Best Harness For Small Dogs

While small dogs are generally easier to care for, you do need to make some decisions differently than you would for a big dog, and choosing a harness is one of them. Whether your dog is a Chihuahua or a Yorkie, there’s sure to be a harness that fits them perfectly!

A harness that doesn’t meet a small dog’s requirement can be not only harmful to them but also dangerous. Always be sure to pick a harness of the right size for your dog. In addition, go for the one with multiple points of adjustment to provide a snug fit and the one with a handle that you can lift your pup with ease when it is necessary.

But as always, we have done all the hard work for you by picking the best harnesses for small dogs out there. So whether you’re looking for something durable and sturdy or something soft and comfortable, we’ve got you covered!

#1 Ruffwear Web Master Harness

This is the best small dog harness you can buy because it would exceed your expectations in every single factor.

It’s exceptionally functional, with two leash connection points and as many as 5 points of adjustment. The latter helps you achieve a perfectly comfortable fit for your small dog, as you can use the attachment points to make the harness a perfect size for them.

Adding further to the comfort are the foam-padded straps, which make the harness comfortable for your small dog without interfering with their movements.

If you think that’s about it, then you’re in for a surprise. This is because it also comes with a reinforced handle that turns out to be incredibly useful as it allows you to lift your pooch over muddy puddles easily.

Finally – and perhaps most importantly for many users – the harness is very secure and well-designed, covering your small dog’s chest girth, rib cage, and waist. This makes it an excellent choice for both dogs that are aggressive pullers as well as escape artists.

Unlike many other harnesses, it’s almost impossible for even the smallest of dogs to escape from this harness.

It turns out to be a perfect solution for all types of dogs and for walking in all types of situations. Be it an aggressive puller, an escape artist, or walking the dog through muddy puddles, this harness would have you and your smaller buddy covered.


  • This harness comes in 3 colors, is suitable for small doggies, and comes in 4 different sizes that doggie owners can choose from.
  • You can adjust this harness to fit with the 5 adjustment points for ease of movement, 2 sturdy leash connection points, an Anodized aluminum V-ring, and webbing loop.
  • It is made of lightweight and rugged nylon, which makes it easy to maintain and hand wash with mild detergent.
  • This harness comes with a reflective trim and safety light loop, which ensures that your pup is visible in low lighting.
  • The straps are foam padded, so they do not restrict your pup’s movement, and it also has a specific spot for adding patches.


  • Smaller doggie breeds can easily slip out of the harness.
  • The harness can sometimes cause bruises and redness on doggie body parts like the armpit.

This harness is the top pick because of how comfortable it has been designed with padded straps and the use of lightweight materials that do not hamper limb movements; plus, its reinforced handle enables dog owners to maneuver the dog with ease, even on rugged ground surfaces.

#2 Rabbitgoo Dog Harness

While our top pick is a great choice, it’s a bit on the expensive side. But if your small dog isn’t an escape artist and you’re looking for a budget alternative without compromising much, then this small dog step-in harness is as close as it can get.

It comes with two leash attachment points as well, one on the back and the other on the chest. The latter is designed for heavy pullers, and it does work great for preventing their pulling efforts.

While you don’t get the same level of adjustability as the above product, it has adjustable slide straps as well and would offer an excellent fit for most small dogs.

It’s also a reasonably well-designed product to help prevent choking by distributing the pressure across the bodies of small dogs.

If you tend to walk your dog during the night or in low-light conditions, then you will be glad to know that the straps of this harness are reflective and will help with visibility under those conditions.

The material used to make this vest harness is soft and breathable – and coupled with the heavy padding – your small dog would find the harness pretty comfortable overall.

For the features and functionality it offers, it’s available at a great price. While the material is soft and breathable, there’s also a decent level of padding. Add to this the adjustability, two leash points, and a snug fit, and you have a harness that’s as good as it can get at this price point.


  • This harness is available in 4 sizes and a whopping 14 colors you can choose from.
  • This harness has 2 metal leash rings on the chest and back and gives doggie owners during walks or hikes with their pups.
  • The harness is fully adjustable as it has 4 straps with snap buckles, with two each for the neck and chest areas, and this helps to prevent slipping out or choking.
  • It is made of nylon oxford with soft cushion padding for comfort as well as breathable air mesh.
  • The harness has bright reflective strips for evening walks and keeps your pup visible in low-light conditions.


  • Doggies who are pullers can easily slip out of the harness.
  • Some pups experience injuries after pulling too hard on the harness.

#3 Copatchy Dog Harness

This is one of the most popular dog harnesses from Copatchy in the low price range. However, the excellent ratings and reviews it has got mean that you shouldn’t mistake the low price for a low-quality product.

One of its best features is that despite being a “no-pull” harness, it ensures no stress is put on your small dog’s neck when you pull the harness. This is because the “pulling area” is filled with a comfortable sponge and will not cause any choking.

Unlike other harnesses, you don’t have to put your small dog’s head or legs through the harness to put it on. But instead, you can clip it onto their bodies.

Finally, it’s made using a soft mesh material to keep your small dog comfortable and cool, allowing for easy walks.

It’s one of the few dog harnesses for small dog breeds in this price range that ticks pretty much all the boxes. It’s comfortable, easy to put on, made of comfortable material, and will not choke your canine baby.


  • This dog harness fits pups with chest sizes, ranging from 17 to 22 inches, and neck sizes, ranging from 14 to 17.5 inches, is suitable for doggies weighing between 20 to 39 lbs, and there are 5 colors you can choose from.
  • It is made of lightweight material for breathability, and this also makes it easy to clean and dry.
  • You can easily slip this harness off and on around the neck and chest area and secure it with the clasps.
  • The harness has sponge filling for your pup’s comfort and reduces injuries in the event that they pull at the harness while wearing it.
  • There is an extra handle on top of the harness, and this lets you control your pup when necessary.


  • The clasps can easily break off as they are made of plastic.
  • The harness needs regular repositioning as it slips off its original position.

#4 Eagloo Dog Harness

This harness is a bit more expensive than the one reviewed above, but you do get two leash attachment points. This makes it ideal for small dogs that are a puller, but without having to make them feel uncomfortable by using the chest attachment point all the time.

Some of the other features that make an impressive choice include reflective material for more safety during the night, which is especially critical for small dogs, soft mesh lining for breathability, a handle on the back, a great size, and fantastic customer service.

We make mention of the customer service here because it’s one of the few sellers and manufacturers that offers a full replacement or refund warranty should you encounter any quality issues when using this harness.

If your small buddy is an aggressive puller – and you do not have the budget to go for our top picks – then this product will hit the spot just as well for you.


  • Available in 9 different colors, this harness comes in 4 sizes with the small option built to fit a girth between 3.8 and 25.2 inches.
  • It is made of nylon webbing with reflective material for good visibility at night, mesh lining for breathability, and a soft padding plate for comfort and prevention of injuries.
  • The harness comes with a V-ring at the back and an O-ring on the chest, and these rings help you to better control your pup during training or walking.
  • It has 2 non-slip buckles to aid you in slipping the harness off and onto your dog with ease, as well as holding it in place during movement.
  • It is fully adjustable as it has neck and chest straps that you can use to fit the harness on perfectly.


  • Some pups can easily slip out of the harness, especially if the leash is attached to the top ring.
  • Doggies that pull can easily snap or break the buckles and even hurt themselves.

#5 Gooby Dog Harness

This is one of the more expensive options on our list, but if for some reason you do not want to go for either of our two top picks above, then this one should fit the bill well for you.

It is one of the small dog harnesses in the market that prioritizes providing comfort for small dogs. The fit is great while the harness is relatively adjustable overall, and it is extremely easy to put on.

Another great feature is the memory foam padding, which makes it very soft and comfortable.

A bit of a drawback is the plastic rings, which isn’t very impressive, especially in this price range. If you can live with that, then this is a great harness overall.

Bonus Tip: Be sure to measure your dog’s neck girth and chest girth to check that the sizing is a good fit. 

The memory foam padding is something that makes it a particularly important choice, especially for very small dogs that need something more comfortable than the usual materials out there.


  • This harness comes in 4 sizes and is built for small doggie breeds weighing up to 35 lbs with different chest sizes to choose from, as well as 5 color options.
  • The harness is made of neoprene material, which makes it durable and easy to clean, while the interior has a breathable mesh lining for ventilation.
  • You can easily control your pup with the suede finish handle, which is comfortable against your hand during use.
  • You can easily adjust this harness at the back and on the chest, and the harness has a nylon fastener to hold it in place.
  • It has soft compressed padding to keep your pup comfy and safe from injuries.


  • The harness starts to fray and weaken after some time of use.
  • It does not fit all small doggie breeds, as the straps are not easily adjustable.

#6 Metric USA Dog Harness

This is another affordably priced adjustable dog harness that comes with a fair few features. Just like the other product we reviewed above, it’s also straightforward to put on as you only need to clip it onto your dog.

There are two reinforced D-rings that prevent your dog from escaping the harness, so it’s also a good choice for small dogs that have a habit of escaping.

There’s no mesh material here, but the material is pretty soft and comfortable.

On the downside, you do have to be a bit careful with the sizing, or you may end up with the wrong size.

Always measure your small dog breed’s neck and chest girth before making a purchase. 

If you have an escape artist but don’t want to spend much on a harness, then this harness for small dogs is one of the few options that are also very comfortable.


  • This dog harness is available in 4 sizes and 10 colors that you can choose from based on your pup’s chest size.
  • The harness comes in a unique embossed molded bone design, fits comfortably on your pup, and is made using metric 66 polyester material for its durability.
  • It is comfortable thanks to its padded design as well as provides adequate ventilation with the mesh lining.
  • It comes with reinforced D-rings for easy control of your pup during use, as well as a quick attach buckle to hold it in place.
  • The no-pull harness design protects your pup’s trachea and lower neck from injuries during pulling.


  • The Velcro closure stops functioning after some time, which makes the harness unusable.
  • The harness may be too big for some doggie breeds, and this can cause bruising under the armpit area.

#7 Kurgo Dog Harness

Here’s something for those that tend to travel often with their dog. This is the only small dog step-in harness on our list that comes with a seat belt for your dog.

It can be attached easily using quick-release buckles as well and has five adjustable points to ensure an excellent fit for small dogs. As a step-in harness, it is also easy to put on.

There’s only one least attachment point, but it’s on the front part to prevent pulling. The seat belt is 10 inches in length and is reasonably sturdy too, and can also be used as a short leash for training your small dogs.

Most importantly, it’s one of the most durable harnesses that can handle even a 130-pounder beast of a Rottweiler.

The durability is the biggest factor that allowed this product to make it to our list. If you have a heavy, powerful dog that tends to pull, then this harness may turn out to be your best bet in the low to mid-price range.


  • The small version of this harness can fit pups with neck sizes ranging from 12 to 20 inches, and chest sizes ranging from 16 to 22 inches, but there are 7 other sizes and 3 colors you can choose from to suit your doggie’s needs.
  • It is fully adjustable thanks to its 5 adjustable points and can be held in place with the plastic quick-release buckles, and it has comfortable chest padding for more protection.
  • This is a no-pull harness, which comes with a front D-ring to attach your leash as well as a back leash ring for more control.
  • The harness has a reflective trim that helps your dog stay visible in low lighting.
  • It comes with a 10-inch tether seat belt that lets you strap your pup during travel.


  • The buckles are not fully secure as they are made of plastic and can break.
  • The D-rings can wear through the nylon attachment.

#8 RYPET Dog Harness

Here’s the last one on our list and the cheapest dog harness we can find. Now, being the most economical option, you shouldn’t expect a lot from it.

It’s stylish, sturdy, and has a fair bit of padding on the front. The material is pretty breathable as well.

It’s also effortless to put on and adjust and is specially designed for small dogs.

However, there are some significant flaws. The back clip is not like the adjustable clasp the other products we reviewed above come with, and it can dig into the back of your dog.

Also, it’s not a suitable choice for escape artists, as it does little to prevent a small dog from slipping out of it.

If these don’t sound like something that will trouble you or your dog, then the price is great for its overall quality.

The price is the most significant factor here. And while it isn’t our favorite – if you think your dog wouldn’t mind the back clip trouble or it wouldn’t be a problem to keep it a little loose – then it may be a pretty good choice at such a low price point.


  • This harness is suitable for very small doggie breeds weighing between 3 and 7 lbs with a chest girth of 9 to 15.5 inches, and there are 2 more sizes and 4 colors to choose from.
  • The harness is made with polyester and has a unique plaid design and bow, which is durable and easy to wash and dry.
  • The harness is lined with breathable mesh lining and a soft chest plate for comfort and protection.
  • It comes with a fixed buckle to help with size adjustment to ensure the harness stays in place when in use.
  • You can attach a leash on the metal buckle, which offers 360° rotation so you can easily control your pup during walks.


  • The bow can easily come off, and this ruins the overall design of this harness.
  • When the harness is worn, the prong clip at the back makes it hard for your pup to comfortably roll or play.

Small Dog Harnesses Buyer’s Guide

Now that we have reviewed the best small dog harnesses on the market, we will get to some common questions regarding this topic, with the first one being why you need a different type of harness for a small dog.

Our answer is that the best dog harness for big dogs is often designed for specific purposes, depending on the breed, weight, aggressiveness, and more. Some may be designed for walking only, while some others would be designed for traveling with a big dog in a car.

Similarly, many harnesses for big dogs need to be strong around their neck part to prevent them from pulling and dragging their owner, although not as much as to choke them.

Harnesses for the small dogs, however, need to be much gentler around the neck area, as they are usually not anywhere as aggressive when it comes to pulling.

Further, small dog harnesses ideally need to have more padding around the front area and should be softer than the ones designed for big dogs, as the former can get choked much more easily. Some dog trainers actually recommend a no-pull option, which might provide a snugger fit as compared to a traditional harness.

There are some other similar reasons too, but we are sure you get the idea, and we can move on to the other useful factors to consider.

Never Compromise On The Quality And Safety

For a small dog, nothing can be more important than the quality and safety of the harness. The harness must be strong enough not to break, even if your small furry buddy is too aggressive of a puller for their age. No-pull harnesses are an excellent choice for such little beasts.

However, at the same time, the sturdiness must not translate to a rough material that’s too hard on your dog’s skin. There have been some complaints from customers about some harnesses hurting a particular area of their dog’s body, which is not what you would want.

If your dog is very skilled at escaping from the harness, then it’s essential that you choose a harness that prevents escape. You wouldn’t want your dog escaping the harness at the wrong time and ending up in trouble.

snug fit, too, is more important than you may think. The harness must hold securely around your dog but not get too tight to make it uncomfortable for them.

If the harness remains loose around your dog, then you may always run the risk of your dog escaping it. Many sellers and manufacturers have detailed instructions on their product pages to help you get the right size, so make sure you follow them well.

Typically, it’s recommended to go with the smaller size when in doubt between two sizes so that your pup gets a snug fit.

Finally, a reflective material can be an important factor for those that tend to walk their dogs during the night or in low-light conditions, where the reflective material would help them with visibility.

Don’t Forget The Comfort Too

Just because a harness is safe and offers a good fit doesn’t mean it will turn out to be comfortable enough for your pup. Comfort is particularly important for small dogs, as anything that causes even a bit of discomfort to them can give them a hard time.

The material is the most crucial factor here. It must be soft, comfortable, and ideally even breathable. The soft mesh material can be a good choice for dogs that are very small and delicate, though not necessary for bigger dogs.

The padding is another important factor to consider. The better the level of padding, the less friction the harness would cause against your dog’s skin.

If all else fails, you can always consider carrying your tiny pooch around in a carrier purse instead.

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Other Nice-To-Have Features

There are some other useful features as well that you may want to consider. We will quickly walk you through them below.

  • The harness should ideally be straightforward to put on and remove.
  • Two leash attachment points (especially for heavy pullers).
  • A handle that allows you to lift your pup easily when needed.
  • Multiple points of adjustment.
  • Lightweight (given you’re getting it for a small dog).
  • A LED collar for added visibility at night.

However, there are few harnesses that come with all these features. Now, if your harness doesn’t tick all the boxes here, it doesn’t mean that it’s the wrong product. In fact, for your budget, it may be a perfect fit.

That said, if your budget does allow it, then you should go for our top pick.

Final Thoughts

Our top pick is much more expensive than most other harnesses on the market, but it’s worth every penny.

A super secure design, amazing adjustability, two convenient leash attachment points, great sturdiness, high-quality foam padding, a handle for more control and convenience, lightweight, and the list goes on.

There doesn’t seem to be any harness on the market right now that even comes close to offering what our top pick does, so it’s a true winner.

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