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Best Calming Dog Collars

The best calming dog collar is Fedciory Pheromone Calming Dog Collar.

If your dog is having a hard time dealing with anxiety and stress, you should give buying a calming collar for your canine companion a thought. Already decided to do so? Our list of the best calming dog collars will help you buy the best product for your pet.

Budget Conscious Pick

KOOLTAIL Adjustable Calming Dog Collar

Our Top Pick

Fedciory Pheromone Calming Dog Collar

Readers Pick

NurtureCALM 24/7 Pheromone Dog Collar

01 Fedciory Pheromone Calming Dog Collar

This is a Vet recommended dog calming collar by Fedciory, it’s a pheromone-based collar that helps dogs in combating unusual behaviors resulting due to stress. The natural lavender and Chamomile oil pheromones utilized in this product are hypoallergenic in nature i.e. they cause no irritation/harm to your bongo. It is a safe-to-use dog collar with no side effects.

It finds its best use outdoors as this calming collar for dogs helps a great deal in calming frightened, anxious, stressed, or hyperactive pets, and all of these conditions can get triggered outdoors due to loud noises, new surroundings, etc.

Within one hour of its attachment, it starts working on your pet and continues keeping your pet calm for up to 30 days. You can easily replace the collar after 4 weeks of continuous usage. Besides that, it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee in case the customer is not satisfied.

  • Fedciory pheromone calming dog collar is our best pick for several reasons. Firstly because it's a highly effective product that fits and works on dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. Besides that, it’s a natural, non-harmful pheromone secreting collar that relaxes your pet’s mind without making it addicted to the product.

02 KOOLTAIL Adjustable Calming Dog Collar

The all-natural pheromone ingredients present in the calming collar are capable of pacifying your dog without posing any threat to its well-being. It doesn’t interfere with your pet’s chemical mechanism, rather it works on communication signals.

Kooltail Adjustable Calming Dog Collar works quickly and helps your dog in staying calm continuously for 30 days. It’s highly recommended or pet’s with anxiety issues as it helps your furry companion in overcoming everyday fears which are the root causes of anxiety and stress.

It’s a one size fit and is suitable for dogs as well as cats of all ages, sizes, and breeds.

This flexible pet collar measures 24.5” in length and can either be used as a whole for older dogs or cut into parts and keep the extra part sealed to be used next time on a puppy.

  • We’ll highly recommend this dog calming collar to the pet owners who’re looking for an effective collar that comes at economical pricing. If your pet is often fearful and anxious about minor things, this pet calming collar can keep your dog under control. Going by the price, it’s not a big investment at all making it a safe purchase.

03 NurtureCALM 24/7 Pheromone Dog Collar

NurtureCALM 24/7Pheromone Dog Collar works best to keep in check your furry friend’s abnormal behavior like loss of appetite, panting, anxiety, stress, aggression, restlessness, inappropriate marking, and pet/human separation.

This product contains all-natural pheromones that ensure the continuous calming effect, 24/7 for 30 days from the date of attachment. It’s suitable for adult dogs as well as puppies for neck sizes up to 32 inches.

You won’t detect any scent in this dog collar because it contains pheromones that can only be detected by dogs which have a much stronger sense of smell as compared to humans.

  • You should go for this dog calming collar right away if your bongo is suffering from multiple stress and anxiety-related symptoms. It can also cure symptoms like making loud noises, showing abnormal behavior during vet visits and traveling, etc.

04 Relaxivet Calming Pheromone Dog Collar

This Pheromone Dog Collar works by alleviating the fear and stress-related behaviors like frightening, excessive barking, stress, anxiety, etc. in your pet. Its 100% natural pheromone formula makes your canine buddy overcome psychological fears without any harm or addiction.

Being crafted from a flexible material and manufactured to be highly adjustable, makes it suitable for dogs of small and medium-sized breeds.

Its pleasant-smelling lavender essential oil pheromones help your pet in getting adapted to a new home, staying calm while home alone, friendly behavior with other dogs, getting acquainted with thunderstorms and loud noises, etc.

  • We’d want our pet to feel relaxed in otherwise tensed up situations and Relaxivet has the best formula to achieve that. In doing so, this pheromone dog collar doesn’t cause any chemical imbalance in your dog’s body and there’s no fear of getting addicted.

05 Healex Dog Calming Collar

Healex Dog Calming Collar does a great job in providing relief to your bongo from separation anxiety, fear of sudden loud noises, and stress which give rise to several unusual symptoms in your pet such as panting, loss of appetite, excessive licking, barking, scratching, etc.

It’s a lavender and Citronella oil formulation with sedative properties and pleasant scent that helps your furry friend in combating stress and anxiety-related disorders.

Finding a perfect-fit dog collar for puppies and large hounds can get a bit tricky but this one size dog calming collar fits dogs and puppies of all sizes and breeds. 

  • There’re no side-effects whatsoever in this product which makes it a preferred purchase over some hemp-based CBD tinctures, dog treats, or others. Besides that, it lasts 2x longer as compared to other collars in this range.

06 GUORUI Calming Pheromone Dog Collar

It is the best remedy for dogs who’re often frightened, stressed, anxious, or hyperactive. This calming collar begins to show its effect within 1 hour of attachment as it gets activated by your pet’s body heat.

Lavender essential oil, the chief component of aromatherapy is the main ingredient of this formulation. It is best known for promoting overall mental relaxation and treating and related conditions like depression, insomnia, and others.

Once attached, it can keep your bongo tranquil for up to 60 days continuously. This flexible and durable collar measures 24.5 inches in length and can be adjusted as per your dog’s neck. 

  • If you’re looking for a pure, lavender based pheromone dog collar, this is the best option to go for. Besides improving the mental conditions of your pet like stress and anxiety, it can improve the appetite of your dear bongo.

07 Howan Calming Dog Collar

This dog collar can effectively control the bad-boy behavior of your doggie which includes excessive barking, panting, aggressiveness, and all other anxiety-related symptoms.

It’s a 100% natural essential oil formulation containing no allergens or other harmful ingredients, thus keeping your pet calm without posing any health risks.

This dog collar is crafted from a flexible material that adjusts itself to your dog’s neck size making it suitable for small as well as medium-sized dogs. Ideally, it can continuously work for up to 30 days after attachment and will need to be replaced afterward. Besides that, a 100% money-back guarantee makes it a risk-free investment.

  • This is an ideal deal for you if you’re willing to make an investment on a calming collar for your pet but also want to stay on the safer side. This 100% natural oil-based pheromone product pacifies your doggie without causing any harm to your pet’s health and if you’re not satisfied, take 100% of your money back.

Buyers Guide

Calming Dog Collars Buyer’s Guide

Things To Consider When Buying A Dog Calming Collar

Pheromone Concentration:

The effectiveness of a dog calming collar is directly proportional to the amount of pheromone that it houses. By making a comparison between dog calming collars manufactured by different brands based on the amount/concentration of dog appeasing pheromone it contains, one can easily decide the best choice for its bongo.

Therefore, when buying a pheromone-based calming collar for your pet, you should always look for a dog calming collar that contains a high quantity of pheromone. Most of such collars come with pheromone quantities varying between 0.02% and 6%, higher percentage giving better results.

At the end of the day, the effectiveness of a calming collar depends on how your doggie responds to the pheromone. Based on a specific breed, size, and age, different dogs may respond to different pheromone concentrations differently.

Type Of Pheromone Used:

Not all dog calming collars are made from the same pheromone content. A dog calming collar may either contain essential oil pheromone like lavender oil, chamomile oil, etc. or herbal ingredients. Other than these, some collars also make use of sound to pacify your pet. 

You can either try different collars and then deduce which type of collars works best for your bongo or consult a vet to seek more personalized guidance. You should also know that other than calming collars many other calming methods like calming dog treats, tinctures, etc. are available as well. However, if you’re looking for the safest way to provide mental support to your bongo, we’d recommend you to go for a dog calming collar.

Image from Embark Vet

Collar Size:

Different brands offer collars in different sizes; some are suitable for little pets, some for medium ones while some are crafted for large hounds. However, there’re a good number of dog calming collars that come in fit-for-all size. Such collars are manufactured up to optimum length and based on the girth of your bongo’s neck you can easily cut the extra part of the collar and use it another time.

Scented Or Odorless:

If your canine is prone to allergies, you’d want to stick to a collar that is not adulterated with any fragrance. Large portfolios of dog calming collars highlight fragrances as one of their main features, that’s why carefully check the label of the product you’re about to buy and make sure it secretes odorless pheromones. However, if your pet isn’t allergic to scents, you can go for a scented collar as well. A delightfully scented collar can also help your pet in achieving good vibes.

Long-Lasting Effectiveness:

When buying a dog calming collar, you should always go for a genuine quality product even if it costs a few cents more. It’s because only genuine quality collars are able to secrete pheromone levels of the same effectiveness until a replacement is needed. Others begin to lose their effectiveness within just days of usage and are not much use to your pet for the rest of the period. Although most of the collars highlight 30 days/60 days of usability, not all are able to perform.

Besides that, you should choose to buy a waterproof collar if you’re going to take your pet to swim or if your pet has a fear of bathing. Ordinary dog calming collars lose their pheromone content once they come in contact with water.

Image from Nom Nom


Choosing to buy a comfortable dog calming collar for your canine friend is the most critical step when buying a collar for your pet. Always make sure that you’re choosing a perfect fit collar for your pet. Even if a collar is a perfect fit, there’s no guarantee that its material will be comfortable for your pet. That’s why you should confirm the type of material used in the collar is habitable for your pet and only then buy the suitable option.


It may not seem like such a big deal at first but ease-of-use is something you should definitely look into before choosing a specific dog collar. E.g. you should go for a compatible calming collar if you’re planning to use a leash or a harness as well. The collar you’re about to buy should be versatile enough to cause no discomfort to your pet bongo when switching between different dog accessories.

Other Options:

If you’re curious about what are the other calming options available for your pet, we’ll feed your curiosity right away. You can also choose to use a calming dog collar as well as any of the other alternative methods simultaneously to see improved results.


All dogs are fond of tasty treats so feeding your dog a delicious calming treat will help your dog in getting control over anxiety as well as make your doggie happy and healthy. 

Image from Ollie


Buying a portable pet diffuser that can be easily attached to your dog’s collar is also a good way to keep your doggie’s anxiety at the bay. Here you’ll not need to make your doggie wear a separate calming collar which is a plus point in this option.

Calming Wearables:

The wearables like calming jackets and wraps act on your dog’s anxiety issues by providing a sort of hugging touch to your pet. These apply just the right amount of pressure on your doggie’s body keeping it calm and relaxed.

Does Your Furry Friend Need A Dog Calming Collar?

To know when your dog needs a calming collar is an indispensable knowledge that you acquire through experience. However, we’ll help you in judging the symptoms that indicate that your furry friend needs the support of a calming collar.

The symptoms like panting, loss of appetite, excessive barking, trembling, crying and whining, cowering and coiling, diarrhea, etc. are some of the major indicators of anxiety and stress.

However, you shouldn’t just put on a calming collar on your pet right after noticing the symptoms. Firstly you should try to find the root cause of the issue and consult your vet to get assurance that your pet isn’t suffering from any serious issue.


We’re very hopeful that our vet recommended product catalog of dog calming collars and the buyer’s guide will help you in making the best choice for your pet. Going by the detailed analysis, we’d like to point out that our top pick of this list i.e. Fedciory Pheromone Calming Dog Collar is the product you should go for. Being a natural pheromone-based calming collar, it poses no risk of addiction, allergies, or any other health hazards. Other than that, our budget-conscious pick i.e. KOOLTAIL Adjustable Calming Dog Collar is a steal deal as well, considering its benefit-cost ratio.

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