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Best Cordless Vacuum For Pet Hair

The best cordless vacuum for pet hair is Shark ION F80 MultiFlex.

Pets are a blessing, but having one in your house comes with an inconvenience: shedding. When they shed, dogs and cats can leave their hair anywhere and everywhere, which can be a huge problem if you’re one to like keeping your house tidy and clean all the time.

Thankfully, taking care of such an issue isn’t that hard if you have the best cordless vacuum for pet hair

Budget Conscious Pick

Tineco A11 Master Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Our Top Pick

Shark ION F80 MultiFlex Pet Vacuum Cleaner

Readers Pick

Dyson Cordless V8 Animal Pet Vacuum Cleaner

01 Shark ION F80 MultiFlex

Shark has been in this industry for years, so it’s easy to see why one of its products tops our handheld vacuums list. The Shark ION F80 MultiFlex takes our vote as the best handheld vacuum on the pet market for several reasons, including the battery life, efficiency, and features.

Shark’s cordless vacuum scores the longest runtime on the market, as it can keep going strong for 80 minutes straight when using both of its batteries. That’s double the runtime offered by Shark’s previous model and over an hour of vacuuming, which is more than enough to cover the majority of your house.

Keep in mind that the 80-minute runtime performance was measured in the lowest suction setting and hand-vac mode. In other words, you probably won’t get to use it for that long once you use an attachment, max out the ION Boost mode, or vacuum a harsh surface.

Other features that we like in the Shark ION F80 include the MultiFlex functionality, which allows you to clean hard-to-reach spots and under the furniture. Couple that with the ION Boost mode that you can use to clean tight spots, and you’ve got yourself a powerful suction beast when it comes to pet hair cleaning.

For the attachments, the Shark ION F80 features a DuoClean cleaning head, which combines a soft brush roll for hard floors and a brush roll for carpets in one device. Changing the speed of the brush to match your needs is effortless thanks to the fingertip controls, which is a huge plus. The pet vacuum also comes with an eight-inch crevice tool and an upholstery tool, both of which can be used to extend the usability.

Although the Shark ION F80 features three filters, none of them is up to HEPA standards, so keep that in mind if you have asthma or allergies.

  • The Shark ION F80 MultiFlex is an upper midrange handheld vacuum that offers plenty of cleaning power at a reasonable price. It’s also backed by a five-year warranty. What else could you ask for in the best handheld vacuum for pet hair?

02 Tineco A11 Master Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Often, especially when it comes to pet vacuum cleaners, the cleaning rewards you reap for shelling out hundreds of bucks aren’t always met with enhanced cleaning capabilities. The bang for your buck usually happens in the budget vacuum sphere, and the Tineco A11 Master Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is the best example on that.

Weighing only 5.5 pounds when an attachment is installed, the Tineco A11 cordless stick vacuum cleaner is lightweight and easy to move around, making it perfect for ladies.

Although this pet hair vacuuming machine can work for up to one hour when both batteries are charged, activating the MAX mode will reduce the runtime to 15 minutes, which is still quite impressive considering the suction power that mode provides. Couple that runtime with the 0.6-liter capacity of the dirt cup, and you’ve got yourself a cordless stick vacuum cleaner capable of nailing every floor cleaning session, no matter how much hair or fur your pet sheds.

Unlike the Shark ION F80, the Tineco A11 handheld vacuum does feature a HEPA filter, making it suitable for kids suffering from asthma or allergies.

Now, for the price, one would expect at most a single crevice tool or two to accompany the vacuum, but that’s not the case for the Tineco Cordless Stick Vacuum A11. It generously comes with the most comprehensive set of tools and add-ons that you can get with a pet stick vacuum. Those attachments include a LED Multi-tasker power brush that’s suitable for all floor types as well as a LED Soft-roller power brush that you can use to remove pet hair from hard floor materials and large debris.

There’s also a crevice tool, mini power brush, 2-in-1 dusting brush, and a hair cleaning tool. This is a department in which the Tineco Cordless Stick Vacuum A11 obviously takes the lead.

  • Honestly, there is a lot to love in the Tineco A11 cordless stick vacuum, but we find the most impressive is the price and the set of attachments that come with the tool. For the budget-conscious consumer looking for the bang for their buck, this can easily be the best cordless stick vacuum for pet hair.

03 Dyson Cordless V8 Animal

The V8 Animal is the basic version of Dyson’s V8 series, and it’s the company’s upgrade to the popular V6 model. The Dyson V8 Animal cordless vacuum promises plenty of power and loads of features, but it comes at a steep price that may or may not be justified depending on what you need in the best cordless stick vacuum for pet hair.

The Dyson V8 Animal is a cordless stick vacuum with a detachable handheld mode. It weighs only 5.64 pounds, placing it on the lightweight side of the spectrum, and the weight is well-distributed throughout the V8’s body to make the vac easy to use.

In terms of power, the V8 Cordless Animal’s performance doesn’t disappoint, as it packs a powerful motor capable of providing 115 air watts of powerful suction in MAX mode and 28 air watts in the regular mode. Should you use the V8 vacuum on low settings, you can get up to 40 minutes of runtime, or 20 minutes if you attach the direct-drive cleaner head or turbo tool.

Just like the rest of Dyson’s V8 cordless models, the Animal comes with the company’s direct-drive cleaner head, which has a powered brush bar capable of sucking pet hair from the roughest of places. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include Dyson’s soft roller cleaner head for hard floors, which is a big bummer considering the price point of this model.

  • Although the cordless Dyson V8 Animal cordless vacuum is a bit expensive, it actually packs a lot of power to make up for the price, and it comes with a couple of attachments that can make cleaning after your pet a breeze.

    If the budget might be a constraint, you can opt for the more affordable Dyson V6. As a comparison, the Dyson V6 has a weaker suction power as compared to the Dyson V8.

04 MOOSOO XL-618A Cordless Stick Vacuum

Not only does this pet stick vacuum cleaner look cool, but it also outperforms many units that overprice it. Thanks to the detachable battery, you can use this 3.3-pound stick vacuum for up to 45 minutes, which is more than enough to clean most houses. It works equally well on bare floors and carpeted surfaces too.

For the price, the MOOSOO XL-618A pet cordless vacuum offers a decent amount of suction power – up to 7Kpa to be exact, which should be ideal for removing pet hair from different surfaces.

The dustbin capacity is quite impressive, to be honest, as the cup can only hold 1.3 liters of dust and pet hair. That’s better than what several high-priced units on our list offer.

Besides the regular motorized vacuum brush, the XL-618A pet cordless vacuum also comes with a 2-in-1 drug brush. The latter can be used for a variety of different tasks, including narrow gaps cleaning.

  • The MOOSOO XL-618A cordless vacuum has many perks, but what sets it apart from the rest of the recommendations on our list is the low price tag. If you and need the best cordless stick vacuum for pet hair in the budget sphere, this is an excellent option to consider.

05 Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

If you like the Tineco A11 cordless vacuum reviewed above but find the price a bit high, then you might want to take a look at the Tineco A10 Hero – the A11 budget-friendly counterpart.

Despite its low price, the Tineco A10 Hero pet handheld vacuum packs a powerful brushless motor that can, when paired with the company’s 2000mAh detachable lithium battery, keep the vacuum going for 10 to 25 minutes of runtime performance depending on which power level you’re using.

The suction power can get to 110 air watts in MAX mode, which is enough to take care of all of your pet hair problems around the house, especially that the dustbin can collect 0.4 liters before needing to be emptied. All of that, without being too noisy or annoying.

  • The Tineco A11 Hero cordless vacuum is an affordable, powerful, and lightweight unit that can definitely be the best cordless stick vacuum for pet hair if you’re on a budget.

06 Hikeren 12000 PA Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Still on the wallet-friendly side of the spectrum with the Hikeren 12000 PA Stick Vacuum Cleaner – another solid candidate for the title of the best cordless stick vacuum cleaner.

This fine piece of machinery from Hikeren boats a powerful suction motor capable of providing 120 air watts of suction power. The pet stick vacuum cleaner has two modes: a low power mode that’s suitable for removing dog hair from hard bare floors, and a high-power mode that can suck out any particle from carpets and such.

After fully charging the battery, which shouldn’t take more than 4 hours, the Hikeren vacuum cleaner can keep going for 40 minutes on low power mode.

  • Although the price tag of this pet vacuum cleaner is quite attractive, it’s actually the flexibility that it offers that we love.

07 Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser

The Bissell 1650A looks good, but it performs even better. With a plethora of convenience-focused features, such as the SuctionChannel Technology, Quick Release Wand, and Swivel Steering, this vacuum is all you need to take care of all your pet hair problems – regardless of the surface, location, or how stuck the hair is.

We have included the Bissel 1650A even though it is a corded vacuum cleaner. It’s worth a mention as the Bissel 1650A comes with a powerful suction that efficiently keep your bare floors free of any dog hair.

When it comes to efficiency, the 1650A sports a neat feature called the Tangle-free brush roll, which prevents pet hair from wrapping up on the motorized brush. The Cyclonic Pet Hair Spooling System is an impressive technology, as it separates dirt from fur and spools them together, thus making the 1.5-liter dustbin easier to empty and clean.

  • The Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser is a feature-packed corded vacuum cleaner that’s mainly focused on efficiency, and SuctionChannel Technology is the most significant piece of evidence on that.

08 Hoover BH50020PC Linx Signature Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The last candidate for the title of the best cordless stick vacuum cleaner is the BH50020PC from Hoover – a lightweight cordless model that can make floor cleaning in any house a breeze.

The Hoover Cordless BH50020PC is suitable for all kinds of surfaces, and transitioning from carpets to hard bare floors couldn’t be easier when using this pet stick vacuum cleaner.

Add that to the fact that it can reach the toughest and farthest of spots thanks to the extreme recline handle and edge cleaning bristles, and you’ve got yourself one of the best cordless stick vacuum cleaners when it comes to serious floor cleaning sessions. It works well on both hard floors and carpets.

  • Despite its affordable price, the Hoover Cordless BH50020PC manages to be extremely versatile and flexible. The intuitive features that this unit offers, including Hoover WindTunnel Technology, extreme Recline Handle, and Edge Cleaning Bristles, make this Hoover vacuum suitable for comprehensive pet hair cleaning sessions.

Buyers Guide

Cordless Stick Vacuum For Pet Hair Buyer’s Guide

A pet stick cordless vacuum can be a great, convenient addition to your pet care arsenal – more so if they’re cordless. Here are the main factors to consider when buying a pet cordless vacuum.

Suction Power

Just like with any cordless vacuum in the pets category, the first factor that you need to consider when looking for the best cordless stick vacuum is the suction power performance.

Not long ago, cordless pet stick vacuums weren’t that powerful due to their lightweight and slim profile. That’s why they were mainly used as secondary cleaning devices that clean up after their more powerful counterparts, upright vacuum cleaners. Today, pet cordless stick models pack enough power to take care of all of your dog fur removal needs.

To check the power of a stick vacuum cleaner, take a look at its specs, such as air watts and pascals, which will give you a clear idea as to how good the device will perform.

You also need to consider your flooring. Some cordless pet stick vacuums can work impeccably on any kind of flooring, while others can only remove dog hair from either carpets or hard bare floors. If you have different types of flooring around your house, make sure to look for a stick vacuum cleaner with adjustable suction.

Battery Life

As this is a comparison buying guide for the best cordless pet stick vacuum cleaners, we find discussing the battery life essential before making your final choice. There are two comparison factors on which you need to keep a close eye here: the charging time, and the runtime when the battery is fully charged.

If you’re serious about your dog hair vacuuming sessions, then you ought to get a cordless vacuum that can keep you going for no less than 20 minutes after a full charge.


As opposed to canister or upright cordless vacuums, which you can use by pushing the unit, stick vacuum cleaners are designed to be carried by the user. That makes the weight yet another essential performance factor to consider – one that will affect the maneuverability, comfort, and convenience of each model.

The best cordless stick vacuum for you should be one that you can easily carry around. It has to be lightweight with a slim profile. You also need to pay attention to the weight distribution, as a lightweight cordless vacuum where most of the weight is mainly at the furthest end of your hand wouldn’t be comfortable and easy to lift.

As a comparison, canister vacuum cleaners are generally bulkier and tend to be a tad more inconvenient as you have to drag the canister vacuum back and forth.

Dust Bag

Some stick cordless vacuums feature a bagged dustbin. Such models are easy to maintain, as all you have to do is replace the bag whenever it fills up. The problem is that such a process isn’t exactly environmentally friendly, nor is it the cheapest.

Bagless models, on the other hand, come with a dirt cup, which you need to empty and wash when it fills up. Although that may seem an unnecessary endeavor, it’s the cheaper approach, as you don’t have to spend any extra penny on the vacuum cleanup after your initial investment. Besides, having a see-through dirt cup will allow you to asses when it needs emptying, which will help you avoid getting the cup clogged with pet fur and other particles and debris.

Now, which type should you choose as a pet owner?

Well, knowing that no day goes by without your pet shedding all over the place, getting a bagged stick vacuum can set you back a pretty penny in the long run, as you’ll have to change the bag quite often. That’s why we recommend going with such a model as your best cordless stick vacuum.

It’s worth noting that emptying the dirt cup of a bagless vacuum cleaner is effortless, as all you have to do is release the bottom of the container or detach it from the cordless vacuum. Easy peasy.

Just be sure not to misplace the dirt cup, as finding a replacement dirt cup could be quite tricky.


When you’re looking for the best cordless stick vacuum cleaner, you ought to search for one with a HEPA filter. HEPA filters can remove over 99% of particles that are 0.3 micrometers of bigger, making them essential if you or one of your family members has an allergy to dust and pet dander.


The attachment is the part that cordless vacuums use to pick up dirt, particles, and animal hair strands. While most models can comfortably handle dirt, dust, soil, and sand, dog hair can be a whole different ballgame for many of them.

Why, you ask?

Simply because short dog hair can easily cling onto all kinds of fabrics and furniture, while long hair gets tangled in the brush roll and clog up the cleaner, and you need an attachment that can tackle both issues.

So, which attachment should you get to get rid of dog hair around your house?

Your best bet would be getting a brush roll or brush tool, as it features stiff bristles that can pull up pet hair easily.

Extra Features

Some pet cordless stick vacuums boast additional features that may or may not come in handy while you’re hunting pet hair around your house. These features include:

Quiet Operation

While it’s nice to have a cordless stick vacuum that doesn’t make too much sound, that would probably set you back a pretty penny. Besides, even the so-called “quiet” vac cleaners still produce some noise. The best solution is to acclimate your pets to the sound when you’re cleaning your house.

Sealed Bags

Some cordless vacuums can seal in the dust and pet dander when you remove the bag, which is a great feature to have if you or your family members suffer from asthma or allergies.

Wet-Dry Capability

If you’re planning to use your cordless vacuum cleaner to clean up all kinds of messes created by your pet, such as fur balls, then getting a model that can handle wet-dry messes would be really convenient.


A cordless pet stick vacuum can be a handy add-on to any cleaning arsenal – especially so if you have a pet that keeps shredding everywhere it goes. Although we would suggest getting any of the above products in a heartbeat, we highly recommend going with the Shark ION F80. It’s the best vacuum for getting rid of dog hair that you can get right now.

Not only does that vacuum model offer the longest runtime on the market and come with a plethora of features, but it’s also affordable and comes with an impressive five-year warranty, which should give you some ever-wanted peace of mind when purchasing the best cordless vacuums for dog hair.

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