Best CBD Oil for dogs
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Best CBD Oil For Dogs

The best CBD Oil for dogs is Holista Pets CBD Oil

Has your dog been suffering from anxiety or other psychological issues like aggression and phobias? Well, you may want to consider natural remedies like the CBD calming oils. To help you navigate the flooded market, here are the best CBD oil for dogs as well as tips on how to choose the best one.

01 Holista Pets CBD Oil For Dogs

Holista Pets CBD oil for dogs is made entirely from cannabinoid extracts for maximum potency. The CBD is in hemp seed oil for easy administration. This allows addition to your dog food especially if you have a fussy pooch who may not want to take it directly.

If you are worried about your dog getting high from this CBD oil, you can rest easy as the formulation contains 0% THC which is the compound responsible for the psychoactive effects in other sources of cannabinoids.

Holista Pets CBD oil comes in 150mg doses and 600mg dose alternatives. The lower dose is perfect if your dog is not suffering from too much anxiety. The larger dose on the other hand is ideal for large dog breeds upwards of 100 pounds.

You will also appreciate the convenient dropper bottle design. The hard dropper is designed to resist damage even with uncooperative dogs that may bite down as you administer the oil directly.

  • The fact that it is all natural sets Holista Pets CBD Oil For Dogs apart from other CBD oil alternatives on the market. It also doesn’t hurt that it is specifically formulated for dogs which is the main reason why it is our top pick. That way, you don’t have to worry about exaggerated effects.

02 Chill Paws CBD Oil For Dogs

The Chill Paws CBD oil for dogs comes in a 500 mg dose. This is great for large to medium-sized dogs. It also works especially well for dogs that have severe anxiety.

The formula is a very potent one and results in very fast results. In fact you may start to notice your dog calming down and relaxing within an hour of giving the oils. This is quite impressive especially compared to other pricey CBD oils that may take up to 2 hours to take effect.

In addition to the CBD oil from the hemp, Chill Paws also includes MCT oils. These are Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) and are extracted from coconut oil. In addition to helping you’re your pooch down, the MCTs also have numerous benefits on the coat and in the dog’s gut. That way you get multiple functionality and benefits for your dog with just one dose.

  • If you are shopping on a tight budget but still want high quality and effective CBD oil for your dog, Chill Paws is the alternative for you. The fact that they are affordable does not mean that they skimped out on value. In fact, you may get just as much for your buck, if not more, as with more expensive options.

03 CBD Dog Health CBD Oil For Dogs

The CBD oil for dogs from CBD Dog Health are so much more than just a simple CBD hemp extract. They offer a blend of calming oils including the CBD, California-grown Lavender, and MCT-3 Oil extracts. These oils can be used both orally and topically.

The lavender and coconut oil extracts in particular make this an awesome option for dogs that are suffering anxiety or distress associated with health issues like flea infestation. Here, topical application will give you the best results.

CBD Dog Health is in a 550 mg dose. This is quite potent and is perfect for dealing with severe anxiety or aggressive behavior in dogs.

  • The most awesome thing about this CBD oil alternative is the unique blend that includes other calming extracts for a truly powerful and effective calming oil that actually works wonders.

04 PETLY CBD Oil For Dogs

Petly CBD oil for dogs is formulated for large dog breeds. It comes as a 500 mg dose with recommended individual doses of 16.6 mg doses for dealing with issues like anxiety. The CBD is pure and therefore even this small amount will make a huge difference in your dog’s behavior and mood.

In addition to the hemp CBD extract, Petly CBD oil for dogs also includes coconut oil extracts, specifically MCT oils. These are great if your dog is suffering from skin irritation in addition to their psychological issues. When applied on the coat, the coconut oil will help with soothing the skin and promoting healing while the CBD helps the dog calm down.

  • Petly CBD oil is made from high quality, human grade ingredients. Furthermore, it is put through rigorous tests to ensure that it is safe for your dog which is why it is worth considering.

05 King Kanine CBD Oil For Dogs

King Kanine is another CBD oil brand that stands out with its use of very unique ingredients for a powerful, calming blend that will help you deal with your dog’s anxiety. The oil combines CBD oil with Copaiba and an essential oil known as DHA.

Copaiba offers a calming effect mainly by helping deal with the source of the issue through its anti-inflammatory properties. DHA on the other hand is a type of omega oil that helps with everything from gut function to skin health.

Another outstanding thing about King Kanine CBD oil for dogs is that it comes with a syringe. This offers more accurate and convenient dose measuring and administration.

  • The versatility in terms of effects offered by the unique blend of ingredients is what makes King Kanine CBD oil one of the best CBD oil brands on the market.

06 AnxiousPet CBD Oil For Dogs

AnxiousPet CBD oil is another alternative that offers you options in terms of the dosing with the same formula for consistency. There is the 400 mg dose which is ideal for all sizes of dogs suffering from any level of anxiety. You could also get the 800 mg dose that is ideally reserved for giant dog breeds and for large dogs with severe anxiety.

A convenient feature that you will enjoy is the graduated dropper. This has milliliter markings that make it very easy for you to administer just what is needed to your dog.

  • With its mid-range dosing, AnxiousPet CBD oil dog dogs is great for homes that have multiple pooches. That way, you have safety and effectiveness whether you use it on your little lap dog or gentle giant.

07 Innovet Pet Products CBD Oil For Dogs

A lot of CBD oils out there are very concentrated and potent. While this may be great for large dogs, it is challenging for small dog owners. That is where Innovet Pet Products CBD oil for dogs comes in to save the day.

With its 250 mg CBD oil formulation, Innovet Pet Products CBD can very comfortably and safely use it for small dog breeds including toy and teacup variations. In these cases, all you have to do is adjust the dose based on the level of anxiety your dog has.

This CBD oil may be low concentration but it is very potent with its full spectrum of CBD extracts including Phytocannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. These help deal with the anxiety and associated symptoms like loss of appetite and sleep disturbances.

  • This CBD oil may be low concentration but it is still very potent and a little goes a long way when dealing with anxiety on your small doggy.

08 Leef Organics CBD Oil For Dogs

Leef Organics CBD oil for dogs stands out mainly through the extraction methods used to get the CBD from the hemp. Unlike many other CBD oils on the market, this one is obtained through cold press extraction. This makes it very potent and offers very high quality CBD oil.

The extracted oil is then combined with propanediol. This is a dog-friendly compound meant to help with fast absorption and utilization of the CBD oil. This will come in handy if you plan on administering Leef Organics CBD oil directly into the dog’s mouth.

  • In a nutshell, Leef Organics CBD oil is ideal for anyone who wants a safe option as all the rigorous testing and screening for contaminants offers the best guarantee of safety out there.

09 Dope Dog CBD Oil For Dogs

Dope Dog CBD Oil for Dogs is easily one of the most concentrated formulations on the market. It has 1200 mg of CBD which is quite high. This makes it awesome for very large dogs, especially giant dog breeds that exceed 100 pounds. It is also very useful when dealing with severe aggression and anxiety.

In addition to psychological issues, these high levels of CBD oil in the Dope Dog alternative are very useful when it comes to offering pain relief. This makes the oil worth considering for use on terminally ill dogs in a lot of pain and distress.

  • The very high concentration is the best thing about this CBD oil. The quick-release graduated dropper and dosing directions will also make it easier to administer safe amounts.

10 Canna-Pet CBD Oil For Dogs

Canna-Pet CBD oil for dogs is another unique alternative in terms of formulation as it does not come in an oil carrier. This is meant to facilitate fast and direct absorption once administered. With this formulation, you can directly give even the pickiest of dogs as they don’t need to swallow it for the effect.

This CBD oil is also very concentrated and comes in a 680 mg formulation. This works well for serious anxiety especially with large dog breeds. You just have to follow individual dosing ingredients as the direct absorption formula also makes the already concentrated oil very potent.

  • Our favorite thing about the Canna-Pet CBD oil for dogs is the fast absorption formula. The fast absorption also means fast results which comes in handy when dealing with acute anxiety episodes.

11 Sol CBD Oil For Dogs

CBD oil for dogs tends to have a sharp, earthy flavor that some dogs may not be comfortable with. If yours has a picky palate, you may want to go with flavored options like the Sol CBD oil for dogs.

It is salmon-flavored which can be quite appealing for many pooches and makes your life very easy when it comes to getting their cooperation when administering the dose.

This tasty CBD oil for dogs also stands out with its liposomal formulation. This includes very small particles of the oil which are much easier to absorb for faster effects.

  • The flavoring is what makes the Sol CBD oil for dogs stand out the most. The best part is that the flavoring is natural and thus safe and healthy for the dog.

12 PhytoLogica CBD Oil For Dogs

PhytoLogica has 80% CBD.

This is as a result of CO2 extraction which gets as much of the pure CBD oil out of the hemp as possible for a very potent formulation. With this, you only need a little even for large dogs and for serious anxiety episodes and you will see the results in no time.

Another awesome benefit of this extraction method is that the resulting PhytoLogica CBD oil for dogs is free of impurities like heavy metals and agricultural chemicals. You can therefore rest assured that your dog will not be exposed to any health-compromising toxins.

  • PhytoLogica is the CBD oil for your pooch if you want value for your money with pure, high quality ingredients and safety guarantees for your dog.

13 Greenwell Pet CBD Oil For Dogs

Greenwell is unlike any other alternative on our list of the best CBD oils for dogs. This is because it is more like a subscription box than a regular oil-in-bottle standalone product.

The box typically contains 5 to 7 items, 2 to 4 of which will be CBD based. This could be CBD oil or even CBD infused treats. It may also be grooming items like balms and shampoos made using CBD and other oils like coconut. The rest of the package may have other surprise items including toys and dog accessories.

  • The Greenwell CBD oil subscription box is a great way to try new CBD oil dog products. The best part is that you get useful accessories in the process.

14 MedTerra CBD Oil For Dogs

MedTerra CBD oil for dogs comes in a 500 mg dose. This works really well if you have large dogs. The pure and potent nature of this particular oil also offers a lot in terms of longevity of the product as you only need a little oil per day to keep the dog calm and happy.

This CBD oil for dogs is another great alternative if you have a dog that does not like the taste of other CBD oils they have tried. MedTerra CBD has a mild flavor that allows for easy use both directly and through other mediums like water or the dog’s food.

  • We like the fact that Diamond is simple yet effective with its single primary ingredient which is pure CBD oil. The effects pretty much speak for themselves and have earned MedTerra CBD oil for dogs a spot on our list of best CBD oils for dogs.

Buyers Guide

CBD Oil For Dogs Buyer’s Guide

There are very many brands out there offering CBD oil for dogs. While this variety gives you a lot of options to choose from, it is important to remember that not all CBD oils are made equal.

There are several factors you need to take into consideration when shopping for the right CBD oil for your dog. Here are 5 of the most important of these so that you better understand what you are considering the next time you go shopping for CBD oil for your dog.

The dose of CBD per application or serving

The dose of CBD oil that you give your dog is easily the most important consideration that you need to make. If you give too much CBD, you may end up causing side effects that may worsen your dog’s distress and anxiety. These include sleep disturbance, diarrhea, vomiting, and many other issues.

On the other hand, if you do not give enough CBD then you may not get the desired effects. This will leave your dog just as distressed as before even with your investment.

When it comes to determining the ideal doses, there are two main factors to consider. These are the dog’s weight, and the seriousness of the psychological distress.


For small dogs that are 20 pounds or less, stick to low doses of CBD oil under 150 mg. For those between 20 and 60 pounds, you could work with 200 mg to 300 mg doses. Large dog breeds that are less than 100 pounds can tolerate up to 600 mg while any concentration after that is best reserved for giant dog breeds that weigh more than 600 pounds.

Psychological issues

Anxiety in this case can either be mild or severe. 250mg or less works for mild anxiety in medium or small dogs. Large dogs may need 300 mg to 500mg for the same effects.

If you are dealing with serious anxiety especially with large dog breeds, CBD oils that come in 600 to 800mg formulations are perfect for the job.

Oil blend ingredients

Some CBD oils for dogs come in oil blend formulations. In these cases, the CBD extract is combined with other ingredients. These ingredients may be used to complement the calming effects of the CBD hemp extracts. Others exist primarily to help with the absorption and functionality of the CBD.

Here are some of these adjunct ingredients and what they have to offer: 


Melatonin is often combined with CBD oils to help deal with anxiety or phobias where the dog is also suffering from sleep disturbances. In these cases, the oil is best given at night to help the dog sleep.

Chamomile extracts

Chamomile has very powerful calming effects of its own. When used together with CBD oil, it will make for one very chilled out doggy.


Lavender is also very good when it comes to complementing the calming effects of CBD oil. Furthermore, it acts as a great pest repellant. This makes it ideal for use on dogs whose distress is associated with heavy flea, tick, or mite infestations.

MCT from coconut oil

MCT from coconut oil has numerous benefits to offer the dog. These include promoting coat health especially if used topically as MCT has anti-inflammatory effects. MCT also helps improve mood and energy levels which is very useful for a dog suffering from serious anxiety.


Copaiba helps with dealing with anxiety when there is pain involved. The anti-inflammatory compound also promotes wound healing. It is great for use in CBD oil formulations where the psychological distress is associated with health issues or physical trauma.


Propanediol itself does not have any effects on the dog’s anxiety. However, the compound promotes absorption of the CBD oil when consumed allowing for faster effects. 

Cold-press vs CO2 extraction

The next very important factor to consider when choosing a CBD oil for dogs is how the oil was extracted. There are two main methods used to obtain high quality CBD oil. These are CO2 extraction and cold press methods. Here is all you need to know about both methods and what you can expect from the CBD oil for dogs that is produced by each method.

CO2 extraction method

The first and more common way is through CO2 extraction. Here, the oil is extracted from the hemp by compression by a combination of carbon dioxide gas and fluid. This is done in an air-tight environment to prevent contamination of the final product by impurities in the air. The system is also designed to get rid of impurities on the hemp raw materials themselves.

The result is a very clean CBD product. Even after this, most good CBD oil for dogs brands thoroughly test the oil for any impurities that may have survived.

Most of the CBD oil for dogs options that you will find on the market are made using this method.

Cold press method

On the other hand, the cold press method involves quite literally pressing the oil out of the hemp using a machine that then separates the byproducts from the CBD oil. The system is exposed to air and other things like the machine itself so the product will not be pure like the CO2 extracted CBD oil for dogs.

However, cold press extraction produces a very potent, full spectrum CBD oil which makes brands that use this method definitely worth considering.

All-natural vs. chemically enhanced and preserved

Ideally, any product that your dog is consuming should be all-natural or as close to this as possible. The same case applies to CBD oil for dogs. Most brands use all-natural ingredients with no chemical additives. This means no artificial flavorings or preservatives.

These natural options are generally way healthier for the dogs. You do not have to worry about immediate blowback like sensitivity to chemicals used in the preservation. You also do not have to worry about long-term health consequences as the dog is not left with any residual chemicals.

Chemically enhanced CBD oil for dogs will most likely be marketed as a more flavorful alternative for picky dogs. If you want something palatable, it is best to go with naturally flavored options.

The chemicals may also be for preservation. Again, this is not necessary as the pure oils have a fairly long shelf life. The small portions also mean that you will probably not even have that same bottle of CBD oil for dogs for long enough for it to get spoiled.

THC levels

Most people hear CBD and cannabinoids and immediately think of the drug marijuana. While the comparison is understandable, you have absolutely nothing to worry about if you choose your CBD oil for dogs wisely.

The best brands out there offer CBD oil for dogs that has 0% THC. This is the active compound in marijuana that causes the psychoactive effects. Some brands have trace amounts of the compound which may be inevitable based on the extraction method used to get the oil.

If the THC levels are anything above 0.3%, there is a risk that the CBD oil could cause psychoactive effects like hyperexcitability and excessive sleepiness. In some cases, it may even worsen the dog’s anxiety.

In a nutshell, avoid any CBD oil for dogs if they have more than 0% THC just to be safe.


Clearly, a lot goes into determining the best CBD oil for your dog. You want to ensure that you get something that is not only effective but also safe for your dog. That is why we recommend Holista Pets CBD Oil For Dogs as the best option on the market. They use high quality ingredients and extraction methods to offer you a pure and potent CBD oil that will do wonders for your dog’s anxiety.

With all the information on how to choose CBD oil for your dog as well as alternatives for you to consider, you have everything you need to make the right choice for you and your dog.

HolistaPet CBD Oil For Dogs

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