Best Dog Food For Boston Terriers

The best dog food for Boston Terriers is Nulo Adult Grain-Free Dog Food.

Since there is no one-formula-fits-all type of universal dog food, the modern market offers so-called “breed-specific” foods.

But what is the best dog food for Boston Terriers?

If you are parenting a Boston Terrier and want to successfully navigate through the superfluity of food choices available on the market, just read the article below.

#1 Nulo Adult Grain-Free Dog Food

The Nulo Freestyle Dry Dog Food is a perfectly balanced formula specifically designed to promote healthy weight and robust energy reserves. This chicken-free grain-free formula is particularly suitable for dogs with food sensitivities. It is well-known that chicken and most grains (corn, wheat, and soy) are potent allergens.

Particularly low in carbohydrates, the Nulo Freestyle Dog Food promotes a lean body mass. Containing a patented BC30 probiotic, this diet supports healthy digestion. Additionally, this formula includes a carefully balanced amount of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which nourish the dog’s skin, thus ensuring shiny and beautiful coats. Last but not least, this formula does not contain harmful additives such as artificial preservatives, colors, and flavorings.

The Nulo Freestyle Adult Grain-Free Dog Food is both formulated and produced in the USA. It is available in three differently sized bags of 4.5 lbs, 11 lbs, and 24 lbs.

More often than not, Boston Terriers suffer from food allergies and sensitivities. This breed significantly benefits from the Nulo Freestyle Dog Food since its formula lacks the most common allergy-triggering chicken and grains. Plus, Boston Terriers are prone to obesity, and this formula’s balanced protein-to-carbohydrates ratio promotes healthy body weight.


  • This dog food product is rich in probiotics that will immensely benefit a dog’s digestive system.
  • The amino acids contained in this grain-free dog food for Boston Terriers support the formation of lean muscle mass and a healthy heart.
  • 80% of this dog food is made from animal-based protein to ensure that Boston Terriers don’t miss out on the nutrients that would otherwise be gotten from eating raw meat.
  • The grain-free formulation of the Nulo dog food is ideal for Boston Terriers that are suffering from grain allergies.
  • To ensure compliance with safe manufacturing practices, Nulo Adult Dog Food is produced within the country, right here in Austin, Texas.


  • Several customers have reported that their dogs refused to eat this grain-free food product.
  • Nulo grain-free dog food causes excessive weight gain in some pooches.

This product is essentially our top pick for Boston Terriers because it does not contain any poultry meat, wheat gluten, soy, and corn to prevent any potential allergic reactions, and its protein source is extracted from real animal meats without any fillers, such as tapioca and potato.

#2 Purina ONE True Instinct Natural

With real salmon as ingredient number #1 and real tuna, this highly palatable blend satisfies the dog’s natural drive for meat-packed nutrition. With as much as 30% protein content, the Purina ONE Real Salmon & Tuna promotes strong and healthy bones and muscles. Therefore, it is the perfect choice for dogs with active lifestyles.

Additionally, the blend contains added vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and several, different antioxidant sources which promote a healthy immune system.

The Purina ONE Real Salmon & Tuna, as the name suggests itself, is a chicken-free formula. It is also free from poultry by-product meals. Therefore, this recipe is particularly suitable for dogs allergic to or sensitive to poultry. Last but not least, the formula contains 0% unnecessary and potentially harmful fillers.

The Purina ONE Real Salmon & Tuna comes on the market in four differently sized bags – 7.4 lbs, 15 lbs, 27.5 lbs, and 36 lbs. Regardless of the size, all bags are budget-friendly.

Boston Terriers are active and playful dogs with go-all-day stamina. The Purina ONE Real Salmon & Tuna, because of its high-protein content, is perfect for supporting such active lifestyles. When compared to other similar products, this food is much cheaper and often referred to as budget-friendly.


  • The use of salmon and tuna as the major ingredients in producing the True Instinct provides a high-quality protein source that ensures that Boston Terriers stay true to their natural feeding habits.
  • The True Instinct Natural line of products is manufactured in Purina-owned facilities located within the United States.
  • Purina dog food contains omega-6 fatty acids and natural sources of glucosamine that help promote joint health in Boston Terriers.
  • This dog food product is available as kibble, crunchy, semi-moist, and blended to cater to different canine preferences.
  • Purina Instinct Natural contains no filler ingredients or poultry by-products to ensure that dogs get the maximum nutrition possible from feeding on this food product.


  • Multiple customers have reported that they received Purina food bags filled with worms, holes, and bugs, due to poor quality control.
  • A few customers have found poorer stool quality upon feeding their dogs with this product.

#3 Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food For Weight Management

The Hill’s Science Diet with Chicken Meal & Barley is recommended by veterinarians worldwide. With 18% fewer calories, it is the ideal choice for dogs with weight management issues. The formula contains high-quality proteins and a plethora of natural fiber, which make dogs feel satiated even if consuming smaller portions. The healthy body weight is additionally supported by the presence of l-carnitine.

The Hill’s Science Diet with Chicken Meal & Barley is made in the USA and contains only natural ingredients. The kibbles are relatively small and suitable for brachycephalic dogs. This food is available in three differently sized bags – 5 lbs, 15 lbs, and 30 lbs.

The Hill’s Science Diet with Chicken Meal & Barley is made of all-natural and great-tasting ingredients. Although small in size, Boston Terriers have big appetites. Therefore, this formula is perfect if your goal is to prevent undesired weight gain.


  • This dry dog food from Hill’s Science contains lesser amounts of calories, thereby making it one of the best food products for weight management in Boston Terriers.
  • Hill’s Science dry dog food contains components such as taurine that help maintain normal heart function.
  • This dry dog food has small crunchy bites that are easy to chew for dogs with sensitive teeth.
  • This food product is devoid of artificial colors, preservatives, flavors, and other ingredients that are either of no nutritional benefit to Boston Terriers or that can pose a health risk to a dog.
  • Hill’s Science dry dog food is manufactured and suitable for consumption by Boston Terriers at every stage of life.


  • Multiple dogs are reported to have developed diarrhea and started throwing up after eating this dry dog food from Hill’s Science.
  • This dog food’s kibble size is too small for some large-sized dogs to chew comfortably.

#4 Rachael Ray Nutrish PEAK Natural Dry Dog Food

The Rachael Ray Nutrish PEAK Natural and Grain-Free Dog Food is made of turkey, duck, and quail meat. These proteins are all easily digestible and help to build and maintain strong and lean muscle mass. Containing as much as 30% high-quality protein, this nutrient-dense recipe completely satisfies every dog’s instinctual cravings.

The Rachael Ray Nutrish PEAK Natural and Grain-Free Dog Food contains no poultry by-product meal. It is also free from artificial colors, added flavor, and harmful preservatives. What is more, the formula has no grains, glutens, or fillers. This budget-friendly recipe is available in three bag sizes – 4 lbs, 12 lbs, and 23 lbs.

The Rachael Ray Nutrish PEAK Natural and Grain-Free Dog Food is the ideal choice for Boston Terriers because most members of this breed have stomachs sensitive to grains and gluten.


  • This dry dog food for Boston Terriers is devoid of poultry by-product meals, artificial flavors, artificial preservatives, coloring, and other non-beneficial ingredients.
  • Grown on farms based in the United States, real turkey is used as the primary ingredient used in producing this natural dry dog food product.
  • The grain-free, gluten-free formula of this dog food product is ideal for pooches that are prone to grain allergies.
  • Customers can conveniently mix the Rachael Ray dog food with dry dog food products to make it more palatable for their pooches.
  • The Rachael Ray Nutrish dog food is available in different size bags – 4 lbs, 12 lbs, and 23 lbs – to cater to customers’ budgets.


  • Rachael Ray dry dog food is one of the pricier options available on the market.
  • Several customers have reported that their dogs didn’t like the flavor of this dry dog food product.

#5 NUTRISCA Grain-Free Chicken & Chickpea Recipe

The NUTRISCA grain-free chicken & chickpea recipe from Dogswell contains real chicken as its ingredient number one. This high-quality protein source supports the dog’s overall health and well-being.

The recipe also contains chickpeas and peas, which are rich in healthy fiber that promote easy digestion. The added fruits and vegetables provide essential fatty acids and antioxidants, which promote healthy immune systems.

On the other hand, this NUTRISCA recipe does not contain allergy-triggering grains such as potatoes, corn, wheat, and soy. It is also free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. This dog food is available in bags of 4 lbs, 15 lbs, and 28 lbs.

Dogswell’s NUTRISCA grain-free chicken & chickpea recipe is perfect for active Boston Terriers with food sensitivities. Crafted with simple but real food ingredients, this recipe, as the manufacturer states – contains everything you want and nothing you don’t.


  • The NUTRISCA recipe is free of additives and filler ingredients that are of no health benefit to Boston Terriers.
  • The grain-free formulation of this chicken recipe is ideal for Boston Terriers that are prone to suffering from grain allergies.
  • NUTRISCA chicken recipe is formulated to provide nutrients required for the proper development of Boston Terriers at all life stages.
  • NUTRISCA utilizes real chicken as the main ingredient in this recipe to ensure that Boston Terriers are not starved of essential protein nutrients that are vital to proper development.
  • This recipe contains antioxidants such as omega-6 fatty acids that help ensure healthy skin and coat development in dogs.


  • Some of the ingredients used to prepare this chicken recipe are sourced from China, which is noted for poor quality control practices.
  • Some dogs developed various gastrointestinal issues after eating this NUTRISCA food product.

#6 Purina Pro Plan Small & Toy Breed Formula Adult Dry Dog Food

The Purina Pro Plan Small & Toy Breed Formula is a chicken and rice formula particularly suitable for smaller dogs with high metabolic rates. With real chicken as ingredient number one, this recipe offers a high-quality protein source.

The formula is additionally fortified with live probiotics that support healthy and easy digestion. It is also enriched with vitamin A, linoleic acid, and essential fatty acids, which ensure healthy skin and a shiny coat.

The Purina Pro Plan Small & Toy Breed Formula is manufactured at Purina-owned U.S. facilities. Its deliciously shredded kibbles are small, bite-sized, and therefore particularly suitable for smaller dogs. It is available in bags of 4 lbs, 6 lbs, 16 lbs, 18 lbs, and 34 lbs.

The Purina Pro Plan Small & Toy Breed Formula is more than perfect for small dog breeds such as the Boston Terrier. Its small, bite-sized kibbles are ideal for the Boston Terrier’s brachycephalic type of jaw.


  • The bite-sized kibbles of the Purina Pro Plan dog food are convenient for pooches to chew and swallow.
  • This dog food contains guaranteed live probiotics that help ensure that a pooch’s digestive and immune systems remain in top condition.
  • The Purina Pro Plan dry dog food is specially formulated to be rich in protein so as to meet the nutritional needs of high-energy small dogs such as Boston Terriers.
  • Purina Pro Plan is formulated with an optimal protein-to-fat ratio to ensure that Boston Terriers remain in peak physical condition.
  • This dog food product contains vitamins and omega-6 fatty acids that ensure a dog’s skin and coat remain healthy and shiny.


  • The inconsistent sizing of chicken shreds with this dry dog food product results in some customers receiving Purina dog food bags with kibbles that are too big for their pooches to chew.
  • Purina Pro Plan is one of the more expensive food options available for Boston Terriers.

#7 Wild Earth Vegan High-Protein Formula Dry Dog Food

Containing as much as 31% high-quality natural and clean proteins, the Wild Earth Vegan High-Protein Formula is suitable for adult dogs of all breeds. The primary protein source in this diet is yeast. With only plant-based ingredients, such as chickpeas, oats, pumpkin, spinach, and sweet potato, this formula is specifically beneficial for dogs allergic to meat and dairy products.

To achieve an irresistible taste, the Wild Earth Vegan High-Protein Formula is enriched with a natural umami flavor. This recipe is free from corn, soy, rice, hormones, antibiotics, and artificial additives. This food comes in two differently sized bags of 4 lbs and 18 lbs.

The Wild Earth Vegan High-Protein Formula is a novel type of dog food formula. In spite of its unusual list of ingredients, the recipe is perfectly suitable for Boston Terriers, that are often sensitive to many meat proteins, dairy products, and certain types of grains.


  • This dog food product is devoid of fillers that don’t provide any nutritional benefits to dogs.
  • The high-protein content of this Wild Earth formula is sufficient to meet the high energy requirements of active dogs like Boston Terriers.
  • This recipe contains probiotics and fiber to ensure that consumer dogs enjoy easy digestion.
  • This high-protein formula contains Taurine, L-Carnitine, and DHA, all of which are known to support healthy brain development and good heart health in dogs.
  • Manufacturers of this dog food product adopt an environment-friendly recipe that requires the use of a lesser amount of water and emits less CO2 compared to meat-based kibble.


  • This Wild Earth dog food product is quite expensive.
  • Several customers have claimed that their dogs refused to eat this high-protein formula, which suggests that this isn’t a product for pooches that are picky eaters.

#8 Earthborn Holistic Venture Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

This product from Earthborn Holistic Venture uses turkey meal as ingredient number one. The turkey meal comes from family-owned farms with long histories. The second most important ingredient – the butternut squash is handpicked, vine-ripened, and originating exclusively in Central America.

The Earthborn Holistic Venture dog food is rich in dietary fiber, antioxidants,
vitamins, and minerals. On the flip side, this formula contains no grains, no gluten, no eggs, no potatoes, no colorants, no by-products, and no fillers. It is also available in BPA-free bags of 4 lbs, 12.5 lbs, and 25 lbs.

This dog food product is specifically designed to satisfy the dog’s nutritional needs while being environmentally friendly and sustainable. In a nutshell, it contains everything you want and nothing you don’t.


  • The limited ingredient formulation of this dry dog food product, which is devoid of grains, and gluten, is suitable for dogs that are allergic to the aforementioned ingredients.
  • This dry dog food comes in a resealable bag for easy and convenient preservation of leftover food.
  • This grain dry dog food from Earthborn Holistic Venture is crafted in company kitchens located in the United States, with high-quality ingredients sourced from reputable suppliers around the country.
  • This unique recipe is enriched with taurine to support heart health in Boston Terriers.
  • Turkey meal, which is the major ingredient used in producing this dry dog food, is rich in iron, zinc, phosphorus, and a host of other nutrients that are beneficial to Boston Terriers.


  • Several dogs have reportedly become sick after consuming this food product from Earthborn Holistic Venture.
  • Some customers have noticed a distinct difference in coloration between new and old batches of the dry kibbles, casting doubt over the brand’s quality assurance.

Dog Food For Boston Terriers Buyer’s Guide

Parenting a dog is a major decision and a long-term commitment in both time and money. Being a responsible dog parent is not just a matter of disease prevention or calling in the vet when problems develop. As a responsible dog parent, you want to provide your baby with the best of everything – including the best diet.

The friendly personality, pleasant physical appearance, and easily achievable trainability make the so-called “American Gentleman” an ideal choice for dog parents worldwide. In a nutshell, at first glance, it seems that parenting a Boston Terrier is a piece of cake. However, this voracious eater has specific health and nutritional requirements.

Just because your Boston Terrier is a big foodie, it does not mean that you should indulge in its nutritional whims. In fact, Boston Terriers have delicate stomachs and therefore need extra attention when it comes to satisfying their nutritional needs.

Image from Dr. Marty Pets

Common Health Problems In Boston Terriers

Generally speaking, the Boston Terrier is prone to developing a plethora of health issues. So, if you are parenting a Boston Terrier, it means you will have to spend a lot of time at the vet’s office.

Boston Terriers are likely to develop dermatological conditions such as generalized demodicosis (caused by parasitic infestation), pattern baldness and pinnal alopecia (both manifested with significant hair loss), and skin allergies or atopic dermatitis (often triggered by certain types of foods).

Boston Terriers can also suffer from a gastrointestinal condition known as pyloric stenosis. This condition is characterized by the narrowing of the stomach’s pyloric portion and often causes irregular digestion manifested with bloats and excessive gassiness.

Because of their overly active lifestyles, Boston Terriers often exhibit musculoskeletal issues, such as elbow or patellar luxation. Once these issues develop, the dog’s movements will be significantly limited.

More often than not, Boston Terriers have ocular problems like glaucoma (increased intraocular pressure) and cataract (blurring of the cornea). Glaucoma causes severe pain and, if left untreated, results in blindness, while cataract is more common among older members of this breed.

Boston Terriers are prone to a neurological problem known as congenital deafness. Due to irregularities during fetal formation, individuals with congenital deafness are born with no hearing sense.

Pregnant Boston Terriers often experience dystocia (inability to give birth naturally). Instead, more often than not, Boston Terriers need a surgical intervention – the Cesarean section.

Last but not least, all Boston Terriers suffer from the so-called brachycephalic syndrome. The brachycephalic syndrome includes several anatomical abnormalities which ultimately result in impaired or labored breathing.

The Boston Terrier’s Nutritional Needs – What To Feed And What To Avoid?

You cannot choose the ideal diet for your Boston Terrier without considering several factors such as age, size, metabolism, and activity level. For example, as small-breed dogs, Boston Terriers have fast metabolisms with high energy requirements. In a nutshell, adult Boston Terriers require 660 calories per day while Boston Terrier puppies need around 436 calories per day.

Generally speaking, when choosing dog food for Boston Terriers, choose small-sized kibble with high-quality animal protein as ingredient number one. On the other hand, gun for grain-free dog food for Boston Terriers. Most grains such as wheat, corn, soy, and rice are used as fillers and tend to cause digestive issues manifested with excessive gassiness.

Image from Pet Plate

Preventing Obesity In Boston Terriers

The ideal height at withers for both female and male Boston Terriers is between 15 to 17 inches, and the ideal weight is between 10 lbs to 25 lbs. To maintain this ideal body weight, Boston Terriers should be supervised during meal times. If fed ad libitum, they are very gluttonous, and, more often than not, tend to overeat. Frequent overeating leads to obesity, and obesity both triggers certain health issues and aggravates other pre-existing health conditions.

Same as humans, dogs become obese if they eat too much or if they lack physical activity. Therefore, making a proper diet plan is not enough. To maintain your Boston Terrier’s body weight in the optimal range, you must implement a physical activity regime.

When talking about a proper diet plan, there are two main things to consider:

  • Table scraps should be avoided at all times. Not only are they not nutritionally balanced, but they can also be toxic.
  • Treats should only be used as occasional rewards and not as a staple in your Boston Terrier’s diet.

Final Thoughts

If your goal is to nutritionally provide your Boston Terrier baby with everything it needs and nothing it doesn’t, then our top pick is the right choice, and you’ll never regret its purchase.

This food is specifically designed for dogs that need high-quality proteins to keep up with their active lifestyles while avoiding unnecessary weight gain. Plus, being prone to digestion and sensitivity issues, Boston Terriers definitely need grain-free and chicken-free meals.

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