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Best Melatonin For Dogs

The best melatonin for dogs is K9 Select Melatonin Beef Chewable.

Sometimes, our furry little buddies need a little help with their melatonin production. Whether it is excess anxiety, trouble sleeping or even conditions like alopecia, these supplements go a long way towards making life easier for your pooch. Here are 6 awesome brands when it comes to the best melatonin for dogs.

Budget Conscious Pick

NaturVet Quiet Moments Calming Aid For Dogs

Our Top Pick

K9 Select Melatonin Beef Chewable

Readers Pick

Nutrition Strength Melatonin For Dogs

01 K9 Select Melatonin Beef Chewable

Top on our list is the K9 Select Melatonin Beef Chewable. As its name implies, the supplements come in the form of chewable tablets. This makes it very easy to administer to the pooch as you can very easily just throw it into their food bowl during meal times.

The best part is that it features a palatable roast beef flavor. This makes it ideal for use with dogs that are picky eaters. The last thing you want is for them to spit out their food because something doesn’t taste right. Moreover, with this option, you don’t have to worry because it tastes just like most dog foods.

In addition to the dose of melatonin that your pooch gets, the supplement has antioxidant effects. These come in handy when it comes to boosting the little one’s immune system. That way, they not only have great mental health but also physical wellness.

  • This is easily the best pick when it comes to melatonin for dogs. It is not only easy for the pooch to consume but also contains a decent dose of the good stuff to deal with anything whether it is stress, phobias or even trouble sleeping. It also doesn’t hurt that the stuff tastes awesome for the dog.

02 NaturVet Quiet Moments Calming Aid For Dogs

What makes this alternative unique is the numerous supplements your dog gets to enjoy. In addition to the melatonin, the NaturVet Quiet Moments Calming Aid for Dogs also includes Thiamine and L-tryptophan. These three are useful in calming the dog down and helping to stabilize the circadian rhythm for better sleep patterns.

The supplement also contains ginger. In addition to giving the chewable a nice and fresh flavor, it helps with easing sensitive stomachs. It is particularly useful for use on long trips with the dog. Thus, the first 3 ingredients keep the pooch calm while the ginger takes care of the queasiness from the motion sickness.

The melatonin chewables from NaturVet also stand out from other options with their wheat-free formulation. This will come in handy if you are shopping for a dog on a wheat-free diet whether it is for weight loss or due to gluten insensitivity.

  • With its formulation and multiple supplements, this is easily one of the best melatonin options for traveling with dogs. It will keep them calm and comfortable whether it is a road trip or a plane ride. The best part is that it is incredibly affordable which makes it even more worth it.

03 Nutrition Strength Melatonin For Dogs

This alternative is unique first and foremost because it is one of the few on the market that is human grade. This refers to the quality and overall effectiveness of the hormonal extract. It contains 3 mg of melatonin which is ideal for all sorts of issues from insomnia to anxiety.

The supplements also stand out with the presence of probiotics in the formulation. These offer the additional benefit of promoting gut function. You would be surprised how much of a difference having no abdominal discomfort will have on your pooch’s mood. The probiotics also promote overall health and wellbeing.

  • This is one of the highest quality options for melatonin supplements for your dog. You can easily serve it up with food or crush and mix it into their water and with the dose you should see the results in no time.

04 Nootie Calming Treats For Dogs

Here you have a product that also has a lot to offer in terms of variety when it comes to useful supplement extracts. These include chamomile, hemp oil, Thiamine and L-tryptophan. All these complement the calming benefits of melatonin for synergistic effects. It is therefore ideal if you want something that packs a punch to deal with serious issues like phobias and major anxiety.

The supplements are in the form of soft chewables. What makes them unique is their kibble size and shape. They also contain bacon flavoring for palatability. Consequently, you can give them as individual treats or as part of the meal for more convenient delivery.

  • This is a fantastic alternative if you want something really strong for the anxiety-relieving benefits of melatonin. These are perfectly complemented by the other anxiolytic agents for a truly calm and happy pooch.

05 Organic Dog Sleep Aid For Dogs With Melatonin

Dr. Oscar’s Sleep Aid is designed specifically for dogs who have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep. What sets it apart is that it is a combination formula with very high levels of melatonin. While other options have melatonin of a little over or under 1mg, this one hits your dog with a 3 mg punch that is sure to give them the much-needed help dealing with insomnia.

They also get to enjoy the benefits of other sleep aid and calming ingredients. These include valerian root, passion extracts, chamomile, and many others. The fact that you get all these plus a high dose of melatonin for your pooch is definitely worth celebrating this option.

  • If you need a stronger dose of melatonin supplement to help your pooch in getting some good quality and quantity sleep, then this is one option you should definitely consider.

06 Zesty Paws Calming Dental Sticks For Dogs

The Zesty Paws offers 2-in-1 functionality for your furry friend to enjoy. It is primarily a dental chew stick that is designed to help combat bad breath and remove tartar and plaque. It features a fresh peppermint flavor in this case which in addition to countering oral odors helps ease gum inflammation.

The sticks are also infused with ingredients meant to help calm your dog down. These include melatonin and suntheanine. Their doses are metered for a calming effect without leaving your dog reduced to a drowsy mess. This means you can use it at any time of the day without interfering with your dog’s activity levels.

  • This is a fantastic pick as far as multiple functionality is concerned and with the versatility you are pretty much guaranteed full value for your money and then some so definitely look into this as an option.

Buyers Guide

Melatonin For Dogs Buyer’s Guide

Melatonin is a hormone that is naturally produced in the dog’s brain. We won’t turn this into a science class by going into all that it does- which is actually a whole lot. With melatonin supplements, it is effects like promoting sleep and relieving anxiety that should matter the most to you as the dog owner.

With this in mind, there are specific considerations you need to make in order to ensure that you end up making the very best decision. This information will come in handy when choosing from the several seemingly similar options on the market. That way you know what matters and is valuable and what will not help you with your specific problems. So here is what you need to factor in:

Consider The Melatonin Dosage

Different formulations of melatonin supplements come with different dosages of the hormone. Specialists recommend a dosage of between 2 and 5 mg of the active ingredient as being safe for the dog.

The dosage counts as it determines the effect that the supplement will have. If it is below 2 mg, it will have more of a calming effect on the dog. This makes it fantastic if you are dealing with something like anxiety, restlessness, or phobias.

Dosages of between 3 and 5 mg, on the other hand, will come in handy when dealing with sleeping issues like insomnia and frequent sleep interruption. Higher doses also help with management of medical conditions like Cushing’s and alopecia.

What Form Do The Supplements Come In?

The form in which the supplement comes determines how easy it will be for you to administer it to your dog. There are multiple options in this case including solid oral preparations, drinkable liquids and injectables.

Solid oral preparations like tablets, capsules and chewables are without a doubt the easiest to administer. With chewables in particular, you can give them directly as treats or sneak them into your dog’s food. Hard tablets are also easy to administer using the same tricks or crushing and adding to water.

Injectables, on the other hand, are available for professional use. They are usually the more potent and useful for managing medical conditions. So you might not find these as easily. Even if you did, it is not advisable to have them for at-home use.

The Flavor Profile Matters

With oral preparations whether it is a soft chew kibble or a tablet, the flavor matters a lot. Dogs have very sensitive palates. This means if anything sticks out as unusual they will spit it out thereby missing out on all the wonderful benefits that the melatonin supplement has to offer.

It is therefore crucial here to find something that your dog will really enjoy. It could be anything from meat flavoring as with our top pick to flavorful ingredients like ginger or peppermint. Whatever the case, the point is to ensure that the dog is excited for the supplement as a treat which makes administering it a lot easier for you.

Factor In Your Desired Effects

Think about what exactly it is you need help with when it comes to choosing the right melatonin supplement for you. If you want help dealing with your dog’s anxiety, you should settle for formulas that are specially designed to offer calming effects. In this case, drowsiness would be an undesired side effect so check on the melatonin dosage. You could also go for something with additional ingredients that help with promoting sleep.

If, on the other hand, you want something that will help put your dog to sleep, it is best to work with formulas that are specifically designed for this purpose. Calming supplements will not work as well and those used for medical conditions like alopecia might be too strong. So go for something that hits that sweet middle spot and your dog should be enjoying an effortless snooze cycle in no time.

Melatonin-Only VS Combination Formulas

Melatonin-only formulas, as the name suggests, have only melatonin as the key active ingredient. These are ideal for dealing with sleeping troubles. However, they are not as versatile if you are looking for something to offer your dog multiple benefits.

Combination formulas on the other hand include multiple ingredients sharing the active substance spotlight. Some of the most commonly-used extracts include hemp oil, chamomile, Thiamine and L-tryptophan. These have a calming effect which boosts the anxiety-relief effects of melatonin. They are perfect for both calming and sleep aid formulations.

Are The Ingredients Pet Friendly?

With oral preparations like chewables, there is the active ingredient and what are considered fillers. These are what give the supplement bulk and carry the melatonin for easy consumption. It is important while making your choice of what brand to settle for that you factor in the ingredients used for the filler. 

These are usually things like grains, heavy starches like potatoes or even peas. Whatever the case, you have to make sure that you do not compromise on your dog’s overall health by exposing them to harmful ingredients like artificial flavors and colors. In case your dog is allergic to gluten then you will never go wrong with the grain-free varieties.


Melatonin could change your life and experience as a dog owner in more ways than you can imagine. It could help your dog deal with their fear of thunderstorms or the noisy street. It could make travelling with them less of a hassle. And most importantly, it might be the solution you have been looking for to deal with conditions like insomnia and alopecia.

Whatever the case, you have 6 fantastic alternatives to look into. Our number one pick - K9 Select Melatonin Beef Chewable - is ideal for most of these needs and with its tasty formulation is something your pooch will enjoy in more ways than one. So start there as you set off on your now well-informed journey to finding the perfect melatonin supplement for your doggy. 

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