Best Dog Food For Boxers

The best dog food for boxers is Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Boxer Adult Dry Dog Food.

Boxers are quite a distinct dog breed – characterized by noticeable muscles, floppy ears, a cute mushy face, and really short hair. These dogs are good at bull-baiting and they make fantastic guard dogs as well. They’re a high-energy breed with high social needs that are unique from most of the other breeds.

When taken together, these different factors make Boxer dogs a very special breed that requires a unique diet to thrive.

There are many different dog foods out there, but if you are a new dog owner, you may be confused about what kind of food to feed your Boxer. It can be a tough decision, especially when you’re trying to decide between brands or types of dog food. As your Boxer’s needs change over time, you’ll have to make changes as well, switching from puppy food to regular adult food.

Read on for a list of the best dog food for Boxers! 

#1 Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Boxer Adult Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin has built a reputation as one of the best dog food manufacturers in the world and for a good reason. All of their formulas are scientifically researched and tested for quality purposes. The Breed Health Nutrition Boxer Adult Dry Dog Food offers an ideal balance of carbs and protein so that your dog gets the right amount of nutrition and calories with each meal.

It’s specifically made for Boxers, with a carefully selected combination of calories, proteins, and fats to keep your dog performing at its highest potential.

At the top of the ingredients list in this dog food is brewer’s rice and brown rice, followed by chicken fat and chicken meal. It also comes with wheat gluten and oat groats, which may not go down well with pups that have sensitive tummies or digestive issues. 

But there’s no denying that this dog food is designed to ensure your Boxer’s health, as it comes with glucosamine and chondroitin as well which are ingredients that help to maintain healthy joints. Do take note that it’s only suitable for adult Boxers above the age of 15 months, and not suitable for puppy Boxers. 

The Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Boxer Adult Dry Dog Food is designed to help sustain the high-energy lifestyle of Boxer breed dogs. It features high-quality ingredients in well-balanced portions to ensure optimal nutrition.


  • The precise protein content of this adult dry dog food helps Boxers maintain a healthy weight and prevents these pooches from becoming obese.
  • This dry dog food for boxers contains EPA, DHA, and taurine, all of which are nutrients that have been scientifically proven to promote canine heart health in one way or the other.
  • The texture, shape, and size of the Royal Canin dog food are specifically designed in a way that is comfortable for Boxers, with their short snouts, to comfortably pick up, chew, and swallow.
  • The inclusion of an antioxidant complex in this dog food provides optimal nutrient absorption, thereby ensuring that Boxers get sufficient nutrition from consuming this product.
  • Customers can safely mix in this dry dog food with Royal Canin’s Boxer wet dog food to provide even more nutrition for their canine buddies.


  • Royal Canin’s dry dog food for Boxers is considerably expensive, compared to other products available on the market.
  • Several dogs have reportedly developed runny stomachs after consuming this adult dry food.

Our top pick of dog food for purebred adult Boxers goes to this product because of its breed-specific formulation carrying targeted amounts of protein and L-carnitine to deliver optimum muscle growth, and of its unique kibble shapes to better aid Boxers in picking up food with their undershot jaws and mouths.

#2 IAMS Proactive Health Adult Dry Dog Food

To be sure, the IAMS Proactive Health Adult Dog Food is a nutrient-rich dog food that’s made to help your dog thrive on an active lifestyle. With ingredients like chondroitin, glucosamine, and L-carnitine, it’s no wonder that this is one of the most recommended dog food brands by vets.

It has a good amount of protein to ensure healthy muscles, and the best part is that it’s made with all-natural ingredients including lamb and rice.

Highly nutritious and delicious, this dry dog food from Iams is affordable and yet it offers a lot of value. It’s made from natural ingredients like vegetables, lamb protein, rice, and fruits. Taken together, these ingredients are not only easy to digest but they’ll help your Boxer maintain a robust immune system.


  • The use of real lamb as the first ingredient of this adult dog food provides the nutrition required for Boxers to build strong and healthy muscles.
  • The small-sized kibbles of IAMS’ Proactive dog food can be conveniently broken down and swallowed by Boxers without customers having to worry about the pooch choking.
  • The omega fatty acids contained in this dog food help promote a Boxer’s skin and coat health and have them looking well-groomed and polished.
  • The tailored blend of probiotics and fibers contained in this adult dry dog food ensures that Boxers can comfortably digest this kibble, while also strengthening the pooch’s digestive system in the process.
  • This dog food product is devoid of artificial preservatives, flavors, and common filler ingredients that are usually of no nutritional benefit to pooches.


  • Multiple customers claim that their pooches developed diarrhea after feeding on IAMS’ Proactive dog food.
  • Despite being a lamb recipe, this dog food product contains chicken meal, a by-product that triggers reactions in pooches that are allergic to chicken.

#3 Eukanuba Adult Large Breed Dry Dog Food

Eukanuba is another popular dog food brand that’s formulated to provide your pet with all the nutrients it needs to thrive. The main ingredient is protein but it also contains chicken by-products which might be a problem with pups that have sensitive tummy issues.

But it makes up for that with high-quality carbohydrates including brewer’s rice, sorghum, barley, and corn. It doesn’t contain any fruit which makes it somewhat simple and easier to digest for older dogs.

However, what makes this Eukanuba dog food stand out from the rest is the fact that it contains the 3D DentaDefense System which promises to get rid of tartar within 28 days! That’s one month to solve one of the most significant dental problems for dogs, and with better gum health, your dog is more likely to avoid cardiac health issues in the future.

Not only that but Eukanuba has also added beneficial ingredients like taurine, omega-6, omega-3, chondroitin, glucosamine, and L-carnitine to this delicious dog food formula.

Eukanuba is known for making the best breed-specific dog formulas to cater to the dietary needs of Boxers and other dog breeds. The protein sources of this particular dry food come from quality chicken and it consists of ingredients that help to promote better immunity, a healthier coat, strong bones, and a lean physique. These are exactly the kind of benefits an excellent dog food for Boxers should have.


  • The high-quality protein formulation of Eukanuba dog food, which is provided by chicken obtained from healthy sources, promotes lean muscle formation in Boxers.
  • Optimal levels of carbohydrates and fat contained in this Eukanuba dog food provide sufficient energy to support the active lifestyle of Boxers.
  • The blend of glucosamine and chondroitin used in producing this dry dog food facilitates the development of healthy bones and joints in Boxers.
  • In addition to physical development, this dry dog food from Eukanuba prioritizes the mental development of Boxers with the inclusion of brain-boosting ingredients such as vitamin E and DHA.
  • The 3D DentaDefense formulation of this dry dog food promotes canine dental health by reducing plaque and tartar buildup on a dog’s teeth.


  • There remain doubts over this product’s quality control processes, as several customers have reportedly received food bags containing mold and insects.
  • This dry food product isn’t compatible with all dogs as several pooches have reportedly become sick after consumption.

#4 CRAVE Grain-Free High-Protein Adult Dry Dog Food

With a protein content of up to 34%, this grain-free dry dog food from Crave is made for high-performance pups that have much to do and achieve. It has all the protein your dog needs to stay active and alert for the whole day.

Most pet owners prefer the beef flavor which features real, actual beef meat, while the chicken variety is the least favorite option. It’s perfect for working dogs specifically because it will enable them to maintain optimal health and perform at their peak at all times.

Crave is known for making their dog food from the best animal protein with added filler, by-products, or meals. With this product, you do pay for quality and peace of mind knowing that you’re providing your dog with the best of the best. The best part is there are no grains, gluten, or soy in this recipe so it’s suitable for maintaining optimal digestion and gut health.


  • The use of either real beef or chicken as the major ingredient in this dry dog food not only satisfies a Boxer’s natural urge to eat meat, but it also facilitates the development of strong and lean muscles.
  • This grain-free dog food product is available in two different flavors – beef and chicken – to counter food pickiness in dogs.
  • CRAVE adult dry dog food is produced without corn, wheat and soy, which makes it ideal for dogs with allergies to the aforementioned ingredients.
  • The use of grain-free carbohydrate sources, such as peas, in manufacturing this dog food product satisfies the high energy requirements for Boxers to comfortably go about their daily activities.
  • CRAVE dry dog food is manufactured in U.S.-based facilities to ensure that the food products are duly processed and safe for pooches to consume.


  • Multiple dogs have reportedly reacted adversely to some of the ingredients in this high-protein dry food from CRAVE.
  • Some customers have reported noticeable inconsistencies in this dog food’s color, texture and shape with each delivery.

#5 Earthborn Holistic Adult Vantage Natural Dry Dog Food

The Earthborn Holistic Adult Vantage natural dry dog food is designed to connect our pup with his wolf ancestry. It’s made of turkey meal and is pea-free without added peas, lentils or legumes.

Turkey is regarded to be a high-quality protein that promotes lean muscle mass, healthy bones and joints. In addition, this dog food exclusively comes with superfoods, such as flaxseed blueberries, and cranberries, to take the nutrients your Boxer will receive to a whole other level.

It also comes with taurine, an ingredient that helps support better heart health, a common health risk Boxer dogs will face during their growth stages.

There’s no doubt that this Earthborn Holistic dry dog food provides the best of both worlds with a balance of high-quality turkey for optimal energy distribution. It’s ideal for highly active adult Boxers and dogs.


  • The animal-based protein formulation of Earthborn’s Holistic dog food is ideal for building and maintaining healthy muscles in Boxers.
  • The Vantage dry dog food from Earthborn contains a proportional amount of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids that provide the lipid content that is required to maintain the shiny appearance of a Boxer’s coat and skin.
  • The balanced levels of calcium and phosphorus that are present in this dry dog food ensure the formation of strong bones and teeth in Boxers.
  • Earthborn’s Holistic dog food contains a blend of antioxidants like vitamin E and superfood ingredients, such as apples, blueberries, and carrots, that work together to strengthen a dog’s immune system.
  • This dog food product is formulated with natural fibers – gotten from fruits and vegetables – to facilitate easy digestion of kibble and promote canine gut health.


  • Earthborn’s holistic dry dog food is expensively priced.
  • There are doubts over the suitability of this dry dog food for pooches with heart problems.

#6 Diamond Naturals Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Diamond Naturals offers a grain-free formula that’s made from pasture-raised beef as the primary protein ingredient. It’s ideal for pups with allergies and sensitivity to grains. In fact, you can even give it to a pet on a meat only diet and save yourself the time and work it would take to carve up every meal.

It comes with veggies and fruits to provide essential nutrients and healthy carbs that are light on the tummy. The sweet potatoes make for a perfect long-release carb that’ll keep your Boxer satisfied the whole day.

The Diamonds Naturals Grain-Free formula is a high-protein dog food that’s made with real ingredients. There are no fillers, preservatives, or artificial ingredients of any sort. It’s suitable for gluten-intolerant and allergy-prone dogs because it doesn’t have any wheat, corn, or gluten. Only healthy fruits and veggies for good health.


  • The nutrient-rich recipe of Diamond Naturals dry dog food contains antioxidants and vitamins, from fruits and vegetables, that promote the overall welfare of consumer dogs.
  • Diamond Naturals’ dog food is produced without common allergy-triggering ingredients such as corn and wheat, thereby making it ideal for pooches with food sensitivities.
  • The inclusion of complex carbohydrates in this dog food’s ingredient list ensures the generation of enough energy to keep Boxers going throughout the day.
  • This grain-free dog food contains a proprietary probiotic blend that is highly beneficial for the maintenance of canine gut health.
  • This dog food product is manufactured in the United States, by a family-run business that emphasizes the use of advanced food safety protocols to ensure canine welfare.


  • This grain-free dog food lacks taurine, which is needed to support healthy heart functions in Boxers.
  • Consumption of this dog food has reportedly caused several dogs to suffer gas buildups and pass out extremely stinky stools.

#7 Purina Dog Chow Complete Dog Food

Dog Chow Complete Dry Food from Purina is a real treat for dogs, thanks to its delicious flavor, texture, and nutrient profile. It’s easy on the tummy because it’s only made from real, high-quality ingredients with no fillers or preservatives.

It’s high in protein with a moderate amount of carbohydrates to maintain high energy levels throughout the day. It also has all the vitamins and minerals that your pet needs to thrive on an active lifestyle. But dogs seem to especially enjoy the crunchy texture of this dog food which is designed to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

This dry dog food recipe from Purina provides the best of both worlds. It has a great texture and taste, with the right combination of ingredients that’ll contribute to better health in the long run. It promotes good dental health and has enough protein to ensure your dog maintains strong muscles and bones.


  • The crunchy texture of the Purina dog chow is helpful for preventing plaque and tartar buildup on a Boxer’s teeth.
  • This Purina recipe contains over 23 different vitamins and minerals, all of which release the various nutrients needed to keep dogs healthy.
  • This Complete dog food product is considerably easier for dogs to digest, thanks to the inclusion of natural sources of fiber.
  • This Purina recipe, same as other products from the brand, is crafted in the United States with ingredients gotten from trustworthy sources.
  • Purina dog chow is one of the most affordable options on this list of best dog food for Boxers.


  • This dog food product contains a significant amount of filler ingredients that have no real nutritional benefits for Boxers.
  • Its taste is found to be appealing to cats, and if you happen to have a pet cat, it is highly recommended to feed your Boxer and your cat separately such that your Boxer will not go hungry.

Dog Food For Boxers Buyer’s Guide

Boxers are a special dog breed that is fun to have around. They love to play and socialize thanks to their high-energy personality. But this dog breed is also characterized by unique physical traits like short hair and a moderate muscular build, which require a special diet. If you are unsure of your dog’s breed, there are dog DNA test kits readily available at relatively affordable price points.

Here are some of the most essential ingredients to include in your Boxer pup’s diet from now on.

Essential Ingredients To Look Out For


Bison is a type of wild meat that’s high in quality protein and healthy fats.


We all know that salmon is a healthy form of protein that contains both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These are important in maintaining healthy skin and coat.

Dried Chicory Root

Chicory root is a type of superfood that helps to maintain good gut health by keeping bacterial growth in check. This promotes better immunity and overall digestion.


Venison is quite similar to Bison in that it has a lot of good quality protein and healthy fats as well.

Tomato Pomace

This ingredient is made from a combination of crushed and diced tomatoes and it’s an antioxidant-rich immunity booster.


Potatoes have to be the only type of starch that’s suitable for dogs to eat. It’s ideal for dogs on special diets because it takes the place of wheat and gluten-filled starches. Potatoes are also a fantastic source of fiber, iron, vitamin B6, and C.


One of nature’s gifts to human (and dog) health, lentils are proper health foods that promote good blood sugar levels.

Image from Darwin’s Pet

Why You Should Not Give Human Food to Boxers?

Vets and dog trainers don’t recommend giving your dog human food and for good reasons. Over time they’ll get used to it and get so spoilt that they won’t want to eat anything else. But, if you keep them on a steady diet of good-quality dog food that’s made from real ingredients, then you’re offering them the best nutrition possible. For added convenience, there are automated dog feeders available that you can use to disperse food to your boxer at selected intervals.

Here’s a comprehensive feeding guide for Boxers, published by Atlanta Boxer Rescue.

After all, pets don’t have to eat human food because there’s such a wide variety of dog food available out there that comes in all types of different flavors. Plus, you’re also training them to develop good and healthy eating habits. Dogs that are exclusively fed a dog food diet are less likely to misbehave when guests are around because they’re used to eating their food anyway. If your boxer is suffering from allergies, then you might need to consider feeding them dog foods with limited ingredients instead.

Also, the last thing you want is a dog that eschews its dog food because it’s now used to eating off your plate. Over time, your dog will lose its manners and start taking the steak from your plate without invitation. You might think you’re nice to your dog, but you’re not doing it any favor.

But when you feed your dog from its bowl every day, it will develop discipline and will form healthy eating habits in the long run. It’s worth noting that there are certain foods that you should avoid feeding your dog. Things like garlic, lemon and chocolate are highly toxic to dogs and can lead to serious health implications.

Lastly, if you are planning to feed your boxer dogs outdoors, do consider getting an outdoor dog kennel to protect them from the weather.

Final Thoughts

If you own a Boxer then you can agree that this breed can be a real joy to be around and it’s the perfect dog for anyone that leads an active lifestyle. Throughout this article, we’ve shared with you all the information you need to find the best dog food for your boxer, including the ingredients you should look for and the ones you should avoid.

Rest assured that you’ll never go wrong with our top pick from the dog foods featured on this list. We chose this dog food for Boxers because of its complete nutrition that caters to the active lifestyle of Boxers during all stages of their lives. It’s made with high-quality protein and fats with groats and other sustainable carbs that will keep your Boxer satisfied for long periods. It’s perfect for purebred Boxers aged 15 months and up.

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