Endura Flap Dog Doors

Investing in the right doggy door is not only a matter of convenience for your pooch but also energy efficiency, security, and value for money in terms of durability. It is therefore not a decision you can afford to take lightly.

Endura is one of those brands that does not disappoint when it comes to all these key factors that a flap dog door should absolutely excel in. Here are 6 of Enduraโ€™s best dog door models.

  • Endura Flap Wall Mount Double Flap Dog Door
  • Endura Flap Door Mount Double Flap Dog Door
  • Endura Flap Door Mount Single Flap Dog Door
  • Endura Flap Dog Door For Sash Windows
  • Endura Flap Sliding Glass Single Flap Dog Door
  • Endura Flap Sliding Glass Double Flap Dog Door

1. Endura Flap Sliding Glass Double Flap Dog Door

This is another panel from Endura for sliding glass doors. It stands out the most with its double flap dog door design. This makes it stable especially if you live somewhere where it gets very windy.

The flap itself measures 8 inches in width and 14 inches in height. This is enough for small dog breeds as well as many medium-sized pooches.

The glass on the upper panel is strong and designed to offer energy efficiency. That way, you get to enjoy natural light and keep with the glass theme to your door unit without compromising on energy consumption within the home.



2. Endura Flap Sliding Glass Single Flap Dog Door

This allows homeowners with sliding glass doors to have their cake and eat it by offering a secure and convenient point of access to the dog without ruining the glass door.

This pane is actually quite easy to install and will fit in seamlessly in terms of aesthetics with its white, vinyl frame.

This Endura flap dog door unit comes with a small flap dog door at the bottom which is ideal for puppies and smaller dog breeds. The single flap design also makes life infinitely easier for these little pooches as they can easily push it out of the way as they go in or out.



3. Endura Flap Door Mount Single Flap Dog Door

With its single flap design, this is a bit more of the quintessential flap dog door and is ideal if you want something simple and practical. This flap door is a bit narrower than the double door variety and allows installation on doors up to 1 ยพ inches thick.

On the other hand, this dog door is more accommodating of bigger pooches. This is because the nook and flap measure 10 inches in width by 19 inches in height. This should be enough for some small, medium, and some small dog breeds.



4. Endura Flap Dog Door For Sash Windows

The last thing anyone thinks of when shopping for doggy doors is window installation. However, this Endura flap dog door shows just how convenient this style can be. It could be a window leading on to a balcony or upper level terrace.

This design features LoE glass panes which are not only strong and great for letting in natural light but also very energy efficient.

If you are worried about your security especially with ground floor level windows, the flap dog door for sash windows come with a very strong security cover. This allows you to close the flap when it is not needed.



5. Endura Flap Door Mount Double Flap Dog Door

This Endura flap dog door is a twist on the classic door mount style. Where most have just one flap, this doggy door comes with two. The flaps themselves are heavy enough to withstand wind but are still quite light and flexible enough for even young doggies learning to use the flap door.

The double mount variety also stands out in that it allows set up on thicker doors of up to 2 ยฝ inches.

This particular dog flap door is meant for small and medium doggies. This is because of its medium measurements of 14 inches in height and 8 inches in width.



6. Endura Flap Wall Mount Double Flap Dog Door

This Endura flap dog door is designed for mounting onto walls as thick as 8 inches for convenience and aesthetics. It also offers security as you can choose a hidden spot for installation.

To support this installation, this flap dog door comes with a thick frame made from high quality Aluminum that guarantees a stable and lasting setup.

Despite its size, this is one of the best flap dog doors as far as energy efficiency goes. This is due to its insulated design that maintains internal temperatures whether it is during extreme summer highs or winter lows.



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