Best Dog Backpack Carriers

The best dog backpack carrier is PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack.

Dog backpack carriers are the perfect accessory to bring your pup whenever you go. It can be taking long hikes, walking, camping, or even biking.

After all, dogs are highly social animals and we want them in every part of our lives as much as possible. 

There are different kinds of dog carrier backpacks available. Generally, these backpacks are specially designed to help you carry your pooch anywhere and make sure your dogs are safe throughout the adventure. These backpacks are also versatile enough to be used as a regular backpack. 

Without further ado, here’s the list of the 12 best dog backpack carriers that are available in the market currently. 

#1 PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack

If you have plans of traveling abroad with your furry friend, the PetAmi Deluxe Carrier Backpack is what you need. It has the classic side carry bag design that can be used as a hand-held backpack carrier as well.

For proper ventilation, the bag is covered with mesh. It has Sherpa lining to provide exceptional comfort for your pet, and you can strap this backpack carrier to a car seat. Hiking, traveling, or taking your canine companion to the vet is very convenient with this doggie carrier.

This backpack carrier measures 12.5 inches long by 10.2 inches wide by 16.3 inches deep, and it can fit small dogs, cats, and other small to medium-sized pets.

The added convenience such as the front pocket for the things you need to bring and the collapsible water bowl is very helpful. The safety strap and buckle to ensure your pooch will not escape is also a good feature that we really liked. Another feature that we love about this product is its two-way entry system for easy loading of your pooch.


  • This product comes with both back and shoulder paddings to provide extra comfort to dog parents carrying the backpack.
  • This PetAmi backpack features both waist and chest support for whoever is carrying a pooch in the backpack.
  • The backpack has front and side pockets for convenient storage of dog treats, toys, and other accessories.
  • Mesh nets on the sides of this pet carrier backpack provide optimal airflow and ensures that pooches remain comfortable while on walks.
  • This backpack’s two-way entry design provides easy access for loading and removing dogs from the pet carrier.


  • Customers claim that the backpack’s zipper tends to get stuck at the corners, thereby complicating the process of opening and closing this dog carrier.
  • In some cases, the Sherpa padding intended for the bottom of this backpack is too large, which results in the bottom part of the backpack protruding into the carrier’s back and causing some discomfort.

This product emerges as our top pick because of its well-thought-out safety design features to prevent dogs from escaping, and of its heavy-duty nylon construction for increased durability.

#2 PetAmi Premium Pet Carrier Backpack

For a budget-conscious pet owner, this PetAmi Premium Backpack is an ideal choice. It is a small pet carrier bag with a front entrance. This backpack carrier is very portable while traveling for a long trip and is designed for maximum comfort for both pet and owner.

The shoulder straps are padded to make sure it is easy for you to carry the bag. Also, it has a waist strap for a better hold. The mesh top makes it easier for you to see your pet. If you are concerned about ventilation, this backpack carrier has mesh patches around its structure.

We like its soft Sherpa interior and its collapsible water bowl. This will keep your pooch hydrated throughout your adventure. Also, we get to choose the color that we want and come at an affordable price.


  • This pet carrier comes with four mesh windows located on different sides to ensure that pooches continuously have access to fresh air.
  • This PetAmi backpack has a collapsible bowl that comes in handy for giving pooches food or water while on long walks.
  • The backpack also comes with side pockets where users can conveniently store supplies, such as food, treats, and other accessories for their dogs.
  • The backpack has soft Sherpa lining bedding that provides a cozy surface for dogs to lay on while in the carrier.
  • This PetAmi pet carrier comes equipped with a safety buckle and leash to keep pooches securely in place in the backpack while on walks.


  • Several customers claim that this pet carrier backpack comes with an unpleasant chemical smell that refuses to go away.
  • There have been several reports of this backpack’s front collapsing in on pooches in the pet carrier.

#3 Petsfit Comfort Dogs Carriers Backpack

The Petsfit Comfort Carrier promises premium features at a reasonable price. Just like other dog carriers, it also has lightweight mesh windows for visibility, ample ventilation, and safety.

The backpack carrier also comes equipped with a removable safety harness and an interior drawstring to carry it with ease. Cleaning is also not a problem because it has a removable and machine-washable comfort pad.

Petsfit offers a 30-day guarantee, which is a big plus point for us. If you are not satisfied with the quality of their product, simply return for a replacement or a full refund of your money.


  • Meshes located on four sides of this backpack provide optimal airflow for pooches and also make it possible for customers to observe their dogs’ activities at a glance.
  • Zipper openings on the top and sides of this backpack provide access points for easy loading and unloading of pooches into and from the carrier.
  • The inclusion of pockets on both sides of this backpack provides a convenient means for customers to store their dogs’ supplies.
  • Customers can fold up this backpack into a smaller shape for easy storage when not in use.
  • The Petsfit backpack’s design features padded shoulder straps, an adjustable chest belt, and waist straps to provide a comfortable carrying experience for customers.


  • Customers claim that this backpack’s mesh tends to trap heat, thereby causing dogs in the pet carrier to overheat and putting them at risk of suffering heatstroke.
  • Customer feedback also suggests that this backpack’s harness strap might be too short to be effectively used for some pooches.

#4 PAWABOO Pet Carrier Backpack

This trendy, durable and colorful pet carrier from PAWABOO can handle weights up to 22 lbs. With its inner collar, your furry friend is secured but lets its legs and tail hang free through its flexible elastic openings.

The dog front carrier has clips to lessen the pressure on your neck and shoulders. Your pet pooch gets proper ventilation with its breathable mesh and canvas.

Its hands-free transportation feature and cute design are the two things that we really like about PAWABOO. Although it is not recommended for longer trips, we still think that it is a good choice for the outdoors, especially since it is water-resistant.


  • The carrier’s elastic fabric provides ultimate flexibility while carrying dogs and gentle support for a pooch.
  • This pet carrier backpack features quick-release buckles on the end of its straps to provide a fast way to set up the carrier.
  • This pet carrier’s shoulder straps come with adjustable paddings that help relieve the pressure on the user’s shoulder and back when carrying a dog.
  • The leg-out and tail-out design of this pet carrier backpack ensures that pooches remain comfortable when being carried.
  • The two-sided zipper design of this backpack provides an easy way in and out of the pet carrier for pooches.


  • Customers claim that this backpack’s straps tend to slide off the shoulders when carrying a dog, thereby posing a safety risk for pooches.
  • There has also been feedback from some users about how difficult it is to get pooches to cooperate when putting them in this PAWABOO backpack.

#5 Pet Gear I-GO2 Roller Backpack

This canine carrier from Pet Gear is not just a backpack carrier but a roller as well. It can adapt to your changing needs. If you need to carry your pet, you can use it as a standard dog carrier or backpack. You can also convert it into a car seat, a tote, or roller bag.

No matter how you will use it, your pet pooch stays secure because of its interior security tether. Some of its comfort features are a telescoping handle, fleece liner, adjustable straps, pockets for your phone, and keys.

Versatility is one of the good features that we think the Pet Gear backpack has. We can use it in many different ways depending on the situations that we are in. With this product, we can carry the dog with it or use it as a car seat.


  • This product’s versatility and 5-in-1 design ensure that it can be used in various ways, such as a dog carrier, car seat, backpack, roller bag, and tote.
  • The backpack features two side pouches for storing a pooch’s supplies, such as food, treats, and other accessories.
  • For safety, the Pet Gear backpack comes with a tether that can be attached to a dog’s harness to prevent the pooch from jumping out of the carrier.
  • This product has multiple mesh windows to ensure that dogs have access to optimal airflow and remain comfortable while contained in the backpack.


  • This product’s design doesn’t include handles for lifting this dog carrier, either on top or on the sides of the backpack.
  • Some customers claim that the backpack’s bottom fleece-covered pad has no depth to effectively provide comfort for pooches while being carried.

#6 Petsfit Comfort Dogs Carriers

The Petsfit Comfort Carrier is perfect for long hiking and other exercises with your furry friend. Pressure on your neck or shoulders is reduced because of its thick and padded shoulder straps. It also has a chest strap to make carrying easier for you.

It has four mesh windows, to provide your pup enough ventilation and better visibility. Also, it will keep your pet pooch cool, even during hot days.

We love the removable and machine-washable pad from Petsfit, so it will be easier for us to clean the carrier after hiking or a long walk with our furry friends.


  • This dog carrier’s mat padding is removable and can be hand-washed or machine-washed for convenient maintenance.
  • The carrier has a built-in safety belt that can be attached to a pooch’s collar to prevent the dog from jumping out and escaping while on walks.
  • The inclusion of waist and chest buckles in this carrier’s design helps evenly distribute a dog’s weight and prevent excess pressure on the shoulders when in use.
  • This product comes with multiple mesh windows that provide appropriate ventilation and an outside view for pooches housed in the carrier.
  • This dog carrier’s top and bottom opening design provides a convenient way to get dogs in and out of the backpack.


  • This dog carrier doesn’t come with outside pockets for storage of necessities, such as dog food, treats, leash, and harness, among others.
  • Several customers have claimed that this dog carrier’s zippers are of poor quality and that they tend to break rather easily.

#7 CozyCabin Comfortable Backpack Carrier

Bring along your dog during your morning walk with this CozyCabin Pet Carrier. It has a roomy and comfortable interior but ensures the safety of your pet as you travel.

This carrier has all the comfortable features that will benefit both you and your pooch. It is designed to withstand the weather, abrasions, and dog nips.

With its removable comfort pad, it is easier for us to clean the carrier after a picnic or long walk in the park. It comes with an adjustable front hole to suit your pet’s size.


  • The carrier has a front hole – adjustable with drawstrings – that provides a convenient way for pooches to observe the environment while being carried in the backpack.
  • The backpack’s straps are padded to relieve some pressure off the shoulder when transporting a dog with this carrier.
  • This product’s top-loading design is convenient for getting pooches into and out of the backpack.
  • The carrier features an internal buckle that can be attached to a dog’s collar to prevent the pooch from jumping out of the backpack.
  • The material used to make this carrier is lightweight enough for pooches to push out and adjust themselves while in the backpack.


  • Customers claim that the carrier’s straps continually slide off their shoulders and won’t stay on when the backpack is in use.
  • According to various customer feedback, this carrier’s bottom padding is too thin to provide adequate support for pooches being carried in the backpack.

#8 Snoozer Wheel Around 4-In-1 Dog Carrier

This carrier from Snoozer is recommended for a bigger breed of dogs. Carrying big dogs at your back is not an easy task. That is why the Snoozer is designed in a way that will make transporting your large breed pooch along much easier.

This highly rated and very durable wheeled pet carrier offers the benefits you can get from a dog backpack. Its roller wheels can make transporting very easy.

Only a few pet carriers can carry up to 30 lbs and this Snoozer pet carrier is one of them. Traveling abroad with your four-legged friends is also not a problem as this carrier is airline-approved.


  • This product can be modified for use in various ways, such as a backpack, a wheeled carrier, and a comfy pet bed.
  • This dog carrier features lightweight mesh on three sides and a front flap that can be rolled down to provide pooches with optimal airflow and a way to stay informed of happenings in the environment.
  • This dog carrier comes with a storage pocket where customers can keep their pooch’s supplies, such as food, leashes, and harnesses.
  • This dog carrier also doubles as an approved airline carrier, which makes it easier to travel with your canine buddy.
  • The carrier comes with a safety buckle that can be attached to a collar to keep a pooch in place.


  • Several customers have reported issues with this dog carrier’s sizing, as it is usually either too small or too large to comfortably fit their pooches despite buying the appropriate sizes.
  • Multiple customer reports suggest that the removable attachments connecting to this dog carrier’s wheels don’t stay attached and can come apart easily.

#9 Texsens Innovative Dog Backpack Carrier

If you are looking for an innovative canine carrier that is designed to reduce pet anxiety when traveling on an airplane, Texsens Pet carrier is what you need. Your dog will have a better view of its surroundings with its semi-sphere window.

It also has enough ventilation holes and mesh panels to make sure your pooch can breathe comfortably. Your shoulders are safe with its padded straps.

The semi-sphere window is quite impressive as it can let our dog see the surroundings while traveling. It has ample ventilation to make our furry friend comfortable.


  • This backpack’s semi-sphere bubble window design provides a convenient way for pooches to observe their surroundings while ensuring that they can’t escape.
  • The Texsens backpack carrier comes with a built-in security leash to hold dogs in place while they are being transported.
  • The carrier comes with top and side zippered entries that make it easy for customers to remove and place pooches in the backpack.
  • This backpack features nine big air holes and meshes that ensure convenient breathing for dogs housed in the carrier.
  • Customers can remove this carrier’s padding and machine-wash for easy maintenance.


  • This backpack carrier tends to dig into one’s back or abdomen when in use, and this is quite uncomfortable for most users.
  • Several customers have reported that this backpack carrier comes with a chemical smell that is highly unpleasant to both dogs and humans.

#10 Natuvalle 6-in-1 Pet Carrier Backpack

If some canine carriers have a 5-in-1 feature, the Natuvalle has 6 different features packed into 1. You can convert the carrier from backpack to front pack, as a shoulder bag, car-seat, 2-position, and handbag. It is airline-approved and can be placed under your seat.

This carrier backpack can withstand all the travels and adventures. It is made of lightweight, water-resistant and durable Oxford fabric.

This carrier has a wooden, non-bendable bottom which offers a durable surface to keep your dogs secure. Of course, its highly versatile 6-in-1 feature is very impressive and helpful.


  • This pet carrier backpack is airline approved and can fit under plane seats, thereby making it suitable for use in transporting dogs when traveling by air.
  • This product can be used to transport dogs in several ways, including as a front or back pet carrier and as a shoulder or handbag carrier.
  • The carrier comes with four meshes to ensure optimal ventilation for pooches in the backpack.
  • Customers can fold this pet carrier backpack to about 2 inches for easy storage when not in use.
  • The backpack’s walk-through doors make it possible for pooches to simply walk in and out of the carrier, thereby making loading and unloading of dogs in the carrier easier for users.


  • Several customers have left unsatisfactory remarks about the poor quality of materials used in making this carrier backpack which results in the product getting damaged while or after being used.
  • Customers claim that the backpack tends to shift around a lot when being used to transport a dog, thereby making it difficult to keep the carrier on the back.

#11 WOYYHO Pet Dog Carrier Backpack

Take your small dog wherever you go with the WOYYHO Pet Dog Carrier Backpack. It carries pets of between 5 to 10 lbs.

The backpack has three main adjustable straps – the shoulder strap at 23.6 to 39.4 inches; the chest strap, which can be adjusted up to 13.8 inches; and the waist strap that can be adjusted up to 33.9 inches.

Your dog can view the scenery through the adjustable neck whole window. The backpack is made of breathable polyester and mesh fiber. The bottom plate of the front carrier backpack is heavily padded and has breathable mesh to keep the weight balanced.

To further protect your dog, there is a built-in security leash with a clamp that connects with your dog’s collar. In addition, the backpack has side and front pockets for the storage of necessities for both you and your pet.

This high-quality bag is also rather stylish, as it is available in 13 different colors, one of which will definitely catch your eye.

If you have a small dog or other pet, this bag from WOYYHO will let you take them anywhere. It has removable parts that can be cleaned regularly. We like the multiple adjustable straps to firmly secure the backpack. We like that it is made of breathable mesh and polyester fabric, so it is easy to clean and maintain. The security leash adds an extra layer of security, while the pockets are perfect for your items.


  • The carrier comes with an adjustable neck hole window on top that provides an unrestricted view of the environment for dogs and a way for pooches to pop out their heads for fresh air.
  • The backpack’s soft pads and solid bottom covers can be removed for easy replacement when due and washed for easy maintenance.
  • This dog carrier has a built-in leash with a clamp that can be attached to a pooch’s collar or harness to ensure that the dog can’t get out of the backpack.
  • The WOYYHO backpack has adjustable chest and waist straps that keep itself stable while in use, and it also ensures that the dog’s weight isn’t entirely carried by the shoulders.
  • The mesh cloth design of this backpack is comfortable for users to carry around and soft enough for pooches to feel comfortable in.


  • Several customers claim that the backpack’s straps are too long and can’t be adjusted to comfortably sit on the carrier’s shoulders.
  • The backpack’s pockets don’t provide enough room to hold a great deal of dog food and essential accessories.

#12 Apollo Walker Pet Carrier Backpack

If you need to take your pet on a hike, to the vet, or for a neighborhood stroll, you need the Apollo Walker Pet Carrier Backpack. It is one of the larger backpacks in the market with dimensions of 12.6 inches long by 11.4 inches wide by 16.8 inches deep.

While it is a larger backpack, it weighs only 3.81 lbs. The inside of the backpack is covered in fleece, while the mesh window is large enough for your pet.

The bag is well-secured so that you don’t have to worry about losing your pet along the way. As added security, there is a built-in leash tether to keep your pet safe. The back and shoulder straps are adequately padded. The bag also has adjustable chest and waist buckles, offering you additional support.

The bag has secure zippers which will not deform after repeated use. The backpack also has a removable plush bed for your pet to use. This bed is what makes the bottom of your bag sturdier.

We like the fact that it is larger than most pet backpacks. We like the removable plush bed for use inside and outside the bag. The padded straps and additional buckles make it easy to carry. Your pet has more headroom thanks to the mesh windows.


  • The Apollo backpack features a two-way entry design for easy access to dogs contained in the carrier.
  • The carrier’s back and shoulder straps are heavily padded to ensure that users remain comfortable while transporting their dogs in this backpack.
  • The carrier has a leash tether that can be attached to a pooch’s collar to prevent the dog from jumping out the backpack’s window.
  • The inclusion of chest and waist buckles helps with weight redistribution, thereby helping reduce the pressure of the dog’s weight on the carrier’s shoulders.
  • The Apollo carrier has multiple mesh windows that provide better airflow for dogs in the carrier.


  • Feedback from customers suggests that this backpack’s window is large enough for most dogs to jump out from.
  • Several customers remark that the carrier isn’t firm enough on the bottom to provide adequate support for a pooch’s weight.

Dog Carrier Backpack Buyer’s Guide

The best dog carrier backpacks have features that make them comfortable for your dog. Make sure to choose the one that will benefit not just your pooch but you as a pet owner too. So, what are these features that you should be looking for?

Here are some key features that you should look out for.


Choose a dog backpack carrier that will match the size of your dog. A carrier that is too big for your dog can make them uncomfortable. In case you choose the smaller one, your furry friend will feel claustrophobic. So, before purchasing, it is a must to check whether if you need a smaller or a bigger backpack carrier.

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Zipper With Locking Tool

If you are looking for a backpack carrier to carry your pet dog, it is important that you focus on the safety and security of the carrier. It is essential that the dog backpack carrier has a zipper with a locking device. This will not let your dog escape from the carrier.

Durability Of Material

One of the important features you should check when buying a dog carrier backpack is the material it is made of. Make sure it is made of strong, sturdy material so it can support your canine companion without bulging at the bottom because of pressure.

On top of that, it is key to get a sport sack made of water-resistant material. It will keep your dogs clean and dry in the event of an unforeseen downpour and will last longer.

Design And Structure

Consider buying a dog backpack carrier with multiple pockets if you have plans for hiking or backpacking. These pockets can hold essential things you need to carry when traveling or hiking. Dog backpack carriers with more pockets is preferred, but it should be something that will not shift the balance of weight on it.


A dog backpack carrier should be something that is easy to use, carry, and wash. It will be an added burden for you if you choose a carrier with complex instructions on using it. An easy-to-use pet carrier makes your hiking and traveling adventure less stressful.

Image from Dogline Inc

Back Or Front Facing

Dog carrier backpacks are designed differently. You can choose from a back-facing, hand-held, or front-facing carrier. Make sure to select the one that will suit your needs. For instance, if you will go biking or for a long walk, it is best to choose a back-facing dog backpack carrier. When traveling via planes, it is best to select a hand-held carrier.

You can look for a dog backpack carrier with both the front and back facing, so you don’t have to purchase both types of dog carrier.


You would not want to suffocate your dog while hiking or traveling. Choose a carrier backpack with breathable fabric that offers ample ventilation for your pooch. A good dog backpack carrier will allow a lot of airflow for your furry friend. This helps to keep your dog from overheating.

Supports The Weight Of Your Dog

Make sure that the dog backpack carrier you are buying can support the weight of your pet dog. It is best to weigh your pooch a few days before the hiking or traveling date. If your pet is heavier than the weight of which it can carry, it will tear it out completely. This is a potential health hazard that has to be avoided.

We recommend getting a carrier backpack that is well above the recommended weight of your pooch.

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Position Of Your Dog While Being Carried

Decide whether you want your pooch lying down when in the backpack carrier or you want him to sit still while traveling with his head sticking out. This will depend on your dog’s nature and your preference.

Image from Pet Plate

Padded Straps

Since you will be carrying the backpack carrier on your shoulders, it is essential to choose the one with padded shoulder straps. You and your pooch will feel comfortable during your hiking or backpacking adventure. Padded straps reduce pressure and weight on your shoulders which makes carrying less bothersome.

As a general guideline, the heavier the dog, the stronger padding you will require.

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For bigger dogs, it is impossible for you to carry the dog backpack carrier for a long walk. In cases like this, you have the option to choose a dog carrier backpack with wheels. With this kind of canine carrier, you have the option to carry the backpack or drag it using the wheels.

Why You Need A Dog Carrier Backpack For Hiking?

You need a dog carrier backpack not just when you travel but also anytime you go out with your pooch. Keep in mind that it is not only your furry friend that you need to carry, you also need to bring other things like your water bottle, doggie toys, supplies, and others. You cannot carry them all with your bare hands.

To make it easier for you and your pet, get a dog carrier backpack with pockets so you can carry everything with ease. The best way to carry everything is the hands-free way, and you can carry everything on your shoulders.

Final Thoughts

So, after reading all the factors a dog carrier backpack should have, you are now ready to make a purchase. We have reviewed 12 of the best dog carriers in the market to help you make a smart decision. And we think that among the products mentioned above, our top pick is the best backpack for your pet dog.

Our top pick makes traveling and hiking comfortable for your pooch and for you. It has all the features a dog carrier backpack should have.

Using this dog carrier during hiking makes it easier for you. We assure you that our top pick is safe and comfortable not just for your furry friend but for you as well. If you find this review helpful, feel free to share this with your friends who have plans of buying a pet carrier.

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