Best Dog Crate Water Bottles

Taking your dog with you when you travel is a fulfilling experience. But a traveling dog needs to have his natural needs met, among which hydration. So, how do you ensure that your dog has the clean and fresh water that he/she needs to stay hydrated while in a crate? Crate water bottles are the in thing. 

To help you shop for the best dog crate water bottle, we have looked at the main brands and written a comprehensive review just for you. Keep reading to find details on each of our favorite dog crate water bottles.

Budget Conscious Pick

Lixit Top Fill Water Bottle

Our Top Pick

Choco Nose H590 Patented No Drip Dog Water Bottle

Readers Pick

Fatpet 900ml Dog Water Bottle

01 Choco Nose H590 Patented No Drip Dog Water Bottle

This US patented dog water bottle is made of safe plastic, free of Bisphenol A (BPA). It’s created for small and medium-sized dogs, those around 15 to 30 lbs. Its 16-mm nozzle is fitted with a stainless steel nip at the end.

The bottle holds 11.2 oz (331 ml) of water, enough to hydrate your dog for the better part of the day. If you prefer, you can replace the original bottle with a bigger one since most regular-sized PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) bottles fit perfectly on the nozzle.

You won’t need to worry about your dog messing the car while drinking. The Choco Nose is leak-proof and easy to snap on and off when you need to refill or clean. The bottle can be screwed on the side of the crate for a more secure setup and if you decide to use it at home, you can screw or nail it to a wall or wooden surface.

  • Despite its small capacity, the Choco Nose dog crate water bottle has a nozzle that’s compatible with other regular bottles. It’s perfect as a dog crate water bottle since it can be screwed on the side of the crate and your dog can drink without making a mess.

02 Lixit Top Fill Water Bottle

When shopping on a tight budget for your dog’s water bottle, one that goes for less than $10 and holds plenty of water (16oz/473ml) gives you value for your money. You can also weigh your buck value on several other features including a patented valve with a ball tip that lets your pet drink without making a pool in the cage.

To refill the bottle, you simply flip the top lid so you don’t have to tamper with the no-drip valve and the nozzle. The Lixit bottle has two flat sides and can be mounted on the cage for ease of use. You have two clamp mounts on different positions so you can adjust the height.

Your dog’s health is not compromised in any way since the bottle is BPA-free and extremely easy to clean.


  • No one would say no to a product that serves the purpose for which it’s purchased without straining your budget. The Lixit dog water bottle is well-priced, holds plenty of water, does not drip, and is easy to refill and clean.

03 Fatpet 900ml Dog Water Bottle

Do you have a big dog? This water bottle is specifically designed for big dogs. It has a 30oz/900ml capacity and a 16-mm nozzle. The stainless steel water dispenser is chew-proof and non-drip. You easily open the top cap to refill the bottle.

Apart from being made of non-toxic plastic, the bottle can be easily cleaned by opening the top cap and the nozzle cap. Ensure that the gasket is replaced properly after cleaning to avoid dripping.

This bottle is a perfect choice when you travel since it has a sturdy hanger that safely secures the water bottle on the cage.

  • Big dogs need a good supply of water to stay hydrated. If you are traveling, this bottle will securely hang on your dog’s cage and provide a consistent supply of fresh water for your pet.

04 FatPet 400ml Dog Water Bottle

Designed for small to medium-sized dogs, the Fatpet 400mls (13.5oz) bottle is made of high quality and animal-safe durable plastic. You easily refill the bottle by removing the top cap which allows quick and easy cleaning.

The water bottle has an appealing design with a part plastic part stainless steel non-drip nozzle that is placed at an angle to allow easy drinking. For the same reason, the bottle can be hanged outside the cage and the nozzle directed towards the inside so your pet does not struggle to drink. You have two hanging points from which you can choose to adjust the height appropriately.


  • If you value aesthetics, this water bottle will make a good impression on you. Its beauty is complemented by a design that works well on your dog’s cage, allowing you to hang it outside while your dog drinks comfortably from the nozzle that’s directed to the inside.

05 Choco Nose H528 No Drip Rabbit Water Bottle

If you are looking to please your toy dog, this water bottle is for you. Choco Nose H528 is made from BPA-free plastic and has an 11.2oz/331ml capacity. The 13-mm nozzle is made for small-sized dogs and is part plastic part stainless steel at the tip. It is also leak-proof and US-patented.

The screw-on bracket can be fixed on the cage when you travel or nailed to a wall or wooden surface for everyday use. If you require more water, you can switch the original bottle with a bigger one since the nozzle fits on most regular-sized PET bottles.

  • Choco Nose H528 is perfect for toy dogs who don’t have huge hydration needs. Its 331ml capacity is just enough to keep your little furry friend well hydrated and without making messes in the cage or the car.

06 Pet Standing Water Dispenser

The Pet Standing Water Dispenser is another optimal choice for small or medium-sized dogs. It has a 450ml (15.2oz) capacity and a nozzle that is fitted with three stainless steel balls. The balls are different sizes and your dog has no chance of making a pool in the cage when drinking.

Pet Standing Water Dispenser is made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic, generally considered safe for human and animal use. When you hung the bottle on the crate, you can use one of the two hooks to achieve the desired length.

The top cover of the bottle is fixed and does not open. You’ll need to turn the bottle over and open the nuzzle cap to refill.

  • A dog water bottle is good if it saves you the trouble of stopping when your dog needs to drink. Such is the Pet Standing Water Dispenser that holds 450ml of water and can be hung on the cage for your dog’s easy drinking.

07 Poodle Pet Water Feeder Bottle

The Poodle Pet Water Feeder is a great choice for use on dog crates and kennels. It’s designed to easily mount on the crate by placing one side of the bracket inside and the other outside, then turning it to hold. Its size favors small-size dogs like the poodle.

The bottle is made of ecofriendly dog-safe plastic and uses gravity to dispense the water. So water only flows when your pet touches the ball at the stainless nozzle-tip with the tongue. To refill, you simply unscrew the top. The bottle can be replaced with other similar size regular bottles.


  • Are you looking for a dog water bottle specifically designed for use on a crate? The Poodle Pet Water Feeder fits this description perfectly. All you need to do is place one side of the bracket in the inside and the other on the outside and turn it to hold.

Buyers Guide

Dog Crate Water Bottles Buyer’s Guide

Did you know, according to the American Kennel Club, adult dogs should drink an ounce of water per pound of body weight every day? And while this may vary depending on breed, dog activity level, and size, staying hydrated is a health requirement for all dogs.

So, how do you take care of your dog’s water drinking needs when you are traveling and have his/her in a crate? Simple! Buy a dog water crate bottle. 

However, not every dog water bottle is good enough to quench your furry friend’s thirst while on the go. Look for the following 5 must-have features when purchasing a dog crate water bottle.

Dog-Safe Material

We list this feature first because your dog’s health must be protected while hydrating him/her. Experts disagree a great deal about what plastics are safe for dogs and which ones are not. But while they don’t come to a consensus, look out for water bottles that are made of PET and ABS plastic and indicate that they are BPA-free.

Both our top pick and the budget-conscious pick are good examples of dog water bottles made of dog-safe plastic.

Image from Pet Plate

Firm Fix On Crate

If it reads ‘dog crate water bottle’, then it must be good enough to use on a crate. One way to confirm this is by checking whether the bottle has a feature that allows you to fix it on the crate while letting your dog drink with ease. The most common ways dog water bottles are fixed on crates are by hanging hooks or brackets that can either be screwed or fastened on the crate. 

Check the Pet Standing Water Dispenser or the FatPet 400ml Dog Water Bottle to see how hooks work and the Choco Nose H528 No Drip Rabbit Water Bottle or the Poodle Pet Water Feeder Bottle to get an idea of how brackets work on the cage.

Sturdy, No-Drip Nozzle

There’s no doubt that you want to have your dog drinking its daily water supply while keeping your car dry. A no-drip nozzle is a must-have feature in that case. Nozzles with balls at the tip of the nozzle or those that function on gravity when the ball is touched by your dog’s tongue are usually non-drip. 

Consider nozzles that have a stainless steel tip since dogs tend to chew. A steel nozzle would be difficult to chew if your dog got frustrated with slow water flow from the bottle.

All our pick are no-drip and many of our picks have a stainless steel nozzle tip. See, for example, the Pet Standing Water Dispenser and the Choco Nose H528 No Drip Rabbit Water Bottle.

Image from ChomChom Roller

Dog-Appropriate Water Capacity

We started by saying that dog’s hydrating needs may vary with size among other characteristics. If you are buying a water bottle for a large-sized dog, our top pick, Choco Nose H590, will not do because its 331ml capacity is made for small and medium-sized dogs. But the Fatpet 900ml Dog Water Bottle would be excellent for a large dog.

Choosing the right water capacity bottle will save you the trouble of having to refill often and the risk of leaving your dog without adequate water when you are traveling.

Compatible Nozzle

There are two advantages to purchasing a dog water bottle with a nozzle that is compatible with most PET plastic bottles. First, you can replace the original bottle with a bigger or smaller one according to need or substitute it if it accidentally falls and breaks.

Second, if you are going on a long trip, you can fill several compatible bottles and simply replace the empty one without needing to refill.

Most of our picks have a tick for the compatible feature. That includes our top pick, the Choco Nose H528, and a few others on the list.


A good dog water bottle meets the above must-have features. How well does our top pick meet these features? Here’s how:

  • Dog safe material – it’s made with safe BPA-free plastic.
  • Firm fix on crate – can be screwed on the side of the crate.
  • Sturdy no-drip nozzle – leak-proof 16-mm nozzle
  • Dog-appropriate water capacity – 11.2oz capacity for small to medium-sized dogs
  • Compatible nozzle – most regular-sized PET bottles fit perfectly on the nozzle.

Now that you know what to look for, you are ready for a dog water bottle shopping spree.

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