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Best Dog Paw Balm

The best dog paw balm is BlueCare Labs Dog Paw And Nose Balm.

Depending on your activities, where you live, and your canine’s breed, your pooch may develop dry, uncomfortable paws.

The best dog paw balm will remedy this problem while being comfortable for your pup, easy to use, and providing protection from further paw damage. Explore some of the top balms for dog paws and learn how to choose one. 

Budget Conscious Pick

Musher's Secret Paw Wax

Our Top Pick

BlueCare Labs Dog Paw And Nose Balm

Readers Pick

Baely's Paw Shield Platinium

01 BlueCare Labs Dog Paw And Nose Balm

This paw balm from BlueCare features a non-toxic hypoallergenic formula that works well on canines with sensitive skin. It is also gentle and helpful for paws that are rough, chapped, dry, or scabbed due to heat, cold, salts, or other abrasive elements. After using the balm, your canine should no longer have to worry about the irritation, cracking, or itchiness on the pads. 

In addition to healing damaged paws, this balm also provides protection from winter weather, including the salt and cold ground, and from hot ground. As such, you do not have to worry about your furry friend developing more paw irritation as the original problems heal. 

The balm features shea butter, argan oil, hemp oil, and vitamin E, along with other natural and organic ingredients. The BlueCare balm is also highly versatile, working on all sizes and breeds of dogs as well as cats. 

  • This paw balm not only soothes and moisturizes damaged, itchy, or cracked paws, but it also protects your canine’s paws from future damage. It has natural ingredients without alcohol, synthetic additives, harsh chemicals, or a greasy formula. The versatility of the balm is also a high point, as it works on all breeds.

02 Musher's Secret Paw Wax

Musher’s secret uses high-quality ingredients, including natural food-grade oils and waxes. The formula is non-allergenic, non-staining, and fast-drying. Unlike some products, this one will not leave stains on clothing, floors, or carpets. 

Musher’s Secret has a long history of satisfied customers and is the balm of choice for sled drivers in Canada who use it to heal and prevent damage from cold weather. In fact, the formula was developed for sled dogs, providing confidence in its ability to protect your furry friend’s paws in the coldest weather. It also provides protection and healing for heat, rocky terrain, and sand. The product also lasts longer than some, as it only needs to be applied two to three times each week in most situations. 

This dog palm is made in North America and is from a family-owned company that spans three generations, so buying it supports the local economy. 

  • We appreciate that instead of just using all-natural ingredients, the waxes and oils in this balm are food grade for extra confidence. The balm is tried and tested by Canadian sled drivers and heals paws equally well after damage from heat as it does from cold.

03 Baely's Paw Shield Platinium

Baely’s Paw Shield Platinum is the choice of many trainers and veterinarians, including AGT’s Sara Carson. All of the ingredients in the formula are natural and premium. The company also took specific care to ensure that no ingredients will harm your canine companion if he licks his paws. This comes from the use of natural beeswax and premium plant butters. 

The company is family owned and operated and made in Georgia, where it has been for years, making it American-made. The company is so confident in its products that it will refund your purchase if you do not feel that the formula is the best you have tried. 

  • This particular paw balm is safe for your canine to accidentally ingest and it provides defense against the weather in addition to healing. There is no staining and the beeswax blend promotes quick healing.

04 Penny's Paw Rescue Natural Dog Paw Balm

Penny’s Paw Rescue balm stands out from the competition with its lack of grease and support of rescue dogs. A portion of every sale goes to rescue organizations that help animals. As such, you get to heal your canine’s paws while supporting a good cause. 

The combination of jojoba and hemp seed in this formula provide antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, respectively, offering a natural treatment. At the same time, the moringa adds moisture to prevent future damage.

As you apply the balm, you will notice that it does not feel greasy on your hands, and even soothes your fingers, providing a bonus benefit for humans as well as canines. 

  • This formula is non-greasy and supports a good cause by donating a portion of the proceeds to rescue organizations. It relies on the healing properties of natural ingredients, such as hemp seed and jojoba.

05 Pawstruck Organic Nose & Paw Wax Balm

Pawstruck’s Ruff Relief Balm is USDA certified organic, a claim which very few competitors can make. Many products claim to be organic but few have this certification. All of the ingredients are easily recognizable as well, providing confidence that there are no harsh chemicals. The balm only contains olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax, carnauba wax, jojoba wax, and vitamin E, with the ingredients being organic and non-GMO. 

The natural, organic formula makes this balm hypoallergenic and non-toxic. It protects against cold or hot weather while also restoring paws to health. It can help with cracking, flaking, bleeding, itching, crusty, damaged, chapped, and dry paws. It can also reduce dermatitis, rashes, and hyperkeratosis. 

  • This is one of the rare balms that is USDA certified organic and carries a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. It provides quick results, soothing your canine’s paws right away.

06 Paw Magic Organic Natural Dog Paw Butter

This paw butter stands out from the crowd with the formulation from an AKC award winning breeder. It is also vet-recommended and made in the United States. The formula is 100% natural without parabens, alcohol, dyes, or phthalates. 

Using this balm will soothe your pup’s cracked, dry, or rough paws and can help control hyperkeratosis. The formula is non-toxic and hypoallergenic, making it safe for both your four-legged friend and humans. The balm also comes with a Happy Pet Company Commitment, which includes a full refund if the product does not surpass your expectations. 

  • This formula was created by a breeder with awards from the American Kennel Club and the French Bulldog Club of America, and it is veterinarian-recommended. It features organic ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter.

07 Natural Dog Company Paw Soothe

Paw Soothe is unique among the competition in that each product is handmade and then poured in Marble Falls, Texas, a small town. This provides extra attention to detail and means you support a small business. 

The organic, natural ingredients help repair damage from sand, cold, heat, snow, and salt, including roughness, dryness, and chapped pads. The balm is also safe to use and effective on your canine’s rough elbows or dry nose, making it multipurpose. 

It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and has been featured in more than 30 magazines as well as on Animal Planet. 

  • The versatility of this product is a high point, as it can work on your canine’s nose and elbows as well as your pup’s snout. The balm is handmade to a high quality, featuring more attention to detail.

08 PetSupply Dog Paw Balm

PetSupply’s Paw Shield is high quality and gives your furry friend’s paws a wax barrier that is protective yet nourishing. This makes it comfortable for your four-legged friend to walk on sand, snow, salt, cold, and ice. Your canine companion experiences immediate relief while also getting long-lasting protection. 

The balm also stands out with its smooth formula that is easy to apply and will absorb very quickly. This results in no greasy stains on fabrics or floors. The formula also deters dogs from licking it off, so less of the balm goes to waste. It also comes with a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. 

  • The immediate relief of this balm is a high point for owners and canine companions alike, as is the fact that the balm is easy to apply. Its unique formula discourages your furry friend from licking it off.

09 Paw Nectar Paw Wax

Paw Nectar is a fast-acting wax that quickly penetrates the problem areas deeply, providing your four-legged friend with relief. It then provides full protection as well as healing properties. The formula is proprietary and contains specifically-chosen ingredients that have healing properties. 

The formula is 100% organic as well as safe for canines and humans, including dogs of all breeds. The ingredients were specifically chosen to heal damaged paws yet will not hurt your canine if your pup licks the formula. This is less likely due to the smell of lavender and rosemary, an intentional decision. 

  • This fully organic dog paw balm is safe for humans as well as canines, including if your pooch licks some of it off. It features a proprietary formula that quickly penetrates problem areas for fast relief.

Buyers Guide

Dog Paw Balm Buyer’s Guide

All of the above products made our list of the best dog paw balms because of their high quality ingredients and other features. As you choose among them or look for another option, keep the following factors in mind.

Heals And Protects 

The best dog paw balms will both heal and protect your canine’s paws whenever you use the product. The balm should be versatile enough to help heal dry, chapped, itchy, or painful paw pads. Ideally, your chosen balm will feature natural ingredients to encourage healing.

In many cases, the protection comes from a type of invisible barrier that the wax or balm creates around your four-legged friend’s paws. In other cases, protection may be via providing the paws with nutrients that help keep them healthy. Some balms can even help reduce the risk of infection by letting you apply a coating over wounds to seal out germs. 

Moisturizing is important, as dry paws are a common cause of cracks and damage and moisturized paws can better resist that damage in the future. To ensure your chosen product moisturizes, opt for something with natural oils or butters that provide that hydration.

In the case of healing, opt for a balm that provides thorough and quick relief for Fido. You do not want your furry friend to suffer unnecessarily and many of the top balms deliver nearly immediate relief. 

Image from Pet Plate

Protection In Multiple Conditions

Healing and protection of your chosen dog paw balm should apply for a full range of conditions. Some balms will only protect in hot or cold weather, but you want a product that does both. 

Protecting your dog’s pads with balm in hot weather is an alternative to putting booties on your canine companion when the sidewalk gets hot enough to damage paws. Extremely cold pavement can be just as dangerous for your furry friend’s paws, but a balm can protect against this, offering an alternative to booties. 

In addition to protecting against temperatures, the best balms will provide protection against rough surfaces. Sidewalk salt in the winter, for example, can be incredibly uncomfortable on canine paws without proper protection. The same can be true of small pebbles or sand. 

As a bonus, look for multi-purpose products that also work on your doggy’s nose, so you have fewer products to buy. 

Organic Ingredients Without Harsh Chemicals 

Before you buy any paw balm, look at the ingredients. The best products will feature mostly organic ingredients and not have any harsh chemicals. Avoid products with alcohol and chemicals that you cannot pronounce the name of. Instead, choose those with an ingredient list where you can identify every single ingredient and actually know what it is. 

Very few dog paw balms are certified organic. Most simply use organic ingredients and make claims that they are 100% organic or mostly organic. At the very least, opt for products that claim to be 100% organic whenever possible. If you want to be certain, consider certified organic products. 

Common organic ingredients that you will find in high-quality balms include beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, argan oil, hemp seed oil, and jojoba. Most organic waxes and balms are high-quality ingredients. 

Production Facilities 

In addition to the ingredients, pay attention to where the balm is produced. Ideally, it will be made in facilities that are certified by the FDA, as this ensures a high standard of sanitization was met. Some products are even made in facilities certified by the GMP and the FDA. 

Image from Pet Plate

Safe If Licked 

Dogs will be dogs and it is nearly impossible to guarantee that your four-legged friend will not lick his paws, especially if you put something unfamiliar on them. It is a natural reaction for your pooch to lick something odd or irritating and this will likely happen with the balm at least once. 

Because of that, you should always opt for a non-toxic balm that is safe for your canine to ingest, at least in small quantities. Opting for products with natural ingredients is usually enough, but you can get extra peace of mind by choosing products labeled as non-toxic. 

Some balm are even formulated in a way that discourages canines from licking it, frequently via smell. If you are concerned about your dog licking balm-covered paws too much, then consider these products. At the very least, opting for a quick-drying formula will reduce the amount that Fido eats when licking paws. 

Application Method 

Most dog paw balms are applied in a similar way, but the instructions can vary. Some lower-quality balms will require you to let them soak in for 20 minutes or more. Letting your canine move before then can result in some of the product coming off, resulting in less-effective results and potential stains. 

Avoid this and look for products that dry either instantly or incredibly quickly. Unless your pooch is incredibly patient, opt for something that does not need to sit for longer than a minute or so. 

On a related note, pay attention to how frequently you need to or can apply the balm. Most were formulated so you can apply them before you take Fido outside, even if that is multiple times each day. Some, however, including those with harsh chemicals in the ingredient list, may not be safe to apply multiple times each day. 

Image from ChomChom Roller


When consider the ease of application, pay attention to the consistency of the balm, which you can find in reviews. You want something that pet owners feel is simple to spread. Products that need your hands’ heat to soften are not necessarily bad, but you should know about this extra step ahead of time. 


You also need to avoid greasy products due to the application process. Few people want to end up with greasy hands after applying the balm. Additionally, greasy balms are more likely to leave stains on your floor, furniture, clothing, or other items. 

Satisfaction Guarantee 

Do not forget to look for some sort of satisfaction guarantee on the product. The best dog paw balms will have a guarantee of some sort. Top products will always allow for refunds if the balm does not work as expected. 

Some products have even more impressive guarantees. These may offer a refund if you are not 100% satisfied, if you do not notice results within a given time period, or even if it is not the best balm you have tried. 

Just be cautious of guarantees that seem too good to be true. Read reviews to confirm that the company follows through with any guarantees and refund offers that it makes. At the same time, check the reviews to confirm the company handles complaints or problems, such as damaged products, well and in a timely manner.


In your search for the best dog paw balm, you want to ensure you choose a product that will heal your canine companion’s dry and cracked paws while also preventing future damage. The best products have been formulated to help with cold and hot weather, in addition to on rough surfaces like salt. Organic products are ideal, especially those that use naturally-healing ingredients such as shea butter or argan oil. Avoid products with harsh chemicals, including dyes and alcohol. To help ensure the quality of the balm, choose products made in FDA-certified facilities. 

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