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Best Dog Blankets

The best dog blanket is TETON DOG Waterproof Fleece PET Throw Dog Blanket.

Comfortable doggy bed; check. Perfect toasty corner in the house; check. All that is missing now is the perfect blanket and your dog can start truly enjoying their much-deserved naps. To help you out, here are 11 of the best dog blankets on the market so you know where to begin your search.

Budget Conscious Pick

ALLISANDRO 350 GSM Pet Dog Blanket

Our Top Pick

TETON DOG Waterproof Fleece PET Throw Dog Blanket

Readers Pick

furrybaby Premium Fluffy Fleece Dog Blanket

01 TETON DOG Waterproof Fleece PET Throw Dog Blanket

Comfort should be your number one priority when shopping for a dog blanket and this option delivers! TETON DOG Throw Dog Blanket stands out with the use of premium fleece lining. In addition to being soft and cozy, it is gentle on your pooch’s paws and nose. It also helps keep them warm making it perfect for use on cold nights and during winter.

It also stands out with the use of nanopore technology for waterproofing. This is ideal if your dog is prone to potty accidents whether due to incontinence or lack of training. You therefore do not have to worry about constantly getting your floors, carpet or furniture cleaned.

The best part is that you get to decide which side to use based on your specific needs with the reversible design of the carpet. The versatility means you get multiple services from one purchase whether you want something warm for the night or light and airy for daytime lounging.

  • With high-quality materials, superior comfort features and resilient-focused construction, it is not so hard to see why this is one of the best options on the market. It is ideal for puppies in potty training as well as older dogs. However, whatever age your pooch is, it is a fantastic blanket with a lot to offer.

02 ALLISANDRO 350 GSM Pet Dog Blanket

What sets this blanket apart from other alternatives is the use of 350 GMS flannel fleece. This is not the ordinary run-of-the-mill type of fleece. It is incredibly soft to feel and therefore ideal for pooches with sensitive skin as there is no uncomfortable friction to be worried about.

Moreover, the material is built to be durable and resistant to mechanical damage from things like scratching and biting. So, if you have a doggy that gets a little too trigger happy with their claws, this would be a fantastic option to help you protect your upholstery. Finally, the material does a good job of collecting fur, and clears out easily.

The blanket measures 24 inches by 31 inches. This is a decent size for both uses as a blanket and a lounge pad. For this reason, it would be ideal for use if you are shopping for a puppy or a small breed of dog.

  • The Allisandro blanket is ideal for multipurpose use and with the use of 350 GMS flannel, it will not disappoint. Additionally, you do not even have to spend too much money to enjoy all these wonderful benefits as it is one of the more affordable dog blankets on the market.

03 furrybaby Premium Fluffy Fleece Dog Blanket

The Furrybaby Premium Fleece Blanket is ideal for all-weather use. The fleece finishing ensures your pooch stays nice and cozy during cold weather. The use of polyester, on the other hand, keeps the dog cool by facilitating breathability on those hotter nights. The best part is that with the high quality construction, the blanket is durable and can handle the year-round use without falling apart on you and shedding all over your home.

Speaking of shedding, the blanket does a really good job when it comes to protecting surfaces from the dog’s fur. In addition to trapping whatever the pooch loses, the soft feel prevents further shedding due to friction.

  • This is a fantastic alternative if you love to cuddle with your dog. Whether it is a small pooch or a gentle giant, there will be plenty of room for everyone.

04 Furhaven Water-Resistant Thermal Throw Blanket

If you are in the market for a winter blanket for your furry best buddy, the Furhaven throw blanket is definitely worth considering. It features a convenient thermal layer that makes it ideal for this application. This layer traps warmth and keeps things nice and toasty for the pooch even on the coldest of nights.

Furthermore, the blanket includes 2 super soft and warm surfaces. On one side you have fine fleece finishing for a softer and airier touch. On the other side, there is thick Sherpa. Both are effective in providing insulation and perfectly complement the thermal layer for improved functionality.

  • There is no reason why your dog should shiver their way through winter with alternatives like this one on the market. It’s also very easy to maintain as it is washing machine-friendly so you can have it clean and ready for use again with minimum hassle.

05 Pawsse Dog Blanket

This is a wonderful alternative if you want versatility in the form of a reversible blanket design. On one side, you will have soft mink micro-fleece fiber. This is ideal for keeping your dog warm and comfortable without stifling them with heat on those already toasty days or nights.

The other side features a Sherpa faux wool finishing. This offers more insulation which makes it perfect for use on really cold nights. It is also sufficiently thick allowing comfortable use of the blanket as a lounging mat whether you set it up on the couch, on the dog bed or even on your floor.

  • This choice gives you more bang for your buck by essentially offering you the benefits of two blanket types from one single purchase. With its dimensions, it is perfect for small and medium-sized dogs.

06 SmartPetLove Snuggle Blanket for Pets

The SmartPetLove Snuggle Blanket earns its spot on our list with its fun and unique aesthetic design. It includes print details like love hearts and drawings of little doggies. If aesthetics matter a lot to you with dog blankets then this should be high on your list of possible options.

In addition to being incredibly adorable, this visual design is meant to be safe for your dog. First off, it is a dye print and not the sew-in style that tends to be uncomfortable for the dog and fragile. There is also the fact that the dyes used are high quality and pet-friendly.

  • This is an excellent doggy blanket to give as a gift to a dog owner. Side note: If you want it for yourself, there are few options on the market that will offer the same level of aesthetic value for a dog enthusiast.

07 Petsure 2-Pack Dog Blanket

This one is ideal for dogs that love a good snuggle. It stands out with its dual layer blanket design. This offers all-rounded warmth and coziness for the little one. It also makes the blanket a good alternative for year-round use as it offers the perfect balance between warmth and breathability.

The material used also contributes to this benefit of versatility. The 260 GSM flannel with a microfiber finish is one of the most popular options when it comes to dog blankets. This is because, in addition to being very soft, it has fine pores that facilitate air flow for maximum comfort.

  • Dogs love a good cuddle every now and then and the Petsure dog blanket is a magnificent way to ensure that they can get cozy wherever and whenever they want.

08 PAWZ Road Dog Blanket

If your dog has very sensitive skin, this is a good doggy blanket to consider. The PAWZ option is made from extra soft premium fleece material. This is very gentle on your dog’s coat and exposed surfaces like the nose and paws. They therefore get to enjoy the warm and cozy benefits of the blanket without getting irritated skin as a result of friction.

In addition to the plush finishing, this blanket offers safe comfort to dogs with sensitive skin through the breathability of the material. The air flow through the blanket comes in particularly handy during those hotter nights where issues like heat rash and other skin flare-ups are more likely to occur.

  • This dog blanket is worth considering as a top pick for dogs with sensitive skin. In addition to the overall dog-friendliness of the materials and construction, it is machine washable so you can easily keep it clean for further protection of your dog’s skin.

09 Friends Forever Deluxe Dog Blanket

A lot of the other alternatives on our list are soft but not many come close to what the Friends Forever Deluxe Dog Blanket has to offer. The 100% polyester material features a 200 GSM fleece finishing which gives it an extra cozy velvet feel. This is good for dogs who need that extra smooth feel whether it is due to sensitive skin or the fact that they are just picky and love to be comfortable.

In addition to being snug, the material holds on really well to shed fur from your dog. That way your surfaces will be protected from fur balls and dander.

  • With the incredible soft feel of this dog blanket, your doggy is essentially guaranteed warm and cozy naps whether it is a cold winter’s night or a toasty summer afternoon.

10 THE FIREFLY COLLECTION Large Throw Pet Blanket

This is yet another pick that is ideal for you if you want a statement piece in terms of aesthetics. The blanket comes in 2 styles: one with a paw print pattern and another with little doggy bone prints. These are awesome for decorating your dog’s lounging space and helping the little one mark their territory in your home.

The aesthetic style also serves a functional purpose. In addition to being super adorable, the design allows you to monitor for stains and fur buildup. With the bright colors, you will not miss those dirty paw prints or hue-altering dander. The best part is that it is easy to clean, and once you notice the mess, you can just pop it into a washing machine and dryer- then have it back on your surfaces in no time.

  • With the cute dog-themed designs, this is an amazing throw blanket to gift your dog-enthusiast friends. The best part is that you are not burdening them as it is super easy to maintain.

11 PetFusion Premium Plus Quilted Pet Blanket Blanket

Rounding up our list of top 11 best dog blankets is an option with a unique quilt design. In addition to the aesthetic effect, this style offers a functional benefit with an anti-slip effect. Your dog will enjoy this extra safety detail especially if you choose to use the blanket as a furniture or floor mat for the pooch to lounge on.

The blanket is made of 100% polyester material with soft fleece finishing that is durable, breathable, and great at heat insulation. This ensures all-weather protection for the dog so that they are comfortable whether it is freezing cold or uncomfortably tasty.

  • This reversible doggy blanket is pretty simple in design but definitely gets the job done as far as ensuring your dog is comfortable is concerned. It's particularly awesome if you favor the quilt blanket style.

Buyers Guide

Dog Blankets Buyer’s Guide

Shopping for the ideal dog blanket can be a little bit of a nightmare. The problem is that there are so many options out there that look so similar on paper that narrowing down your options can get you on edge.

Fortunately, there are ways to set apart the truly great blankets that will offer you the best value for your investment in terms of comfort for your pooch and overall durability. You just have to take several factors into account in order to identify them. Here are 7 of these considerations and what the different options mean for you and your furry best buddy.

Image from Pet Plate

The material

The choice of material is very important for many reasons. The first is that it determines just how comfortable the blanket will be for the dog. In this case, polyester is one of the best options. In addition to being incredibly soft, it is highly breathable. Sometimes that extra breeze is all that is needed to take things to the next comfort level.

The material also determines the amount of warmth your dog gets to enjoy. This is particularly important to consider when shopping for a blanket to use in extremes of weather whether it is warm summer months or chilly winter nights. Wool is ideal for colder months while cotton is fantastic for hot weather. Polyester again stands out as it offers the best of both worlds and is therefore ideal for all-weather use.

The finishing

In addition to the type of material, you need to consider the threading and finishing on the blanket. Options here include fleece, flannel, microfiber, and Sherpa. These determine the surface feel of the blanket. Some like Sherpa also contribute to the insulation effect for warmth.

With fleece options in particular, you will come across a lot of variety denoted by a specific GSM value. This in full is grams per square meter and is a measure of the weight and overall density of the fabric. Higher values of 250 to 300 and above are preferable if you want something heavy for use during very cold months. Lower values of below 200 are light and awesome for use in warm weather as in addition to being light are usually more breathable.

Image from Ollie

The size of the blanket

This determines the size of dog that you can comfortably cover using the blanket. The best part is that, more often than not, brands give suggestions of breeds and ages that can comfortably use different sizes of the blanket. You could also get some insight from the review section on the blanket that you are interested in.

What matters most is that you get something that will offer full coverage to the dog and then some. With the extra space, they can roll around in their sleep without fully falling out of the range of cozy cover from the blanket. In this case, it doesn’t hurt to go a size up especially if you are shopping for a growing doggy.

However, you could size down if you want a blanket you could use as a surface mat for your carpets, furniture or even the dog’s kennel.

Overall construction quality

The construction quality plays a huge role in determining the overall durability of the material. One of the key features to look out for in this case is whether or not the blanket is built to be pill-resistant. Pilling refers to fabric shedding. In addition to being completely inconvenient to clean up and uncomfortable for your dog, this shedding leads to faster ageing of the blanket into a dysfunctional mess with several bald spots.

Another crucial feature when it comes to determining construction quality is the stitching particularly along the edges. Here, you can never really go wrong with double stitching. This not only looks good but also prevents deterioration in the form of fraying edges.

Pet safety features

As a dog owner, your furry buddy’s safety should be one of your biggest priorities. With dog blankets, this means getting something that will not cause any kind of reaction whether it is skin irritation or pulmonary reactions.

One way to get this perk is by going with hypoallergenic blankets. These are ideal for dogs with allergies to specific fabrics or to particulate matter. The blankets are designed with high quality materials like polyester or cotton. These materials are safe both through their composition and the fact that they do not pill off into irritating particles. No more sniffles or weird skin reactions for your doggy.

You should also take this into consideration when picking out prints. First off, make sure you get prints made from pet-friendly dyes. Secondly, stay away from stitch prints which often end up irritating your dog’s skin by creating friction.

Image from Pet Plate

Ease of maintenance

Dog blankets tend to get dirty very easily. Whether it is potty accidents, dander buildup or dirty paws, this can be a nightmare to deal with. You should therefore look for something that is easy to maintain as you make your decision of which dog blanket to go with.

Machine-washable options are by far the best option. All you have to do here is throw it into a washer and dryer and you are good to go. This is a particularly vital consideration with plush-finish alternatives that tend to be more delicate. The last thing you want is something comfortable but impossible to maintain.


What the blanket looks like actually matters. The dog, of course, couldn’t care less as all they want is something comfortable. However, the design makes a huge difference for you as the dog owner. You might want something that blends in seamlessly with your interior décor themes. In this case, neutral options like most of those on our list should do the job. 

However, if you want something flashier, prints are the way to go. These help you announce to guests that your’s is a dog-friendly home. They are also perfect for giving as gifts or for use in doggy themed spaces. Whatever the case, a paw print here and a splash of color there won’t hurt if that is your preference.


At first glance, a lot of dog blanket options seem pretty much the same. However, not all soft and cozy options are built the same. It is the little details that make all the difference and determine whether or not you actually end up getting full value for your money. With our buyer’s guide, you now know what factors you need to consider in order to identify the best dog blankets on the market.

By these standards, our top pick definitely stands out as the best on the market with its combination of great aesthetics and fantastic overall functionality. So if you are looking for the perfect snuggly blanket for your snuggly doggy, you have somewhere to start and 10 other options in case you want something different.

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