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Fleas On Dogs: What You Can Do To Get Rid Of Them

Sure, warm weather means being able to spend more time outdoors playing with your beloved pet. But remember that warm weather can also bring about specific problems for your dog, including flea infestation. Fleas on dogs are common during the warm weather, and this is something that you need to be careful about as a pet owner because it can be irritating for your pooch.

An infestation of fleas could make your dog to scratch its skin excessively, which can make it feel uncomfortable. Thankfully, there are many surefire ways to get rid of fleas, and here are some of them.

Make Your Own Flea Shampoo
You’ll find plenty of dog shampoos in the market these days that are intended for treating fleas. But you can create your flea shampoo using an ordinary pet shampoo. To do this, simply combine two cups of water, one cup of pet shampoo, and one-half cup of lemon juice.

Mix the ingredients thoroughly and you can store it in a bottle. Use this shampoo each time you bathe your pet. A good gauge will be to bathe your dog at least once per week. For large breeds of dogs, use bigger quantities of the shampoo.

After bathing your pet, don’t let it run freely around the lawn where some fleas might be residing. Comb your pet’s hair thoroughly and regularly to remove all the fleas.

Get A Flea Collar
Flea collars are designed to fight flea infestation on dogs. This device would gradually release odorless insecticide to prevent and kill fleas and ticks.

Although flea collars are effective, they are not fast acting and can be best used as a repellent instead of a quick fix to instantly rid your pooch of those irritating fleas and ticks.

The flea collars can simply be attached to your dog and forget about it as it works to prevent fleas and ticks. Furthermore, the dog flea collars are waterproof and can offer up to eight months of tick and flea protection to your pooch.

Use Boric Acid Powder
Another way to get rid of fleas on your pet is with the use of Boric acid powder. Simply dust-off, those areas were your pooch stays the most. Just make sure your pet will not end up licking the powder since this can be dangerous.

After a few days, the flea eggs will dry out, and flea infestation will be neutralized. The larvae will also be killed due to suffocation from the boric acid powder. Just make sure you vacuum the area to remove the powder and the debris.

Wash Beddings
Wash your pooch’s bedding regularly and apply heat to kill the presence of fleas, including its larvae and eggs. Using a strong detergent can also help to remove the presence of fleas effectively.

After washing the bedding, make sure you dry them thoroughly. If the bedding can’t be placed inside the dryer, use an electric dryer that can apply maximum heat for a more effective way of getting rid of the fleas.

Use Flea Comb
Flea combs are the most effective way to get your pooch rid of fleas and the easiest to use as well. Make sure you use a good quality comb that’s designed to remove all kinds of fleas including the larvae and eggs.

Most of the larvae and eggs will not dwell on your pet. But if they do, you should make sure to remove them before they develop into fleas.

Final Thoughts

Aside from the tips above, you can also use essential oils in getting rid of fleas in your dogs, including the larvae and eggs. But when using the oil, use it in moderation because excess quantities could potentially harm your pet.

Remember that fleas don’t infest humans in the same way that they infest dogs. Yet, they could bite you if they end up on your skin after cuddling your dog that’s infested with fleas. So to avoid this, make sure you do something to prevent the presence of fleas. Regularly vacuum your floors and keep your pooch clean and healthy at all times. You may also use natural aromatic products in your home, such as lemon rids and dried cedar chips to drive those pesky fleas away.

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