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Best Outdoor Dog Baths

The best outdoor dog bath is Flying Pig Pet Portable Dog Bath Tub.

Dogs have a love-hate relationship with dog baths and it is your job as the pet owner to get them on board with the process. One way to do this is using the best outdoor dog baths, where everything from the blue skies to the beautiful greenery distracts them from their fussing. In this case, here are 7 of the best options on the market for you to look into.

Budget Conscious Pick

Fuloon PVC Pet Swimming Pool

Our Top Pick

Flying Pig Pet Portable Dog Bath Tub

Readers Pick

Booster Bath Elevated Pet Bath

01 Flying Pig Pet Portable Dog Bath Tub

A deep basin is a great thing to have when it comes to outdoor dog baths. While spilling is not always an issue especially on bare earth, no one wants their yard turned into a marshy mess after all the splashing about. At 24 inches length, 12 inches width and 11.5 inches depth, our top pick offers you the benefit of having a roomy bath for your playful small and medium dog. 

Another functionality feature for you to look forward to is the convenient 360 degrees access offered by the elevated stainless steel stand design. With this construction, you can move around as your dog moves around in the tub for easy and stress-free cleaning. 

One awesome standout feature you have to look forward to is the leveler. Sometimes outdoor spaces are not cooperative and you may not always find a perfectly flat surface on which to set up the dog bath. With this leveler, you can adjust the stand keeping the basin stable in such circumstances. The anti-skid rubber reinforcement on the feet further contributes to this stability ensuring your dog is safe even if they choose to play around during bath time. 

  • It truly seems that the designers thought of everything with this dog bath ensuring a hassle-free bath time for both you and your dog. It is spacious and ergonomically built for the dogs comfort while you get to enjoy the convenience of all-rounded access, portability and stability.

02 Fuloon PVC Pet Swimming Pool

One way to get your dog on board with bath time as something fun is by turning it into a pool which is exactly what you have to look forward to with this dog bath. The best part is that you or your children could hop in there with the pooch for a truly good time as it can double up as a small above-ground pool. 

Pools are fun and all but with all that space and excitement, aren’t slip accidents inevitable? Glad you asked. This alternative comes with a non-slip inner lining design. You therefore do not have to worry about anyone including your dog getting hurt while in the pool bath. 

The best part is that you do not just have to wait to get home to enjoy the pet pool. If you are planning on taking a fun trip whether it is a picnic or a hike, you can simply tag it along and give your doggie something to look forward to after all the activities. It is easily foldable into a small compact package making portability an absolute breeze. 

  • If you have the space for it in your yard and would like to make bath time more fun for your dog then this is a dog bath with a lot to offer you. In addition to the versatility in terms of how much fun you can have, it also offers convenience both in terms of use and portability. In a nutshell, all its perks makes this dog bath more than worth its price.

03 Booster Bath Elevated Pet Bath

Safety should always be a priority for you whether it is an indoor or outdoor dog bath. With this option, there are several measures in place to ensure that bath time does not end up being a disaster. One is the inbuilt safety harness with a collar. You can use this to keep your excited dog restrained until you are done cleaning them up. There is also a non-slip mat on the base of the basin to help further protect the pooch from injuries during bath time. 

Setting up this outdoor is also going to be super easy for you quick-snap legs. These will come in particularly handy if you want something you can easily move around for indoor-outdoor use or for packing during adventure trips with your dog. 

  • Safety is clearly a priority with the Booster Bath Elevated Dog Bath and you could consider it as an alternative to younger and more angsty, accident-prone dogs.

04 Pet Wash Dog Bath Enclosure

The Pet Wash Enclosure is more of a portable shower than a typical outdoor dog bath. It even comes with its own 6 in-built jets for soaking and a shower wand that is ideal for rinsing off. All you have to do is to hook up the shower to a water source and you can give your dog a nice clean anywhere. This versatility means you can use it not only in your backyard but also away from home including parks as long as you have access to running water. 

Like an ordinary shower, the Pet Wash Enclosure is built higher than most typical baths with a depth of 29.25”. The design makes it a fantastic pick for dogs that just will not sit still or that tend to try and escape bath time as they have less space to work with. 

  • With its depth, this pick would be ideal for small dogs especially if they are particularly overplayful during bath time as you have better control over them.

05 Flying Pig Pet Dog Bath Tub

One of the best things about this model is that you do not have to keep putting it away after use. It is built for weather resilience with the UV resistant plastic and the corrosion resistant stainless steel stands. What does this mean for you? No more extra work of taking it out of storage and putting it back indoors after every bath. You can just find a nice permanent spot for it and you won’t have to worry about issues like fading or rusting. 

If at all you must store it away whether for travelling or for your own peace of mind, this dog bath is designed to make this incredibly convenient. It features easy snap-op, no-tool assembly for quick and easy putting together and taking apart. This design also minimizes the amount of storage space needed so it should fit in that garage nook or the trunk of your car. 

  • The Flying Pig Pet Bath Tab in royal blue is comparable to our top pick in many ways and is definitely worth looking into as an option for small and medium sized dogs.

06 Pet Gear Blue Pup-Tub

If you are shopping for a puppy then this is a wonderful alternative to look into especially for safety features. It comes within-built tethers that are meant to help keep the dog restrained and steady. It is also more convenient for you as you can easily wash them without having to keep chasing the little one around the tub trying to get them to sit still. 

Another excellent safety feature that your pup gets to enjoy is the anti-slipping rubber bottom. Considering how soapy and slippery bath time can get, this is definitely a feature worth celebrating as it helps to minimize the incidences of slip-related bath time injuries. 

  • This is a nice and simple choice if you are shopping for puppies with its convenient dimensions, translucency and the safety features to minimize the drama during bath time.

07 Scrub A Dub Dog Bath System

This is one for the big boys and stands out from other outdoor baths with its single open end. The design is meant to allow safe climbing onto and off the tub for bigger and more independent dogs. It is also a superb pick for dogs that do not enjoy getting restrained as they get to relax by simply seeing a way out. 

HPDE is the material of choice with this heavy duty and durable outdoor tub. The material has a lot of benefits in store for the pooch including being toxin free and resistant to scratching and chewing so they can go wild during bath time without causing too much damage. You also have a lot to benefit from the use of this material as it makes the tab weather resistant so you can just leave it outdoors on a full time basis. 

  • Our final alternative is fantastic for large dogs especially if you trust your furry buddy enough to let them get on and off on their own. You would be surprised how much easier bath time will be with this little amount of freedom offered.

Buyers Guide

Outdoor Dog Baths Buyer’s Guide

When shopping for outdoor baths, you will come across all sorts of features and design specifications. Which ones matter? Which ones are just fun bonuses to have? Here are some answers to help make your shopping experience a little easier and more straightforward.

Where do you plan on storing it?

If you are planning on leaving it outside most of the time or even full time, you will need something that is weather-resistant and generally durable. In this case, go for high quality tub materials like HPDE, PVC and similar alternatives. The frame should also be up to the task in which case you can never really go wrong with corrosion-resistant options. 

If, on the other hand, you are planning on storing the dog bath indoors, what matters most is the portability and ease of assembly if you need to take it apart for storage. Just get something that you are willing to set up and take down with every bath and that will not take up too much space. 

Your dog’s safety

More often than not, outdoor dog baths are elevated. This adds a unique aspect of danger compared to normal indoor baths and showers. It is therefore absolutely important to go for a tub that comes with safety features. The most common of these are anti-slip mats and inbuilt harnesses or leash hooks. 

However, simply getting something with a deep basin and a sturdy frame could be more than enough. The depth ensures that there is no risk of the dog jumping out and getting hurt while the steady base keeps the whole setup solid even when the dog is being a little difficult. 

Water source

With outdoor baths, you have 2 water source options. You could use a hose with the dog bath as a reservoir and drain. This is usually the easier and more convenient option that works with pretty much all bath designs. It also allows you to set up pretty much anywhere on your outdoor space as long as it is within the range of your hose’s length. 

Your second option is getting a dog bath that allows faucet attachment and comes with its own shower heads. This, though fancy, is not always the most convenient option as you have to set your bath up close to the water source. However, if you already have a designated outdoor wash space this option of outdoor showers will definitely help make bath times a lot more convenient. 

Storage of cleaning accessories

Remember that your outdoor bath does not come with the convenience of indoor shower spaces including bathing tool nooks and hooks. You therefore need to prioritize getting accessory storage spaces on your outdoor dog bath. This could be in the form of a tray, shelves or even hollow nooks where you can place things like soap, brushes, shampoo bottles during the bath. 


All factors considered, our top pick definitely hits the mark with everything from convenience and safety to high quality construction and durability. Whether you are using it out in the wild on your adventures together or simply in your backyard, you can rest assured that you will be getting full value for your money and then some. 

Therefore, if all the options on the market had you stumped on your shopping expedition, you now have a great place to start your search. And the best part is that you know what is important so you will be able to make an informed decision. 

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