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Best Dog Ramps For Cars/SUVs/Trucks

The best dog ramp for cars/suvs and trucks is Pet Gear Free Standing Ramp.

Owning a dog is one of the greatest pleasures we can experience. We share our lives with them and very often take road trips out to find new places to go dog-walking and explore with our four-legged friends.

But do you find the start and the end of your journey to be a pain with mischievous dogs refusing to get in the car or insisting you lift them up? Whether it’s from old age or general rambunctiousness, some dogs just don’t like jumping up into the car.

To solve this problem, we’ve put together a helpful guide to the best dog ramps for cars/SUVs/trucks that you can get your hands on.

Budget Conscious Pick

Paws & Pals Dog Ramps for Large Dogs

Our Top Pick

Pet Gear Free Standing Dog Ramp

Readers Pick

SUKI&SAMI Dog Car Step Stairs

01 Pet Gear Free Standing Ramp

The first dog ramp on our list is from Pet Gear and features four separate models. Each of them is specifically designed for dogs of certain weights and come with options for surface material (like carpeting and treading). We'll be talking about all four models and listing features from them all.

Your first concern with a dog ramp is always going to be whether it works or not. Pet Gear has constructed a solid and well-engineered dog ramp which can support dogs of all different sizes. Their models are all self-standing and can even be folded right down for compact storage after use.

All models are designed to be easy for your pet to ascend and descend with carpet, treading, and grip pad options available. These different surfaces are all easy to clean and ensure your dog's paws are protected the whole time they're using the dog ramp.

  • We've listed the Pet Gear dog ramps first on our list because of how impressed we believe they are. They're perfect for use on road trips or even just as a way for your senior dogs or tired pooches to get up on your bed and snuggle up with you.

02 Paws & Pals Dog Ramps for Large Dogs

For those out there who are working on a budget with products like this, the Paws & Pals model is a brilliant option. Costing next-to-nothing but with the build quality of a much higher-priced dog ramp, the Paws & Pals dog ramps are perfect for dog owners who are unsure how much use they'll get out of their dog ramps.

Rather than being a free-standing ramp, this particular model simply attaches to the back of your SUV or car and folds away in an instant once you've finished using it.

  • If you're the owner of a small dog who can't jump into the car or an older dog who is past their prime, investing in a ramp like the model offered by Paw & Pals could really change your pet's life.

03 SUKI&SAMI Dog Car Step Stairs

In an innovative move, this model from SUKI&SAMI is actually a foldable, portable set of stairs rather than a dog ramp. This is an ideal choice for older dogs who may be suffering from arthritis, knee disease, or joint pains in their elderly age.

With a striking design, this model of car stairs can even be adjusted to increase and decrease the shallowness between steps - so dogs of all different shapes and sizes can enjoy smoothly getting in and out of your car.

Because of the design, though, this particular model can be used in a variety of ways. You could use it to help dogs get on the couch, the bed, even up steep steps in your own garden.

  • The SUKI&SAMI Dog Car Step Stairs is so versatile and has such a wide variety of uses that we feel confident in saying most dog owners (and their dogs) would be more than happy with one of these.

04 Pet Loader Light Platform

Here we've got another dog ramp which is actually a set of foldable stairs for your to dog to use when getting in and out of your car. The Pet Loader Light Platform is a little different to the last entry in our list, though.

With a unique design - that spreads out weight over the first step/platform - this model is extra stable and secure for your dog. It even comes with the option to order a 3-step, 4-step, and 5-step version, depending on what you'll be using it for.

  • You can tell that the makers of this model had the dog's safety and comfort in mind as they've designed this specifically to match the gait of a dog and be as ergonomic as possible.

05 PetSTEP Original Folding Dog Ramp

Although the PetStamp Original Folding Dog Ramp lacks some of the nuance and subtlety of its competitors, it makes up for it in sheer functionality and strength. This huge ramp can provide support for pets of up to 500lbs! That's quite impressive!

Made from plastic, rubber, and fiberglass, this particular model is easy to clean and built to last. If you buy one of these, you can be sure it'll last a long, long time.

  • If you've got a hefty big dog who just loves to play but hates to jump into your car or SUV, the PetSTEP Original Folding Pet Ramp could be ideal for you. It might not fold down as small as some of the competitors but it's still a brilliant choice.

06 Solvit Deluxe TriScope Dog Ramp

If safety is your main concern when it comes to your dog, then you're going to love the Solvit Deluxe TriScope Dog Ramp. This model is perfect for elderly dogs who are having a hard time jumping up into the car. It comes fitted with safety rails on the edge of the dog ramp, so no doggy accidents occur.

As a telescopic dog ramp, it comes with a certain degree of adjustability - so it's perfect for all different types of dogs. Even larger dogs will be comfortable on this dog ramp as it can support over 300lbs.

  • With such attention to detail, the Solvit Deluxe TriScope Dog Ramp is the ideal model for older dogs who need a little extra support and safety than other, spritely pets. Your dog will love the comfort and stability of this model.

07 WeatherTech Dog Ramp

If portability is one of your main concerns when it comes to dog ramps, then you're going to adore the WeatherTech Pet Ramp. This dog ramp model is built out of a strong (yet light) aluminum and easily folds down to a size which can be stored near enough anywhere.

Simplicity can be a major deciding factor when it comes to a purchase like this and this particular model has that in spades. It's only two sections, easy-to-use, and has no fiddly bits that'll leave you confused.

  • This sturdy and versatile ramp is useful in a variety of situations. Which means your dog will have no trouble climbing up it to get in your car, on your bed, or atop any other surface they need to get to.

08 Perfect Life Ideas Truck Dog Ramp

Last on our list is this awesome truck-safe dog ramp from Perfect Life Ideas. This is a durable, pre-assembled ramp that can tackle any and all conditions you throw its way.

Built to last, this 10lbs ramp can support twenty times its own weight (200lbs). Its carpeted surface is ideal for dogs who are suffering from knee injuries or just need a little help jumping up to higher surfaces.

  • If you're worried about your furry best friend injuring their legs - or even if you just have a tiny dog that needs the helping hand - this model is ideal for you.

Buyers Guide

Dog Ramps For Cars/SUVs/Trucks Buyer's Guide

So, you've had a look through our top 8 list and you're wondering what the next step is? Purchasing a dog ramp might seem like the easiest decision in the world but there's a lot more to it than just picking the first one you see.

In this section - our buyer's guide - we're going to go over a few of the main points you should consider before buying a dog ramp.

Easy Storage and Portability

As a dog ramp is something you're going to be lugging around in your vehicle every time you take it out to drive, you're going to want something that can easily be folded down to a compact size. Portability is a must-have when it comes to purchases like this.

Different dog ramps come in different shapes and sizes and choosing which option to go for all depends on how much room you're able to sacrifice in the back of your car (or wherever you're planning on storing it).

If you have a larger dog, you might not want to opt for the small, compact models as they may not be able to support the weight of your dog. Likewise, if you only have a tiny dog, you don't necessarily need a huge dog ramp taking up room in the back of your car when a small one will do.

Always remember to measure how much space you have available and what the height of your car is. Along with the weight of your dog, these figures should give you a good indication as to what model is going to be best suited to your needs.

Another aspect which affects storage is the build design of your chosen ramp, which we'll touch on in this next subsection.

Material and Build Design

Many of the dog ramps we've listed come with certain materials fitted to ensure that your dog can safely ascend and descend them. It's best to know what kind of surface your dog is most comfortable with before making a purchase.

Perhaps perform a few tests at home to see if your dog is okay walking on carpeted areas, soft rubber treading, and mats, or prefers something a little more solid with more grip.

Several ramps come with optional extras, so if you're not sure exactly what your dog is going to be comfortable with, it's possible to test once you've already purchased the pet ramp. It's always best to have a good idea first, though, to prevent any disappointment or returns.

In terms of the build design of your chosen product, you'll find the choice between steps and ramps, and freestanding or models which simply attach to the back of the vehicle. Which option you go for all depends on the size of the dog who'll be using it and how much stability you need.

Ramps are easy-to-use, simple to set-up, and seem like the obvious choice for anyone who is worried about fiddly parts and getting their fingers jammed in folding accordion-style stairs. Freestanding ramps do have more moving parts than the vehicle-supported versions, but they also come with more benefits. Stability and safety are both greatly improved when you opt for a freestanding model.

Safety Tips

Most ramps are sturdy and built to be especially stable while your dog is ascending and descending. It should go without saying, however, that buying a dog ramp which will fully support the weight of your dog is absolutely essential to ensure no accidents occur.

Specifications will be listed on the product pages for all dog ramps, so it should be relatively easy to see how suitable any given model is for your dog - no matter how big or how small they are.

Something else to consider when making this purchase is whether you think your dog will be best suited to a free-standing dog ramp or one which simply attaches to the back of your vehicle via hinges or loops. If you have a particularly large dog, we would definitely recommend opting for a free-standingdog  ramp, for that extra added safety and stability.

Some models will even come with added guard rails, which can be a perfect addition for elderly dogs who need a little more safety and stability when they're ascending the dog ramp. If this is something you think you need to worry about then you should definitely see what ramps come with this option. It shouldn't be much of a need for younger dogs who are surer on their feet, though.

Before taking your new dog ramp for a spin we would always recommend that you thoroughly read any and all instructional manuals which come with it. These will teach you the correct way to operate the product safely and ensure you don't make any mistakes while setting it up.

Product Care

Any good dog ramp (much like any good product) will come from a company who cares about the safety and needs of their customers. If you're worried about anything or have any problems, then you should double-check that your dog ramp comes from a company with a dedicated customer service center.

If a car ramp is something that your dog is going to be using every single day, then you can expect to see a little wear and tear over time - just like with any product. Let's take a look at a few ways that you can extend the lifespan of your dog ramp and ensure no accidents occur.

If you opt for a model that is built using metal (either entirely or just certain parts) you run the risk of experiencing rust and corrosion after extended periods of use in wet weather. Always try and pack away your dog ramp right after use and don't leave it out in the rain if it can be helped.

Some models are made of other materials like fiberglass, plastic, and rubber. These are much more durable when it comes to adverse weather conditions. Still, try not to leave them out too long if you can avoid it anyway.

Most ramps are fairly easy to clean after they've been in use a certain length of time. Muddy paws can cause lots of stray dirt and other messy substances to stain surfaces. Look for a model that can easily be washed down with wet wipes or a simple spray of the hose.

More complicated stair models will have more parts that need cleaning, obviously. So, if this is something you want to avoid as often as possible then perhaps opt for a dog ramp which is simply just a foldable flat surface and will be easier for you to wipe down after particularly muddy walks.


After checking out our buyer's guide and taking a look at all of the products we've tried and tested, you're probably wondering what option we'd go for.

In our opinion, the freestanding ramps from Pet Gear stand out as the clear top pick over any of the others.

We love the fact that there is several different models and options so you can choose which fits best for you and your dog - no matter what size or shape they are. The various surfaces which you can choose from are also a big selling point as certain dogs respond better to certain materials (carpet, treading etc).

In terms of value at this price point, the Pet Gear Free Standing Ramps are the clear kings of quality here.

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