Beagle Terrier Mix – Your Complete Breed Guide To The Boglen Terrier

As time is passing; we are getting more and more breed varieties in the whole dog world. I want to share with you a breed, namely Beagle Terrier Mix or Boglen Terrier, which seems perfect specifically for people who genuinely need a companion or someone to sprinkle entertainment into their lonely lives.

The Beagle Terrier Mix is the offspring when a Beagle crosses a Boston Terrier, one of the 31 breeds from the Terrier group. It is also known by other names, such as Beagle Boston Terrier Mix, Boston Terrier Beagle Mix, or are sometimes called Boggle. If you are keen to get a Boggle, you should know that it is a small pooch with a goofy nature bound to bring laughter into your life.

I will share a complete guide to these small funny pooches down below, including their health concerns, grooming needs, diet, other life requirements, and all about each habit and behavior they show at different stages of their life. But before I get into the depth, I want you to get the idea of Boglens’ overall looks and appearance.

What Is A Boglen Terrier?

As outlined previously, Boglen Terriers are a breed produced by mixing Beagles and Boston Terriers. Combining these two breeds, we get a pooch with a combination of goofy nature and strong prey drive.


Because of inheriting strong prey drives from Beagles, Boglen Terriers can sometimes serve as hunting dogs.

However, when it comes to their physical appearance, they are opposite to what a hunting dog should exactly look like. Boglen Terriers do not possess strong physiques, as they belong to small dog breeds.

Well, their signature appearance comprises smooth coat, long legs, and floppy ears. Since Beagle Terrier Mixes have small figures, they are a good choice for owners living in apartments.

Coat Color

The pattern of Boglen Terriers’ coat remains similar to as Beagles’ with furthermore addition of some color patches taken in inheritance from Boston Terriers. Boglen Terrier’s smooth coats always come up in a two-color combination while always having white being one.

You will generally find Boglen Terriers in colors, such as brindle and white, brown and white, or sometimes black and white.

Size And Weight

The genetic parents of Boglens are quite different from each other in terms of size. Beagle parents are usually a bit larger than Boston Terrier parents. Since the difference between the two is significant, predicting the size of a Boglen Terrier can be somehow difficult.

Anyhow, the average size of male Boglen Terriers ranges between 12 to 17 inches, however, female Boglens get a height of something between 11 to 15 inches. Besides, these small breed pooches weigh around 10 to 40 lbs.

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How Long Do Boglen Terriers Live?

The average lifespan of a Boglen Terrier is between 10 to 15 years.

Since Boglen Terriers are one of the small dog breeds, their lifespan is considerably longer than that of most larger breed canines.

A Healthier Mixed Breed

Boston Terriers are known for their breathing issues and eye problems. These breathing problems occur mostly because their snouts are shorter than usual.

However, when a Boston Terrier is crossed with a Beagle, the Boglen Terrier offspring will end up with an extended-snout, leading to a more healthier breed.

Still, there are a few minor health issues that are commonly found in Boglen Terriers.


Obesity is the most renowned health issue in Boglen Terriers. This is because these pooches are crazy food lovers.

Obesity, if not controlled well, often leads to further severe health issues and may also shorten the lifespan of your pooch. Monetizing the daily calorie intake and sticking strictly to the diet prescribed by the vet are the two solution keys to this problem.

Skin Problems

Since Boglen Terriers’ body coats are smooth and short-haired, their skins get affected by dryness and allergies easily. These problems are quite common in both Beagle and Boston Terrier parents, so a Boglen Terrier is likely to inherit similar skin conditions.

You will need to check their coat for patches or rashes regularly and should hurry to the vet on noticing something strange as your pooch may be suffering from skin irritation. 

Joint Problems

A couple of joint issues Boglen Terriers may tend to face are hip dysplasia and patellar luxation. Both issues are almost similar where the joints get dislocated. However, the joint locations in both situations differ where one remains around the hip while the other at the knee in patellar luxation.

Such joint problems will not necessarily find its way to every Boglen Terrier, but it will not hurt to have your pooch go for regular checkups to help with the early detection of these issues.

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How To Take Care Of Your Boglen Terriers?

The basic level of care for your Boglen Terrier should involve its diet, its exercise needs, as well as the often neglected aspect, its oral health.

Limiting Food Intake

As mentioned previously, Boglen Terriers are crazy for food and never tend to refuse any served meal. In fact, they are often caught secretly stealing foodstuffs from kitchens. This is why Boglens are famous for having big size tummies, so maintaining their weight is one of the major priorities to the owners.

Providing meals only at scheduled timings should help to overcome obesity. Ideally, Boglen Terrier should be fed with 1½ to 2½ cups of kibble split into two servings every dayDiet should compose mainly proteins, fats, and multivitamins; however, treats should be limited to some extent.

Serve your Boglen Terriers high-quality (puppy or adult) foods made specifically for small breed pooches. Get a strict diet plan from your vet prescribed according to your pooch’s condition, or try out this highly recommended Pet Plate and its freshly prepared meals properly apportioned for your pooch.

High Energy-Burning

The crazy food intake of Boglen Terrier pooches can be balanced by burning their stored energy. Since Boglen Terrier’s parents often served as hunting dogs, these canines certainly require playtime, exercise sessions, and short walks on a daily basis for 30 minutes in every session.

Although Boglen Terriers burn the maximum amount of their energy hanging out here and there, a 3-mile walk every day is ideal in maintaining their weight, as well as keeping you and the dog owners in shape.

Oral Health 

Small breed doggies, like Boglen Terriers, are believed to be at higher risks of facing dental and periodontal issues. Brushing their teeth once every two days will help lower the risks, and start brushing since puppyhood will help them get used to this brushing routine.

Alternatively, getting your pooch dental chews and dental water additives will also help tackle the oral issues. Such vet-recommended additives and chews should help remove all the leftover food particles present in the form of tartar from your pooch’s mouth making it clean and fresh.

Are Boglen Terriers Smart? Temperaments Of Beagle Terrier Mixes

Boglen Terriers are extremely smart little pooches. They somehow resemble small rats who smartly get their silly tasks done in the easiest way possible.

Crazy And Silly

Boglen Terriers are small cute canines that can be termed as “super crazy” because of their silly antics. The energy levels of these pooches remain full all day long as they could be seen running and jumping here and there.

They are one of the funniest pooches that don’t tend to get angry. They don’t bark either. However, they are being vocal when something frightens them.


Boglen Terriers are one of the people-oriented pooches who get attached to parents and close family members in a very short time.

Boglens are too cuddly and so enjoy spending time lying in laps. They can be often seen hanging around kids’ rooms and remain good even with neighbors’ dogs or cats, and sometimes strangers too.

Boglen Terriers will love to follow you all-around your house and so these pooches shouldn’t be left at home alone.


Boglen Terriers make us laugh until our tummies start hurting. However, the stubbornness of these pooches can make us overwhelmed sometimes.

This stubborn personality trait inherited from Beagle parents usually makes Boglen Terriers inattentive during training sessions, and coupled with short attention spans, they may become difficult to train.

To train Boglen Terriers easily, you’ll need to make command learning successful by staying patient at the very beginning. Shorter training sessions and treat rewarding can serve as two great helping tools.

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Do Boglen Terriers Shed? Grooming Tips For Beagle Terrier Mixes

Almost all Boglen Terriers possess short smooth coats rather than those shedding ones and they are regarded to be one of the canines that shed little to no amount.

Despite being non-shedding pooches, Boglen Terriers cannot be completely declared as hypoallergenic as they produce some dander which we humans may severely be allergic to.


Boglen Terriers seem to be extremely low-maintenance pooches because of having short and smooth coats. They are neither curly-coat pooches nor shedding-coat canines but something in between. Hence, Boglen Terrier’s smooth coat does not require regular brushing.

Brushing once a week would be enough to keep their coats in shape. The brush I would recommend here is Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush. This bristle brush also helps remove dander found sprinkled on your furry buddy’s coat.


Boglen Terriers need to get bathed once every four weeks. Since they are active canines and enjoy experiencing all the fun, you may need to bathe them more often to keep their coats shiny.

Dander produced by Boglen Terriers can also be the reason behind their frequent baths. However, do note that bathing too frequently can dry up its skin and strip off essential oils.

We highly recommend Pro Pet Works All Natural 5 In 1 Oatmeal Shampoo as it contains the oatmeal ingredient to help soothe sensitive skins that your Boglen Terrier may have.

Ear Cleaning

Boglen Terriers’ ears are not erect like other canines but remain hanging throughout their life. The ears of these pooches being turned inward can serve as a host for parasites, consequently leading to a number of ear infections.

To keep your Boglen away from such messes, clean their ears weekly and regularly check their floppy ears for fleas, ticks, and ear mites.

How Much Is A Boglen Terrier? Despite being small breed pooches, Boglen Terriers can cost you around $600 to $1,000. You can alternatively get your Boglen Terrier from rescue centers as they cost significantly less than getting from breeders. However, since the Boston Terrier parental-side is known for having significant health issues, being aware of parental history is important in this breed case. Hence, do try to get your Boglen Terrier from reputable breeders.

Do Boglen Terriers Swim? Boglen Terriers are neither bred for swimming nor are swimming enthusiasts. However, they can swim well when being taught during their puppy ages. Still, the love for water among the canines of this breed varies dog by dog since Beagle parents often avoid getting wet and going into the water.

Can Boston Terriers Get Along With Beagle Mixes? Boston Terrier pooches are known for getting along with most of the dog breeds including Beagles, in fact, they can be seen playing with cats and other pets too. These small-sized pooches are not only good with Beagles but also a wide variety of Beagle mixes too. Beagle Mix breeds like PuggleBoggle, Frengle, Cheagle, Pomeagle, and so many more, get along with Boston Terriers very easily.

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