Best Dog-Proof Litter Boxes

The best dog-proof litter box is Modkat XL Dog-Proof Litter Box.

A dog is a man’s best friend. Having one in your house is quite warming and gives you that feeling of being secure. Despite being so friendly and warm, they will occasionally cross the boundaries and become all snoopy. After all, they are animals, and this is expected of them.

When having a cat in your house, this becomes an open rivalry, and mishaps are bound to happen. A common mishap is tracking your cat’s litter in your house.

That problem will be solved by simply getting some of the best dog-proof litter boxes that you can purchase in any retail store. Let’s get started.

#1 Modkat XL Dog-Proof Litter Box

The distinction of the best litter box undisputedly goes to the Modkat XL Litter Box. We really liked its vast array of features that make it stand out from the rest. This is an excellent addition to your household and one that will ensure your dog is kept away from your cat’s litter.

The quality of this litter box is top-notch, and it comes in an array of excellent features that make it stand out from the rest. It is made from durable PVC and this ensures that the dog-proof litter box will last long.


  • Modkat’s XL dog-proof product features a front and side entry system that makes it convenient to place or remove cats from the litter box when necessary.
  • The box’s seamless base is elevated to prevent cat feces or urine from leaking from the box.
  • This Modkat product comes with reusable, easy-to-clean, and rip-resistant liners that are tailor-made to fit inside this dog-proof litter box.
  • This litter box has a 3-position swivel lid that doesn’t need to be removed and can be easily repositioned for full access when cleaning the box.
  • The lid of this dog-proof box can be configured either as a walk-off mat or walk-off platform to help keep cat litter from rolling onto the floor.


  • The cover of the Modkat litter box is finicky and needs to be readjusted every time the box is opened or closed for cleaning.
  • This dog-proof litter box is considerably expensive, compared to other similar products available on the market.

This emerges as the top pick because it comes with everything you need in a litter box for cats, including a reusable liner, an easy open swivel lid, and a litter scoop; plus, its unique cuboid shape should deter curious dogs.

#2 Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan

With a reasonable price point, the Catit Jumbo Hooded dog-proof litter box has most of the features needed to keep your curious pooch away from cat litter. It comes in a neutral warm gray color which makes it a suitable option for most households.

The removable litter pan is also a plus point. This allows you to clean the litter easily, without having to wash the whole dog-proof litter box. 

This litter box from Catit comes at a very affordable price that is a good bargain, compared to the great features it offers.


  • Due to its large size, Catit’s jumbo litter pan is suitable for use in households with large cats or multiple kitties.
  • This dog-proof litter box comes with anchors that are designed to keep the bag open and make it possible for customers to conveniently use both hands to remove cat litter from inside the box.
  • This Catit litter pan features a carbon filter that can effectively trap and remove the odor of cat feces and urine that may remain in the box.
  • The removable and clear plastic door design of this Catit product provides easy access to the box, while also ensuring that cats have privacy while doing their business.
  • The easy locking slider mechanism of this jumbo hooded litter pan makes it convenient for customers to assemble and dismantle the box at will.


  • Several customers have claimed that this box’s door is too wide for its frame and that it tends to get stuck often, thereby locking cats out of the box.
  • The fasteners that come with this litter pan are, sometimes, difficult to snap close, thereby making it keep the top and bottom of the box together.

#3 Iris Jumbo Litter Box

This litter box is an excellent option with ample space for your cat litter. It is big and suitable for multiple cats or even the larger ones. With its hinged door mechanism, it will prevent snooping by the dogs.

The Iris Jumbo litter box makes great use of its space. It can accommodate cats of all sizes or even many dogs at once, especially puppies. The hinged door allows you to keep your curious pooch out of your cat’s litter.


  • This jumbo litter box has both a handle and a secure buckle on the lid to make transportation easier for customers.
  • The lift-top design of this dog-proof litter box makes it possible for customers to quickly and easily access the insides of the box for cleaning and maintenance activities.
  • The flap entry door located at the side of this litter box is effective at keeping cat litter and spray contained within the box.
  • The curved design of this litter box’s base and sides doesn’t hold cat litter, thereby making it easier for customers to clean up the insides of the box when needed.
  • The scoop clip feature of this dog-proof product is useful for keeping cat litter contained within the box.


  • The grooves located around the edges of this box’s bottom pan tend to trap little and wet clumps that are usually difficult to clear out with the included scoop.
  • The top, translucent piece of this jumbo litter box doesn’t stay on well, and it can be easily pushed off with just a nudge.

#4 Petmate Clean Step Litter Dome

This dog-proof litter box comes in such a unique shape of a dome and has steps that help in maintaining cleanliness by minimizing cat litter tracking. The dome shape also helps to provide privacy to your cat during its nature calls.

The one perk of having this litter box is that it helps to minimize litter tracking within your household. This is mostly due to its steps design that wipes your cat paws as they exit the litter box, leaving your floor litter-free. Its dome shape also prevents intruding dogs from causing disturbance to your cat.


  • Petmate’s Litter Dome features a patented clean step entrance design with a texture that wipes cats’ paws as they step, thereby preventing litter from scattering and staining the floors of the house.
  • The built-in handle of this litter product makes it convenient to transport the dome from one place to another.
  • The charcoal filter that comes with this litter dome traps whatever smell remains after cleaning out the box and helps minimize any unwanted odors.
  • This Petmate litter dome comes in a large size that can conveniently hold cats of different sizes.
  • The rounded design of this dog-proof product, which features little or no edges, makes it convenient for customers to clean the insides of the dome.


  • The large size of this dog-proof litter dome isn’t suitable for use in homes with minimal space.
  • The fact that this litter dome doesn’t have a locking mechanism makes it very easy for cats to accidentally shift the lid off the base and kick litter out of the dome.

#5 Q-Hillstar Large Top Entry Cat Litter Box

If you’re tired of cat litter scattering around the house, then this litter box is your best choice. With its pull-out drawer design, cleaning the litter box has never been easier.

It also comes with two openings, one on the front with a one-way entry or at the top where your cat can enter and exit at will.

The top lid is designed with holes to shake off excess litter on your cat’s paws and prevent it from splashing out of the box. If you have a multi-pet household, the lid also keeps dogs away from any cat droppings, as well as provides much-needed privacy for your cat.

The pull-out drawer is one of the main reasons why this litter box is recommended. There is no need to remove the hood and stick your hands inside to clean up the mess. The box is made from strong and sturdy materials, and its collapsible structure is extremely useful if you want to stow it away or plan a trip with your cat.


  • The collapsible design of this Q-Hillstar litter product makes it easy for customers to break down and store the box when not in use.
  • The pull-out drawer design of this product’s base provides a convenient way for customers to clean out cat waste collected in the litter box.
  • This Q-Hillstar litter box features a two-way entry and single-exit design that provides easy access for loading and removing cats from the box.
  • This litter box has a sand pedal that helps clean out a cat’s paws and prevents the kitty from spreading litter around the home.
  • The Q-Hillstar litter box features high sides and a self-closing door that serve the dual purpose of providing cats with privacy and restricting canine access to the box.


  • Cat litter tends to get stuck in this product’s connecting joints and holes, thereby causing a problem for customers when it is time to clean the box.
  • Several customers have claimed that this litter box’s tray is too shallow and that it tends to leak urine out the sides and onto the floor.

#6 Amazon Basics Hooded Cat Litter Box

If you are ever conscious of the cleanliness of your surroundings, then the Amazon Basics hooded cat litter box is perfect for you. It comes with features that are meant to keep the dirt inside the box and prevent litter tracking at all costs.

This litter box is guaranteed to ensure a great level of cleanliness. If you have a dog in your house, the hood will prevent it from snooping in the litter inside. It also comes with a one-year warranty.


  • The Amazon Basics litter box comes with a swinging door that makes it easy for cats to get in and out of the box.
  • The replaceable carbon filter traps that come with this cat litter box are effective for getting rid of any unwanted smells from cat feces and urine.
  • The snap-on hood design of this product provides the cat with privacy, protects the box from canine intrusion and also helps to keep litter contained in the box.
  • The stain-resistant polypropylene plastic material used to manufacture this litter box can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth.
  • The top handle design of this product makes it more convenient for customers to transport the litter box from one place to another.


  • Several customers have claimed that the top and bottom parts of this litter box don’t lock securely in place, and the box tends to fall apart, especially when transporting with the top handle.
  • The rounded corners of this litter box make it difficult to clean the insides of the box with a litter scoop.

#7 Nature’s Miracle Oval Hooded Flip Top Litter Box

If you are constantly on the road with your fuzzy friends, then the Nature’s Miracle Oval Hooded Flip Top Litter Box is the perfect match for you. It comes with a handle that makes it portable.

The perk of owning this litter box is that you can carry it comfortably without the fear of spilling its contents or having a stench emanating from it. It’s available in 2 colors and weighs just around 4 lbs.


  • The enclosed hood of the Nature’s Miracle litter box protects a cat from curious dogs and also prevents litter scatters and leaks from spraying on the ground.
  • The non-stick surface of this product doesn’t trap cat litter and makes it easier for customers to clean the insides of the box.
  • The snap latches and flip-top front opening of this litter box provide a convenient means for customers to open up the box and carry out quick cleaning operations.
  • Nature’s Miracle litter box comes with odor-absorbing charcoal filler that soaks up tough litter box odors and keeps the litter area smelling fresh.
  • This oval hooded litter box is roomy enough to conveniently hold different cat sizes.


  • The deep, rounded design of this box makes it considerably difficult for customers to scoop up and clean cat litter contained in the box.
  • Cat urine tends to leak out of the edges where the top and bottom parts of this litter box fit together.

#8 PetSafe ScoopFree Original Self-Cleaning Litter Box

With a self-cleaning mechanism, the PetSafe ScoopFree Litter Box is the perfect product for time-constrained cat owners. However, it’s more expensive as compared to the other options available.

This dog-proof, cat litter box is very convenient, and it does not require one to scoop out the contents or clean up every day. You need to pull out the plastic tray once in a while. It is also a good dog-proof litter box owing to its closed design.


  • This PetSafe ScoopFree litter box features a self-cleaning system that keeps the box clean and ensures that customers don’t have to worry about cleaning for up to three months.
  • This self-cleaning litter box can be set up in a matter of minutes, as this process involves simply pouring litter inside the tray and placing it under the box.
  • The inclusion of safety sensors in this product helps ensure that the box’s self-cleaning feature is activated only when the cat is safely out of the box.
  • This box’s disposable trays come with plastic linings to keep cat urine from leaking onto the floor and making a mess.
  • The low-tracking crystals used for this box’s litter are dust-free, and they don’t stick to the cat’s paws and make a mess on the floor.


  • The shape of this box is such that it tends to scoop litter to the side, thereby leaving the center of the box, where cats tend to poop and pee, empty.
  • Several customers have commented about the terrible smell that is usually emitted by this PetSafe litter box, despite the inclusion of crystals for odor control.

#9 Pxyz Dog-Proof Litter Box

If you have a small cat and want to minimize the space used, then you should consider getting this litter box from Pxyz. It comes in a unique shape and design that can be described simply as beautiful.  It is an excellent addition to your house due to its aesthetic appeal.

This is a great dog-proof litter box that is perfect if you do not have much space in your household. Its attractive design is a good addition to your house. Also, the hinged doors will make it difficult for your pet pooch to enter this dog-proof litter box.


  • The enclosed design of this box keeps cat litter in and also helps protect the cat from curious dogs.
  • The odor removal system of this product, which includes deodorizing tablets and an air purifier, helps to keep the air around the litter box fresh.
  • The movable bottom tray of the Pxyz dog-proof litter box can be easily disassembled and removed for convenient cleaning when needed.
  • Mesh holes located at the entrance of this litter box are effective at preventing litter from leaving the box and making a mess on the floor.
  • This dog-proof product comes with a litter scoop to provide convenient cleaning of the insides of the litter box.


  • The Pxyz litter box is considerably small and may not be convenient for large-sized cats to use.
  • Several customers claim that the top and bottom pieces don’t stay together, despite the use of clips, and as a result, it is easy for litter to leak from the sides.

#10 Iris Top Entry Litter Box

This is an excellent litter box that prevents the scatter of litter all over in your house due to its top entry design. The detachable, rounded shape and smooth lid make the cleaning task a breeze. Being a top entry litter box, it will help to minimize your pet pooch from entering this box.

A great benefit of owning this litter box is that it is very easy to clean owing to its shape that does not have distinct edges.


  • The lid of the Iris litter box has small holes that are used to remove litter particles from a cat’s paws and prevent the kitty from making a mess.
  • The unique top opening design of the Iris litter box provides easy entry and exit for a cat and also ensures the feline has privacy while using the box.
  • The high sides of the Iris litter box are effective at containing cat spray and preventing urine from leaking on the ground.
  • The polished finish of this Iris product doesn’t hold cat urine or feces, and this makes it easier for customers to clean the litter box.
  • The large size of the Iris litter box provides ample room for cats to move about while using the box.


  • The curved design of this litter box makes it more difficult for customers to scoop out waste litter, compared to boxes with square designs.
  • The hole on the litter’s lid tends to catch cats’ feet, and this can result in an injury for a cat.

#11 Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Cat Litter Box System

For a litter box that is easy to manage and convenient, then you should consider the Purina Tidy Cat Litter Box System. It comes with an open hinge for the easy entry of your cat same. The open hinge also doubles up as a hood that maintains the privacy. Its pellet system keeps odors at bay and minimize any unwanted odors.

This litter box helps to keep both odors and dogs away from it.


  • Purina’s litter box system features disposable cat litter pads that lock in moisture to keep the litter box dry.
  • The anti-tracking litter pellets that come with this dog-proof box are dust free, thus ensuring that cats don’t leave litter stains on the floor.
  • The slide-out drawer design of this litter box’s base makes it easy for customers to pull out the base and change the litter pads when needed.
  • Customers can conveniently dismantle this litter box’s hinged hood for quick and easy access when the litter box itself is due for cleaning and maintenance services.
  • This Purina litter box system comes with pads that are designed to repel the ammonia odor that is typical with cat urine, thereby keeping the air in the home fresh.


  • This dog-proof litter box system is considerably expensive, considering the fact that owners regularly have to change the box’s pads and pellets.
  • The upper and lower pieces of this litter box system don’t always fit firmly together, and cat spray can pass through the cracks in the box’s wall.

Dog-Proof Litter Boxes Buyer’s Guide

We just discussed the various dog-proof litter boxes that would be an excellent addition to your house. These litter boxes have multiple aspects that make them great in features such as versatility, durability, and space.

Now, let’s talk about the various parameters that will guide you in purchasing the best dog-proof cat litter box according to your lifestyle needs.

However, before you get the litter box, the question that you need to ask yourself is:

“Do I need a litter box?”

Here are some of the factors that will guide you to the answer to this important question.

Image from 1-800-PetMeds

Why Do You Need A Dog-Proof Litter Box?

Your Cat’s Behavior

Firstly, you need to check on the behavior of your cat to learn if the litter box will be such an essential addition to your house. One needs to consider if your feline companion prefers to stay in your house or it free roams outside for most of the day.

Some cats rarely hang around the house, and so a litter box might not be such an important purchase. However, if your cat is the type that enjoys staying indoors, then having a cat litter box will be an important purchase to maintain a level of cleanliness in your house.

Do You Have Other Pets?

If you have other pets in your house such as dogs that are always in conflict with cats, then it is advisable to get a dog-proof litter box. This is because the cat’s litter box serves as a shelter at times.

Is Your Cat Healthy?

This is another crucial factor that you need to check before getting a litter box. If your cat is sick, then it will need to be brought indoors. It’s best to avoid having your other animals such as dogs to come into contact with your sick cat’s waste.

In such a scenario, and the litter box will be an important addition to minimize the spread of diseases within the house.

How Well Trained Is Your Cat?

With cats that are toilet trained to relieve themselves outside the house, you do not really need a dog-proof litter box.

Once you have the right answers to your questions, the next step is to purchase a dog-proof litter box. There are many types of dog-proof litter boxes in the market currently. So, we have gathered a list of factors that you should consider before making the purchase.

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Additional Factors To Consider

Size Of Your Cat

If you have a large cat, then you should look for a bigger dog-proof litter box so that you can accommodate it perfectly. A small litter box could cause the spread of dirt and cat litter in your house.

Number Of Cats

This is also another important aspect that you need to consider before purchasing a litter box. If you have many cats, then larger or multiple dog-proof litter boxes will be very convenient for you.

Your Lifestyle

If you are someone that is always on the move, a portable and lightweight dog-proof litter box will be more convenient. This allows you to carry it easily.

You can also invest in the odor resistant models which have the crystal technology that absorbs odors and is also leak resistant. This will help in keeping all contents and odors in place as no one wants the cat excrement whiff hitting them.


For those who are always busy with no time to check on their pets, a convenient dog-proof litter box will do the trick. This convenience can be achieved due to the self-cleaning litter boxes that will save you time and energy that would otherwise be spent in regularly cleaning the cat litter box.

For added convenience, be sure to lookout for a dog-proof litter box that has a removable litter pan. 

Space Constraints

Space is another important thing to consider when accommodating a litter box in your house. If you have minimal space, then a small and compact dog-proof litter box might be a better option

Price And Budget

Price is another important factor that you need to consider. You need to check on the price of the dog-proof litter box and ensure that it falls within your financial means. Most canine proof litter boxes which are of excellent quality, come at a steep price, making it an expensive pet accessory for some pet parents to get.

If the price is an issue, you can consider looking out for second-hand dog-proof litter boxes. These tend to be cheaper and more affordable.

Overall Design

When looking at the design of a litter box for your cat, you will look at elements such as privacy and aesthetic appeal. Most cats prefer reliving themselves in privacy so having a dog-proof litter box that has a closed design is the preferred option. The closed design also makes it impossible for other dogs to snoop around the litter and interfere with the clean state.

For the aesthetic appeal factor, you will find kitty boxes with designs that will make your surroundings in your household more vibrant. Designs come in shapes such as domes or even tubules, which makes the dog-proof litter box a great addition to the house.

Preferred Point Of Entry

The points of entry for most dog-proof litter boxes come in two different options, side entry or top entry.

For the top entry, the cat enters the litter box through the top of the box. This is preferred if you wish to maintain cleanliness standards in your house. The reason is that top entry designs prevent litter from tracking. It will also prevent the disturbance of the cat litter by dogs or any other pets that you have in the house.

For the side entry, it allows entry of your cat through the side of the litter box. This is suitable if your cat is small or if you might keep multiple cats which makes it easier for entry.

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Final Thoughts

Having a dog and a cat in the same house can be a challenging experience. Dirt is one thing you will expect but having a dog-proof litter box for your cat will your pet pooch will not make a mess of your cat’s litter at home.

Our top pick is the best choice from the list of dog-proof litter boxes provided above. It does a great job in keeping your dogs out of your cat’s litter box. Also, it comes with a reusable tarp liner and a scoop litter, making the removing of your cat litter that much easier.

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