Best Anti-Chew Dog Sprays

The best anti-chew dog spray is the Pets Are Kids Too’s Anti-Chew Dog Training Spray.

Have an excessive nibbling pup that can’t seem to stop biting?

That’s where an anti-chew dog spray will come in handy!

Simply spray on important items in your home, such as your precious sofa, carpet, and even your favorite pair of shoes.

The foul-smelling liquid will keep even the most aggressive chewers at bay.

We spent countless hours reviewing and researching many different anti-chew sprays. Here are the top 7 that we think are the best anti-chew dog sprays on the market right now.

#1 Pets Are Kids Too Anti-Chew Dog Training Spray

Our top choice is this Anti-Chew Dog Training Spray made by Pets Are Kids Too. We believe this is a great product to prevent your pooch from licking and chewing your rugs, carpets, curtains, and furniture at home.

Featuring a bitter apple flavor, this anti-chew dog spray will appear unpleasant to the taste buds of your pup and will deter it from ever chewing again.

Eventually, your dog will learn never to chew any of your precious stuff ever again, which breaks its bad behavior. What’s great about this product is that a portion of the sale is given to Pets Are Kids Too, an organization that takes care of pets with cancer.

It’s also alcohol-free and therefore lasts longer as compared to alcohol-based sprays.


  • This anti-chew spray is easy to use and can be applied simply by spraying on an area where you want a dog to stop chewing on.
  • This product is devoid of propylene glycol and contains no alcohol, making it safer for pets if they happen to lick or ingest the spray droplets.
  • This dog training spray is colorless and won’t leave a stain on surfaces that it has been sprayed on.
  • This anti-chew spray product can be used and is effective on various surfaces, ranging from home furniture to metal objects, shoes, and most items around the home.
  • This spray is formulated to be three times more bitter, making it an effective deterrent against destructive chewing habits in dogs.


  • The design of this anti-chew spray bottle has been reported to be of poor quality as leakage around the spray nozzle was detected during use.
  • The spray has a lingering pungent smell and taste, both of which are highly unpleasant to the human nose and tongue.

This is our top pick because the bittering agent is made with human-grade ingredients, making it 100% safe for dogs; plus, its bitter taste is 3x stronger to curb destructive chewing effectively.

#2 Rocco & Roxie No Chew Extreme Bitter Spray

For the budget-conscious, we would strongly recommend getting the No Chew Extreme Bitter Spray from Rocco & Roxie.

If your puppy doesn’t respond to normal anti-chew sprays, then this extreme bitter anti-chew spray might just be the solution. This dog anti-chew spray is an extreme form of the standard anti-chew spray liquid, which is why it’s twice as strong as the other anti-chew sprays on this list. It’s not too expensive, so it’s great for budget-conscious pet owners.

What’s great about this extreme bitter spray is that it’s suitable for all kinds of dogs, from small puppies to adult dogs.

Furthermore, it’s free from alcohol, and it lasts longer than other anti-chew sprays out there since it won’t evaporate quickly after you spray.

We like this dog anti-chew spray because it can work on all kinds of furniture, including fabrics such as curtains and drapes. It can also be sprayed on electrical cords and even on your puppy’s skin, to prevent it from chewing.


  • This Rocco & Roxie spray has an extremely bitter taste, both to humans and dogs, that should deter a pooch from chewing on surfaces and items to which it has been applied.
  • This product contains calming copaiba oil, an essential oil known for its therapeutic properties and direct application onto dog hotspots to help soothe irritated skin, reducing a pooch’s desire to chew on the injured area.
  • This spray is long-lasting and continues to be an effective dog deterrent, even while it is dried up.
  • This product makes an effective supplement to training techniques aimed at reducing destructive chewing habits among puppies, thanks to its unpleasant taste.


  • Upon application, this Rocco & Roxie spray can be transferred to nearby surfaces through mere contact, causing its unpleasant taste to unintentionally end up on unwanted surfaces.
  • Given its small bottle size, customer reviews suggest that the product’s spray nozzle can be difficult to press, making its application a lot less convenient, and is not suitable for users with large hands.

#3 Bodhi Dog Bitter Lemon Anti-Chew Spray

Another anti-chew spray that’s effective at stopping your pooch from chewing is this Bodhi Dog Spray. It allows you to train your furry friend in the most humane way possible.

With this spray, you will be able to successfully stop your pooch from chewing, gnawing, biting, and licking pretty much any stuff that they find interesting.

If you don’t like the idea of punishing your beloved puppy for stopping its bad habit, then this is the anti-chew bitter spray that you need. With this spray, there’s no longer a need to yell or even hurt your furry friend just to stop it from chewing.

All you have to do is to apply this spray on the surface that your puppy loves to chew, and once it tastes the nasty flavor of the anti-chew dog spray, it will stop doing it again.

What’s great about this anti-chew spray is that it’s free from any additives and chemicals that could compromise your pet’s health. It’s safe even on dogs that have sensitivities or allergies.

We like this bitter anti-chew dog spray because it will not harm your puppy. The awful flavor is enough to deter your dog from licking, chewing, or gnawing.


  • The Bodhi spray is safe to use on both the exteriors and interiors of your home and various household items, such as rugs, woodwork, houseplants, electrical wires, and power cords.
  • The spray doesn’t disfigure or discolor items and surfaces on which it is applied.
  • This bitter lemon spray doesn’t have an overwhelming smell that is considerably unpleasant to the human nose.
  • This spray works well, alongside positive puppy training techniques, to eliminate destructive chewing in dogs.


  • This Bodhi spray is reported to have a quick dry effect, so quick that its anti-chew properties are practically ineffective as soon as it dries up.
  • Pet parents have claimed that the product contains watered-down alcohol, which is considerably harmful to dogs.

#4 Grannick’s Bitter Apple Taste Deterrent

The bitter apple taste of the Grannick’s Bitter Apple Taste Deterrent is enough to deter your puppy from chewing or biting your precious furniture at home.

Once you spray this product on your furniture and your pooch gets to taste it, it will be too grossed out even to lick it again. Its nasty taste will have your dog dreading the thought of chewing the furniture ever again.

You can apply this ultra bitter training aid in pretty much all off-limit objects in your home, both inside and out. In fact, you can spray in on your pet’s body parts if you don’t want them to keep on biting their body.

But before you do this, it may be best to check with your puppy’s veterinarian to be sure that the product doesn’t cause any allergies or other skin problems.

We like this anti-chew dog spray because we believe it’s a super effective training aid to preventing your pets from chewing. The ingredients used are safe and can work well to train your dog from chewing excessively.


  • This spray doesn’t have a pungent odor, which makes it suitable for use indoors.
  • Grannick’s taste deterrent can be applied to several surfaces, including wood, metal, and fabric, without causing any damage or discoloration.
  • This taste deterrent works effectively to reduce chewing by dogs when used with the proper training techniques and guidance.
  • The non-toxic formulation of this spray deterrent is safe for dogs if they taste or lick it unintentionally.


  • The efficiacy of this spray lasts after a few hours of application, and this usually encourages dogs to resume their destructive chewing activities.
  • Grannick’s spray formulation includes isopropyl alcohol, which can potentially cause irritation when applied directly to a dog’s skin.

#5 EBPP Stop The Chew Bitter Spray Deterrent

Another anti-chew spray that we would highly recommend is Stop The Chew, made by Emmy’s Best Pet Products, a popular brand known for producing quality pet care products.

Stop The Chew is among their most in-demand products, and that is for a good reason. It’s very effective at training your dog.

This product will stop destructive behaviors, such as gnawing and chewing. A good proof that this product works is its high rating. In fact, customers gave it 4 out of 5 stars, simply because they are very much satisfied with the results.

We like this anti-chew spray because it’s made from the finest formula that doesn’t include alcohol. This means it’s non-toxic to dogs and effective in teaching your pooch not to bite on furniture, shoes, blinds, carpets, etc.


  • The EBPP Stop The Chew deterrent comes in a convenient spray bottle that makes direct application on the target surfaces possible.
  • This product comes with an interactive 14-day training program that includes practical steps on how to curb destructive chewing behavior among puppies.
  • This spray’s formulation doesn’t include alcohol or other toxic ingredients that can be harmful to dogs when ingested.
  • This product has a strong but fairly pleasant lemongrass smell, and it also doesn’t stain items on which it is applied, thereby making it suitable for indoor use.


  • Stop The Chew’s pungent smell tends to travel through the air after application, and this ends up leaving a bitter taste in customers’ mouths.
  • Its spray nozzle is reported to be of poor design as it is occasionally difficult to push down, making its application difficult.

#6 Particular Paws Anti-Chew Bitter Spray

Another anti-chew spray that we believe is truly effective in training your pooch is the Particular Paws Anti-Chew Bitter Spray. This product is an ideal training aid to correct your pooch’s destructive behavior. Its bitter taste will surely curb your pet’s desire to bite, chew, lick, or gnaw on off-limit objects.

This dog anti-chew bitter spray is made from all-natural ingredients, which are safe for your pet. Aside from the bitter apple, it also has tea tree oil, and that makes it taste even bitter.

The main goal is to teach your pet proper manners by discouraging it from chewing on your wooden fixtures, electrical wires, and pretty much any stuff that is supposed to be off-limits.

We like this anti-chew dog spray because it’s an all-natural solution to preventing your dog from chewing, licking, biting, and gnawing. The combination of bitter apple with tea tree oil makes the spray taste even bitter, which effectively deters your pet from chewing.


  • This spray from Particular Paws is formulated with natural bitters effective at curbing dogs’ chewing tendencies when sprayed on belongings.
  • This product is highly effective at soothing hotspots, and it also stops pooches from aggravating the injury by constant chewing.
  • This spray can be used anywhere around the house and on various common household items, such as drapes, furniture, shoes, and clothes, without staining most of these items.
  • The product is found to be working with a wide range of dog breeds, including Siberian Husky, Schnauzer and French Bulldog, based on customer reviews.


  • Customers claim that this product only works best when the sprayed area is still wet, and dogs will resume their destructive chewing once the spray dries up, leading to very frequent spraying and restocking of the product.
  • Reviews suggest that this spray isn’t an effective deterrent for dogs with compulsive chewing disorders and that it mostly works best for pooches that chew out of boredom.

#7 NaturVet Bitter Yuck! No Chew Spray

If you have a pet that simply won’t stop chewing on stuff – wounds, furniture, hotspots, paws, plants, tails – deterrent sprays like the NaturVet Bitter Yuck! No Chew Spray should prove to be very useful.

The NaturVet’s water-based formulation makes it suitable for use on hotspots, open sores, and wounds, and you can also apply the sprayer over topical medication without risk of interference.

The NaturVet liquid is contained in a conveniently designed sprayer that makes application fairly quick and easy.

Simple yet effective, the NaturVet Bitter Yuck! No Chew Spray provides a much-needed solution for pet parents looking to curb their pet’s destructive chewing tendencies, and you can add this product to your medicine cabinet at little cost.


  • This spray is water-based, and the absence of alcohol in its formula ensures that it won’t stain surfaces on which it is applied.
  • The NaturVet spray is packaged in a convenient sprayer with an easy-to-use trigger handle that makes the application effective, easy, and fast.
  • The spray’s long-lasting nature makes it suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor settings.
  • This spray has a taste that is very unappealing to dogs, making it unpleasant for pooches to chew on objects that it is applied onto, and in turn, this reduces their destructive chewing behavior.


  • This spray tends to spread out when applied on a surface, thereby transferring its unpleasant taste to unintended surfaces.
  • Several customers have claimed that their pooches continued to chew destructively, even after applying this spray on the target surface.

Dog Anti-Chew Spray Buyer’s Guide

As you can see from the list above, there are lots of dog anti-chew sprays on the market that are both safe and effective. It’s a handy training tool to help you correct your canine companion’s unacceptable behavior of chewing things. The last thing you want is to wake up one day and find out that your precious sofa that’s worth hundreds of dollars is badly damaged just because your pup thought it’s a toy. So before this disaster happens, you better get an effective anti-chew spray.

But with so many anti-chew sprays out there, it can be challenging to understand which product you should go for. It can be confusing to decide, especially for new pet owners who have never tried using the product in the past. Don’t worry because we’ve included a guide to help make your search easier.

What Is An Anti-Chew Spray?

First of all, you should understand what an anti-chew dog spray is. This spray is mainly used to train your canine buddy not to chew on things. As you know, one of the most irritating habits that dogs have is to chew on furniture items and anything that looks interesting to them.

To use the product, simply spray it over the surface of the item that the dog likes to chew. Once your dog attempts to lick it, it will be able to taste the bitter flavor, and it will not continue with its plan.

It’s also recommended to get your puppy some chew toys, especially when it is teething.

Things To Look For When Shopping For An Anti-Chew Spray For Dogs

We have compiled a list of factors influencing the purchase of anti-chew sprays for dogs to help you make an informed decision. So, here’s how to find the right spray to buy.


Remember that anti-chew sprays are not the only solution to teaching your dog proper manners. Depending on the breed of dog that you own, you might find it more beneficial to use sound-based anti-chew sprays that will create irritating sounds to deter your dog from chewing a particular item.

So, make an effort to get to know your dog more. If you feel that your dog responds better to sounds instead of taste, then it’s more logical to use a sound-based spray when training your pooch.

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Taste And Scent

When looking out for the best anti-chew dog spray, find out what is in the product that will deter your puppy. Usually, these anti-chew sprays have a horrible taste and smell. But not all of them are horrible enough to prevent your pooch from chewing.

Choose the kind of flavor that your puppy doesn’t have an affinity for so you can be sure that it will discourage them from licking or chewing. Sometimes, it will require a bit of trial and error, especially if you happen to own a dog that’s not too picky with the taste.


It’s not easy to train dogs. This is why you have to choose the kind of dog anti-chew spray that’s guaranteed to be effective. Reading reviews from pet owners who have tried using the spray might help. It is by reading these reviews that you will know if a particular spray can give you the results that you are looking for.


You don’t want your pooch to get hurt as you train it not to chew. Therefore, choose a dog anti-chew spray that is safe for your canine companion. It is best to opt for all-natural anti-chew sprays instead of chemical-based products. All-natural anti-chew sprays will not make your dog sick even if they end up ingesting the spray.

If you’re going to use sound-based anti-chew sprays in disciplining your dog, make sure that the sounds don’t traumatize or deafen your pooch. Prioritize the safety of your dog above all else.

DIY At Home

Otherwise, you can always DIY your anti-chew dog spray with apple vinegar. A word of caution: it might not work for some dogs, and could result in the opposite effect too (as some dogs could find apple vinegar delicious tasting).

Final Thoughts

Looking through all the anti-chew sprays listed above, we name the top feature you should definitely consider when purchasing an anti-chew spray. Flavor, taste, and scent are of the utmost importance when it comes to selecting an anti-chew spray.

As dogs often like to lick almost everything their mouth and snout can get close to, arming the spray with a pungent flavor that is extremely unpleasant to the taste buds of your canine buddy is bound to deter most dogs.

Dogs have a very powerful sense of smell. Having a strong, pungent scent should be able to drive dogs, even puppies, away from the things they intend to chew.

All in all, our top pick will certainly make an effective tool, with its nasty scent and taste formulation, for preventing your curious pets from playing or chewing on your furniture and other precious items in your home.

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