Best Aluminum Dog Box

The best aluminum dog box is Owens 55006 Dog Box.

You might be wondering why you’d need aluminum dog boxes when you could just tell your dog to get in the car.

Well, aluminum dog boxes will make it much easier for you to transport your pooches if it temporarily loses mobility due to sickness or injury. 

It’ll also come in handy when you’re moving home because you’ll be able to transport your dog without it knowing the route or escaping back to the old house.

Not all aluminum dog boxes aren’t made equal. That’s why we have researched and compiled a list of the best aluminum dog boxes in the market.

#1 Owens 55006 Dog Box

The Owens 55006 aluminum dog boxes are designed for dogs weighing 32 lbs and more. It’s made from sturdy aluminum material with a doorknob and secure lock. The floor mat isn’t just comfy but easy to clean as well.

This one is a real crowd pleaser with vertical bars that are made to prevent heavy chewers from going to town on the box. This is a versatile aluminum dog box that could work well for dog trainers, foresters, and frequent travelers, for example.

This sprawling aluminum dog box is roomy enough to fit a large dog comfortable, and it comes with lockable slam latch doors and vertical bars for added safety.


  • Made with sturdy aluminum.
  • Comes with storage compartment.
  • Lockable slam latch doors.

#2 Owens 55077 Dog Box

This is another impressive yet budget-friendly model from Owens. The 55077 aluminum dog box comes with storage compartments and adjustable berths for extra space to fit more than one dog. It also features dividers and lockable doors, so you can add a supply cart if you need to.

This aluminum dog box is perfect for a dog owner that needs to take their pet on dog shows or regular training sessions.

This aluminum dog box has enough space for two dogs, yet it won’t take up too much space when placed at the back of your truck.


  • Rust-resistant.
  • Well-ventilated and weather-resistant.
  • Spring-loaded handles.

#3 Owens 55017 Dog Box

Owens (55017 Dog Box

The thoughtfully designed aluminum dog boxes from Owens are designed for outdoor use, and they are ideal for pet owners that are passionate about fishing, camping, and hunting. Now, you can take your dog with you on any of these activities while making sure that it sits comfortably throughout the journey.

It’s made to last from weatherproof materials, and you can adjust it to customize the airflow and keep out the rain.

Owens thought of everything when they created this aluminum dog box. It offers great value for money, with a rugged yet lightweight construction, latch slam doors, and it even comes with storm covers. With that said, we wouldn’t advise you to leave your pet unattended if they’re in this or any other aluminum dog boxes.


  • Rugged diamond tread aluminum construction.
  • Storm covers.
  • Large size and rear vents.
  • Lockable latch slam doors.

#4 Owens 55080W Dog Box

Owens (55080W Dog Box

This is yet another great offering from the Owens brand, this time a multi-sized aluminum dog box model that can take a ton of abuse without falling apart. It’s made tough to withstand aggressive chewing and frequent use. It’s also scratch resistant and long lasting, with plastic joints that make the dog box sturdier.

You’ll be glad to know that this is a well-ventilated aluminum dog box that won’t suffocate your dog and it works noiselessly which is an excellent choice. Pet owners love this model because it’s easy to give it a smudge-free clean.

In addition to the sprawling space it provides for your dog, this aluminum dog box comes with extra storage for your hunting gear, competition paraphernalia or anything else you want to store in it.


  • Made from rugged diamond tread aluminum.
  • Rear air vents and storm covers.
  • Lockable slam latch doors.
  • Dual lined dog compartments.

#5 Owens 55072 Dog Box

Owens (55072 Dog Box

Take your dog with you when hunting, camping, or traveling with convenient aluminum dog boxes from Owens. This particular aluminum dog box model is made from chew and scratch-proof materials, and it’s available in medium and large sizes so that no dog breed is left behind.

This mobile aluminum dog box is rollable, and it’s large enough to comfortably fit two small puppies or one large dog, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your pets have enough airflow thanks to the added bars.

This rollable dog box is perfect for travel and training purposes.


  • Rollable and mobile.
  • Chew-proof vertical bars for ventilation.
  • Highly durable.

#6 Owens 55033L Dog Box

Owens (55033L Dog Box

Lastly, we have this stunner. Made from diamond tread aluminum, it’s built like a shiny dog house with vertical bars for ventilation and a rubber mat floor for comfort. It is built for the smart escape artist with a single compartment whose only exit is a lockable slam latch door.

This aluminum dog box is like a portable dog house, except it’s made from durable aluminum which means it’ll last for years to come.


  • Safe and secure.
  • Comfortable flooring.
  • Vents for all seasons.

Aluminum Dog Boxes Buyer’s Guide

Heavy-duty aluminum dog boxes are commonly referred to as kennels or dog cages. They are a type of short-term living space where you can keep your dog safe and comfortable while traveling or moving house.

Most aluminum dog boxes come with open-ended exit points, while others come with temporary locks to keep your dog safe and minimize its chances of escaping.

What Should You Know About Aluminum Dog Box?

Most models come with lockable doors to prevent pets from escaping when unsupervised and you can easily fit them in the back of your truck. Dog crates are built for portability instead of comfort, so they shouldn’t be confused with a dog house or any other form of long-term dog lodgings.

For the best results, you should avoid leaving your dog inside a crate or kennel for longer than six hours at a time. Once you release your pup, make sure it gets enough fresh air and exercise to make up for the confinement. Keep in mind that dogs are pack animals so they need to socialize with their kind.

It’s also important to pick a durable and rugged dog box that’s large enough to comfortably house your dog. Cheaply made dog boxes are easy to spot because they’re usually made from materials like fabric, thin wire and plastic, which is not enough to survive scratching and chewing.

Stay away from these models because the only thing keeping them in place is usually a pair of flimsy bolts and doors. They’re simply not strong enough to keep your dog from escaping or damaging the whole thing.

While high-quality dog boxes come at a much higher price tag, they offer great value for money in comparison. It’s better to spend more on a single dog box than to purchase several cheaply made units over the years. The only dog boxes you can rely on are those made from reinforced steel or metal such as aluminum.

When to Use Heavy-Duty Aluminum Dog Boxes?

Heavy-duty aluminum dog boxes are particularly useful for dog owners with aggressive and powerful pups that cannot be contained in a regular crate. Heavy-duty aluminum dog crates can also come in handy when you want to leave your dog indoors for a few hours without worrying about getting home to find your shoes and furniture all chewed up.

These aluminum dog boxes are also useful at keeping your dog safe and protected when you’re traveling by plane or train. No matter how frightened your dog gets by the unusual environment, it will have a safe space to call home temporarily.

Even if you’re traveling by car on long journeys, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your dog is protected in case of an accident. The aluminum dog crate will keep the dog safe from impact no matter what happens.

All told, a durable, rugged aluminum dog boxes will pay for themselves in the long run, and it’s a purchase you won’t regret because it’ll come in handy more times than you can count.

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Main Types Of Dog Crates

Dog crates come in different styles, and the one you pick will depend on factors like your climate, the purpose of the crate and the type of dog you have. Each crate comes with its benefits and shortcomings, so there’s no one size fits all.

Here are some of the most common dog box styles available out there:

Metal Dog Crates

Last but not least, metal crates are the most durable option you can find, and they’re also easy on the eye. They’re typically made from heavy-duty steel or aluminum with ample airflow and visibility. Most good quality models have solid walls with vertical bars provided for ventilation so that your dog can peek through and see what’s happening.

Some aluminum dog boxes are foldable and even rollable depending on the manufacturer. Heavy-duty metal crates are particularly useful for aggressive dogs that like to chew and bite at surfaces and objects. They can also withstand the elements and will protect your dog in the case of potential collisions and accidents.

Aluminum dog boxes come up top in this category as they have a high strength to weight ratio than steel. While they may not be as strong as a steel dog crate, aluminum dog boxes are still substantially strong enough to withstand impacts and definitely the strength of even the strongest dogs. And aluminum dog boxes are way lighter than steel boxes, which fits the purpose and practicality of a dog crate more holistically.

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Plastic Dog Crates

Plastic dog crates are lightweight and easy to carry around. Most pet owners use this type of crate whenever they’re traveling long distances with their dogs. Thanks to their lightweight construction, plastic dog crates are useful for when you’re traveling by plane or train.

Appearance-wise, plastic crates have a basic design with a hard shell with a few ventilation holes and a wired door. This crate is particularly comfy during extreme weather conditions. It’ll keep your pet warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm.

The only downside with this type of crate is that you won’t be able to see your dog, and it’s harder to clean because it tends to harbor odors.

Wire Dog Crates

This is one of the most popular options, and it’s easy to find at veterinary hospitals, dog shows, and kennels. Dog owners love it because it enables you to see your dog from all angles, no matter where you leave the crate. It’s also ideal for traveling because it’s foldable and easy to carry. It won’t take up much space at the back of your truck.

Placing your dog in a wire dog crate also means that it’ll get optimal ventilation, which is good news for anyone that lives in a warm climate. Long-haired pups will also benefit from being placed in a wire crate. Another benefit of wire crates is that they’re easy to clean and maintain.

The only downside is that they’re not precisely weatherproof. Whether it’s hot or cold, your dog will feel the effects of the elements fully with no protection whatsoever, so it should only be used for a super short period of time.

Soft-Sided Dog Crates

Soft-sided dog crates are extremely lightweight and breathable. They’re designed like a mini outdoor tent and usually feature a metal frame with fabric decoration on the sides. You can easily fold it up, and it’s an excellent option for trained dogs. It offers ample ventilation, and your dog won’t feel as constricted in it. But, it won’t work well for untrained pups that still like to bite or chew stuff.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are several benefits to purchasing an aluminum dog box for your pooch. It’s a great way to ensure that it feels safe and behaves well while traveling, plus the box can come in handy for several other situations.

As difficult as it is to choose an option, we thought we’d summarize the key features to look for when it comes to picking the right dog box. The box should be roomy for your dog’s comfort, rugged for your dog’s safety, and weatherproof for your dog when it is outdoors.

There should be lockable doors to keep your beloved pooch from escaping, and it would be best to have some storage space to keep the extra supplies you might need for the journey.

Besides taking into account the features, we should not forget the part about the size of your dog. This is the determinant of finding and finalizing the right product to purchase. Rest assured that our top pick should fit dogs of all sizes, small and large dog breeds.

All in all, it’s an investment worth making for the sake of your furry best friend to meet your traveling needs.

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