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Best Dog Leash Holder

The best dog leash holder is 3 Dog Tails Decorative Dog Leash Hanger.

You just got home from that fun walk with your dog. You get inside, take off their collar and leash then have nowhere to leave it.

Do you leave it on the floor as a trip hazard? Do you take it elsewhere and risk not being able to find it tomorrow? Sounds like you need a dog leash holder and to help make your life easier.

Here are 7 of the best dog leash holders in the market for you to choose from.

Budget Conscious Pick

Franklin Brass FBWBONE-FB-C Bone Shaped Dog Leash Wall Hook

Our Top Pick

3 Dog Tails Decorative Dog Leash Hanger

Readers Pick

Franklin Brass FBDOGB-BSE-C Dog Bone Dog Leash Hook Rail

01 3 Dog Tails Decorative Dog Leash Hanger

This is one of those accessories that make you happy to be a dog owner. The whimsical tail design is ideal for truly marking your dog’s territory in your home. The design makes it an aesthetic centerpiece which is ideal if you want something for decorative purposes in addition to the functionality. 

The hooks are made from heavy duty resin material. It is therefore a very durable piece that will be in your home for a very long time. The material is also resistant to corrosion so you can hand those wet keys or moisture-soaked harnesses after your rainy day walk. 

Multiple functionality is yet another perk you have to look forward to. It holds not only your dog’s leash but also other accessories including harnesses, collars, keys and so much more. The convenience definitely makes it worth the investment. 

  • If you are shopping for a gift or for your own decorative piece, then our top pick is the best choice. In addition to the fanciful design, it is well constructed with high quality and durable material so you are guaranteed value for your money.

02 Franklin Brass FBWBONE-FB-C Bone Shaped Dog Leash Wall Hook

What makes this dog leash holder unique is its single hook design. It is therefore ideal if you do not have a lot of accessories you want to hang up. You would also benefit from this style if you are working with limited wall space and just want something simple. 

However, do not let the lone soldier style fool you. This hook can handle a lot. With its deep curve hook, you can hang several dog leashes as well as other useful accessories

  • For its price point, this is a wonderful alternative for low budget dog leash holder shopping. You get to enjoy the flexibility offered by the deep hook and high weight capacity. That way you can dump a lot of your outdoor trip accessories onto it without having it give up on you and fall off the wall.

03 Franklin Brass FBDOGB-BSE-C Dog Bone Dog Leash Hook Rail

At first glance, what stands out the most about this dog leash holder is the contrast from the dark wood finish and the shiny metal hooks. The dog bone silhouette of the bar is also worth celebrating as far as aesthetic value is concerned. It is therefore a fantastic alternative where aesthetics are a huge priority. 

The hooks are made from satin nickel material. This is a strong and durable material that will bear all the weight sturdily and give you awesome service for a long time.

  • This Franklin Bass model is an aesthetic gem and is ideal if you want a balance between the visual appeal and functionality.

04 Lulu Decor, Cast Iron 5 Dog Keys And Dog Leash Hooks

The cast iron construction on the Lulu Décor Dog Leash and Key holder makes it one of the most durable options you have on the market. It also contributes to the aesthetics creating a nice vintage and homey feel. 

The holder also stands out with the curved dog silhouettes as the actual bar. This design will definitely make a statement so you can count on the holder to mark your home as one where dogs are loved and welcomed. 

  • Here, we have yet another fantastic option for gifts with both fantastic aesthetics and quality functionality.

05 Rustic Dog Leash Holder Wall Rack

This holder is built for both indoor and outdoor use. This is made possible by the use of durable and weather-resistant cast iron material. You can therefore set it up anywhere on your property from the front porch and garage to the back foyer inside your home. 

You also have a lot to look forward to in terms of aesthetics. In addition to the rustic look and feel from the cast iron, the holder bar features the text “Woof” and the silhouette of a dog. Now that is how you make a statement as a dog owner. 

  • If you are looking for something to store your accessories outside then this would be the perfect alternative.

06 NITYNP His Her Pup Key Holder Dog Leash Hanger

While it may not have the most hooks on one bar, this dog leash holder offers you the benefit of deep hooks. This means that you can hang up several of your dog’s outdoor accessories at the same time including with the same amount of sturdiness. 

Installation is also pretty simple here. The back hangers are to thank in this case. All you need to do is to hang it onto nails or wall stick-on hooks and you have a steady spot for all your dog accessory hanging needs. 

  • If you do not want to spend too much time or energy figuring out installation, this simple hang-on design is a wonderful choice.

07 All Barn Wood Dog Leash and Collar Holder

You get to play your part in environmental conservation with this purchase as it uses reclaimed wood. The wood also gives the piece a rustic vibe which is great for adding aesthetic value to the space where it is mounted. 

Longevity is also something you have to look forward to with the cast iron hooks. These beauties are built to last and withstand anything from banging to the weight of all the accessories without losing their charm or strength. 

  • This is a fantastic choice if you are in the market for something vintage-looking.

Buyers Guide

Dog Leash Holder Buyer’s Guide

Now that you know what is out there, let us take a look at what these different specifications mean for you, what matters and what should be considered seriously. That way you can make the best choice. Here are the most important factors to consider when shopping for leach holders. 

Durability of materials used

The materials used to make the dog leash holder determine several things. The first is aesthetics. Here, you could go for something rustic in which case distressed wood and cast iron never disappoint. You could also go for something cleaner and more modern with options like smooth-finished wood, shiny metal and even synthetics. 

The material also determines the sturdiness and strength of the entire piece. In this case, metallic hooks are the best performers. They can handle a lot more weight and do so very steadily. You also have the choice of resins like our top pick which in addition to aesthetics offer incredible strength. Plastic may also work but there is always the risk of cracking. 

Finally, the choice of material plays a role in overall durability. You want something that is resilient against wear and tear forces as well as resistant to fading and corrosion. That way you will have your unit up and functioning properly for a very long time. 

Construction and sturdiness

How is the dog leash holder built? Is it nice and sturdy? Does it have rickety parts that make you nervous every time you hang something? The quality of construction with your leash holder will determine whether you got full value for your money or if you wasted it on something that really will not last.

The best way to tell whether a unit is sturdy is by going through consumer reviews on it. These people have actually used the holder and know just how well it can bear the weight of different accessories. They are therefore in the best position to give you an objective viewpoint so that you know exactly what you are considering putting your money into. 

If you see a lot of negative feedback on the unit being shaky, the hooks being loose or the material being flimsy, you are better off looking elsewhere. However, if the reviews paint it out to be a well-built, strong and reliable piece then you can breathe easy. 


A really good dog leash holder is more than just a bunch of hooks to hold your dog’s accessories. It should actually serve some aesthetic purpose if you want full value for your investment in it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with those cute and goofy dog silhouette designs. These add character to the hanger and to the space where you choose to hang them up. They are also a fantastic way to let people know that that is a dog-friendly home.

When it comes to aesthetics, you should also consider the overall vibe created by the design and the finishing. Is it rustic, minimalistic, or even modern chic? Compare this with the aesthetic of the space where you plan to set it up. The last thing you want is a rustic eye sore sticking out in your immaculate modern style space. 

Aesthetics are also really important if you are shopping for the dog leash holder as a gift to a pet-owner loved one. That way, they will have something super cute yet sentimental and at the same time functional. What else would anyone need from a gift?

Number of leashes it can hold

The number of leashes your holder can accommodate is determined by 3 things. The first is the design and depth of the hooks. Deep hooks are always a win. This is because they allow you to hang up several dog accessories at the same time on one hook. 

The second major factor is the weight capacity on the hooks and on the dog leash holder as a whole. It goes without saying that the heavier a load that the hook can handle the better. That way you can enjoy multifunctionality with the unit holding not just your dog’s leash but also other accessories like harnesses, leash handles, dog clothes and so much more. 

Finally, the number of hooks on each dog holder determines how much you can hold on it. Again, the more the merrier especially if you have a lot of things you need to store on it. 

Individual hooks vs bar holder

Does it come as a bar with several hooks? Or is it a single hook you mount on the wall? The designs here both have a lot to offer with a little bit of compromise required in each case. 

With the individual hook dog leash holders, you basically have a single mount hook that you attach directly to the wall without any intermediate bar. These are wonderful if you are working with limited space as it is only one hook. However, the capacity is greatly limited which can be challenging especially if you have a lot of items you would like to store. 

The bar holder, on the other hand, offers a lot more space for you to work with whether it is 2,4 or even 6 hooks. These are ideal if you have a lot you would want to be held on the hanger. They also come in handy if you want things orderly and easy to access as you are not cramming everything onto one hanger hook. However, you need to find the right amount of space to accommodate these which might not work as well aesthetically if the space is already crowded.

How does it attach to the wall?

There are many different ways to attach dog leash holders to the wall. You can hammer it straight in, use drill screws, use double-sided tape or even hang it up using D-rings. The screws and D-ring methods are by far the most popular and both have their fair share of pros and cons. 

The screw method of fastening the holder to the wall is the most secure. The screws also add more strength and stability to the whole setup. That way, your holder can truly live up to its maximum weight potential and then some. The only drawback is that setup can be a little complicated. You also do not have the freedom to easily take it down and set it up elsewhere on a whim. 

The D rings, on the other hand, are very easy to hang up and take down. Just get some nails on the wall or a wall accessory hanging hook and use the rings to set it up. This design also offers flexibility allowing you to take down the dog leash holder and move it around as you see fit. However, the stability of the mounting on the wall here is only as reliable as the tools that the holder hangs on so you need to make them incredibly secure for the whole setup to stand sturdily. 


You now have all the information you need to make the best decision for your home. Our top pick is worth looking into with its perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. That way you get something that not only looks great on your wall but will also serve you and your dogs for a long time- giving you more bang for your buck. 

You could also check out our other 6 alternatives for a wider point of view of what is out there, what matters and what your different options are depending on your needs. Whichever the case, just use what you have learned from our beginner’s shopping guide and you should be good to go. 

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