problems Of A Golden Dox

Golden retriever dachshund mixes are generally very strong and healthy dogs. However, they occasionally inherit several health problems from their parents. Here are some of the most common ones you may have to deal with.

Dental problems

These include accumulation of tartar, gum infections and dental cavities. In addition to causing pain and bad breath for the pooch, they weaken the teeth and make mealtimes punishing.

Ear infections

This is often as a result of trapped moisture and dirt that holds on to ear in the outer ear canals. The best way to prevent this is to ensure you wash and properly dry your doggy’s ears every bath time.


These are common with dachshunds and are often passed down to the golden dox. They may experience skin or respiratory reactions when exposed to mites, fleas, dust, pollen and some chemicals.


This includes inherited epileptic disorders. With proper medication, your pooch can leave a long and happy life.

Intervertebral disc disease

It is often seen if the golden dox takes the long torso and short legs build of the dachshund. This disproportion results in instability of the disks with nerve injury and consequences ranging from pain to paralysis.

This can be worsen by weight related problems common among Dachshunds. A heavier body adds stress to the spine, thus aggravating the condition.


This is one of the most common of the many gut issues that this mixed breed experiences. In addition to pain, it causes loss of appetite which may worsen the symptoms.

Eye problems

Progressive retinal atrophy is a major issue in mixed breeds like the golden dox. It leaves to progressive loss of vision in both eyes. Zesty Paws Eye Supplement for Dogs could help you prevent or slow down the progress. It contains fish oil with DHA and EPA for optimum development and functioning of visual system structures.

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Are Golden Dox Good For Kids And Family?

Golden dox mixes are among the most popular family pets. They are particularly awesome for families with children. This is as a result of a combination of their personality traits and their general ease of maintenance. Here are some of the specific traits that will help them get along well with your little ones:

Very active

There is nothing that golden dox doggies love to do more than playing. This makes them ideal for families with children as they have someone to play with. They particularly thrive in outdoor setups so you could take family trips to the park, beach or playground for a great time together.

Friendly and loving

Golden retriever dachshund mixes also fit in well with families because of their gentle and affectionate nature. They have actually been known to prefer cuddling with children more than grownups. You can rest assured that they will love and treat your little ones with care and there is truly nothing more heartwarming.


While golden doxes are known for their gentle and non-aggressive predisposition, they do not hesitate to protect those that they care about. You therefore get the benefit of an extra pair of eyes on your beloved family.

Not aggressive

The best part is that you do not have to worry about this aggression being turned on your family. With training and proper socialization, golden doxes know just where to tow the line for peaceful coexistence.

Easy to maintain

You can all chip in to maintaining this independent pooch as a family. For the most part, all they need is food, regular brushing and some time out. This makes them perfect if you want to teach your kids some responsibility.

Related Questions

How Much Is A Golden Weiner Dog? A golden dox will cost you anywhere between $500 and $1000. Despite being so popular, they are not frequently available on standby from most breeders. Fortunately, they are common enough that you may find some in rescue shelters for absolutely free. So make sure to do your research before you settle.

Are There Golden Miniature Dachshunds? The golden miniature dachshund is a mixed breed dog obtained from breeding a miniature dachshund with a standard golden retriever. The resulting doggy is often smaller than the golden dox and may weigh less than 30 pounds or measure less than 15 inches. They also tend to have more pronounced disproportion between their long torsos and short legs. 

What Are Some Other Mini Golden Retriever Mixes? It is common in the designer doggy world to mix golden retrievers with mini breeds. This gives a mixed breed pooch with the lovable personality and high intelligence of a golden retriever and the cute and manageable size of a lapdog. Some of the most popular miniature breeds golden retrievers are mixed with include:

  • Toy poodle (Golden doodle)
  • Mini cocker spaniel (Golden cocker)
  • Chihuahua (Golden chi)


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