Best Dog SUV Cargo Liners

The best dog suv cargo liner is 4Knines SUV Cargo Liner.

Do you have a dog that enjoys getting into the back of your car? Dog hair, dirt and other unmentionables can be very difficult to remove from upholstery, no matter how often you vacuum. Even if you do manage to get it out of sight, the smell will still linger for quite some time.

The best way to keep your car clean while driving around town is by using a dog cargo liner. These liners are designed specifically for SUVs so they can be rolled up and tucked away in the back without any hassle or bulkiness inside your vehicle. Not only does it protect your car from messes but it also protects you from having to pick up poop off the floor!

For those of you who are looking for the best cargo liner for your SUV, then look no further! We’ve got a review and in-depth comparison on the best dog SUV cargo liners out there.

#1 4Knines SUV Cargo Liner

Not only does the cargo liner have a nice stitching pattern, but it’s also quilted. We like that the sides of the liner appear on the side of your SUV. And it’s waterproof, so your pup won’t have to deal with tough rainstorms when you’re on the road.

You should look for a dog cargo liner that’s durable. Fortunately, the 4Knines Waterproof SUV Cargo Liner has a nonslip back. In this way, it can keep the dog in place and continue covering the whole cargo area to your car from sliding objects that can potentially damage it.

Sometimes, our dogs can get messy; which can lead to minor dents and scratches on your car. However, this liner is designed to keep your car free from odors, claw damage, stains, and other pet-related harms. Since it protects your cargo area against hair, dirt, and other debt, this tool helps your pooch behave while staying comfortable in your car.

We like the 4Knines SUV Cargo Liner due to its effectiveness and ease of installation. Simply attach the headrests on the back or front seat of your vehicle to give your dog some breathing room. It has a few minor flaws (Cover size issues) that can be corrected over time. Still, it’s a durable and appealing cargo liner that will make your trips with your dog more enjoyable.


  • The 4Knines SUV cargo liner is available in 3 different size options – small, large, and extra-large – to ensure a compatible fit with a wide variety of cars, small trucks, and SUVs.
  • The colorfast quilted material used to manufacture this SUV cargo liner effectively holds all dirt, dander, and moisture, thereby ensuring that the car seat remains clean.
  • The patented design of this SUV cargo liner provides a 60/40 and 50/50 split seat and center cargo configuration that effectively protects a vehicle from fur, dirt, and claw marks.
  • This dog cargo liner has extra thick headrests with quick-release clips that make it easy and convenient for customers to install the liner in their vehicles.
  • This SUV cargo liner features a cushiony cotton pad filled with a high-temperature rated, non-slip backing that prevents the liner from needlessly moving around when driving.


  • Several customers claim that the surface of this SUV cargo liner is too slippery for their pooches, which results in the dogs often falling down and bringing the liner down with them.
  • There are also reports of this cargo liner letting moisture pass to stain the floor of a vehicle.

This product gets our top pick because of its durable polyester material that repels liquids and its patented fabric design that allows splitting for easy pass-through in the center of the vehicle, giving access to the armrest, seat belt, and fold-down seat with just a zip.

#2 K&H Pet Products Quilted Cargo Cover

If you’re looking for something simple, but want to keep your cargo area protected while you and your dog(s) are on a trip, K&H has made an affordable, durable, waterproof cover that keeps your vehicle clean and keeps your dog comfortable while you drive.

It has a pocket located on the side that allows you to store toys or snacks for your canine, while also covering the sides completely. It’s made of nylon, and you will be able to trust it with dogs of any size.

The cargo liner will install easily on almost any SUV and has velcro straps to keep it in place. Remember, you should measure your cargo area and the cargo liner’s dimensions as some large cargo area might have issues fixing it. If the cargo liner fits, it makes a good way to prevent your dog from destroying your SUV.

Dog parents love this cargo liner because of its versatility. You can hold dogs up to 100+ pounds when using this SUV cargo liner, making it great for large breeds such as German Shepherds and Alaskan Malamutes. So consider getting this cargo liner if you want a safe trip for yourself and your furry friends.

To summarize, the K&H Pet Productions Quilted Cargo Pet is great for buyers on a budget. Not only does it have a durable nylon cover but also a pair of velcro straps to help with installation.


  • K&H’s cargo liner product features a quilted top to provide a surface that is comfortable and cozy enough for pooches to rest on.
  • This quilted cargo cover product from K&H features hook and loop fastener flaps that provide quick installation, and can also be adjusted to provide a proper fit in vehicles.
  • The heavy denier, vinyl-backed polyester material used to manufacture this quilted cargo cover provides a waterproof barrier that can, to an extent, prevent fluids from seeping through and staining a vehicle.
  • The K&H quilted cargo cover comes with straps, Velcro straps, and suction cups, all of which are intended to hold the cover in place and prevent it from falling over.
  • The inclusion of a storage cover in this dog SUV cargo liner provides a convenient means for customers to store their furry friends’ food, leashes, toys, treats, and other relevant accessories.


  • Several customers have reported that this product’s suction cups didn’t stay fixed to the vehicle, thereby resulting in the cargo liner constantly falling over and needing to be readjusted.
  • The durability of this SUV cargo liner product is suspect, as there are multiple reports of the product’s material falling apart only after a couple of uses.

#3 BarksBar Luxury Pet Cargo Cover & Cargo Liner

This luxury SUV cargo liner from BarksBar is the best way to keep your car protected from scratches, vomit, and anything else that happens. When you have a reliable pet car seat cover, you can take your pet anywhere without the fear of having anything torn up.

The first advantage that the seat cover has over its competitors is its color-fast material that stops bleeding on the seats. When you have a pet car seat where temperatures reach 100 or higher, you can get a transfer of dyes on the car seat, dog collar, or the harness.

Fortunately, this car seat doesn’t have this problem. It’s free of heavy metals and AZO dyes, both of which can be harmful to your canine’s health.

Some of the features that make this cargo liner great are the quilting pattern that looks good with any upholstery. It also has side extensions to protect the side of your seat and can convert to a hammock which your canine friend might prefer.

Best of all, the cargo seat cover will fit any bench seat because the clips and buckles are easily adjustable. So, you’ll be able to stretch it out easily to fit the dimensions of your car.

We believe that the BarksBar Luxury Pet Cargo is great for dogs of any size. It features buckle straps around the headrest that you can adjust for a perfect fit. You can easily remove the cover by taking off the straps and the cover from the cargo area.


  • BarksBar’s luxury cargo cover features a heavy-duty waterproof layer and a built-in bumper flap, both of which are intended to protect the interior of the vehicle from dog fur, dirt, spills, and scratches.
  • This dog cargo cover can be conveniently maintained by machine washing, and the color-fast material used in producing the liner ensures that it doesn’t lose color from constant washing.
  • This SUV cargo liner comes with built-in headrest straps with quick-release buckles that make it possible for customers to set up and install the liner in their vehicle within a matter of seconds.
  • The non-slip backing of this BarksBar cargo liner prevents the cover from moving around and unsettling a pooch when it is being used.
  • This cargo liner product has reportedly undergone a series of tests to ensure that its buckles and strap won’t get brittle and crack under extended periods of heat and cold.


  • The straps intended to go around the car seat and secure the cover from slipping are usually too short in length to carry out the intended purpose.
  • There are multiple reports of this cargo liner not being fully waterproof, as advertised by the manufacturer.

#4 FrontPet Quilted Dog Cargo Cover For SUV

The FrontPet Quilted Dog Cargo Cover is a fabric rating of 600 denier nylon fabric which increases both its durability and thickness. It features a vinyl backing which improves its water resistance and can fit almost any SUV and other vehicles so you can carry your dog without the fear of them making a mess.

You need a cargo cover without enough space to keep your canine companion satisfied. This 69 x 47 inches cover is large enough to fit virtually any dog and fits in the back of your SUV. Also, it can be adjusted for smaller cargos.

On average, it will take 10 minutes to install the cargo liner. This makes it easier for you to place it on the back of your SUV and remove it later. So, think about getting this cargo liner to ensure that your furry companion will be safe during the trip.

The durable liner protects your car from damage and stains and is padded, so your canine is more comfortable. It also features large pockets to keep toys and other goodies you’ll need for the trip. And it covers the bumper area, making it easy to use without damaging your vehicle bumper.

The FrontPet Quilted Dog Cargo Cover is perfect for drivers who need quick pet protection. It covers the back seat, and side of the vehicle, and it’s long enough to cover the interior of your car. We also like that you can fold it under the storage before closing the back hatch.


  • This canine cargo cover from FrontPet features a premium padded top with GSM Oxford material to provide pooches with a comfortable lying surface.
  • The FrontPet cargo cover is available in three size options – Large, XL, and XXL – to provide a compatible and suitable fit with different vehicle models.
  • This quilted dog cargo cover from FrontPet comes with a silicone anti-slip underside that prevents the liner from moving around and bunching up after installation.
  • This integrated vehicle dog barrier product also comes with a large storage pocket that customers can use to safely keep their dogs’ toys, leashes, treats, food/water bowls, and other accessories that are needed for a comfortable trip.
  • The inclusion of headrest straps, side panel flaps, adhesive Velcro sections, bungee, and suction cup assembly ensures that customers can set up this cargo cover to provide a good fit for their vehicles.


  • There are several reports about this cargo liner’s attachments, especially the suction cups, not staying in place, with the cover constantly falling down as a result.
  • Some customers have also expressed difficulties in getting dog hair off this quilted cargo cover.

#5 F-color SUV Cargo Liner For Dogs

We recommend the F-color SUV Cargo Liner for Dogs for minivans and full-sized cars. It’s 91” x 55” wide, covering the entire cargo area of your car. In fact, you’ll have some extra space to be used as a car bumper.

For mid-sized SUVs and smaller-sized cars, you can either fold down the sides or place it in the middle for added protection. In fact, it has an anti-slip rubber backing placed on the bottom. This is great for large dog breeds and prevents them from falling off if you hit a road bump while driving.

One of the most common issues you’ll see with dog cargo liners is that active dogs can unfasten the straps that keep them secure on the sides. This one is extremely difficult to unfasten due to the heavy-duty straps that secure it to your headrest.

If you’re concerned about your pooch’s car safety, get the F-color SUV Cargo Liner. It’s foldable, so you can adjust it to fit smaller vehicles as well. With its added durability and enhanced stitching, it protects your car from scratches, bites, and other forms of damage to your vehicle.

This cargo liner has a multipurpose car cover for your car’s cargo area that’s suitable for all sorts of cars such as station wagons, minivans, sedans, and other forms of vehicles. It’s machine washable, meaning that you can clean it within 15 minutes of maintenance.


  • The inclusion of 4 quilted waterproof layers in the F-color cargo liner makes this product effective at protecting a vehicle’s interiors from mud, water, spills, and dog dander, among others.
  • The F-color cargo liner features straps that have quick-release buckles to make installation and removal of the cover relatively easy for customers.
  • The seat anchors and adjustable strong buckles that come with this SUV cargo liner ensure that the cover remains in place after installation.
  • Customers can maintain this SUV cover by wiping or vacuuming, with the color-fast material used in producing the liner ensuring that there will be no fading due to color bleeding.
  • This SUV cargo liner product comes with an extra-large, texturized 45 x 54-inch anti-slip rubber net backing that provides extra stability and prevents the cover from being displaced due to a dog’s movements.


  • Several customers have reported that this SUV cargo liner came with an unpleasant smell, rendering it somewhat unfit for use if the smell becomes overwhelming for dogs.
  • The absence of tie-downs at strategic positions results in this cargo liner flapping around when driving with the vehicle windows open.

#6 Bulldogology Premium Cargo Liner For Dogs

Next on our list is the Bulldogology Premium Cargo Liner Cover. It has adjustable straps to help ensure that the cover stays in place in your SUV. Additionally, it is built with water-resistant materials to keep your dog in place.

This universal cargo liner measures 55 x 82 inches. The cargo liner is designed to be installed and removed within 30 seconds. With its non-slip silicon backing and adjustable straps, the cover will remain stable when you’re traveling. Each feature was made for added versatility and ease of use.

Bulldogology created this SUV cargo liner with a modern look to match your car’s interior. The padded material provides safe rides and better protection. Thanks to its durability, it’s designed for long-term use – perfect for any dog parent.

To summarize, Bulldogology is great for owners who want a clean and stain-free car. It has bumper flaps for increased protection. It prevents bathroom accidents or spilled liquids from absorbing and staining your seats.


  • This premium cargo liner product features waterproof layers that are intended to prevent spilled liquids from staining and absorbing into vehicle seats and the interior.
  • The inclusion of non-slip silicone backing, buckles, and side flaps helps keep this cargo liner firmly in place after it has been installed in the vehicle.
  • This Bulldogology cargo liner comes with headrest straps that can be fully adjusted to provide a better, secure fit in vehicles.
  • Customers can conveniently wipe this SUV cargo cover clean with a damp cloth or throw the entire liner into a washing machine for convenient cleaning.
  • The Color-Fast layers of this cargo liner product can withstand damage from high temperatures, hence preventing color bleeding and the subsequent staining of vehicle seats.


  • This cargo liner for dogs doesn’t effectively cover and protect the sides of certain vehicle models.
  • The slick and slippery surface of this Bulldogology cargo liner usually results in dogs falling and sliding around.

#7 Plush Paws Waterproof Cargo Liner

The Plush Paws Waterproof Cargo Liner is known for its durable cover. Its thick padding is climate tolerant and can resist extreme temperatures. Also, it’s chemical free – As it has no AZO dyes or heavy metals such as lead, mercury, or arsenic.

Covered with several layers of robust materials ensures that the cargo area is protected from sharp edges, paws, or when you’re hauling heavy items with your canine. There is a 20″ bumper flap that protects the bumper from dogs, cargo, and children. Attention and care are paid in detail of the large cover line for your pets and their accessories. 

And the cargo liner features a 60/40 slit armrest. The armrest has durable YKK zippers for better access. Scratch proof and waterproof pet trunk liner with a silicone nonslip make your dogs feel safe and comfortable because they don’t slip and slide in your car.

You’ll like the Plush Paws Waterproof Cargo Liner due to its functionality. It features two extra belts and straps in case you have multiple dogs in the vehicle. So consider getting this cargo liner if you want your canine companions to stay calm while driving a car.


  • The zippered opening that comes with this Plush Paws cover provides dogs easy access to the center console and pass-through, even after the cargo liner has been installed.
  • The class A 6000D cotton-polyester Oxford material used to manufacture this SUV cargo liner is infused with polyurethane leather to produce a surface that is soft and comfortable for dogs to lay on.
  • The non-slip silicone backing and heavy-duty nylon headrest buckles that come with this cargo liner helps to keep the cover firmly in place and reduce folding after installation.
  • The Plush Paws cargo liner is easy to maintain and can be cleaned by wiping, machine washing, or rinsing off with a hose to get rid of bigger messes.
  • Plush Paws’ cargo liner product is available in two size options – Regular and Extra-Large – to ensure compatibility with a wide range of vehicle models.


  • Customers claim that the quality of this SUV cargo liner tends to depreciate after it has been washed a couple of times.
  • Customer feedback also suggests that this cargo liner may not be completely waterproof as advertised by the manufacturer.

#8 iBuddy Waterproof Dog SUV Cargo Liner

You’ll like the iBuddy Dog SUV Cargo Liner because of its enhanced safety. With simple openings for safety belts, the car seat cover has an anti-slide bottom. It uses heavy-duty Oxford and triple-layer padding for a comfortable and luxurious journey.

The car seat measures 54 x 58 inches in length. And it’s good for most vehicles such as SUVs and trucks. It’s good for both small and large dog breeds.

The waterproof mesh material is another standout feature. The mesh doesn’t only just cool the back; it gives your dog a window so they can look around during the ride. This is ideal if your dog has anxiety issues and you want to keep them relaxed on your trip.

The iBuddy Waterproof Dog SUV Cargo Liner is perfect for your dog because it’s designed to consider their comfort and safety. The seat belt opening anchors all reassure the dog owner that your pup is safe when they are cradled in the iBuddy.


  • The iBuddy cargo liner comes with an extra-large non-slip bottom that promotes stability and prevents the cover from sliding around, which may result in pooches falling and injuring themselves.
  • The inclusion of a quick-release clip in this cargo liner’s design makes it possible for customers to install and remove the cover from their vehicles within a few minutes.
  • The mesh window located on this cargo liner provides an avenue for air to flow into the back of the vehicle from the front and keep pooches contained in the trunk well-ventilated.
  • Apart from ensuring healthy ventilation, the mesh window that comes with this cargo liner also doubles as a visual window that makes it possible for pooches to keep an eye on their humans in the driver seat and prevent anxiety or stress.
  • The 3-layer waterproof design of this SUV cargo liner provides enhanced protection for a vehicle’s interior from damage by leaks, dirt, and moisture.


  • Some customers have reported that their pooches found it difficult to get traction on this cargo liner, which resulted in the dogs sliding and falling anytime they made attempts to stand.
  • The cargo liner’s headrest straps are usually too long and difficult to adjust down to provide a proper fit on a vehicle’s headrests.

#9 We Love Animals Dog SUV Cargo Liner

The We Love Animals Dog Car Seat is a pet-proof protection cargo liner. It features a 20-inch bumper flap that protects the bumper from claw marks as your dogs jump in and out of the car. Thus, making it easier to clean your car once you’re done traveling.

With its quick installation, you won’t have a problem placing it in your vehicle. Simply loop the adjustable straps with the snap buckles beside the hand rest, which leaves the side flaps open. And it has a non-woven carry bag that helps you store your canine cargo liner and keep it organized in your vehicle.

The We Love Animals Dog SUV Cargo Liner is perfect for small dogs. Not only does it have a 600D Oxford fabric material, but also requires little effort to clean up. Think about this cargo liner the next time your dog shifts uncomfortably in your car.


  • The triple-layered 600D oxford fabric construction of this SUV cargo liner, which features an upper, waterproof PU layer, offers protection against dirt, dander, spills, and dust.
  • In addition to being waterproof, the fabric used for this cargo liner is color-fast, thus ensuring that vehicle upholstery isn’t stained and damaged by color bleeding.
  • This canine cargo liner features a non-slip backing with seat anchors to eliminate unnecessary movements and keep the cover firmly in place after installation.
  • The inclusion of a handy 11” x 11” storage pocket on this cargo liner provides a convenient method for canine parents to store their dogs’ toys, treats, leashes, and other accessories.
  • This SUV cargo liner comes with a bottom flap that protects a vehicle’s bumper from being stained by muddy canine paws.


  • There are claims that the surface material of this cargo liner retains dog hair and that it is difficult to get rid of hair stuck in the cover.
  • The surface of this cargo liner is reportedly slippery and doesn’t offer enough traction for dogs to stand firmly.

#10 Kululu Heavy Duty Dog SUV Cargo Liner

Next up, is the Kululu Heavy Duty Dog SUV Cargo Liner, it consists of extra straps to keep the seat cover its correct and proper position. With these extra straps, your dog can jump and play without any issues with bunching or cover sliding.

Unlike competing devices, the Kululu design has its own seat belt. This ensures that the dog is secure and comfortable and doesn’t have to interfere with seatbelts which can be uncomfortable for your canine friend.

The Kululu Dog Car Seat Cover is a must for dog owners. It’s designed with wind resistant and waterproof materials which maintain the safety of your car seats. With its clear window design, your pooch can see through the mesh window as it circulates throughout the vehicle.


  • The Kululu cargo liner features a non-slip bottom layer that prevents the cover from bunching up after it has been installed in a vehicle.
  • This SUV cargo liner from Kululu features a patented mesh window design that improves ventilation and also makes it possible for a pooch to keep an eye on what is happening in front of the vehicle, thereby preventing anxiety.
  • The 600D Oxford material used to produce this cargo liner makes it easy to maintain, and customers can clean the SUV cover by vacuuming, wiping with a damp cloth, hosing down, or machine washing, as desired.
  • Snap buckles that go around a vehicle’s headrest help to prevent this cargo liner from falling over after it has been set up in the vehicle.
  • This SUV cargo liner product comes with a lifetime warranty that covers product defects that are the manufacturer’s fault.


  • Several customers have bemoaned the quality of this SUV cover product, with there being multiple reports about the backing of the cargo liner being too flimsy.
  • Some customers also claim that the smooth surface of the Kululu cargo liner causes their pooches to slip and slide around a lot.

#11 CCJK SUV Cargo Cover & Liner For Dog

The CCJK Pet Cargo Cover & Liner is designed to protect your car from water, scratches, hair or mud, etc. It’s made for small/medium/large SUVs, trucks, or minivans such as a Ford Escape, Honda, Toyota, and more. While it’s foldable to adjust the size to fit your car, we suggest that you measure the dimensions of your vehicle first.

In fact, its non-slip surface prevents your dog from falling each time that you apply the brakes. Also, it has a non-slip backseat with a large area underside grip to prevent the sleep cover from sliding around. Thus, giving it a blend of durability and functionality needed to keep your four-legged companion safe.

Overall, the CCJK Pet Cargo Cover & Liner For Dogs is a great source of pet protection. It has a mesh visual window which helps reduce your dog’s anxiety when they look through it. Thus, making it a good choice if you want a stable and happy dog throughout the trip.


  • The heavy-duty and waterproof oxford fabric used to manufacture this cargo cover can effectively protect vehicle upholstery from dirt, scratches, hair, and fur.
  • This cargo liner features a built-in non-slip backing, headrest straps, and a large underside area grip that help to prevent the seat cover from sliding around after installation.
  • CCJK’s cargo cover features buckle straps that can be snapped around a vehicle’s headrest to provide convenient installation for customers.
  • This SUV cargo cover product includes mesh windows that improve ventilation and ensure that dogs have access to fresh air while located in the back of the vehicle.
  • The CCJK cargo cover is machine washable and can also be vacuum cleaned, thereby making maintenance easy for dog parents.


  • The surface of this cargo liner is slippery, and this makes it difficult for some pooches to hold their positions when the vehicle is in motion.
  • Several negative feedbacks about the CCJK cargo cover not doing enough to prevent moisture from seeping through and getting to vehicle upholstery.

Dog SUV Cargo Liner Buyer’s Guide

Do you have a dog? If so, then you know what it’s like to worry about your car seats getting dirty or ruined. A lot of times we’re not thinking about how our dogs are going to make the inside of our cars filthy. Dog SUV cargo liners are perfect for pet owners who would like to protect their vehicles from any messes that Fido might cause.

Dog SUV cargo liners can be found in many different colors and patterns, which is great because they look nice and clean up easily. They also come with a variety of prices, so there’s something for everyone.

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Why Should I Use A Cargo Liner?

You’ve probably seen these rubber lines or rugs in the back of different vehicles. Why do so many drivers use these mats? These heavy-duty rubber (or PU) mats not only protect your vehicle’s interior from pet hair and dirt but also serve as an extra barrier of protection against spills and other messes that can happen while driving.

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Protects Your Dog & Cargo

By laying down a Cargo Mat, you can add softness and padding to your SUV floor or trunk, making it safer for your pet pooch. Some models have Cargo-Locks which can attach anywhere on the carpet, acting as a barrier to keep your dog securely in place.

It also provides a safe zone for your dog during car rides. The enclosed cargo area transformed by the SUV cargo liner helps to make your furry friend feel less anxious.

Covers Up Damage (Dog Scratch Marks)

When driving your vehicle for more than 2 months, it starts to appear dirty over time. Perhaps your trunk or cargo area is torn up and stained from years of abuse and constant usage. Trunk liners and Cargo Liners can easily hide your stained carpet.

With a dog cargo liner, you protect your car from further problems and refresh your interior.

Stain Protection

No matter what’s being carried in your car, whether its supplies, your dog, or groceries, your SUV cargo area will have a lot of activity. As a result, your carpet will get ruined over time due to the increased activity.

Muddy paws, sharp tools, and dirt can tear, stain, and potentially destroy your stock carpeting. This compromises your vehicle’s appearance and lowers its value.

With a cargo liner, you can protect your carpet from tears and stains. Even if you’re hauling large cargo, the stock carpet on your cargo area or trunk will look clean – and when you decide to sell the car, you won’t have to waste time cleaning it out.

It’s definitely more expensive to reupholstery your leather seats as compared to swapping out a new SUV cargo liner.

Cargo Liner Styles

Trunk Liners and Cargo Mats come in two different styles with their own specific benefits. Let’s look at how they can protect your SUVs.

Carpet Cargo Mats

If you’re looking to protect your floor while maintaining a stock look and a softer feel, get a Carpet Cargo Liner. They are made from a poly blend or high-quality nylon carpet that’s treated to resist spills and stains. Keep your leather seats clean from your dog’s drool!

All-Weather Cargo Liners

Greasy tools, muddy shoes, and coolers filled with ice can’t match the water resistance of weather cargo liners. They are made out of rubber and plastic, making them resistant to virtually anything.

Plus, they can be adjusted to take the shape of the car’s total floor coverage and have a precise fit. Since they are molded from plastic, they can be cleaned free from your dog’s furs within minutes. Simply take a vacuum cleaner and suck those dog hairs out from your cargo liner.

Take the cargo liner out of your car, hose them off and then reinstall it once it’s completely dry.

Selecting the Best Dog SUV Cargo Liner For Your Needs

Since the market has hundreds of different SUV cargo liners made for dogs, it can be difficult to select the right one at first. So how can you find one that supports your needs?

Interior Style

Your car is an extension of your personality, so you need to think of the look you want your SUV cargo area or trunk to have. Also, they are available in an assortment of colors, making it easier to either choose a color that perfectly matches the interior or get a bold color to help it stand out.

Your Dog’s Size

Determine what breed of dog are you carrying in your vehicle. Are you carrying a more active dog breed? Then you might need an all-weather cargo leather that will protect your vehicle from stains, scuffs, and mud.

But if your dog is of a less active breed, you can opt for a carpet cargo mat instead.


As always, the price is an important aspect of getting a dog SUV cargo liner. Don’t break your budget for unnecessary features and don’t pay for a cheap one either. Create a balance between the two and be aware that cheap covers are priced that way for a reason.

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Final Thoughts

Ultimately, we believe that the 4Knines SUV Cargo Liner is the best choice for traveling dogs. It’s designed to reduce motion sickness, scratches and other forms of damage from your vehicle. If you’re in a hurry and need a good cargo liner, then don’t forget about this product.

Do you have any additional questions about getting a dog cargo liner?

Tell us in the comments below.

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