Best Service Dog Vests

The best service dog vest is Industrial Puppy Service Dog Harness.

Service dogs are trained specifically to serve or help people with disabilities like blindness or mobility challenges. Living with a disability can be extremely challenging and a service dog can make life much easier.

Most service dogs wear a special vest to show that they’re not just regular pets. This is why they’re allowed to enter places that prohibit regular pets, including airplanes, restaurants, etc.

If you’re on the market for a new vest to fit your service dog, you’ve come to the right place.

We did some digging to bring you a review list of the best service dog vests on the market right now.

The following selection of dog harnesses for service dogs is based on a criterion that includes fit, visibility, and customer reviews.

#1 Industrial Puppy Service Dog Harness

This Industrial Puppy service dog harness is made with your service dog’s comfort in mind. It’s constructed from breathable and fast-drying material, which means your dog can wear it in any weather condition and even in the pool.

It features adjustable straps to ensure a perfect fit whether you’re strapping it in from the waist, chest, or ribcage. The easy-snap parachute is designed to make sure that the harness stays secure no matter how much your service dog moves around.

All you have to do is clip it shut on the belly buckle and you’re good to go!

You’ll be glad to know that this service dog harness also comes with a reflective safety band that’ll keep both of you visible during low light conditions and at night. It also comes with removable patches so you can change them whenever you like.

With its D-ring leash attachment point, this service dog vest pairs well with most dog leashes. It is constructed with durable yet comfortable nylon material.


  • This service dog harness comes in 8 sizes and 5 colors to choose from, with the large option with a girth fitting between 27 to 33.5 inches.
  • This harness is made from heavy-duty, double-stitched nylon for durability and a comfortable mesh lining that keeps your pup cool and snug, as well as a plastic safety buckle.
  • It has removable ’service dog’ patches to let people know that your pup is on duty as well as a handle and metal D-ring that connects to your leash or collar.
  • This harness has a top-mounted handle which lets you easily control your doggie in any emergency situation.
  • The harness is easy to see in low-light conditions as it has reflective straps and very clearly lettered ’service dog’ patches.


  •  The plastic buckle can cut into your pup’s skin and cause discomfort.
  • The strap across the chest tends to move towards the neck and can hurt your doggie’s neck.

We vote this product as the top pick because it is constructed from long-lasting materials to ensure its durability and uses neoprene inner lining for the dog’s comfort; plus, it comes with a well-stiched sturdy handle for improved handling.

#2 Fairwin Service Dog Vest Harness

This is a very comfortable service dog vest harness from Fairwin. It’s made from high-quality and durable nylon. It features a breathable mesh lining with padded back and neck straps for long-term wearing, as well as the “SERVICE DOG” patch to show that your pet is a service dog. This patch is removable so you can always take it out. The dedicated ID tags, D-Ring leashes, and upgraded top-mounted standing handle make this a complete package.

To get the perfect fit for your pooch, measure it accurately by making a full circle around the rib cage while your service dog is standing. You may also check the provided size chart on the Fairwin website. For the best results, always order a size up if you’re unsure about your dog’s size.

There’s a built-in handle at the top of this service vest which makes it much easier for you to control it for training purpose. It also comes with a standard steel D-ring that you can use to attach ID tags and leashes. The duo of reflective Velcro patches improves visibility in low-light conditions and you can swap the removable “service dog” patch for something else if you like.

This service dog vest is made from sturdy nylon material with a breathable inner lining for a cool and comfortable walk.

This is a great, budget-friendly option. It’s comfortable and made from high-quality materials. It has a convenient sponge filling and a breathable inner lining.


  • This dog harness is available in black and blue options and comes in 6 different sizes, with the medium vest fitting 24 to 32-inch chest size and 20 to 26-inch neck size.
  • Made of fast-drying exterior material and an inner mesh lining that offers comfort and breathability for your pup.
  • It has adjustable chest straps with a plastic buckle and neck straps which keep the vest in place when in use.
  • It has a large standing handle at the top for easy control and training of your pup.
  • It has removable ’service dog’ patches with large lettering and reflective stitching for extra visibility.


  • The buckles are made of plastic which means they can easily break after some use.
  • Some doggies can easily get out of their vest if not well strapped in.

#3 Chai’s Choice Service Dog Vest Harness

This super comfy service dog vest harness comes with a unique feature in the form of an elasticated sponge-padded inner fabric. This makes it ideal for your service dog to wear it in all weather conditions and its adjustable straps guarantee a comfortable fit. The straps are adjustable from beneath the vest and on the front to make for the perfect fit.

This Chai‘s Choice vest features a scratch-resistant outer layer, a feature that’ll come in handy when you take your service dog on hikes and walks in the woods. The sturdy handle and D-ring leash hook will make it easier for you to train your pooch or control it.

This dog vest also comes with a large side label with a 3M Scotchlite reflective material with the letters “SERVICE DOG” spelled out. The best part is that you can always remove the labels if you like and replace them with another patch.

For extra visibility in low light conditions, this dog vest comes with reflective 3M Scotchlite stitching and webbing all over. This is also one of only a few service dog vests that come in several colors and sizes.

Available in five different colors and six different sizes, you can’t go wrong with this service dog vest.


  • This vest harness is available in six sizes between X-Small to XX-Large with 8 different colors that you can choose from and was designed by a retired Navy veteran.
  •  It has a scratch-resistant polyester outer layer which is durable and easy to maintain as well as a comfortable sponge padding interior layer.
  • Visibility in low light is taken care of by the reflective removable ’service dog’ patches and reflective 3M Scotchlite piping.
  • It comes with a Zinc Alloy ’D’ Ring that allows pup owners to attach a leash.
  • It has a top handle for easier control as well as a duraflex strap to hold the harness in place.


  • Some parts of the harness cause skin bruises or injuries on some pups.
  • The vest is small on some doggie breeds, which makes it ineffective in some cases.

#4 FAYOGOO Service Dog Vest Harness

The FAYOGOO dog vest harness is designed for comfort and functionality. It is available in vibrant colors that are hard to miss, even without the reflective features. If you like to keep things low-key, you could always opt for the red color which is not as bright as the other color options.

Thanks to the simple clip and release mechanism, it’s super easy to put this on and take it off. You can even adjust the padded straps to ensure a secure fit. Just make sure to adjust them before you put in on because you don’t want to tinker with the vest while your service dog is wearing it.

This dog vest is built from breathable, lightweight material that won’t drag your pet down when you take it for walks. It has an elasticated fit to ensure a comfortable and secure fit regardless of your dog’s size. These features help to prevent chafing and rubbing.

On the side labels of the vest are the words “service dog” in bold font and color, while the front of the vest features a reflective band for even better visibility. These patches are removable so you can replace them with other patches if you like. You can even replace them with labels that represent the specific purpose of your service dog, whether it’s to offer medical or mobility support.

We love the fact that this service dog leash comes with a stainless steel D-ring that you can use to attach your dog’s leash while you’re on the go. Alternatively, you can use the handle located at the back of the vest to control or train your service dog.


  • This service dog harness is suitable for most doggie breeds as it is available in 6 sizes and in 3 colors to choose from.
  • The vest is made of a fast-drying and scratch-resistant exterior as well as a padded mesh inner liner for your doggie’s ultimate comfort.
  • The top of the harness has a control handle as well as a D-ring to attach a leash and ID tag.
  • The vest is secured using a front buckle with a lock design, as well as another plastic buckle near the abdomen.
  • It has 2 large-lettered ’Service dog patches and a strap with reflective safety bands for extra visibility.


  • The straps can choke or injure your furry friend.
  • The buckles can break and pose a risk to your doggie because they are made of plastic.

#5 Bolux Service Dog Harness

The Bolux service dog harness is ideal for active dog owners who enjoy going on outdoor adventures with their pets. It comes with safety reflective straps to make sure your service dog remains highly visible in crowded places and low light conditions.

This rugged harness is designed to withstand different conditions and can be worn outdoors when hiking, running, training, hiking, and even hunting. It also comes with a D-ring for the leash and a sturdy handle so that it’s easier for you to control your service dog in public.

It’s worth mentioning the adjustable straps which you can quickly shift through the snap-on buckle at the front. This enables your service dog to move around freely no matter where you are without feeling constricted, and you’ll be able to use the same harness as your service dog gets older.

The tent might look too fancy but you will be surprised to know that setting it up is very easy. It can make your service dog feel cozy and comfortable and you won’t have to worry about insects or spiders disturbing your pooch. The only downside is that this tent is not waterproof so you may have to carry a separate tarp to keep it protected from the rain.

With a vinyl textured surface, the treat-dispensing toy is lightweight and easy for any pooch to roll and play with.

It is available in various sizes.

As compared to the other treat dispensing toys on this list, the Omega Paw Treat Ball is harder to clean. Hence, it is recommended to use bigger treats instead.

This service dog harness is made from heavy-duty oxford cloth which is waterproof and durable enough to handle different weather conditions. This evenly distributes pressure to prevent pulling and choking so you can always have peace of mind knowing that your service dog is always comfortable.


  • This harness can fit small chests between 17.3 to 22.8 inches along with four other sizes to choose from.
  • Your doggie is more visible thanks to four bright plaid designs that you can choose from, as well as the 3M reflective strap and removable ’service dog’ patches.
  • It is made of a durable nylon exterior with neat stitches and a comfortable soft inner liner.
  • The buckles on the straps have near-frictionless extra padding to protect your doggie from skin irritation.
  • It has a super nylon handle for easier control on your pup, as well as a metal D-ring to attach a leash.


  • The adjustable chest straps may not fit all pups, and this causes the vest to shift.
  • The plaid material on the vest fades after some time, making the vest look old.

#6 GOLDBELL Dog Vest Harness For Service Dogs

GOLDBELL has done very well with this service dog vest harness. It features a soft interior fabric that is comfortable and breathable, while the outside is made from rugged nylon. There’s also a D-ring leash attachment which makes it easy for you to control your service dog while walking.

Other features include two removable patches with the words “SERVICE DOG” emblazoned in bright reflective letters. These patches are removable so you can replace them with another sign if you like.

For added safety, this service dog vest is adjustable at the neck and chest level. Just make sure to measure your service dog correctly before you purchase this vest to make sure that you order the right size. Keep in mind that this service dog harness isn’t suitable for small breed dogs that weigh less than 81 lbs.

This service dog vest is super easy and comfortable to wear thanks to the thoughtful design and construction. The reflective thread throughout the vest is helpful at keeping your dog highly visible in low light conditions.


  • This medium-sized vest fits doggie chests between 24 and 32 inches and necks between 20 and 26 inches.
  • The vest exterior is made of durable nylon material with a color doodle design with a soft padded fabric interior for your doggie’s comfort.
  • The top of the harness has a sturdy built-in handle for easier control, as well as a metallic D-ring to attach a dog tag or leash.
  • It comes with an adjustable neck and chest strap with quick-release security buckles to hold the vest in place.
  • It has a reflective trim on the straps and two reflective ’Service Dog’ patches on either side of the vest for extra visibility.


  • The plastic buckles can deform and snap if extra pressure is exerted on them.
  • Some playful pups are able to wiggle out of the vest, which can be dangerous while out in public.

#7 ALBCORP Service Dog Vest Harness

This is one of the most well-insulated dog vest harnesses for service dogs available. Its thick cushioning is designed to protect service dogs from overheating, especially from walking around during summer and chafing from rough materials and it has a breathable interior for cool and comfy wearing.

This dog vest is available in six different sizes for you to choose from, taking into account the ribcage size and girth of your service dog. Its size range starts from XXS which means it’s suitable for tiny breeds and “toy dogs” while the biggest available size is XL. The ALBCORP vest harness can be adjusted from the neck and chest level to ensure an ideal fit, while the easy-snap clasp makes it easy to put this dog vest on and take it off.

You can attach a leash and keep it in place using the stainless-steel D-ring while the reinforced handle is perfect for controlling your service dog while outdoors. This service dog harness is great for training purposes and it’ll give you confidence when out on walks with your service dog.

This service dog harness is designed for dogs of all sizes, even pups with a girth of 43 inches. It’s well-insulated and easy to put on and take off.


  • The product comes in different sizes with the XS option fitting neck girths, ranging between 16.5 to 20.5 inches wide, and it has a unique design to fit various doggie breeds.
  • Made of tough woven nylon/polyester exterior with comfortable interior padding to prevent chafing or skin irritation.
  • It has an adjustable belly strap with hook and loop panels for securing the harness.
  • It has a sturdily designed handle as well as a metal D-ring where you can attach your doggie’s leash.
  • It has reflective stitching on the harness and two reflective ’service dog’ patches for increased visibility under low light conditions.


  • It may prove to be uncomfortable for some doggies because of its unique design not catering to specific physiques.
  • The buckles can easily break and the straps can also fray after using the vest for some time.

#8 MUMUPET Service Dog Harness

MUMUPET harness is an excellent addition to any service dog, thanks to the no-choke and no-pull vest. It is lined with oxford and sponge pads that distribute the pulling pressure to the entire body to prevent dogs from choking thereby enabling an easy walk.

It features a sturdy nylon handle making it suitable for better control and versatile as you can use the best for work, play, and everyday use. In addition, all straps on the training dog vest are lined with sponge pads and are reflective to allow maximum visibility at night.

The service dog harness is easy to wear thanks to the buckle closure, which is also padded with sponge air mesh to minimize chaffing between the buckles and your dogs.

In addition, the straps are adjustable, meaning they can fit different dog species and sizes, including small, medium, and large dogs. Also, it is available in various colors, including pink, red, purple, black, blue, and grey.

MUMUPET service harness is for any dog owner looking for a vest that will grow with their dog because it offers plenty of room for growth. Plus, the ‘service animal’ label is a Velcro piece and is detachable, so you can detach them if you don’t want them.


  • This is an attractive dog harness that comes in 6 colors you can choose from as well as 5 sizes between XS and 2-XL.
  • This harness comes with a nylon exterior that is scratch-resistant and fast drying as well as mesh lining and soft sponge padding to ensure your doggie’s comfort.
  • It comes in a non-slip design thanks to the adjustable straps at the chest and neck with quick-release plastic buckles.
  • It has a super nylon control handle as well as a metal D-ring for your doggie’s leash.
  • It has reflective straps as well as ’service dog’ patches with an option to customize the letters.


  • Some active dogs can bend or break the buckles to get out of the vest.
  • Doggies with sensitive skin might experience chafing or skin irritation from the straps.

Service Dog Vest Buyer’s Guide

Service dog vests come in all types of different makes and materials. In addition to sturdy construction and functional design, there are certain key features that each harness should feature. Not even the best design can save a harness that lacks these essential features.

That’s why we’re providing you with a list of the most important factors to consider before you pick a service dog vest for your service dog. Read on to find out what they are.

Reflective Trim

The reflective trim is a helpful feature that ensures that your service dog will remain visible at night or in low light conditions. That way, you can go on evening walks with your dog and it’s the easiest way to show people that it’s not just a regular pet but a service dog.

Likewise, you can also pair your service dog vest with a dog LED collar for added visibility at night.


Most harnesses come with a handle for better control of the service dog and to provide added support for anyone that needs their dog for mobility purposes. It doesn’t matter what the purpose of your service dog is, it’s necessary to make sure that the harness features a sturdy handle.

Some handles allow you to lift the service dog on its hind or front legs, and this usually comes in handy for disabled or older dogs.

Image from Petmate


Pockets can also come in handy for storing treats and toys for hiking or hunting trips. You may also use these pockets to store your ADA cards and other relevant documents about your condition. You might need these to get through airports or other places where dogs aren’t usually allowed.

Ease Of Use

Your dog’s service dog vest should also be easy to put on and take off. The last thing you need is a dog harness that’ll give you a hard time when you have to attach or detach it. A good quality vest should come with a buckle to secure the vest and you should be able to put it on over your dog’s head in just a few seconds.

Service dogs are just like any other regular dogs. Shower them with loads of love and care. Remember to brush them regularly with these canine de-shedding brushes.

Removable Patches

Most service dog vests come with removable patches that are designed to show that your pet is a service dog. These usually come in handy when you go out on walks with your service dog, and they’re removable so you can always replace them with something else or leave them out to keep the vest simple.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how important service dog vests are, rest assured that our top pick is the ultimate dog vest a dog should have.

Why did we choose this one in particular?

Well, it’s made from industrial grade materials to suit different conditions and it comes with convenient features such as adjustable straps, soft mesh lining, and a D-ring leash attachment.

In addition to its durable construction, this high-quality service dog vest is easy to clean and comfortable to wear.

The best part is that it comes with ADA Act 1990 cards that you can use to refer people when they ask about why you need a service dog while showing them the importance of your pet wearing the harness.

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