Best Dog Proof Screen Doors

The best dog-proof litter screen door is Phifer 3032233 PetScreen Single Roll.

Screen doors are designed to enhance natural ventilation in your home. They allow the cool breeze to get in while still making sure that bugs like mosquitoes are left out. However, people who have dogs face many challenges using screen doors. Dogs are known to be notorious destroyers of screen doors, and this kind of damage can cost you a lot of money. But don’t worry, there’s actually a solution to all this. 

It’s now possible to buy dog-proof screen dogs. Even if your pooch tries over and over again, it will not be able to cause any damage to these doors. The great thing is that these doors are also available in a wide variety of models.

Each of them comes with its own features too. In case you’re having trouble picking out the best dog-proof screen door, we have compiled a list here below that will help you narrow down your options.

#1 Phifer 3032233 PetScreen Single Roll

This Phifer 3032233 PetScreen Single Roll is big enough to deliver excellent functionality for your home. Its durable design makes it ideal in high-traffic areas too. The Phifer 3032233 PetScreen Single Roll is tear resistant. It’s, therefore, very unlikely that your dog will damage it no matter how hard it scratches. 

The screen will give you great visibility of the outside as it keeps off bugs and insects from getting in. The materials used to make the roll are also safe for dogs and other pets. The Phifer 3032233 PetScreen Single Roll is easy to install. It can be installed in patio and porch enclosures as well as on the doors and windows.

The Phifer 3032233 PetScreen Single Roll has many great features but what we really loved the most was the fact that it’s tear resistant. Additionally, the materials used to make this roll are also safe for your pet.


  • The tear and puncture-resistant material used to make this Phifer pet screen is durable enough to withstand damage from a dog’s sharp claws.
  • The Phifer screen is designed to provide outwards visibility, thereby ensuring that dogs can observe happenings on the other side of the screen and not get anxious or stressed.
  • This black dog-proof screen can be easily installed like a regular insect screening product, with there being no need to do anything special or extra.
  • This dog screen product is manufactured using pet-friendly materials and is devoid of chemicals that can be harmful to pooches that come in contact.
  • This dog-proof screen is suitable for use in high-traffic areas within the home.


  • The Phifer screen is considerably heavy and may be difficult for some customers to install without help.
  • Some customers have reported difficulties with fitting this Phifer screen in small-sized grooves, largely due to the thickness of the screen’s edges.

This product is our hot favorite to be the top pick because of its puncture-resistant material that prevents tear damage from constant clawing, and of its translucency that does not block the complete vision of both sides it has partitioned.

#2 ADFORS Premium Pet Screen

The ADFORS Premium Pet Screen is ideal for the budget buyer. But make no mistake. This screen comes with some really good features. First, it’s made using durable PVC-coated polyester yarn. The screen is also GREENGUARD certified due to its low emissions, so it’s a sustainable option to go for. The ADFORS Premium Pet Screen is flame resistant, and it’s available in two main sizes. The first one measures 36 by 48 inches while the second option, which is bigger, measures 48 by 48 inches. 

In case you are worried about the installation, you can download the app from the manufacturer and get guide tips and video tutorials on how to install and use the screen. Despite this, you will still need a few important tools and supplies to install the ADFORS Premium Pet Screen. A spline and a screen rolling tool, in particular, will be crucial.

The ADFORS Premium Pet Screen offers very good durability. The PVC-coated polyester yarn used to make these screens offers excellent strength. This ensures any pet-related damage is avoided. We also liked that the manufacturer offers you guide tips and tutorial videos to help with the installation process.


  • ADFORS’ premium pet screen product comes in a variety of size options – 36” x 84”, 48” x 84”, and 48” x 100” – to ensure a proper fit with different door sizes.
  • The thick polyester material used to produce this dog-proof screen can resist, to a considerable extent, damage caused by a dog’s nails.
  • This premium pet screen product from ADFORS is GREENGUARD gold certified, thereby making it suitable for safe use around both humans and dogs.
  • ADFORS’ dog screen has been certified with D3656, D6413, and ISO 11925-2 to meet ASTM requirements, which makes this product one of the few fire-resistant pet screens available on the market.
  • Customers with little or no idea of how to install this pet screen can consult the ADFORS Scene Weaver app for helpful tips and installation guides.


  • The ADFORS pet screen has a considerably dark shade that tends to stand out after installation and offers poor visibility for dogs and humans alike.
  • The thickness of the material used in making this pet screen product is such that it is difficult for some customers to fix the screen in small grooves and get it to stay in place in these grooves.

#3 Ideal Pet Doors Screen Guard Pet Door

The Ideal Pet Doors Screen Guard is not an actual screen door. It’s an important accessory that will make it easier for your pooch to move in and out of the screen door. Damages on screen doors caused by dogs mostly happen when the pet is trying to get in and out but can’t find a way. This Ideal Pet Doors Screen Guard solves this issue. 

It features a flexible vinyl flap with a simple magnetic enclosure. The guard can also be fixed onto any screen door. You can choose between two main sizes based on the size of your dog. The smaller option, which measures 7 by 11 ¼ inches, is designed for dogs between 13 to 35 lbs. The bigger option measuring 10 ½ by 15 inches, works best for dogs between 36 to 90 lbs. Installing a screen door doesn’t have to limit your pooch’s sense of adventure. This Ideal Pet Doors Screen Guard makes sure of that.

The Ideal Pet Doors Screen Guard is a simple and effective solution that protects your screen door from damage without limiting the adventure spirit of your pooch.


  • This dog-proof screen guard from Ideal Pet comes in two different size options – medium and large – to ensure ease of passage for various dog sizes.
  • The Ideal Pet screen guard comes with a flexible vinyl flap, with magnetic closure, that makes it convenient for users to grant their dogs access to pass through the screen.
  • This dog-proof screen comes with concise and easy-to-understand installation instructions for inexperienced customers or those needing guidance.
  • The Ideal Pet door screen features a solid panel that can be slid shut to lock the screen in place and prevent dogs from escaping.


  • This dog-proof screen guard from Ideal Pet is available in just one color option – white – and will not fit into most home aesthetics due to this limitation.
  • This screen guard’s flap tends to be an inch too short, thereby granting easy access to insects.

#4 Safety 1st Screen Door Saver

The Safety 1st Screen Door Saver is another safety accessory designed to prevent damage to your screen door by your dog. It is designed for standard door sizes but works best for screen doors 32 or 36 inches wide. The design is also sturdy. It can easily be installed on the door frame to make sure even the peskiest of dogs can use it without any risk of damage. The Safety 1st Screen Door Saver comes with a see-through mesh design that will ensure you get great views of the outside.

The Safety 1st Screen Door Saver is an important safety accessory that will keep your screen door protected from damage, all thanks to its innovative design. We also liked that it fits all standard-sized screen doors, so it should be easy to use.


  • This screen from Safety 1st has been manufactured for compatibility with standard-sized screen doors that are either 32-inch or 36-inch wide.
  • The see-through mesh design of this screen door saver offers visibility for both dogs and humans located on either side of the screen.
  • Customers can conveniently install this dog-proof screen by screwing it in place on a door.
  • This dog-proof screen is suitable for use with both swing and sliding screen door styles.
  • During installation, customers can rotate this door saver by 90 degrees to ensure an appropriate fit with both wider and narrower screen doors.


  • The flexing, bending nature of the plastic material used in manufacturing this dog screen makes it possible for determined dogs to push the screen out of place and pass through.
  • Several customers have reportedly received Safety 1st screens without the accessories, such as screws, needed for installation.

#5 Phifer Pet Screen 36 Inch X 96 Inch

If you are going to get a pet-proof screen door, you would be better off getting a brand that has amazing reviews, and the Phifer Pet Screen is definitely one of those products. This screen door has a stellar reputation, and many users say that it has helped their pets.

The product is made using polyester and is actually rated seven times stronger than traditional fiberglass screens. The Phifer Pet Screen comes with a full installation kit, including a step-by-step guide on how to do it. You will also get a spline and a rolling tool to get the job done.

One thing we love about the Phifer Pet Screen is the fact that this product has a great reputation. 93% of all its users gave it a 4 or 5 star. We also liked that you would have gotten a full installation kit included as well.


  • The meshes on the Phifer dog-proof screen are suitably spaced, and they provide great airflow.
  • Phifer’s Pet Screen is manufactured with vinyl-coated polyester, which is typically thicker than the traditional screen meshes and can last for a considerable period before wearing out.
  • The process involved in installing this dog-proof screen is straightforward, and it simply involves fixing the mesh in place in pre-manufactured grooves, using a spline.
  • This pet screen is manufactured without using chemicals that are toxic to dogs.
  • Phifer Pet Screen comes with a full installation kit and a step-by-step guide on how to install the mesh on a door.


  • This pet screen from Phifer is considerably thick, and it may be difficult for some customers to fix in their doors.
  • Some customers have commented that this dog-proof screen is too dark and offers little to no visibility.

Dog Proof Screen Doors Buyer’s Guide

In case you have a weak screen door that tends to get damaged too easily by your pets, you will be happy to know that there are quality and stronger options out there. Despite this, not every product will work for everyone. Most people have very specific preferences when choosing a screen door. In that case, it’s recommended to take your time and check all the various brands available before deciding which one works best for you. 

Traditionally, screen doors are sold in rolls. They will need to be cut into a fitting size before they are installed on the door frame. But some products may require specific installation procedures and materials. Make sure you read the instructions on the packaging before you start the installation. 

The most important thing for many pet owners is getting a screen door that can withstand the wear and tear caused by the pets. Standard screen doors, which tend to be cheaper, will not offer this kind of protection. You will need something that features extra strength and durability in the design. This will ensure your adventurous pet doesn’t cause any harm.

How Can Your Dog Damage the Screen Door?

It’s not uncommon for dogs to damage your screen door, and most of the time, they will do this in the following two ways:

  • Scratching – Dogs are naturally made to scratch. They can vigorously scratch your screen door in their attempt to get out or inside the house. If you are using fabric-based screens, it’s very likely that the pooch will tear it with its claws.
  • Collisions – In some cases, dogs may not realize that there’s a screen on the door. They may come through running fast only to hit the screen on their way out or in the house. This kind of force will easily tear down any fabric-based screen doors.

However, it’s possible to solve these issues by getting a durable screen door. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a few options and see how everything works.

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Screen Grills 

Screen greens can also be used in combination with screen doors to offer more protection. The grills are usually placed on the lower end of the screen door. They are highly durable and offer one of the easiest and most practical options in dealing with pet-related screen door damage. However, make sure you’ve picked the right size.

Visual Barriers 

Dogs that crash into screen doors when excited don’t actually see the screen as they come running through. You can solve this by making the door more visible to your pet. A simple way to do this would be to attach the flagging tape to the screen. It may also be a good idea to attach a solid material to a small part of the screen. The material should be placed low enough to the dog’s eye level. This will ensure the pet knows there is a barrier in front before he goes rushing through. It is important to pick something that will cause no harm to your pooch. Plastic, cardboard, and fabrics are some of the best materials you can use to give the screen door more visibility.

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Screened Dog Door 

A screened doggie door is designed to give the pet easy access in and out of the house even with the screen door in place. It will normally be installed at the lower end of the screen door. Although this is something that requires a little work, it will be worth it. Your pooch won’t have to scratch anytime they want to get out, and in the end, this will limit possible damage to the screen.

Scratch Shield 

If you have a truly adventurous dog, you will want to make sure that it can go out and play as much as possible. But having a screen door might be problematic. The pooch will keep scratching on the door until it finds a way out. You can consider adding a scratch shield in order to prevent damage to the screen door. These are simply large plastic sheets that can be attached to the door, especially in areas where the dogs scratch the most. This would be on the inside, just beneath the handles.

Final Thoughts

Getting a high-quality pet-friendly screen door is not always an easy thing, but the top pick is worth considering. The product is made using strong and durable materials. The materials are also scratch- and tear-resistant. This ensures you get long-lasting service even with your pooch around. 

The materials used for this product are pet-friendly with no possible risk of harm to your dog. It is easy to install and will work great in high-traffic areas.

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