Best Outdoor Dog Houses

Whether you have just one dog or a whole pack, it is a known fact that dogs love the great outdoors. They love chasing, playing in the grass, breathing in the fresh air, and feeling the warmth of the sun on their fur. But staying outdoors comes with its set of risks – extreme weather conditions, predators, and harmful insects can all pose a danger to your beloved pets.

An outdoor dog house provides a safe space for your dog to huddle inside during bad weather or when it needs rest from a long day outdoors. That’s why it is so important to invest in an outdoor dog house.

When choosing an outdoor dog house, there are various factors to consider, such as size, material, and durability. Let’s dive right into the best outdoor dog houses you can get right now.

#1 Tangkula Wood Dog House

Tangkula Wooden Dog House Outdoor Indoor, Medium Pet Shelter Log Cabin Feeding Station with Opening...
281 Reviews
Tangkula Wooden Dog House Outdoor Indoor, Medium Pet Shelter Log Cabin Feeding Station with Opening...
  • 【🐶Log Cabin Style Design】This classic log cabin style dog house is a fun, rustic addition to your patio, yard, or...
  • 【🐶Weather Resistant】 Main house with roof to protect your pet during adverse weather. The slanted asphalt roof is...
  • 【🐶Adjustable for All Surfaces】The adjustable, extra-high plastic-tipped feet allow you to level the house on...

Our number one pick is the Tangkula Wood Dog House.

This is an extremely sturdy, all-weather outdoor dog house made of solid fir in an attractive, house-style design.

The tan finish with matching asphalt shingles makes for a pretty addition to any backyard or patio.

It comes with detailed instructions and all the hardware that you need for a quick, hassle-free assembly. Weighing 44 lbs when fully assembled, it will stay rock steady, even on windy days.

Measuring 33.5 inches long by 24.5 inches wide by 22.5 inches tall, the large size can easily accommodate dogs up to 33 lbs. And there’s enough room for them to sit, stand and stretch their legs.

A wide entryway allows your pooch to comfortably get in and out of the dog house. The rooftop can be opened up so that you can place your dog inside the house.

This outdoor dog house comes with a raised floor that keeps it warm and dry in the winter and keeps it cool during the summer.

The plastic-tipped feet are adjustable for leveling, thereby allowing you to maintain stability on uneven turf. Floor panels are removable, making it easy to keep the interiors clean.

The Tangkula Wood Dog House is perfect for all weather conditions. It is roomy, easy to clean, and low maintenance. Stays dry and warm during summers. And you can easily layer it with a sleeping bag during winter. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better choice.


  • Made of solid fir wood.
  • Its slanted asphalt roof design allows rainwater to run off to the sides.
  • Its raised floor keeps the dog house warm and dry.
  • Wide entryway for easy access.
  • Spacious interiors.
  • Removable floor panels for quick cleaning.


This product emerges as our top pick because of its aesthetically pleasing outdoor design and its slanted roof feature.

#2 Suncast Outdoor Dog House

Suncast Outdoor Dog House with Door - Water Resistant and Attractive for Small to Large Sized Dogs -...
3,280 Reviews
Suncast Outdoor Dog House with Door - Water Resistant and Attractive for Small to Large Sized Dogs -...
  • OUTDOOR DOG HOUSE: Attractive dog house for pets up to 70 pounds is perfect for your backyard, patio and deck
  • DURABLE: Constructed from heavy-duty resin with a crowned floor to keep your pet safe from all weather elements
  • CONVENIENT: Dog house snaps together with ease, so your pet can enjoy their new home right away

This outdoor dog house from Suncast features capacious interiors that can accommodate pets up to 70 lbs. This means that two or more small pets can easily share the space.

It’s made of a tough, weatherproof resin and features a crowned floor that keeps it as dry as a bone even during torrential rain.

During the summers, intuitively-positioned vents allow airflow, keeping your pet cool.

The roof is removable and you can hose down the interiors to clean any messes. This also gives you easy access to the interiors, if you wish to insulate them under extreme cold weather conditions.

The doorway is 11.75 inches long by 20.5 inches wide, allowing most canine breeds to easily walk in and out of the outdoor dog house.

Suncast’s range of outdoor products uses an easy, snap-together assembly. This dog house is no different. You should be set up in no time at all.

The Suncast outdoor dog house is testimony that the best outdoor dog houses need not always cost an arm and a leg. It is as sturdy as they come, aesthetic, safe, and comfortable. Cannot ask for more at this price point.

The Suncast outdoor dog house is testimony that the best outdoor dog houses need not always cost an arm and a leg. It is as sturdy as they come, aesthetic, safe, and comfortable. Cannot ask for more at this price point.


  • Tough weatherproof resin construction.
  • Its wide doorway allows dogs to enter and exit easily.
  • Capacious interiors for dog breeds weighing up to 70 lbs.
  • Air vents to keep it ventilated.
  • Crowned floor prevents rainwater from seeping inside.
  • Removable roof for cleaning.


#3 Petsfit Outdoor Wooden Dog House

Petsfit Outdoor Wooden Dog House for Small Dogs, Light Grey, Small/33.6' L x 24.7' W x 23' H
331 Reviews
Petsfit Outdoor Wooden Dog House for Small Dogs, Light Grey, Small/33.6" L x 24.7" W x 23" H
  • ✓ SMALL DOG HOUSE: Dog house's sealed protective coating, raised floor, & slanted asphalt roof provide protection from...
  • 【DIMENSIONS】Outer size 33.6"L x 24.7"Wx 23"H, Inner size of living space: 16.2"L x 20.5"W x 18.5"H/16.3"H, Door...
  • ✓ DURABLE: With solid wood & stainless-steel hardware, the outdoor dog shelter is strong & sturdy for long-lasting...

The Petsfit outdoor wooden dog house is a stunner. Measuring 33.6 inches long by 24.7 inches wide by 23 inches tall, it comes with a little doggie porch for pets to rest when it gets too warm inside, and a window that allows them to keep an eye outside.

Also, it keeps the dog house airy and cool during summers.

Made of kiln-dried cedar, this outdoor dog house is perfect for all weather conditions. It can do with a coat of weather sealant, though.

A raised floor ensures that water doesn’t seep inside. And an openable roof makes it easy to insulate during winters.

Floor panels feature slats that allow liquids to drain easily. These are removable too for a quick rinse.

If you have dogs that get restless inside closed or confined spaces, then this outdoor wooden dog house from Petsfit fits the bill perfectly.


  • Natural gray finish with white trims.
  • Comes with a porch and a window.
  • Airy and cool during summers.
  • Its roof can be opened up for easy cleaning.
  • Removable floor panels.


#4 Fit Choice Elevated Dog House

Zooba 2 in 1 Elevated Extra Large Dog House, Weatherproof 600D PVC Dog House with Strong Beam...
1,496 Reviews
Zooba 2 in 1 Elevated Extra Large Dog House, Weatherproof 600D PVC Dog House with Strong Beam...
  • 🦮 LUXURY ELEVATED DOG HOUSE FOR LARGE DOGS: W/ the most popular size L48.8”xW35.8"xH48.8” for large dogs, Zooba...
  • 🦮 COZY HOME FOR YOUR PET FRIEND: Bring your companion friend home! Zooba dog house is made w/ water-resistant Deluxe...
  • 🦮 STRONG BEDROOM: Your pet friends will definitely enjoy the stay in Zooba elevated dog house! This dog house large...

The Fit Choice dog house is a strong steel frame metal structure, fitted with middle beams, designed to provide housing and support for large dog breeds that weigh up to 178 lbs. The dimensions of this dog house measure 48.8 inches long by 35.8 inches wide by 48.8 inches tall, and this space is sufficient for large pooches to move around without feeling suffocated.

The breathable 600D PVC material used in constructing this dog house is water-resistant, thereby ensuring the pooch is protected from rain, snow, and sunburn. The dog house’s breathable air mesh bottom is not only scratch-resistant but also guarantees that the pooch constantly has access to fresh air.

This dog house also comes with a travel bag, and the lightweight design ensures that users can comfortably transport this product from one place to another. When it comes to carrying out maintenance activities, for better convenience, its design incorporates a 9-inch elevation with four anti-skid feet to keep the structure sturdy.

The elevated dog house from Fit Choice can be self-assembled, with no need for tools or screws, by following the provided easy-to-go instructions. And the product also comes with a 60-day replacement and warranty period.

The Fit Choice elevated dog house provides a convenient means of housing large dog breeds when the need arises. The dog house’s sturdy steel construction can easily hold large dogs and several ventilation designs help ensure that pooches feel comfortable in this dog house.


  • Measures 48.8 inches long by 35.8 inches wide by 48.8 inches tall.
  • Suitable for use with large dogs.
  • Anti-skid feet.
  • Support for weights up to 178 lbs.
  • 1×1 window made of Textilene.
  • Breathable air mesh bottom.
  • Assembly required.
  • 9-inch elevation.


#5 Rockever Wood Dog House

33.4' Wood Dog Houses Outdoor Insulated, Weatherproof Dog Houses Outside with Door Cute Wooden
677 Reviews
33.4" Wood Dog Houses Outdoor Insulated, Weatherproof Dog Houses Outside with Door Cute Wooden
  • 【Recommend for small pets】 Small dogs under 30lbs, cats and other smaller animals. Please check the photo for more...
  • 【 Easy to clean】 It's easy to gain access to the inside by opening the roof and the bottom floor can be removed for...
  • 【Easy to assemble】 With all necessary parts included, the pet house can be easily assembled with pre-drilled holes....

The Rockever wood dog houses come in three different sizes, catering to different canine weight categories, and the size options are listed below:

  • W45” x D31” x H31” for large-sized dogs that weigh below 80 lbs.
  • W40” x D26” x D26” for medium-sized dogs that weigh below 50 lbs.
  • W33.4” x D21.4” x H22.4” for small-sized dogs that weigh below 30 lbs.

Each dog house comes with a window and a doorway with a vinyl door flap for ventilation. When weather conditions are unbearably hot, both the window and the vinyl flap can easily be removed for better airflow.

This product’s raised bottom helps keep pooches warm and dry while protecting the base of the house from decay. The slanted design of the dog house’s roof helps ensure water run-off, as well as protect the pooch against rainfall.

Users can easily open up the roof of this dog house to clean the insides, while the bottom floors can be removed for regular cleaning. The pet house, with pre-drilled holes, is easy to assemble, and the product package also comes with all the tools needed to piece this product together.

The Rockever wood dog house is a worthy purchase for owners of medium-sized pets looking to provide their furry friends with quality outdoor time. The wooden material used in constructing this dog house is a breath of fresh air. The several features designed to ensure proper airflow and protect against harsh weather ensure dogs are comfortable.


  • Wooden construction in light gray color.
  • Elevated bottom.
  • Comes with pre-drilled holes for assembly.
  • Slanted asphalt roof.
  • Available in different sizes.


#6 TRIXIE Natura Classic Outdoor Dog House – Small

TRIXIE Small Natura Classic Outdoor Dog House, Weatherproof Finish, Elevated Floor, Brown
2,262 Reviews
TRIXIE Small Natura Classic Outdoor Dog House, Weatherproof Finish, Elevated Floor, Brown
  • Heavy-duty mineral roofing felt, weatherproof sealer, and plastic cover feet provide ultimate protection for long-term...
  • The hinged roof with a locking arm allows for easy access to clean and organize your dog's home; slanted roof sheds rain...
  • Adjustable rot free plastic cap feet allow your TRIXIE House to be level, even on uneven ground

This small Natura classic outdoor dog house from TRIXIE is made of weatherproof pine in a natural stained finish.

It looks amazing and is also a cinch to assemble. The door is off-centered which gives your pooch a cozy nook to snuggle in.

This wooden dog house features a slanted roof towards the back, that can be lifted upwards for maintenance tasks. A removable roof mat on the roof keeps bird stains at bay. Its floor is removable as well for cleaning, and this makes it very easy to insulate the dog house for winters.

Owing to the height-adjustable feet, the dog house stands elevated from the ground, and its interiors are kept dry in this way.

Measuring 23.75 inches long by 33.5 inches wide by 23 inches tall and weighing 29 lbs, its dimensions are well suited for small dogs weighing up to 45 lbs. There are three other sizes you can choose from, and the largest dog house can fit dogs weighing up to 90 lbs.

The TRIXIE Dog Clubhouse is a great buy at this price point. It might not be as durable as our #1 pick. But with some elbow grease (insulation and weather staining), it should tide through extreme weather conditions with ease.


  • Constructed using weatherproof solid pine.
  • Has a slanted, hinged roof that opens upwards for easy cleaning.
  • Raised off the ground.
  • Removable floor.
  • Easy assembly.


#7 Boomer & George Antique Large Dog House

Ferplast Dog Villa Dog House, Large
820 Reviews
Ferplast Dog Villa Dog House, Large
  • Durable Dog House | Made with anti-shock robust plastic that is waterproof & UV rays resistant | Dog house measures 37.4...
  • Patented Fold-Out Porch | Side panel opens into a porch providing additional living space & ventilation for your dog |...
  • Suitable Ventilation | Large entry-way, fold-out porch along with built-in ventilation & drainage system provides your...

The Ferplast DogVilla kennel features a durable, anti-shock plastic construction that is designed to shield dogs from rainfall and harmful UV rays. This product is typically available in three different sizes that are ideal for medium, and large-sized dogs, and these options are outlined below:

  • L28.74” x W23.23” x H20.87”
  • L34.65” x W28.35” x H25.59”
  • L37.40” x W25.98” x H26.77”

This kennel features a patented fold-out porch that gives dogs additional living space and better ventilation. A plastic grill located behind the Ferplast dog villa guarantees better airflow and ensures that the dog house stays damp at all times.

This DogVilla kennel is easy to assemble, and in the process of assembly, one can place the fold-out door either on the left or right side of the kennel. Additionally, it comes fitted with a drainage system, which comprises a special bottom with drain slots, and this helps dogs stay dry at all times.

Its ease of assembly and durable, lightweight construction are what make the Ferplast DogVilla kennel stand tall among its peers. This product’s emphasis on ventilation ensures that dogs can be comfortable staying in the dog house for as long as necessary and its availability in different sizes caters to different housing needs.


  • Available in three different size options.
  • Durable and weather-resistant plastic construction.
  • Well-thought-out kennel design equipped with a drainage system and ventilation.
  • Has a fold-out porch and a fold-out door.
  • Requires assembly but without tools.


#8 Petsfit Dog House

Petsfit Outdoor Dog House for Small Dog Weatherproof Outdoor Dog Kennel with Adjustable Foot Mat and...
1,747 Reviews
Petsfit Outdoor Dog House for Small Dog Weatherproof Outdoor Dog Kennel with Adjustable Foot Mat and...
  • 【Small Dog House Outdoor Suitable for Small Dog Breeds】Our small dog house measures 33.7” L x22.6” W x23”...
  • 【Durable Construction and Easy Assembly】100% made of Finnish spruce panels, thicker than others. Manufactured with...
  • 【Protective Design and Open-up Roof with High-quality Pneumatic Braces】Log cabin design with a slanted asphalt roof...

Another beautiful and functional dog house from Petsfit.

Measuring 33.7 inches long by 22.6 inches wide by 22 inches tall, this is indeed a very spacious house with enough room for two small dogs. Made of cedar, it features a pleasant natural gray finish with white trims.

Weighing 32 lbs, this dog house can accommodate dog breeds weighing up to 30 lbs. Its raised-floor design keeps the floor from getting wet and there are four plastic feet that allow you to adjust and level the base of the dog house on uneven ground.

The dog house has a heavy-duty slanted asphalt roof that can be lifted upwards for cleaning and laying the bedding. The gas struts are a well-thought-out addition that makes it easy to lift the roof and use both hands for cleaning as you don’t need to hold it.

The floor is removable as well. But there are tiny gaps in the slats that either need to be caulked or sealed to prevent cold drafts in winters. Serves the purpose during summers though.

Hailing from Petsfit, this is a classy-looking pet house well suited for small dogs. It’s roomy, easy to assemble, and easy to clean as well. You can’t really go wrong with this option.


  • Constructed using Cedarwood.
  • Stained with white trims.
  • Raised floor design.
  • Has a roof that opens up for easy cleaning.
  • Removable, slatted floor.


#9 Giantex Plastic Dog House

Giantex Dog House for Medium Dogs, Waterproof Plastic Dog Houses with Air Vents and Elevated Floor,...
1,804 Reviews
Giantex Dog House for Medium Dogs, Waterproof Plastic Dog Houses with Air Vents and Elevated Floor,...
  • 🏠【HOUSE FOR MEDIUM DOGS】 The overall size of the dog house is 33.5'' x 30.5'' x 32''(L x W x H). Entrance size is...
  • 🏠【ELEVATED FLOOR AND WATERPROOF ROOF】The floor is raised 3 inches above the ground to prevent water from...
  • 🏠【OUTDOOR CATS FEEDING STATION】This cat house will also be a protected place to put food and water for feral cats...

The Giantex Plastic Dog House is a lightweight option for dog parents who prefer a portable option.

What’s unique is that this house can be moved freely to a different part of the yard or carried indoors if needed.

It’s completely waterproof and made from tough Polypropylene that is resistant to extreme weather conditions.

An elevated door keeps water out and also offers some degree of protection against snow on the ground. You’d still have to line it with insulation for the winters though.

For the warmer days, there are vents for airflow.

The dog house features an A-frame-styled roof, which allows runoff. It can be detached (not removed) for cleaning.

On a positive note, the entryway is really wide and you can easily hose the interiors without crouching on all fours or having to remove multiple screws to detach the roof.

The Giantex Dog House is a good choice for pet parents looking for a temporary or portable fixture. Don’t let ‘Plastic’ in the description fool you. This is as sturdy as they come.


  • Lightweight house made of tough Polypropylene.
  • Elevated floor design keeps it dry.
  • Detachable roof for cleaning.
  • Wide entryway.
  • Attractive design.


#10 Petmate Precision Extreme Outback Log Cabin Dog House

Petmate Precision Extreme Outback Log Cabin Dog House, Medium
6,272 Reviews
Petmate Precision Extreme Outback Log Cabin Dog House, Medium
  • MEDIUM DOG HOUSE: Cabin dog house's sealed protective coating, raised floor, & slanted asphalt roof provide protection...
  • Dimensions: 45.5" x 26.5" x 27.5"
  • Durable: With solid wood & stainless-steel hardware, the outdoor dog shelter is strong & sturdy for long-lasting...

This log cabin from Precision Pet has a rustic, traditional design that will compliment your yard or patio décor.

It is constructed from solid cedar and coated with a weatherproof sealant. The aroma of fresh cedar is unmissable as you unbox the dog house. But it dissipates in a while, in case you have a fussy pet that refuses to use the dog house.

Assembly is a simple three-step process that does not take more than a few minutes.

The dog house stands on four adjustable feet which elevates it off the ground and keeps it level on bumpy turf. A large off-centered opening allows your pet to walk in and out easily.

Unfortunately, there’s no other way to clean the interiors of the dog house due to the non-removable roof and floor panels. That’s not a deal-breaker though as the opening is wide enough to let you clean the interiors easily.

The Petmate Extreme Log Cabin comes with a 12-month guarantee that makes it a no-brainer choice. If you have any skepticism, rest it aside and give this beautiful outdoor dog house a try.


  • Solid Cedarwood with weather-resistant finish.
  • Stainless steel hardware.
  • Slanted asphalt roof.
  • Raised off the ground.
  • Easy three-step assembly.


#11 Starplast Dog House Kennel

Starplast Large Dog Kennel: 1 Outdoor Plastic Pet House, Weather & Water Resistant, Easy to...
729 Reviews
Starplast Large Dog Kennel: 1 Outdoor Plastic Pet House, Weather & Water Resistant, Easy to...
  • OUTDOOR PROTECTION: The STARPLAST LARGE DOG KENNEL MODEL 50-701 will keep your small to large pet dry and protected...
  • VERSATILE, EASY TO USE: This STURDY LARGE DOG HOUSE looks trendy yet functional with its wide opening for animals...
  • TOP QUALITY AND DURABLE: Made of a superior high-performance UV stabilized polypropylene plastic that is firm and BPA...

The Starplast dog kennel is a durable UV-stabilized polypropylene plastic construction with a rust-proof coating designed to ensure longevity. This kennel measures 33 inches long by 33 inches wide by 32 inches tall when fully assembled and can conveniently accommodate dogs weighing up to 50 lbs.

The Starplast dog house has a single doorway to provide pooches with access to fresh air, and it is also built to keep out rain, sun, snow, and dust. The maintenance of the kennel is pretty straightforward as you start by hosing it down and some detergent before wiping it dry thereafter.

Without the use of tools, the Starplast kennel can be assembled in under five minutes. With a total weight of just 22 lbs, the kennel is best suited to handle small dog breeds and can be easily moved from one place to another.

This Starplast product is ideal for small dog owners looking to give their furry friends outdoor time while protecting against harsh weather conditions. The dog house is super easy to assemble, and durable, sturdy construction ensures that this product won’t deteriorate easily.


  • Constructed from polypropylene plastic material available only in brown.
  • Measures 33 inches long by 33 inches wide by 32 inches tall.
  • Weighs 22 lbs.
  • Can support dog weights of up to 50 lbs.
  • Requires assembly.
  • Single doorway.


Outdoor Dog House Buyer’s Guide

An outdoor dog house can be your dog’s private den that it retires to after a day spent enjoying the sun and the wind.

It should be comfortable and spacious. At the same time, it should also protect them from the vagaries of the weather.

So, you need to consider a few key variables before you narrow down on one.

For those of you that are more adventurous, we have included an amazing modern dog house DIY build in the video below. 

Make Sure That The Outdoor Dog House Fits Your Pet Pooch

It’s not uncommon for manufacturers to label outdoor dog houses according to the size of the dog. For example, suitable for medium-sized canines or small breeds, and so on.

But rather than selecting a dog house based on breed-specific descriptions, it’s always a safer bet to grab a measuring tape and measure your pet the old-fashioned way.

There must be enough room inside the outdoor dog house to allow your pet to lie down (fully stretched), sit, stand, and nest (turn in circles before they lie down).

Measure your pet pooch from the tip of its tail to the tip of the nose. Now measure their height from the top of their head to the bottom of the feet.

Add a few inches to both these measurements to account for the extra room needed for your dog to move about comfortably. If you plan to accessorize the dog house, account for the extra space needed for them.

While checking the size of the outdoor dog house, also check the size of the doorway. Your canine buddy should be able to enter and exit the dog house walking with their head upright (without crouching or crawling).

That’s it. You should have a pretty good idea of what size house will work best for your pet.

Climate – Winter Or Summer

Select a dog house based on the type of climate prevalent in the area. And always anticipate both winters as well as summers.

If you live in an area with warm, tropical weather all year round, select a house that’s airy and cool during the summers and stays dry during the rains, like the Suncast Outdoor dog house. Be sure to let your dogs wear summer shoes whenever you are bringing them for walks! 

If the temperatures get really low or if it snows annually, then select an insulated house like the ASL Solutions Deluxe Insulated Dog Palace.

If you are not looking to spend as much for an insulated outdoor dog house, get the dog indoors during inclement weather.

A lot of pet parents also ‘tweak’ their outdoor dog houses to make them more weather resistant.

For example, a layer of caulking in the gaps between the floor slats will keep cold winds out. A thick layer of straw (not hay) on the floor will be the perfect moisture-resistant insulated bedding.

Placing it on a covered patio offers protection from extreme winds and snow.

Image from Petmate

Material – Cedar, Pine, And Teak

Solid wood is hands down the most popular material for outdoor dog houses.

It can be stained or water-painted to match your home or your patio décor. It is sturdy, reasonably priced, easy to work with, and aesthetically pleasing, just like our top pick, the Tangkula Wood Dog House.

The top choices are cedar, pine, and teak, although a custom teak dog house will cost a pretty penny. Here’s a comprehensive guide on the differences between various wood materials.

Wooden dog houses can last a lifetime. However, they do demand timely upkeep. You must weatherproof it with a sealant from time to time, as well as keep an eye out for signs of rot and mildew.

Wooden dog houses also tend to be more permanent fixtures as compared to plastic dog houses.

Plastic tends to evoke mixed reactions from pet parents. There are some who feel that it’s a flimsy material. That’s far from the truth. Polypropylene that’s typically used to make outdoor dog houses is a very sturdy and resilient material.

It requires less maintenance than wooden dog houses. Not to mention that it’s more cost-effective, like the Giantex Plastic Dog House.

Metal dog houses tend to have sharp edges and often cause injuries that your pet can do without.

Design And Aesthetics

There’s so much more to the design of the outdoor dog house than the shape and the finish.

An off-centered door, for example, allows your canine companion to rest in a corner of the dog house away from wind precipitation during winters. If you live in an area with low temperatures, this is a feature that should top your list of requirements.

One great example to illustrate this is the Natura classic outdoor dog house from TRIXIE pet products. Its slanted roof towards the back or sides directs rainwater and snow away from the entryway and the dog house is more likely to stay dry even during rains.

Tongue-in-groove construction keeps the cold drafts out.

A raised floor will keep the floor warm during winters and prevents the wood from getting wet during rain. As an added bonus, it might also keep crawlies out.

Height adjustable feet will keep the dog house stable on any kind of surface.

Image from Petmate

Overall Build Quality – Always Read Reviews

No matter how good the doggie house looks in pictures, always check the build quality.

If it’s made of wooden panels, are the floor panels thick enough to support the weight of the dog?

If you have a pet that loves to chew, is the doghouse sturdy enough to withstand incessant chewing attempts?

Are there gaps in the panels that can potentially leak during heavy rain? Is the roof sturdy enough to support the snow load?

What about the hardware and joinery used to assemble the dog house?

The longevity of the dog house depends on how well it’s built. And we’ve seen some of the most expensive outdoor dog houses crumble away with just months of use.

Ease Of Maintenance

Last but not least, the dog house must be easy to clean and maintain.

A removable floor allows you to collect any dander, dirt, and fur and dispose of it away from the dog house.

An openable or removable roof will make it easy to clean the interiors and insulate the dog house during winters. If you hate cleaning the dog house with one hand, look for an openable roof with gas struts instead of hinges.

Some barebones outdoor dog house models do not have these features. In this case, ensure that the entryway is wide enough to clean the dog house or change the bedding.

Final Thoughts

To sum this article up, we can’t recommend our top pick enough. If you create a checklist of the important factors that we just mentioned, this outdoor dog house fits every description to the T. Go for it. You surely won’t regret it.

While selecting the best outdoor dog houses, think about them as an investment in the safety and comfort of your pooches.

Do not cut corners, and make an informed decision by taking all these factors into account.

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